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I met my now husband just after university, he was a smooth operator and seemed to be a real go getter. Anyway, he got me and only after I married him, did I realize I had married the wrong brother. My husband wasn’t the one I saw pictures of skiing, riding horses and parachuting. It was his brother the book worm, the one who I dismissed as boring. On my visits to their family home estate, I saw trophies, pictures of who I thought was my boyfriend at the time and certificates for martial arts and other things. Well, it must be my boyfriend no use asking as his brother wore glasses, my boyfriend didn’t and the person in the pictures didn’t either. But my boyfriend wore contacts instead of glasses, my now husband was affair heights and scared of needles. All his bravado was projection, hiding his fears. The only things he did better than his brother was self-promotion and chasing women. Which he didn’t stop after we married, we both came from wealthy family. Once I realized my mistake, I started to see my husband in the true light of day as the saying goes. He wasn’t the go getter I thought his was, he was just a woman chasing rich bum. His brother quietly done his own thing as they say, going trekking and riding horses on old mountain trails, my husband was too scared to go camping even on the family estate. Once I became aware of his continuing womanizing, but too affair to admit my error in marrying my husband I decided to have a fling myself. But I wanted my imaginary man his brother and so I set out to seduce my brother-in-law. It wasn’t as hard as I first thought, his brother liked sex and was very willing to fuck me. He wasn’t willing to chase women in the city like his twin did and had affairs and hadn’t yet found his soulmate. So, with my husband chasing women and me fucking his brother, the world was in harmony you could say. But it didn’t last my husband got drunk and took a bend too wide in his car and I was then a widow and soon to find out I was also pregnant to his twin brother. I knew it wasn’t my husband’s baby we had fucked for almost a year. I told his brother, and we went away married and returned only close family knowing we had married. No change to mine or his lifestyle, I still had the same name, just a different husband, people now know I’m married to the brother and have forgotten I was married to his dead brother, our 4 children have the father and they don’t know of my affair with their father while married to his twin brother or how I got pregnant before I married their father. Well it has been over twelve years.

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