Twist Of My Life

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HI buddies this is Sandy here, i recently came across this site and got to know everyone’s free and sharing nature of their secrets here, i have many experiences to write, i will try to write them as episodes one by one, the title of my stories will be “TWIST OF MY LIFE” with the serial numbers, remember guys, the title “TWIST OF MY LIFE” means the experiences of Sandy,LOL, i am studying in bijapur alone myself and my family is staying in Bangalore, i was left here to complete my studies, hence i was leading my life happily here with my friends. My native place is gulburga which is in karnataka, i was having holidays those days and was planning to go to bangalore, and informed ma parents that i was coming there, instead of welcoming me they suggest me to stay in bijapur only for 2 days and told me to attend the function which was in gulburga and they told they wil join me later in the function, i agreed and stayed there. After 2 days i left to gulburga at morning, i was going there after a big gap of 5 to 6 years around, thou i was not so close with my cousin brothers i called and informed them that i was coming, and when i reached gulburga at noon time one of my cousin came to pick me and we drove towards home, actually we are have lots of relatives there so there are many relatives houses which i have to go and meet them, and after i went in and met all of them, all were happy to see me after a big gap, the function was tomorrow so there was lot of time to roam there, we had lunch and i was feeling bit tired so i slept for some time and woke around 4:40 pm and got fresh and had tea, after me and my cousin  left to meet my (mamaji & mamiji) which we call in kannada, sorry guys i won’t have much idea about these relations and all so i can’t explain those, they were a rich party, we reached home around 6:30, and after we entered in, my mamiji didn’t get me she saw me in confusion, my cousin reminded her and then she welcomed me happily and told that i was changed lot, in between my mamaji came and he got me, and asked me about my life and my parents and all, i told everything, then mamiji offered tea, we were having tea and i remember that before 6 or 7 years when i was been solapur to spend my holidays when i was around 7th or 8th std i guess, i met a girl, she was daughter of this mamaji, she was quiet cute at that time, we always quarrelled those days so she was not close and also not in touch with me, and then my mamaji broke the silence asking about my exams and all.
We all were chatting and having fun, i heard the gate opening sound and entering a two wheeler inside, then a girl stepped in and came in hall where we all were sitting, she was a perfect matured girl with cuteness, perfect figure and well maintained body, actually my mamaji have only 2 children, both are females, the one which i met was the 2nd one, she was carrying a bag, she came from her classes it seems, my mamiji asked her pointing towards me that who i am, she was smiling and said she is not getting, first of all i was only confused whether she is 1st one or 2nd, for god sake i was knowing her name, her name was rithvika, then my mamaji asked me that if i know her, i also nodded head as no, he told she is rithvika, i was amazed to hear that because i never thought it would be rithvika, and my mamiji told her who i am, she opened her mouth in surprise, all laughed at us, then she said “what a surprise..?” i said ” even i am shocked seeing you” and after we chatted about our studies and all, then my mamiji went in kitchen telling she will prepare dinner, and we three were having fun, and later my mamaji asked me to stay there night, it was around 8:45 pm then mamiji called us for dinner, we all had a wonderful dinner together, after dinner my cousin told that he must leave cuz uncle was out of station and aunt will be staying alone.
Then he left, then mamaji told rithvika to take me out for a light walk, she said come and we went out towards lane, it was around 9:30 pm, we were talking about our college activities and etc, she was now very frankly with me, in between her cell rang and she was talking to her friend, i slowed down a bit and looked her, she was having a damn matured firm boobs and an attractive ass, i was looking her, she ended the cal and turned towards me, i teased her asking “boyfriend huh…?:)” she said “no she’s my friend” then after casual talks and we returned home, then we all went our room, there was a guest room in their house and i was about to sleep there, i didn’t heard any noise and come to know that mamaji & mamiji went to sleep in their room, i was just lying on my bed then rithvika came in and asked whether i am feeling sleepy, i said no and she also said that she is not feeling sleepy, then she said “i am feeling bored” i asked her ” what should i do to take you out from that mood..?” she said anything, within no time she asked whether i am having a GF, i said no, she again asked me if i was in love with any girl, for that i said yes, she asked who was tat girl, i said you only and laughed hilariously, she also laughed, like this it went on for few hours, in between we exchanged our cell numbers, she was lying on another bed which was next to my bed and she was feeling bit sleepy and was facing towards ceiling, i was looking her lips, they were so juicy lips, i told her that i liked her after seeing second time, she also said that she liked me that time, and asked that what did i liked in her and give options as behaviour, beauty and etc, i kept quiet for some time and told her that i like your lips, she turned towards me and said smilingly that she takes lot care of her lips, then i told her “if i was not your cousin then i would have kissed you hardly” she laughed and said “don’t even try to think about it, i will never do such things with any guy till my marriage” then i changed the topic saying “that’s like a good girl” she laughed and said that she was feeling sleepy and went to her room, it was around 2:40 am, i felt that it was already late so i also slept.
 It was next day, i woke around 6:45 am, and came out of room after getting fresh, i looked around and felt that she maybe still sleeping, then my mamiji offered tea and after having tea, i told her that i have to leave coz all my luggage is in that home and i will catch you all soon in function and i left the home, and i went to home were there was function, and made all the chores and finally got ready around 9:00 am, and had breakfast and killed some time with my cousins and relatives there, then all the people started to come and my mamaji’s family also came, they entered in, and when i saw her i felt amazing looking at her, she was looking very beautiful in her dress,(i don’t know what they call for that dress) with pinky juicy lips, and now i was very fond of her lips, she was looking and smiling at me, and then my uncle said all of us to start the function, and everybody got busy in work, while working and moving from room to another room and all around the house, many times she came in front of me, and i used to see her lips, after seeing continuously i started getting tensed and i was feeling to touch them and kiss them and feel those lips, finally the function was over.
It was evening time around 6:40 pm, all the guests were gone and only some relatives were remained, we all were sitting together chit-chatting, mean while looked at her and by co-incidence she also looked towards me, i gave her a sign pointing towards her lips that they are awesome, she looked other side, like this i did the same thing 2 times, she always ignored that, and she was ignoring me at all, it was around 8:30 i went upstairs and when i turned to the next staircase i made her sign to come upstairs, i wasn’t even talked single word with her that day, she stood up and stepped on the staircase and was coming upstairs, there was a corridor there i went there and stood silently, she was searching me here and there, when she came close to that corridor i hold her arms tightly and stick her tightly to the wall and kissed her lip to lip hardly for few seconds, she tried to push me away, and with heavy force she pushed me and the kiss was broken, she ran down stairs rubbing the lips with her hand, i was sure that she won’t tell anybody about this matter, while kissing, my penis was hard and i felt that it touched her body, but anyway i felt awesome after kissing her, after sometime i felt that i was rude, i was knowing that i can’t expect the early behaviour of her with me, she didn’t talked to me and they left to their home after having dinner, we also got finished with dinner and went to sleep, finally the day was finished, i was sleeping on the terrace and was thinking about the incident, i felt that i have to ask her for forgiveness and decided to ask tomorrow, and slept.
 In the morning i woke bit late, and got to know that everybody were busy in their work, so i finished my routine work and had breakfast, after that i was watching t.v then her mom came again today, i knew that her dad will be busy with his business and he will not be in the home, then i thought that this a better idea to ask her, i called her many times but there was no answer so i decided to go her home and took the bike key from my cousin, and drove to her home, i reached her home and i ranged the bell, there was no response, i pushed a door little bit and it was open but only the door chain was tied, i opened the chain with my fingers and went in, i searched her all around calling her name, she was not even in the kitchen so i went to her room, the door was just was little open i pushed the door slowly, i saw she was about to start the porn videos online and she was having the headphones over her head, than i come to know that why she was not giving response, i stood side from few feets away from her to see her watch and what she will do, she played an incest video in tube site, it was named as “Two cousins having fun in the absence of their parents” in the video, the guy will be playing video game and the girl will come to him and tells “hey..! mommy went out…” the guy asks “so what happened…?” she says “i am feeling quiet disturbed…” the boy asks “from what…?”  the girl will come and sit beside sticking with him on sofa and move her hands on his body then both of them start kissing, and then after the guy will start rubbing girl’s pussy, seeing this scene she became full hot and she also started rubbing her pussy on her dress, even my penis was rockhard and was losing its control and was planning to fuck her, then i thought to fuck her by blackmailing, then it came in mind that it will not be satisfied by both of us, (My policy is to get fully satisfied both of us) then i went near to her pc were she sitting, 
I knocked on her shoulder with two fingers, she turned and got shocked after seeing me, there were no words to speak in her mouth, i took her head phone aside and asked “what were you doing…?” she was speechless, i said, “you felt bad when i kissed you, but now you’re getting hot by watch  porn video, why is this so..?” she murmured that she was scared at that time when i held her tightly, i asked her “why do you watch incest videos that too of cousins.?” she didn’t spoke a word, again i asked “do you imagine with anyone of us while rubbing yourself.?” she nodded her head as no, i asked” then why did you played cousins’ video.?” she sat silent, then i said feel free, dont feel shy, even i am also a cousin of you, then i asked her “do you like having sex with cousins’.?” there was no single word, i said “if you feel to have sex with me then it’s okay i will be always ready for it” she was not speaking a word, i asked her to speak again and again, she wasn’t, then finally told her that “i can having sex by blackmailing her but it will not be satisfaction for both of us, its fine, if you are not interested, i won’t force you but if you’re ready with me then play the movie which you’ve paused” i was about to move from there she played the movie, automatically the smile came on my face, i went near her and told her to stand, she stood up and i pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly, her boobs were pressed against my chest, i slowly started kissing her forehead and all over the face, i was madly in love with her lips, finally my lips touched her lips i started kissing, our tongues rolled inside, she was holding me from my back, my one hand was on her back and another one was holding her by side, we were kissing passionately, i was feeling like the i had my happiest moment of my life, than after we broke our kiss and both were breathing heavily and looking each other, 
I took her to bed and made her lye, we slept on bed holding our hands in hands and again kissed passionately for some time, and then we broke kiss, and i moved my hands on her body, i held her boobs over her night dress and squeezed them, then i opened the upper dress and i saw the red colour bra, i licked the whole body over her waist, than i removed her bra, her beautiful boobs were in front of me, i hold them from my both hands and pressed them for a while, and started sucking her nipples, she was closing her eyes in ecstasy, after sucking her both nipples, i went down, i held the night pant and lowered it slowly, than i saw the black panty, i removed it totally she was having white fleshy thighs, i moved my hands all over her thighs and ass, i saw the precum on her panty, i smelled i and rubbed from my finger and when i opened her panty, i saw her pussy which was fully wet, it was cleanly shaven pussy maybe in between two days only, then i inserted one finger in her pussy and started moving in and out, she was enjoying it, then i inserted another finger her face emotion showed that its paining her, then i removed finger, i spread her legs and went in between and with one strong lick i licked her pussy, she jerked and held my head tightly in between her legs, i started licking her pussy and after few mins she reached orgasm, then i stood up and told her that it’s your turn now, she pushed me on bed and opened my shirt and started playing with my body and after few she went down and opened my jeans, than lowered my inner wear and made her eyes big in surprise, then she hold my hard penis and started moving up and down,
I told her to take in mouth, after bit hesitation she took it in her mouth and started sucking the cock, i was feeling awesome and she kept sucking, then i cummed, after i was playing with her boobs again my penis was hard at its position, i stood up from bed and made her lye and went in between her legs and took ma penis in my hand i was about to insert the penis she stopped and said that it will tore her pussy, i said no nothing will happen i will do it slowly, she said it pains a lot, i told her that at first time it pains little bit and you start enjoying it and you’ll have the best time of ever, she laid silently, she again asked me for condoms, i told her that i will give her pills after in the evening, than i took my penis in hand and kept it on her pussy hole and slowly inserting into it, she started pushing me away and telling that it is paining her, than with one strong jerk i pushed my cock into her, she screamed loudly “Ahhhhhh…!” when i looked her face i saw the pain and the tears were flowing from her eyes, then i stopped and saw her pussy the blood was out and then i laid on her without moving for some time and when i saw that the pain was reduced i started moving slowly, she started enjoying and she held my face and gave me a long kiss, this was the first time where she kissed me, she was moaning, and then she hugged me tightly, then i came to know that she was going to cum so i also increased my moment and i was also about to reach the cum and both of us cummed one another and i fell on her few mins and laid beside her talking, i asked her that how did she feel, she said the obviously she had a best time of her life, she was sleeping in my arms, i told her that i also felt very good, then i told her that i need to go because mamiji may come anytime, and i wore my clothes and was about to leave, i told her that i will give her pills in evening and left.
In evening i called her and told her to meet me, she said me to stand near one of the park which was near uncle’s house at 6 pm, i was there with pills at sharp 6, she came on her activa and she took me to some place where all kind of chats were there, we enjoyed eating chats and after she took me to a place it was a silent place, we sat talking for some time and enjoyed the evening then i told her that i was leaving at night, she was disappointed, it was around 8:30 we decided to leave, again she left me near that park, i gave her the pills and told her to take them immediately, she said bye and told me to come again as soon as possible, i said okay and made bye each other, she left, then at night i left to my place, and after that we daily used to talk on our cell phones and do sex chatting, and now we both are waiting for an another chance to come……