Twin Sisters

Hi all I’m regular reader of n8story if u find any mistakes please forgive me this is my first story I’m posting in n8story which happened very recently 2days back. Let me Introduce myself I’m Swaroop from Bangalore me and my sister Swetha are twin babies we never had any secrets in between us. Let me describe her she has a stats of 36 28 36 she maintains her body in a nice manner.

It was her engagement 2days back then after the function is been completed I heard her conversation with one of her friend Geetha she is a sexy whore always shows her cleavage her stats are 36 28 38 has a big ass. My sis was saying to Geetha that before getting married she wants to get fucked by 3-4 guys at a time by listening to that I was totally aroused and waited to talk to her till evening at evening 
I asked her do you want to come out for a smoke she also smokes with me so we both went out for a smoke and while smoking I asked her about the conversation done between Geetha and her then she said yeah that’s my fantasy from the she lost her virginity she was waiting for that it seems and by the her virginity is been lost by my dad’s bro he rammed like her hell. I will say about that later first let me say our session with my slutty sister.
Then after listening to her words I was totally aroused and once came back home went to my room and started masturbating I have masturbated nearly 7-8 times that night. The next day we both went out for her wedding shopping and on the way if said her that I have some fantasies from my side also she asked what those are. Then I started saying her from the u got fucked by Gopi uncle I also had fantasy to fuck you and make you my slut.
She was shocked and she dint reply me anything for a while and she dint talk to me for a while and at lunch time she came to me and what’s your cock size I was shocked and was fucking happy knowing that I’m going to have sex with twin sister. I said her its 7″ then come lets go home this night I want to see your cock so get ready she said me I was really happy and night at some 2am she called to my mobile and asked me to come to terrors of my house where no one would find us.
We both went to the terrors and immediately once after reaching there I starting eating her lips by kissing her and she responded in mean time she started removing my shirt and after removing my shirt she placed her hand on my cock and she said no more late tonight I’m going to drink all your cum I was shocked that my twin sis will very soon become my slut then I said common you bitch it’s all yours but first let me remove your top then I have removed her top and saw those great water melons it was juicy.
I said I need to suck them and I also said her that tonight you will really have great fun with in some 30 mins it’s going to start. She asked what it is. I said first give me a great blow job you dirty botch then I will let you know what that is. She started sucking my cock wow it was amazing she was sucking it as if a child is sucking a lollipop within some 10 minutes I have cum in her mouth and she has not wasted even a single drop of swallowed each and every drop of it. 
I said in a short time all my friends are coming to fuck you. She said what you are talking about. I said your fantasy I’m fulfilling it then she asked me how many of them are coming I said 5 including me 6 of us are going to fuck u bitch. She hugged me very tight her nipples touched to my chest and I was aroused in no time and I asked to bend in dog style and started fucking her ass hole it was pretty tight then she said me that till now none has touched her ass I’m the first guy listen to this
I became wilder and started fucking it she was shouting very loud first alters it turned slow and she started moaning. My friends has arrived and where saying see this man twin babies are fucking each other what a scene then one of my friend asked my sis common you slut now let all of us fuck you after I cum in her ass hole she went and sat in the centre of every one all of us kept our cocks erect and where masturbating near her face in no time her face was filled with loads of cum.
She was not able to swallow the whole load then we started fucking her 3each at a time in her mouth pussy and ass hole and first Ramesh, Sumanth and Karthik had started and we where boozing sitting there. I forgot to say while my friends coming they got some beers for all of us including our slut. Ramesh first started finger fucking with her pussy very soon she started begging both Ramesh and Karthik to fill her holes with their cocks.
They obeyed her and inserted their cocks in her pussy and ass she was shouting very loud than we thought then Sumanth came into field and started mouth fucking her he was dirty guy while fucking her in mouth he started to pee in her mouth I was shocked to my sis as a pakka randi (slut) she started drinking the pee then guys started laughing and was fucking with more speed after some 15 mins Ramesh cum in her pussy Sumanth was still ramming her ass.
Karthik totally came out with loads of cum in her mouth and on her face also at last Sumanth started cuming in her ass hole everyone was exhausted even my sis then all of them came for a beer while my sis was boozing parveen my another friend woke up took bottle from her hand and pour it on her body and all six of us started licking her body. All of us got aroused in no time again then we got a chance with my sexy bitch and I took her pussy.
Parveen was happy for a nice blowjob the another guy he said he wants to shoot the whole session from now and we said that’s a great idea and started shooting then I started finger fucking her with my 3 fingers her pussy was filled with juices in a very short time she cum and then I thought now it’s time for my cock to play before insert in her she said me that she want me to fuck her very hard she wants to feel my cock it seems.
I started ramming her took her legs onto my shoulder and was fucking her very fast she was shouting like hell and my friends was capturing video of twins with friends then I cum after some 10 minutes I have touched her walls which she was expecting and she thanked all of us and went down after going down to room she again came to my room early in the morning that I will describe in next part because here someone caught us at home and they have joined with us.