Two Divorced MILFS

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Hello My Dear Readers…
The following is a Text Message Conversation between Lena & Kaniha, who have been Best Friends since College, and now, Enticing Mature Mothers – While the former had separated from her husband a few years ago, the latter split very recently.
This New Story is set in India, and the same is planned as a Three-Part Series.
I have tried to make it as interesting as possible, and I hope all of you will like the attempt.
Happy Reading!!
Lena : Heyy… Are you back?!
Kaniha : Yes… Yes… Just out of the shower!!
Lena : All good?? I was expecting you would call me… You did not even bother to message me, the last two days!!
Kaniha : I thought I will talk to you once I get back home.
Lena : You must have been busy…
Kaniha : Hehe…
Lena : So… How was it??
Kaniha : Hehehe… Great!!
Lena : Didn't I tell you!! Hahaha!! I am so glad you had fun.
Kaniha : Thank You for suggesting the place. It was very relaxing…
Lena : Lol!! Relaxing?! Don't tell me it was just that!!
Kaniha : Hehehehe… The small Trek I went for was a a bit taxing.
Lena : Bloody Bitch!! Stop playing all goody goody, and tell me everything you did!! I deserve to know. I want to know What Happened at the Resort!!
Kaniha : Lena… Nothing really happened…
Lena : Aaha!! You think I will accept that?! I am not so dumb!! Kaniha… You don't have an option, Bae… You got to tell me…
Kaniha : It was very good.
Lena : Shut Up!! Just tell me how many cocks went inside you!!
Kaniha : What!!
Lena : What what?!
Kaniha : What??
Lena : What is stopping you from sharing with me about the countless number of men who were on top of you?!
Kaniha : Lena!! Enough!!
Lena : What is this?? Why are you so disinterested in giving me a proper account of your encounters?? I have been waiting to hear from you!! Kanihaaa… Don't make me come over, and spank your thick firm butt!! It will be bad!! You owe me the details, Kaniha… You know that!! I tell you everything that happens in my life!!
Kaniha : What is wrong with you?? This is all new for me, Lena… You know that, too!! I never discuss sex.
Lena : Yes, Right!! Because you never had anything to, of late… Now that you have got yourself some nice action, you better tell me everything about it!! How many of them fucked you?!
Kaniha : You are so dumb!!
Lena : Just tell me!! I won't give you any peace, until you tell me!!
Kaniha : Okay!! Well… Quite A Few. You are happy??
Lena : Yeah?! Really?? How many exactly??
Kaniha : What!! Why?!
Lena : Kanihaaaaa… I need to know!! I sent you there!! I planned this holiday for you, so that you get what you were missing… Give me the exact number!!
Kaniha : Err… Two!!
Lena : What?! You got to be joking!!
Kaniha : No… Seriously… Two.
Lena : Just Two?!
Kaniha : Yeah…
Lena : You only let two men do you?! Even after all those years without any kind of pleasure, you felt the need for just that?? I don't believe you… That place is a perfect destination for everything carnal. Even after all the things I told you regarding my time there, you were content with just two?!
Kaniha : Lena… I am just getting used to being single, again.
Lena : So, What?? There is no way you can hold back yourself, when so many options are available… I visited the place last year, and I had 17 dicks enter me!!
Kaniha : Yes, I know!! You did tell me that… But, you were accustomed to it… You had a lot of fun before your stay there, as well… You got yourself gang-banged in Bangkok, on your first birthday after your divorce… You got yourself drilled by your son's best buddies, in your house, while he was very well sleeping downstairs… You got yourself rampaged inside a moving train, by a stranger, in the dirty toilet… You had already experienced all the privileges being a divorcee gave you!!
Lena : What are you trying to say??
Kaniha : This was my first time. That is what I am trying to say!! You need to take that into account!! After all the exhausting drama connected with the dissolution of my marriage, and all that depressing visits to the Court, this sudden change was overwhelming!! There was no chance I could be a complete slag, at the resort… I had never been touched by another man, before… So, I am bound to have certain reservations!! Lena… I am happy!! I had whatever fun I felt I could afford!!
Lena : I respect your feelings… However… What you just said is not entirely true, My Dear!!
Kaniha : Come on, Lena… Don't you understand what I am saying?! Even my own husband hardly touched me… I mean, my ex-husband… This was all new for the present me!! Just don't mix this with things from my distant past!! I still don't know how I allowed those two to have their way with me!! You are being insensitive here.
Lena : Darling… Relax… I know all that… I know life has not been very fair!! I was just trying to get you to open up… I hope I did not piss you off.
Kaniha : No!! I am fine… I am happy!! Thank You!!
Lena : You don't have to be so formal!! I am happy you had some fun… I am happy you could forget some of those hurting instances… I am happy you are happy…
Kaniha : Yes, Lena… I feel good…
Lena : That is all that matters… And, one more thing… I am sure you don't want to really share all the details with me, but please tell me you did get yourself a massage there… Their in-house masseur is the best, and huge, and the only person you really need to meet during the stay!! I did specifically mention it to you… Please Please Please tell me he was one among the two!! I will not ask anything more!!
Kaniha : I did get a massage… That was what I did as soon as I reached there… But, Jordan did not do anything to me.
Lena : Jordan, Yes!! Thank You for reminding me his name… But him not taking advantage of you seems a little too improbable!! I did not think he was a guy who restricted himself from taking a chance!! He had fucked me thrice, in those four days, and he was very well the one who made the first move!! You know all about it!! I did tell you about him, elaborately!!
Kaniha : Maybe, he did not find me attractive enough!!
Lena : No Way!! Your ripe body is too good to say NO to!!
Kaniha : I don't know… I feel I look really bad now…
Lena : You are one hell of a woman!!
Kaniha : I look so old!!
Lena : You are upset he did not have sex with you?!
Kaniha : No!! I don't think I could have accommodated him… He was that big!!
Lena : Oh Oh Oh!! Now, I get it… So, you did see him naked!!
Kaniha : He was fully uncovered, even before I stripped out of my clothes.
Lena : You did not think it was a sign??
Kaniha : I was so nervous about the whole arrangement, Lena!! And also, I thought it was normal for the masseur to be in the nude, if it is Full Body Massage!!
Lena : Lol!! You seem to have been watching a lot of Porn, lately.
Kaniha : Shut Up!! If that was the case, I would have asked for a towel to keep my assets hidden, at least in the beginning!! I was as bare as him, when he first caressed me!!
Lena : Hahaha… I think this whole idea of presenting himself naked is a ploy to get the attention from the ladies… It is him being smart by making it seem harmless!! He is at-least 10 inched, and there are not a lot of women who can reject that… I definitely could not!!
Kaniha : Exactly!! Even I felt that… I am not sure how I stopped myself from being one of his preys… I guess it was the shock of finding an exposed man in front of me that made me freak out, and ultimately prevented my legs from spreading itself… After all, it is not what a 39 year old trying to restart her life would be expecting to witness.
Lena : You are not that naive a woman, Kaniha!! You must have wished he had taken you… You did think about it!! Didn't you?!
Kaniha : I don't want to lie to you!! I actually did… A little!! Especially, when his strong hands were pressing my inner thighs… I was initially scared he would rape me, but I left the space feeling a bit let down he did not stretch my pussy!! I don't know why!!
Lena : Hahaha!! That is sad!! But, I am glad My Little Girl is back!! I love it when you tell me your secrets!! Always enjoyed listening to your naughty twisted deeds… I will never forget your regular intricate talks, during our college days, on everything your then boyfriend did to you, in the back bench of our very classroom!! In-fact, I first rubbed my clit thinking about him shagging you!! I envied you!!
Kaniha : Shit!! You still remember?! So, it was because of this that you were taunting me earlier!! I felt you had forgotten all that… You never talked about it, all these years!!
Lena : You were a different woman after your wedding!! It needed Jordan to make me tell you this!! Haha!!
Kaniha : Perhaps Jordan not giving me his best would make you less jealous of me…
Lena : Kaniha… Lol!! Don't be so upset!! Maybe next time, we can go there together, get ourselves a massage, and have him fuck us at the same time!! That would be great!! Haha!! You just make sure your pussy is ready for his monster!!
Kaniha : Hehehe… Well… I don't think I am as tight as I was when I checked-in, at the resort!! I am getting there.
Lena : Hahahaha!! Great!! So, who were the two lucky bastards who got their hands on you?! Did you like it??
Kaniha : They certainly made me cum!! Hahaha!!
Lena : How good was it??
Kaniha : I felt so satisfied, Lena… The last time I had an orgasm was years ago… I felt complete when I sensed the walls of my pussy contracting!!
Lena : You should be grateful to me for sending you there…
Kaniha : Ya Ya Ya!!
Lena : What?! I did not simply just recommend you that place, Kaniha… I went their myself, a whole year ago, and got myself into all kinds of filthy situations, putting my body on the line while testing the environment, only to make sure it will be safe for you, as and when you are fit to go there!!
Kaniha : Hahaha!! What The Fuck!! As if you knew I would be getting divorced, a year later!!
Lena : You are so cheap!! Ridiculous!! Ungracious!!
Kaniha : Lol!! Fine!! I owe you my life!! Happy?!
Lena : Hehehehe… Thank your mates, too!! They were decent enough to let you climax… Sometimes, these men only care about themselves!! All they want is to have their juices out of their poles!!
Kaniha : I know… You don't have to tell me any more… My former spouse, during our sexually active phase, was a perfect example of that!!
Lena : Nothing more heart-breaking than your companion being a useless jerk!!
Kaniha : I used to feel so bad when he pulled out, and slept off… It always hurt me… And even at the resort, before I finally strayed, I actually feared it was a bad session that was awaiting me. That is the kind of harmful impact my former husband had on me… Thankfully, the older man I got laid with was as strong as an ox!! He pounded me for an hour, at a stretch!!
Lena : What?? An older man?! You mean somebody a little older than us… Right?! In the range of 40 to 45!!
Kaniha : No!! He was clearly above 70!!
Lena : What the hell?? Above 70?? And, he is still not done being a hunter?!
Kaniha : Lol!! I had the very same thought!!
Lena : You still got on the bed with him!! Despite all the disappointments from the broken marriage, you took that risk!!
Kaniha : I know!! And, it paid off!! Didn't it?!
Lena : I don't know… You are saying it did. But, I am not sure!! I think you are a failure when it comes to selecting the right man!! What about this creepy aged fellow turned you on??
Kaniha : He was not what I wanted, right then… I agree!! Yet… I found him very capable!! I felt he was brutally honest with his approach!! He saw me by the Swimming Pool, visibly uncomfortable, having worn a swimsuit for the first time ever!! He came towards me, and occupying the wooden Sun Lounger next to the one I was relaxing on, he simply told me that I would be a lot more comfortable without the undersized Navy Blue colored Tankini, that poorly covered my fleshy figure!!
Lena : The oldie had the guts to say that?? I cannot believe he did that!! A grandpa in his seventies managed to come up with that pick-up line?!
Kaniha : I was stunned!! But, you did tell me what to expect at that resort, and also, I was waiting for something to happen. It had been three hours since I was done with Jordan, and my tits weren't paining anymore, and I was ready… The Senior Citizen easily owned me!!
Lena : Wait!! Slow Down… I don't think I really understood what you just said about your titties not being in pain!! Did you forget to tell me something, Bae?!
Kaniha : I think I have told you everything important.
Lena : I don't think so!! And anyway, it is not just matters you feel were important that I want to know!! I want to know it all!! Jordan felt up your bust, didn't he?!
Kaniha : Yes!!
Lena : You bloody loser!! You did not tell me that!!
Kaniha : I thought you would have guessed!!
Lena : You made it sound like an underwhelming affair!! You were like he might not have liked you!!
Kaniha : He was not very pleased with what finally happened!!
Lena : Stop Bullshitting!! Just tell me how he got to your boobs, in the first place!! I assume watching Porn had made you lay on your front, when he started massaging you!! He cannot do a lot of damage to your tits from that angle, how much ever you were hoping for it!!
Kaniha : Lena!! You don't have to be so rude!! I am telling you…
Lena : Tell me, then!!
Kaniha : He actually spent a lot of time playing with my breasts!!
Lena : I know that!! How did he get access?! That is my question!!
Kaniha : Okay… I will tell you… He was rubbing my back… I was fully exposed, but I felt mostly in control!! Maybe, it was because he was making me feel all calm & relaxed, with his stimulating touches.
Lena : I know what a massage feels like, Kaniha!!
Kaniha : Just stop being so irritated!! I am explaining!! Give me some time!!
Lena : Hhmmm…
Kaniha : My ass was always on display, and he had parted my well shaped cheeks quite a few times. I was seriously leaking, by then, and when his slimy fingers finally grazed my pussy lips, I could not hold myself back from letting out a moan!! I did try to keep it down, biting my lips really hard, but I was still too loud.
Lena : What happened next??
Kaniha : He immediately asked me if I wanted to turn around, and have him oil the front side of my body!!
Lena : What did you say??
Kaniha : You know what I would have said!!
Lena : I want you to tell me…
Kaniha : I told YES!! I was nodding my head, frantically, to give him the permission!! I was not sure, but I felt it was not a big deal!! I mean, I was thinking what difference was it going to make… He had seen me in my fully undressed state, when I removed my loose White Shirt & tight Black Jeans, along with my Grey colored Cotton Intimate-Wear, before lying down on the massage table!! No towels were involved!! He had already seen everything there was to see.
Lena : And, was your thinking right??
Kaniha : What??
Lena : Did turning around and exhibiting yourself make a difference??
Kaniha : You know what it did!!
Lena : What did it do??
Kaniha : Lena… The very moment I lay on my back, he pinched my long erect nipples!!
Lena : Making you feel like he was going to almost pluck them out of you!! Right?!
Kaniha : Exactly!! How did you know?? He had done the same to you?!
Lena : You Bet!! That is his Masterpiece!!
Kaniha : He also mauled my tits!! He was so brutal!! He very well wanted to hurt me!!
Lena : Been There Done That!! It was a lot of screaming.
Kaniha : I did not just scream, I cried!! Lena… I can try to convince myself that his dominant self was just having some fun, at my expense. But… I still cannot comprehend the need for him to have been so cruel to my nipples. I thought I was going to bleed!!
Lena : To be fair to him, he got that skill after years of practice!! See… I am not defending him. Pulling your nipples out extra hard is a disturbing idea, but still keeping them intact to your breasts is no simple task!! In truth, what he really did was put to work a quirky ancient technique that guarantees sensual excitement of epic proportions.
Kaniha : No wonder I was so miserably aroused!! I fully do admit that his barbaric actions were gratifying my body!!
Lena : That was his intention!!
Kaniha : Actually, it also made me squirt!!
Lena : Slut!! Hahaha!! That is the result he expects, each time…
Kaniha : I must say I don't know him as well as you know him!!
Lena : Lol!! You should have spent more time with him!!
Kaniha : Yeah Yeah Yeah!!
Lena : Hehehe… Well… He did show your sagging boobies some serious love!! You got to feel happy!!
Kaniha : Right!!
Lena : Hahaha!!
Kaniha : Lena… It was intense!! In your language, he showed quite a lot of love!! So much love that even if I had a pair of firm milk tankers, like you, he would have still made them saggy!! That is the amount of love he showered on my boobies!!
Lena : Only your boobies?!
Kaniha : My pussy, too!!
Lena : Bloody Bitch!! So much had happened with him, and you underplayed it!! I hate you!!
Kaniha : It was not intentional!! I would have told you, some day.
Lena : Some day?? Fuck You!!
Kaniha : I mean it!!
Lena : Fuck Off!!
Kaniha : I really mean it…
Lena : If you really mean it, tell me what he did to your pussy!!
Kaniha : He ate my pussy!!
Lena : Hahaha!! Fucking Slut!! You were hiding all these things from me!! You tried so hard to not tell me that!!
Kaniha : I was getting there… I am telling you now, anyway!!
Lena : Get lost!! Getting there, it seems… I was literally begging you for information, all this time!! You are so untrustworthy!!
Kaniha : I was really going to tell you about it!!
Lena : Yeah, Right!!
Kaniha : Seriously, Lena!! I was going to!! He just forced my legs in the air, and he conveniently feasted on my newly shaved cunt!!
Lena : That is amazing… As if nothing happened in between!! He is groping your boobs one second, and the next second he is eating your pussy.
Kaniha : Lena…
Lena : You know what!! I don't want this to be like I am grilling you. I want you to show some interest!! Be honest with me.
Kaniha : I am being honest with you!!
Lena : Then, you better tell me every minute detail, from here on!! You get that?!
Kaniha : Yes!! I will tell you everything…
Lena : You have to!! And, you know why!!
Kaniha : Because, you are my best friend!!
Lena : Yes!! Glad you remember that!! But more importantly, because I am very open with you!! I did not shy away from sharing to you what I did with the men I met there. Even before that holiday, and even after it, you are kept updated about all the incidents in my life!!
Kaniha : I know, Lena… I am just back home, after two days of madness!! I was a little tired. That is why I was taking time to disclose the events!!
Lena :Oh, Shut Up!! Do not give me that excuse!! I gave you a thorough scene-by-scene explanation of my run-ins with a Rich Arabian Oil Merchant, a Newlywed Honeymooning Husband, a Rough African Gangster, the Young Owner of the Property and Bollywood Superstar Akash Kumar, the very second I got back from the resort. The remaining of my achievements were also told to you that day itself!! In-fact, if you can try to recollect, I took a cab directly to your house from the Airport… I opted to rest only after I was sure you heard about my enticing time!!
Kaniha : Please!! Don't make sound like a bad person!! I was not intending to keep this a secret!!

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