Twins Fuck on a Hot Summer Day Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooTwins Fuck on a Hot Summer Day Pt. 02

Noelle stirred on top of me, her heat and uncomfortable sweatiness pulling me out of my daze. I'd almost fallen asleep. I felt my cum drip on me as she lifted me out, my softened shaft then hanging lonely between my legs. The summer air was still ever present, and the closeness of her body, combined with the action earlier, made for an uneasy fever of warmth. Her movements were an almost relieving departure from that unbearable heat, but still, any distance between us wasn't worth it.
She stood up, shakily, steadying herself on the couch before getting upright in front of me, the full glory of her lovely body revealed. She practically glistened with sweat, though it made her curves ever more radiant, perhaps even defining them better. Almost aligned with my eyes, her lower lips were dripping, a messy slick of cum spottling a pink softness.
"Look what you did baby." She whispered, practically moaning at the white mess that was slowly dripping out of her and on to her thighs. I spared a moment to look at her face. Her cheeks were flushed red, sex hair and bed eyes aglow with lust. She still wasn't sated? I could only imagine what had gotten into her, I was practically dead.
Slowly, she turned around and bent over, distracting all my attention from her top as she revealed the bony ridge of her spine, leading to the plump ovals of her butt. Her hips weren't particularly wide, but her toned cheeks were comfortably cute and undeniably sexy. Little dimples lay below her back, and her hanging cheeks had a mesmerizing momentum to them as she moved. After finding her balance, she bent her feet inward, and exposed her leaking lips from behind.
"I love when you fill me up like that." Her hands came around and spread her lips apart, fingers pulling at her soft skin. The warm and wet pinkness was spoiled by a dripping mess of white, and almost to punctuate her words, a healthy glob starting slinking out, stretching in its viscosity before leaving her and hitting the hard ground with a splat. Even more mess to clean before mom got home, but it was worth it.
"You're unbelievable." I croaked.
She giggled and pushed off the coffee table, plopping right down on my thighs. The meeting of our warm bodies produced a splattering sound as my cum, her arousal, and our sweat met between our skin.
"Round two?" She teased, before grinding her rear against my measly depleted cock, tickling the overly sensitive tip. I cringed partially from pleasure, but also from discomfort.
"In a few minutes bee, you really worked me out."
All she did was giggle again, giddy in a post cum high. She stopped, both to my mixed relief and disappointment, and slid off of me again. Except this time, she got to her knees, and pulled me closer to the edge of the couch. I couldn't really resist, nor did I want to, so I shuffled forward and spread my legs, realizing what she had in mind.
"How about this instead?" She brought her head down, quickly licking her lips. Her hot breath tickled the wetness that decorated every bit of my sensitive cock, some mix of both our cum, her inner arousal and our sweat.
"I think I owe you something after what happened in the kitchen baby." While maintaining eye contact, she bit her lip and winked, intentions pretty clear.
"Not at all b-" She cut off my sentence by sliding her lips over my tip, kissing the red crown, and sucking gently in a practiced movement. Uneasy though oh so powerful pulses of pleasure coursed through my shaft, and she stared right into my eyes, a determined and unquenched hunger within. Before I could say a word, she stifled yet another of my breaths by sucking harder, then using her tongue to poke at the hole where my cum had so readily flown through. Her tongue slid down the underside of my tip, and she started lowering down.
The pleasant and clean wetness of her mouth enveloped the slippery mess of my dick, sending my muscles tightening and my waist wavering. I could feel the breath slowly leave her nose, flowing over my wet shaft until she reached my base, the entirety of my soft shape hidden within her cheeks. When fully hard, I could easily reach well into her throat, but the whole shaft comfortably fit inside now, the tip only sliding over the back of her tongue. Speaking of which, the flexible thing was squirming within, swiping at the mess that covered my skin while she sucked away at me. From the look in her eyes, she was delighting in every second of it, and a confirming moan rose out of her. I wasn't completely hard, but the cruel stimulation was quickly urging me back into fullness.
"God baby, you're so good at this."
Her kiss left my base, tightly held lips pulling my cock to attention. Inch by inch, she revealed a cleaned shaft, slippery now only from spit. The hot pressure traveled upwards before she stopped again at my tip, throbbing within her smile. With a pop, she removed herself from my red glans and took the bouncing shape in hand. The familiar grip fastened tightly, and she continued working me while she licked her lips, clearing them of the sheen they'd accumulated during her venture below.
"I love feeling you get hard in my mouth." She professed, eyes glazed in a fit of lust.
"You're so good at it."
"Good at what baby?"
"Sucking your brother's cock."
She beamed at those words and let go of my length. Still soft, it was one or two inches short of full size. It swayed, until she settled it over her face, nestling her nose against the base of my shaft. She latched her mouth around my balls, and sucked, tongue lapping out and cleaning the mess that stained them. I shivered, and my cock throbbed, raising slightly before resting down again, in a straight line leading from her nose to her forehead. Those brilliant eyes stared at me from around it, my cock almost certainly filling the middle of her sight. Precum dripped from the tip, sliding on to her and getting in her hair. With one final slurp and pop, she separated from my balls, panting with a string of saliva trailing along.
"I love how yo- how we taste," she breathed out, before diving back in, sucking, and kissing and lapping with her textured tongue. Her hand kept its pumping, slowly coaxing out throbs as she mouthed away below.
"You're so kinky bee, so perfect." I muttered. "My lovely little cocksucker, you're so lovely, Elle." My voice was faint, but she heard every word, swallowing them up like she swallowed up our mess. She responded with a moan, a buzz that traveled through my balls, chilling me, and making my breath catch. Not finding any more to clean, she explored elsewhere, tongue stroking the area between my thigh and my cock, lapping up and sponging any stray catches of our cum.
I drifted a hand down, carefully helping the hair out of her face while she reveled in our mess. Her hand continued pumping away, a constant though slow movement that served as an unending source of back arching pleasure. I noticed her other hand was occupied, somewhere in her lap. At some point, she'd started touching herself, and this was confirmed by the moans and gasps that she and I mirrored.
"Are you touching yourself to how we taste, bee?"
"Yeth baby." She moaned back, mid lick.
"Doth it tathte nithe?" I teased.
She stopped and gave me a glare, but her blushed cheeks quickly rose into a smile.
"Yeth, you thit-head."
She resumed what she was doing. Her tongue ran through my pubes, collecting cum through the short hair, all over, leaving not a single drop behind. I kept her hair out of her face and did my best to look appreciative, eyes and mouth liberal with my pleasure.
My cock was still fully hard of course, not only because of her steady pumping, not just because of the way she desired and lusted after our sex, after all the mess we'd left behind. She was comfortable doing what she truly wanted, comfortable being herself and loving me and our relationship in the way she wanted. It was hot to see her lick me, hotter to feel it, but it meant more to me that she felt safe with me, safe enough to reveal herself. My shape throbbed at that, giving her grip on my cock another drop of precum to lube her work.
"Do you like tasting your brother's sweat and cum?" I asked, though I knew the answer. This time, she stopped licking to talk, though her hand stayed occupied.
"I do baby. It's so, so fucking hot. I want to lick you clean."
"You're too good baby, you're going to make me cum again."
Her eyes sparkled at that.
"I haven't really been giving your actual cock much attention, hm?" She looked down, pensively, in a mock consideration.
Slowly, she stilled her pumping and fastened her lips back to the tip of my cock. The air was hot enough that there wasn't much difference between the heat of her mouth and the air, but the texture was electrifying. Wet and plush, though delicate. Different from the soft pressure of her fingers, less dexterous, yet somehow better. Her tongue returned and swiped along my tip just as she sucked. Those lovely lips descended more, enveloping the head, and surrounding my glans in the darkness of her mouth. The tongue's tip played just on the underside, slowly moving up to my cockhole and then back down.
"Fuck, that feels amazing." I groaned, body jerking.
The steady grip on the base of my shaft, along with a knowledge of how my body reacted meant my cock moved no further in or out as I struggled. She kept sucking, looking right into my eyes as she ruined me. I was still sensitive there, and she was fully aware. Her own moans were still occurring of course, out of sequence with mine as she pleasured herself. I could hear the wet sounds below, though my focus was almost entirely on what she was doing above. My climax was growing closer and closer to the edge before suddenly, she stopped with a pop.
Both of us were panting, no words; red faces and desperate eyes were all we needed to know what the other thought. She blinked several times before licking her lips and diving back in. The wet embrace returned, sucking hard on my tip, though the pressure weakened as she chose to travel further this time. I groaned as she descended, feeling my cockhead glide over her tongue, the rest of my shaft skimming on by. She kept a tight hold, cheeks depressed inward as she kept on sucking, never giving my shape a moment of insensitivity when inside her. I felt my tip hit her throat, stuck, until she wiggled herself further, suppressing a choke as my form slipped further and further within.
It wasn't long until she was kissing my base, lips stretched around the bottom of my shaft as my entirety lay within her. Occasionally, she'd shudder, suppressing heaves and chokes from the alien presence wedged in her throat. Every time she did, the tightness would dilate, altering and shifting on the surface of my cock. She blinked away tears, though the moans buzzing through the entirety of my shape told me she was still very much so enjoying herself. She kept me in as long as she could, before quickly she began sliding me out. The pressure of her throat trailed over my cockhead, crackles of pleasure dancing and swirling out of me as she emptied herself of me. Quickly I was exposed back to the air, and I watched her recover from her dive, looking into her wet and loving eyes while she panted with her tongue drooping out. I was silent, though my fingers stroked through her hair and went down to cup her cheek. She nuzzled into my hand and her lips parted in a soft moan as she kept on playing with herself.
Her mouth returned to my cock, quickly taking me back in. This time, she bobbed on the upper half of my shaft, letting me enter just the start of her throat before pushing her lips up to my tip. I could feel her tongue sliding along my shape, swirling, and tasting my surface as she worked me in and out. Her hand took hold of my shaft and worked up and down with her lips.
"I'm going to cum soon baby."
She moaned in response, and settled back at the top of my tip, returning to her original position. She sucked, hard, pressure tight around my cock head. Her hand pumped furiously, touching against her mouth, and sliding all the way back down my cock. The feeling rose far faster than I expected, and momentarily I tried to subdue it, clenching my muscles in desperation, but it was no help. A faint numbing, before the first explosion of my orgasm shot out of my balls and into her mouth. I was struck in a daze of bliss as each subsequent shot filled up her mouth. Somewhere, I could hear her moaning, though her sucking never stilled, draining me of every shot of drop of cum I had to offer. When the flow stopped and I collapsed backwards, she eased her pressure, though kept her mouth secured for any stray drops and her hand working anything that it could out of my body. Pulse after pulse of my ecstasy was rapidly swallowed down her eager throat. Knowing how sensitive I'd be, she stopped almost in cue as the last glows of my orgasm faded away.
Sitting still and panting with my eyes closed, seconds passed, maybe minutes. I could feel her head resting on my thigh. Her hair tickled my skin, breathing lightly winding about, and she was absently playing with my cock. She avoided the tip, though her fingertips poked, and bent, and played with whatever she found interest in. Quiet, pleasant moans meant she hadn't stopped using her hand down below; she was still horny it seemed. I opened my eyes and quickly, she perked up.
"Baby!" she chirped, a delighted smile on her face. "How are you feeling?"
I cleared my throat, giving myself a moment to remind the talking parts of my brain how to function.
"Recovering after what you just did."
She giggled and used her nearest hand to hold mine. It was wet, slippery with her spit and whatever else had still been covering my cock. I helped her up, and she gingerly stood, wincing at her tired knees. Her hand that had been hidden below for so long, separated from between her thighs to keep her balance, giving me a perfect view within. She was positively soaked, folds and lips a mess from my earlier creampie and from her constant masturbating.
"It's rude to stare." She chided, though the words were meaningless.
"You're insatiable."
Shakily, I stood up next to her, and we met in a wet embrace. We kissed, and I could taste every object of her obsession for the past however long she'd been down there. My hands found her waist, gently bringing her soaked thighs against mine.
"Water break, then I have an idea." I said, before slipping my lips back against hers.
Her response was little more than an affirming moan into my mouth.
Our slow kiss quickly fell into something far more ravenous. I took hold of her waist, clinging to her tightly in a greedy grapple for her flesh. My other hand went down, immediately soaked by the inextinguishable hotness that leaked from her folds. She moaned as my fingers explored, titillating breaths that answered to every push and touch. I swallowed every sound, my mouth glued to hers as our tongues engaged in an unending tangle, as our lips touched and as our fingers wandered. One hand held me by the nape, the other traveled to my thigh, begging for a hardened shaft, and to our delight found an erection reforming.
In a similar fashion as to how we'd gone from the kitchen to the couch, we went from the couch to the kitchen, slowly moving while we tasted and touched with nothing in mind but our primal hunger, a revived desire to fuck like crazy.
As much as I wanted to continue, it was still dreadfully hot, and staying hydrated is important – especially during sex! To her pouting displeasure, I released her from my hold, and we separated, both of us panting with lips agape and yearning for a return. Impatiently, I refilled the bottle while holding the sink lever. Before the water had completely filled up the blue container, her touch returned as she hugged me from behind, and she met the back of my neck with her mouth.
"I love how your body feels." Her voice was faint, delicate, hardly audible over the sound of the sink. It was as much a liquid as the water was, flowing and dynamic, though far warmer and much more salient in my mind. She punctuated her sentence with even weaker kisses, placed at the very top of my spine, slowly travelling up to my ears. Each was soft, delicate even, though they made another part of me contrastingly hard.
The warm weight of her toned body pressed against me as she leaned on the tip of her toes, sliding upwards as she tried to get access to my ear. Her firm breasts were part of that warmth, aroused nipples and plush flesh flattening against my skin. A wandering hand circled around my inner thigh, incessantly interested in instilling incestual intentions. Before I knew it, her breath had met my ear lobe, and my eyes closed in baited anticipation.
"The way you tense up when you cum, feeling you shake and shudder, all the ways you move. It's just lovely baby. You're so sexy." Paired with yet another kiss, this time her mouth closed around my ear lobe, gently sucking, then lightly pinching with her teeth. It was miles behind any sort of pain, yet still her pressure sent a tense wave of shivers down my spine. At the same time, I could practically feel my face blush up from the compliment. It felt validating to be appreciated, amazing to be loved and yearned for. Her fingers left the surface of my thigh and fastened around the base of my shaft. The encirclement traveled oh so slowly up my length, stroking gently across it. My voice hitched as I sighed, more of an offbeat moan than any sort of word. I settled into her sultry embrace, mind absent to all thought but of her.
She kept kissing me, and her grip tightened around my cock. Also active, her other hand traveled down my shoulder, gently stroking the length of my arm, running over dark hair and covered vein. Fingers secured around my wrist, then my palm, then over my own fingers, wedged between my grip and the bottle. She spoke again, this time with less seduction and more smile.
"The water, baby."
Momentarily, I was confused, until I opened my eyes and quickly realized I'd let the water overflow over the top of the bottle. Some part of me had ignored the cool feeling running over my fingers. I shut off the flow, and we were left in the near silence of the kitchen. She gently replaced my hand around the bottle and brought it up. Just as we'd done almost an hour before, she pushed the tip to my lips, and when I'd finished, she angled it away.
She stayed behind me as she drank, and I listened, enamored with the sound though denied the sight as she nourished the body I loved. My ears were keen to all, and I felt every swallow against my back. Her hand by now had left my shaft, though it stayed firm on my thigh. Quickly, she finished and placed the bottle on the counter. I turned around. Nothing could have prevented me from wanting a kiss afterwards, which she just as greedily accepted from me. Her lips sheened with cold water, though that certainly didn't make them any less welcoming. Once more, we tangled together, only making space to let our hands explore below.
I brought my touch back to her clit, dipping above warm puffiness and wet smoothness. While I rhythmically played with her sensitive bead, she likewise took my cock, pumping out the final, last few drops of precum from my shaft. Whatever she got out of me after this would almost certainly be my last shot of the day. I fully intended to make it memorable. With one hand below and the other on her back, I swapped us around and pinned her to the counter. She moaned desperately in my mouth, one hand joining mine in our attempt at angling my tip into her.
My first try at moving forward failed, red cockhead dodging her entrance and slipping up the entirety of her cleft. Our kissing paused as we coordinated together, momentarily stopping for the greater good. Her soft hands took hold of the top of my length, and I held the base. She looked at me, and I looked at her. We stared into eyes that spoke the same words, of love, lust, and a desperate fervor. Almost crazed eyes that radiated need, wide and frozen above flushed cheeks and below sweating brows.

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