Twin Peeks

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Aster Bouquet got home first, around 4pm, this Friday afternoon as planned. He knew the general schedule of all of his family members by now. His parents, Petunia and Gardener Bouquet, would be out taking his younger siblings on playdates and to various other events. The middle children would be out with friends or club activities until at least five-thirty. Meanwhile he and his twin sister, Rose, would have the house to themselves until then. They had turned 18 two weeks prior, sharing a party as usual, and as their final year of high school dwindled down so did their after-school activities.
Aster was no longer the star player on the school football team, and Rose was no longer the pretty head cheerleader. Now they were both seniors waiting for the school year to end so that they could enjoy their final summer before going off to college.
Aster got accepted to D1 athletics program for his skill at playing ball, his only skill if he was to be honest. His sister also got an offer from there for cheerleading, but she excelled in academics as well, so she had choices. She hadn't decided yet.
Aster entered the front door and grimaced slightly at the interior design of his home, the same as it had always been. Both of his parents were renowned botanists, having discovered and classified at least fifty-seven new species of plants between them. Their love of flowers unfortunately boiled over into their home lives. The decor of the home was full of flowers, both real and fake. They added a new type of flower every time they had a kid. There was a family table with a healthy flower of every one of their names. They made each kid take care of another's every week for some sort of weird familial bonding. As a dirty joke they thought the kids didn't get, they had a digging tool embedded in the pot that housed the petunia, to represent their father.
Flower designs covered the walls and objects in the home that could be customized to show one. He remembered the lessons he and Rose got as children and could recall each type perfectly. As college professors, they were proficient at teaching their children about their jobs. If any of them wanted to go into botany they could probably enter college as a sophomore at least.
They learned early on to just ignore it, but internally both were happy they were going to leave this artificial greenhouse in just a few months.
Aster shook off his distaste and went upstairs to reach his destination, not his room but his sister's. As he opened the door, he heard the tell-tale sound of her Prius pulling up the driveway. Just in time. He quickly moved into the room and closed the door, attempting not to bother anything as he slid into and hid in her closet. She had one of those ones with the little wooden blinds, perfect for peeking through.
The Bouquets were a mostly normal family. Happy parents and happy kids. Star quarterback son and pretty, popular daughter. And that was just the twins. There were 5 other children after them. Each member loved and cared for each other member of the family. But the abnormal part was the habit picked up by Aster.
Before the other kids came along it was just the four of them, Petunia, Gardener, Aster and Rose. For the majority of their young life Aster and Rose shared a room, being twins and all they were inseparable. They did everything together. Their parents were also inseparable, outside the bedroom and inside the bedroom.
As Time went on, the twins grew apart. They were still nice to each other, the few times they interacted but it was a far cry from the past. They started middle school and created different friend groups. Aster started getting into sports with the boys and Rose quickly became one of the popular girls that had many of the boys telling Aster that they had crushes on his sister.
In high school that rift only got further apart, the only times they would see each other outside of the house would be at practice or a game. They took turns taking care of their younger siblings who their parents couldn't seem to stop having. When questioned on how many they were going to have, their parents simply explained that their love was like a flower, and that each child was another beautiful petal on that flower that made their love more beautiful. The twins just took that to mean "until they physically couldn't anymore." Both of them were in their mid 30's, so that would be a lot more.
Aster was a little too proud to admit it, but he missed his sister. He missed when they would talk for hours about their days to each other despite having spent it together. The adventures they would go on when left unattended. He even missed the trouble Rose would get him in with her crazy ideas. He missed just interacting with her more than the occasional "Hi" at school or in the hallway. And with college coming up he was certain that gap would only get wider.
He had wanted to hang out with her after winning the last game of the season but that didn't pan out too well. He went over to ask her after the game. Their eyes met and she seemed to visibly light up. How he missed seeing that smile. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted when he was swarmed by the rest of the cheer squad, each basically throwing themselves at him. And after prying them off of him he was interrupted again when the team and coaches lifted him up onto their shoulders and carried him in front of the team's bleachers so everyone else could celebrate the MVP. As he was carried away their eyes met for a fleeting moment and he could swear he saw a hint of sadness, mirroring the feeling he had inside.
At the after party he fared not much better. Between his teammates wanting to drown him in alcohol, the girls wanting to drown him in their juices, and the guys showering his sister with last minute attempts to ask her out, the two never got within ten feet of one another, let alone time for a conversation. It was then that Aster finally realized just how far apart they had grown. From two flowers, sharing a pot and facing the sun together, ready to brave the world at each other's side, to flowers in completely different pots. No matter how close their ceramic prisons may be, their roots were destined to never again entwine with one another's.
He was still too awkward to do it at home. He didn't want to seem desperate, and doing it at home felt like he was almost forcing her to hang out with him or make the last few months at home awkward by declining.
And so because he had the problem of wanting to hang with his sister but having no way to justify asking her at home he developed a crazy idea. After both of their sports shut down they had a lot more free time, usually spent in their separate rooms. So to find out about his sister he would simply spy on her. For totally, non sexual motives of course.
It started out simple. For the first week he just sat there, listening to her talk to her friends on the phone, planning future hangouts and gossiping. He got quite a bit of information he didn't necessarily need to know. Like him, his friends on the football field frequented the loins of the cheerleaders. He learned the size and shape of the penis of all of the starting line up, how long they last in bed, who was good and who was bad. He started cross referencing himself against what he heard and he decided he was middle ground. So, this is what his sister did when alone.
As one might expect being in their room alone, he also saw his sister do normal things, such as changing. It didn't happen for the first few days, but on the fifth she got a phone call for a last minute hangout with the girls.
She quickly threw off her school clothes and looked over her bed/floor for an outfit to wear. Thank god she wasn't completely put together and kept most of her clothes in some form of pile instead of in the closet.
As she searched through the clothes for a cute outfit he got a very good look at her body.
Everyone in the Bouquet family was relatively good looking. Their parents referred to their children as "pretty petals" but Rose was a cut above the rest. Aster was average looking but his physical size and prowess in sports made him attractive. Rose could easily be a model.
He watched from his hiding placed as she held up different outfits to the full-length mirror across the room. As she swapped shirts and pants, he admired her back.
Her slim shoulders, her shoulder blades prominent and flexing, her triceps. He appreciated just how toned she was. Cheerleading must have been hard work.
His eyes naturally drifted downwards but when he reached her ass he quickened his scan and went down to her legs. Toned and fit thighs with thick calf muscles. The body of an athlete.
His eyes naturally went back up and this time settled on her ass. It seems that she leaned into her name unlike himself. She wore a set of white panties that appeared to be polka-dotted at first but upon closer inspection they were the red petals of a rose. He internally chuckled, she always liked the flower aesthetic and they would argue for hours when they were younger about how stupid/great flowers were.
Lost in his thoughts, his eyes remained trained on her ass. They trailed her lower back, eyes tracing the curves of her hips. Wide and childbearing. Just how he liked them. He also noticed how her panties were in a slight wedgie, showing off her crack and conforming nicely to her cheeks, outlining that perfect bubble butt. He remembered that she ran a lot, even outside of practice. Truly runner's butt, shaped and without excess fat. Those were his favorites, it bounced when the person walked, and retained its shape in any kind of pants.
Lost in both memories and absent-mindedly thinking about the ass before him, his thoughts were interrupted when she dropped something and bent over to pick it up. Now she had his full attention.
Her perfect ass somehow got more perfect when he saw her bend at the waist. He'd been with a few of her cheer mates but amongst the guys it was unanimous that she had the best ass. Many men would kill for a view like this.
He then saw that the back wasn't the only place where the panties were riding up. He got a full shot of her camel toe, the fabric stretched tight over her flower and showing him every little detail.
He stared for the half second it took for her to pick up the object and resume standing. When he was released from his trance he noticed the pressure felt in his pants. His dick straining against his briefs and jeans. Confused, he stared at the bulge, trying to process what he felt.
This had to be because of the memories right? Thinking about past sex would be a turn on to anyone. That's what was happening, there was no way that he popped a boner for his sister, a plant grown from the same seed as he. He was attracted to what her body represented, not her. Or at least that's what he told himself.
He was snapped out of his self-reflection as he heard the sound of the door closing. She had gotten dressed and left the room.
"I'm going out with some friends! Tell mom and dad I'll be home late!" He heard her call out to what he assumed was his empty room.
His blood froze. He couldn't respond. At least verbally, he'd be exposed. But if he didn't respond she might get suspicious. Ten seconds passed slowly, his panic growing with each one. Then he remembered. His phone! He could text a response!
As he reached into the (other) bulge in his jeans to retrieve the device he heard, "Fine! Be that way." Followed by stomping out of the house. Shortly he heard the sound of her Prius starting and backing out of the driveway. Safe for now.
He slowly came out of the closet, feeling a similar mixture of emotions that he had all those years ago. He walked into his room and closed the door, proceeding to do what any young man does when their pants are too tight. Except maybe with not as many thoughts about their sibling.
Rose was halfway to her friend's house, lazily driving through the streets of San Diego with her prius top down, before she realized what she did. She slammed on the breaks, she had almost blown a red light from her panic.
She had undressed in front of Aster.
She knew that idiot was there the very first day he sat in her closet. It's kinda hard to be sneaky when you're a 6'3, 270lb football player and one who's pretty dumb based on what she overheard whenever their parents got their report cards.
At first, she had thought he was just there to scare her or something. Some dumb prank like the ones he was always doing on their younger siblings. For being a dumb jock, she did appreciate how great he was with kids. He'd at least make a great father someday.
She would simply ignore him and then wherever he did jump out, deny him the satisfaction of scaring her.
He never did pop out. She spent all of the first day waiting for it, but it never happened. Eventually she went to the bathroom, maybe he'd do it when she came back in the room, but upon her return he was gone.
He repeated that same routine everyday and each day she figured he would come out but never did. Eventually she got comfortable with him being there. Too comfortable.
Sure, he was her brother and sure they had bathed and dressed together before but all of that was before she became conscious of others. It was the first time she had ever undressed in front of a boy. And for some reason she didn't completely hate the idea that it was him.
Realizing that he had seen her as very few others except her teammates have seen her brought up a well of emotions. She tried to ignore them as she squirmed in her seat, feeling her petals become damp.
The next day: Saturday
Aster didn't expect to hide in the closet much on weekends, since both he and Rose usually spent those days hanging with friends. Unfortunately for him all of his friends bailed on him. With all of his other family having weekend activities or going out with friends he had the house to himself. Really boring.
Aster was chilling in his room, surfing the internet when he heard the sound of Rose's prius. That's weird. She said she'd be gone all day. Without thinking, having become a habit by now, he snuck into her room and hid in the closet.
He soon discovered he made a mistake when he heard not one but two pairs of footsteps coming up the stairs. He heard the sound of giggling as Rose and her best friend, Beatrice (everyone called her Bee), entered the room. Though they were doing things that best friends don't usually do.
As soon as the door closed, they were all over each other. The lips were locked as they felt each other up. After a bit of a stalemate it appeared that Rose came out on top, Bee taking a more subservient role in the make out. Bee had her back to him and he could see Rose's hands kneading her ass, molding her flesh. He didn't know she was gay.
Eventually Rose took her mouth off of her partner's and placed it onto her neck, making Bee moan. He could swear that several times during this Rose has met his eyes. But that couldn't be, she would have stopped if she did. Right?
Rose moved her hands to the front of Bee's waist, and he heard the sound of a zipper being undone. Her head thrown back, clutching Rose as she moaned to the ceiling, He heard Bee speak in ragged breaths.
"W-Wait. What about Ah!- Aster? You said he wouldn't be here but his car is in the drivewa-AYY!" At the end of her statement, he saw Rose bite down hard on her neck. That would definitely leave a mark. He wondered if he would have heard that yelp had he been in his room.
Rose's actions shifted from aggression to sedation. She turned them 90 degrees, so that he could now see both of them from the side. Her arms wrapped slowly and comfortingly around Bee's waist, pulling her in tighter like a Venus fly trap with its prey. She gave her a kiss, this one deep and sensual compared to the originals.
"It's fine, he barely comes out of his room anyway. As long as you keep your voice down, he won't know a thing." Again he swore she looked right at him.
Bee gazed into Rose's eyes for a few seconds before relenting. "Ok. I'll try to keep it do-AAAH!" Another moan, louder than the last, ripped from her throat as Rose slipped her hand down the front of Bee's unzipped pants, the other still holding onto her tight.
"Keep that up and he'll know for sure." she paused for a second before leaning into her ear. "Unless of course, you want him to know." At that Bee stiffened up. Rose didn't relent, with her hand or her words. "I've seen the way you look at him during practices. Watching him during the games. Maybe you want him to know. For him to hear you scream and to rush in here and save you from whatever danger you might be in, only to see you with me, quivering in pleasure like the little slut you are."
He'd never heard his sister speak like that before. She sounded confident and predatory. Almost dangerous. She was so nice at school and the games. It seems every rose really does have thorns.
He hadn't noticed it before but after that he could no longer ignore the tent in his sweatpants. He was even harder than yesterday. In fact he couldn't think of a time in his life when he had ever been this hard.
"n-No" Bee tried to refute the claim but her body was obviously reacting to it.
"Maybe, you'll get lucky. Maybe instead of being disgusted at your shaking, sweaty body he'll take pity on you. Maybe he'll join us and you can finally complete the set. Isn't that what you want Bee? Both Bouquet twins touching you all over. Drowning you in pleasure until you beg us to stop. And then breaking completely when we don't." Again, another look. Why was she so interested in the closet at a time like this? Hopefully there wasn't a sex toy she kept in here that she would need to get.
Bee didn't get a chance to respond, all of her energy obviously focused on keeping her voice down. And to her credit she succeeded. As she had been talking Rose had been increasing the speed and force of her movements.
There was a moment of odd serenity. Aster thought it akin to watching two beautiful plants in the midst of a hurricane, having weathered half of the storm and currently resting in the eye before the raging winds returned.
Rose looked into Bee's eyes, her arm a blur. Bee looked back, but her eyes didn't see. Aster looked at Bee as her body went slack. There were several seconds of near silence. The only sounds being a slightly muffled yet extremely wet squishing coming from beneath Bee's panties and her breaths getting more and more sparse.
Then Bee started to convulse, still maintaining her eye contact with the female twin. Rose didn't let up in the slightest. If anything, she moved faster as the violent orgasm shook through her friend, the only thing keeping her standing being Rose's solid grip on her waist and Bee's arms locked around Rose's neck.
Even after her orgasm started receding Rose didn't let up. The squelching noises did grow louder, suggesting that Bee may be quite the squirter. Once again Aster had to give it to Bee. She didn't raise her voice despite being in obvious torment. Her orgasmic convulsions had turned into agonizing resistance.
She writhed against Rose, trying everything in her power to try to escape, as weak as she was post orgasm. She tried to move her bottom half, thrusting it both away and towards the moving hand, seeking escape. But Rose's grip on her remained strong.
She then changed tactics and tried pleading with his sister. She pulled herself closer to Rose's face to kiss her anywhere her mouth could reach. Her lips, her cheeks, her collar, anywhere in an attempt to appease her and stop the pleasure on her pussy.

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