Twins Fuck on a Hot Summer Day

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My twin and I have been sexually intimate for almost two years now. First, it was little more than a siblings-with-benefits sort of ordeal, but it's become far more of a romantic relationship over the past few months. During summer, we had a particularly "active" day while our mom was out of the house, around when we first started to fully embrace our relationship. This is that day.
It was dreadfully warm. Harsh sunlight bled through my room's cheap blinds, projecting lines across the mattress and floor. I could feel them against my body, the bright source of the oppressive outside heat leaving me sweltering even in the shelter of my home. Flat and spread eagle on my bed, all I could do was sigh, letting the uncomfortable hot distribute itself over my body.
Sweat had already appeared, dried, and reappeared throughout the morning, the miserable course of this heat wave hardly half over. I readjusted my boxers, giving what lay underneath a chance to breath. My mind went to thoughts of cold breezes, of ice and functioning air conditioners. None of that was possible because of the second problem of the day.
A power outage.
There was limited fridge use, since opening it would let the cold air out, and obviously no fans or AC. My hands wandered to the bedside table, and I fumbled for my bottle. Smooth metal that was usually cool was now warm to the touch. I brought it to my mouth and swallowed the last few uncomfortably heated droplets. At least the plumbing still worked. I slid off the bed with the bottle in my hand, pulled on a shirt and shorts, and made my way to the kitchen.
Noelle was sitting by the bar, her back to me, butt glued to the stool. She was wearing thin shorts, and I could just see a hint of tanned cheek as she lifted up to readjust herself. I spent a moment just appreciating her, my eyes scanning her from bottom to top, gaze passing the smooth skin beneath her pink booty shorts, over the black tank top that fit along her toned waist, and up to her thin neck, partially hidden beneath a smooth ponytail of flowing black hair.
College had been good to both our bodies; we made a conscious effort to look nice. We both said we did it just for the health, but in reality, we wanted to look good for each other. I'd spent many gym visits wondering what she'd think of me, whether she'd like how I looked with more muscle. It took far too long for me to realize she was thinking the same thing about me, though that's a story for another time.
There was a bowl of grapes in front of her, big solid greens that she was slowly eating. She tutted at something on her phone before popping one of the little fruits into her mouth. Quietly, I made my approach. Just as I was about to reach her, she started speaking, but it was too late.
"I know you're th-"
I encircled her in my arms, my clammy skin sliding against her bare shoulders and her neckline. Her outburst renewed itself into a displeased yelp.
"Oh god no, get off me." She complained, trying to wiggle out of my grasp. I provided no mercy, and instead just grunted at her, keeping her tight in my sweaty hold. It was only a matter of time until she decided staying still in my hot embrace was better than squirming. She sighed, defeated, and leaned to me, letting her head rest against mine. Her ponytail tickled my skin. Reaching back, she pushed one of the little fruits against my mouth. It was cold. They must have been in the fridge.
"It's far too fucking hot," she groaned, and I let my mouth gape slightly, accepting her little gift. The firm fruit made a pleasant crunch when I bit into it.
"I am not ready for global warming." I agreed while chewing, mumbled words over the cool sweetness. After swallowing, I spoke again quietly.
"Where's mom?"
"Not here. She's over with Uncle Terry, remember? The thing." She passed me another grape.
"Right, so much for social distancing. When did she leave?" I enveloped the grape with my mouth and sucked the tip of her finger. It tasted like sweat. She flicked my lip.
"Like 30 minutes ago."
"She'll be back, like, tonight, at least." I noted while chewing. A taboo daydream began forming in my mind.
"Don't talk with your mouth full, ape. She said she'd be back after dinner. Why do you ask?"
I swallowed down the last grape, wondering how to respond. Instead of speaking, I shifted my head back, and slid my clammy arms away from her body, giving her skin a chance to breath. I took hold of her waist instead, hands wrapping around her thin abdomen. My breath hot on the back of her neck, I responded.
"I like when you talk dirty to me like that"
"It's not talking dirty. Act like an animal, get called an animal."
"You make me act like an animal."
"I make you talk with your mouth full?"
"No, more like your butt makes me hard."
She scoffed at my words, unimpressed. There was silence for a few seconds. She popped in one last grape and slowly turned on her stool, moving my hands and facing her body to me. Expectant, almost condescending eyes peered above her smooth face, as if she were above me, not a few inches shorter. Within her gaze was a considering haughtiness, like she was a smooth skinned goddess judging me from a marble throne.
I'd always found her gaze remarkably powerful, and I couldn't help but look away. Her lightly muscled arms lead to a toned frame, which hoisted a lovely volume of breast. The tank top barely concealed them, though I'd seen them bare many times before. I heard her tutting voice and looked up to see her eyes rolling. Perhaps her cleavage was not the right spot to stare.
"You're not very discreet. Are you in the mood, or something?" she asked, her voice almost sardonic.
"The mood for what? I'm just flirting." I responded.
"If you call that flirting, no wonder you're stuck with your sister."
"I wouldn't have it any other way, really."
Another eye roll. She edged forward in her seat, her large brown eyes hardly a foot from mine. Her legs spread and her small fingers took hold of my hips, urging me to shuffle closer. I did, and the foot of space between our lips became inches, until our progress was stopped by my thighs touching the edge of the stool.
"Don't make me ask again. Want to or not?" she muttered. Finally, beneath the veneer of confidence and sarcasm, the breathy tones of need and desire made themselves known in her voice. Something had gotten her in the mood, though I was convinced it wasn't my languid chatter.
"Maybe I'm always in the mood?" My hands moved back, sandwiching the thin fabric of her tank top against her waist.
"Prove it."
Her eyes were testing, coy, not willing to give me too much ground. Though we'd been lovers for some time now, being twins since the start meant there'd always be that competitive spin on things. Since we'd been "together," the nature had stayed, though it just didn't feel as bad to lose against her, in anything really. Winning didn't feel that great either. Somehow being together seemed to take precedence, always, and seeing her eyes usually made any morning or evening feel so much brighter. Anyways, back to the point – sometimes we'd make games during our sex, but those never, ever hurt to lose.
"So you're saying you're also in the mood?" I retorted.
"Is this you asking for consent? Sir, I'd say you were a gentleman if you hadn't been acting like an ape earlier."
"Would you like a kiss love?"
She hummed an agreement, and I made the first move.
Slowly, I closed the distance between us, leaning down and bringing my lips to hers. The kiss was light, soft – a testing movement from the both of us. My eyes closed in that minor cherish, grip tightening around her waist, her top ruffling up in my fingers. Just as soon as I landed, I lifted off again. I could feel her light breath on my mouth, the fading smell of grape tickling me. I wasn't satisfied though, and I figured she wasn't either. I pushed into her, again, this time tilting my head further and letting my lips conjoin with hers. She couldn't hold her little whimper.
For several seconds we kissed, relaxing into each other as we filled the distance between us. There was passion, but the dull heat that tainted the air kept us slow. We savored each other in those moments, letting every second stretch as our delight slowly sifted within us. Moving too fast, with too much friction, would mean getting too hot. Getting hot was inevitable, but it was a nice excuse just to go slowly. It seemed though, that her energy today was a little faster paced than mine. One of her hands went to my butt, greedy fingers grasping me, and her other hand went to my shoulder, helping to prop herself higher to meet me.
My right hand traveled down her waist, feeling the toned body beneath the clothing before making real contact. The journey started with flimsy tank top fabric, then the polyester of her shorts, and finally, ended on the smooth texture of her thigh. The muscle beneath flexed in anticipation as I let my fingers slide up, taking a daring journey up her leg and coaxing frenzied goosebumps aplenty. Her own hold on me tightened as I got ever closer, until my fingers met the warm material of her panties, entering the crevice between her thighs.
Below, I could feel the heat, the wetness. Above, I felt the vibration of her rising moan, stifled by my lips. All of it informed me of my precious sister's arousal. My other hand had gone up, cradling her back to keep her tight against me. Her hard nipples poked through her top, and I could easily feel them through my own shirt. And then, almost as suddenly as it started, the moment ended. She separated her lips from mine and rested her forehead against my brow.
"It's too hot for this." she whined, her needy voice tinged with annoyance.
I kissed her nose, though the real action was happening downstairs. My fingers pushed on her cleft, sliding to the top of her mound. Her arousal had already gotten my fingertips wet, and I was keen to explore further. A tiny, soft whimper left my sister's lips, her form shuddering as my pressure traveled upwards. To be honest, I wasn't completely sure when I'd reach it, but her second exhale gave me all the information I needed, letting me know my fingers were pressing down on her clit. The fabric of her panties was thick enough that I couldn't precisely find her little bead, but not thick enough that she wouldn't lose her breath when I pressed down. I didn't press down, and instead just talked.
"Why not make it a little hotter? We've already gone this far." I coaxed.
"But it's so hot. God, you've gotten me so hot."
"That's your fault, honeybee, you got this started."
Noelle stilled for a second. She loved it when I called her pet names, though nicknames related to bees had a more cursed history, before they of course became the little love spells that so bewitched her. It started as a mocking thing from some traumatic bee sting event years ago, but it evolved, just like our relationship. If she wasn't already blushing, she'd likely be now, but I couldn't see more than her forehead from this angle. Her shampoo smelled fruity with the faint scent of sweat mixing within.
"Don't be cheeky. I'll end it too." Her voice was hardly a whisper, and most certainly not a threat.
In response, I pressed down on her, my fingers digging into that spot underneath her panties. Her thighs spread, and in a muted moan, she rose her hips up to meet my pressure. Brought together again, our lips touched, harder now, each of us avid for a taste of the other. The hand that was coiled around my rear, slipped down to my thigh, pressing down on my own arousal. I wasn't fully stiff yet, but her rough palming coaxed my shaft into a yearning hardness.
I took my hand out of her shorts and back over her thigh. She mumbled in protest as my lips grappled with hers, but I quickly brought my hand to her waistband, slowly creeping under the elastic. My fingers slipped beneath her pantyline, this time touching her without the barrier of clothing. The smooth surface of her skin gave way to her trimmed mound, the few strands tickling my fingertips. She was impatient for my touch, and I was impatient for her moans, so I pushed my fingers deeper, until I finally reached her little bead, nestled between my index and middle finger. As I rolled her clit, her assault on my lips stopped for a moment, back arching in response to my attention. Faint mumbles became whimpers, and she lost focus at the sudden impulse of pleasure.
Not wanting to be out done, her thin, desperate fingers stopped palming my package, which to this point was completely hard, full length straining against the thin material of my shorts. She wormed her fingers into my shorts, feeling me within my clothes. Her grasp settled on the tip of my shaft, hand surrounding my cock head, bringing a lovely, hot pressure. Gently, she tugged, in rhythm with my rolling motions on her clit. I dived my touch lower, dipping and stroking into her own rapidly forming arousal. Through the pleasure of our groping, we brought our lips back together, kissing as we fucked each other with our hands.
And then, abruptly, I slipped out of her shorts and stepped away. Surprised at my departure, her grip around my cock quickly gave way, and her hand likewise left my clothes. Without giving her another look, I took my water bottle off the adjacent stool and strolled over to the sink. I ran the cold water and filled up the bottle, sparing her a brief glance paired with a light smile. Dangerous seconds passed, until her voice finally broke the silence.
"What the fuck did you just do."
"I was thinking you're right, maybe it's too hot for this."
"Are you fucking kidding me." She hopped off her stool, death in her eyes.
I ignored her rapidly approaching footsteps and brought my view back to the sink, watching my bottle fill.
"Don't you fucking dare." Her words sounded closer and closer.
I just had enough time shut off the sink before her fingers wrapped around my waist and jerked me back around. Steely, killer eyes met mine for a split second before she closed the distance, leaning up to force her lips on mine. This time, there was tongue. I was hardly able to settle my bottle on the counter before she grabbed my hands and forced them on her body, reconnecting our incestual contact. My right hand went down her panties. She shivered as the cold, wet digits pushed into her cleft; water had gotten them wet under the faucet. Still, her discomfort rapidly turned to moans as my pressure grew and my precision once more fell on her clit. My other hand, she landed on her breast, keeping me there by my wrist. Not wanting to leave her dissatisfied again, I kneaded her, twirling my fingers to slip under her tank top. I made contact with her nipple, gently pulling and twisting the nub.
Even though she was shorter than me, often smaller than me in more than just physical ways, it felt like she was in control, like she was leading us to our pleasure with a very iron grip. Her hand made its way back into my shorts, except this time, she slipped them down and brought me out entirely, balls hanging on the elastic of my shorts and shaft pinned between our gasping bodies. Fingers wrapped around the head of my cock and slowly tugged my foreskin up and down. We kissed as if we were each other's lifeline, mouths now open and connected, wrestling tongues twirling together. I let her lips slide above mine and gave her the control she desired.
My hand slid down from her clit, fingers trailing over her wet folds and prodding at her entrance. While I tested its give, my thumb stayed by her nub, a weaker though just as appreciative reminder of my previous pressure. I let just the tip of my middle finger slid in, a small sample of what I intended to do with her later. Despite the subtleness of my exploration, she moaned again into my mouth, delight lacing her mellow hums. Coaxing me further, her hips once again squirmed closer, the desire for more almost impossible to misunderstand. We continued like this, kissing, with my thumb softly massaging below, my middle and now my ring finger slowly sliding in, my hand on her breast, and her fingers around my cock.
Her hand slid off my wrist and took hold of my waist. Moving slowly, still locked in our embrace, she flipped us around so her back was to the sink. For a brief moment, our lips separated, and she spoke, a warm, though still demanding whisper.
"Get on your knees."
Nobody else could make me react to those words like her. After getting one last taste of her warm lips, I started sliding down her body, leaving behind kisses on my journey down. Initially, I was delicate on her breasts, giving her nipple hardly more than a minor passing touch. I pecked around the soft flesh, looking up at her lusting eyes. Yearning hands took hold of my shoulders and aimed to secure my mouth around her hard tips. I complied, first letting my tongue slide against stiff nub before latching my lips and sucking on her. With one hand, I toyed with her other breast, while below I continued pleasing beneath her shorts. I swapped, slowly traveling across her chest to the other breast, giving it the same treatment.
Taking her shorts down with me, I decided it was time to continue on. Her hands went to my shoulders, easing me down as I got to my knees. She was impatient, though she let me have the control I needed. I kissed her smooth belly, feeling the muscles stiffen underneath. When I'd hooked her shorts down to her knees, I brought my hands up, one tracing her smooth side, feeling the tense muscle relaxing against my touch, while the other returned to her breasts. Eventually, I steadied myself with my hands on her thighs, her lovely glory hidden behind tight wet fabric. I let my lips touch just above her pantyline, watching her as my lips closed in on her desire. My teeth pinched the elastic, and I started pulling down the black material.
The smell was tantalizing, an enticing odor of sex and sweat. Her arousal glistened within wet folds that were likewise within puffy, enticing mounds. The surrounding skin was pinkening, blossoming into a similar palette. I kept my nose from touching her, not giving her any direct attention, not yet anyways.
Instead, after pulling the flexible fabric down to her knees, I kissed upwards, targeting her mid-way up her thigh, not even close to her lovely heat. I continued on, teasing and experimenting with her sensitivity, moving ever closer, reaching inner thigh, closer, until switching to her other leg, letting my nose almost barely touch her when I went across. I of course exhale through my nostrils, a shadow of what my real touch could do to her. She whined at that cruelty, but I knew it would make my final touch all the more worth it. I kissed downwards, persisting, until cycling back up. This time though, when I reached the top, I brought my lips to only inches above her folds, chin daringly close to a livid heat. The musk, sweat, and light sweetness filled my senses, invigorating me in my desire to please her. Though gentle, that first kiss was almost electric, sending a shock of feeling that forced desperation into her gasping voice. In one final descent, I hovered my face just over that radiance, letting her feel my exhales, warm blowing air tickling her wetness. It was terribly greedy, as I relished the lovely smells my inhales gave me.
"Stop teasing me you little jerk." she muttered, voice hardly aggressive, more desperate than anything else.
"You look absolutely amazing from down here, bee. Your pussy looks beautiful."
"God I love you, please eat me out?"
She tried to move my head towards that welcoming mess, pulling my mouth ever closer. I complied, doing as my sister desired.
I gave a slow, experimental lick, letting my tongue travel from the middle to the top. When I reached her clit, I twirled it with my tip, flexing my tongue, letting the sides of my flexible muscle shift and push the little bead. My lips rapidly closed in, sealing, and sucking and kissing, hard. She ground my face into her body in response, grabbing me by the scalp and forcing me in, cooing in delight and thrusting her hips out to get every ounce of pressure she could into her. I did my best to keep my eyes peering up, watching the passion both flex and loosen her body. Her mouth was hanging idly and open, gasping lips letting out those sweet little sounds I so adored.

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