Two Families: Road to Incest Pt. 03

tagIncest/TabooTwo Families: Road to Incest Pt. 03

A couple of days later, Caitlyn and I were cuddling in bed chatting after our, by now, regular morning fuck. It was more lovemaking now that we were finally sleeping together. We had time to let things happen. It was still intense and hot, but not as frenetic as in the past. I was on my back leaning a little bit on my right side, Caitlyn's arms wrapping around my neck with her right leg resting over my hip, my tumescent cock still buried halfway inside her pussy. Her head pressing on my shoulder, her breath hot on my neck.
"I can still hardly believe that we can have sex in front of our own parents," I said.
"I know right?" Caitlyn responded. "And the weirdest part was we've actually had sex with each other's parents."
"So weird but so exciting," I said. "It's surreal, I can't believe it. Your mom's hot."
Caitlyn pouted.
"That just makes you so much hotter, a definite improvement in the next generation." I managed to cover myself, but Beth was hot.
"Aww, thank you. I'll let you off with that. Do you think we can openly have sex with them from now on, or only here while on vacation?" Caitlyn asked.
"You mean at home? We'll see! I hope it does continue at home."
"Me too!" Grinning as she flexed her pussy muscles around my cock.
"Hey, I felt that!" I said chuckling.
"I hope you did, that was the idea."
A knock sounded soft on the door, which opened allowing our mothers, naked as usual to casually walk in. "Are you two still in the middle of fucking?" Beth asked. At times for someone with a good education and job, she can be very crude in her language I've discovered over the last few days. Strange she's not like that at home. She doesn't hold back, mom is much more restrained.
"No Beth, making love, we're making love," I corrected her to grins from both mothers as they continued to watch us.
"We're just done, mom," Caitlyn responded. "But I could go another round if there's time. Scot's ready. Even better if you two want to join in!"
"Caitlyn, no!"
Our mothers were standing at the foot of the bed looking directly at my balls, my cock still inside Caitlyn. "So you're not just milking his dick?" Beth teased her daughter as both mothers chuckled.
"This room smells of sex!" Beth continued as she leaned closer peering between our legs to get a better look at our connected genitals. Almost sighing, licking her lips.
Mom did the same and teased me by wrinkling her nose. God, I love it when she does that, it's so cute. I know I shouldn't think things like that about my mom but heck it just is.
"Of course it's reeking of sex! There's three freshly fucked pussies in this room right now. We know what you too have been doing since the beak of day," Caitlyn said grinning as I alternate looking between Beth and my mom and their dishevelled hair, flushed faces and breasts and their obviously swollen and cum leaking pussies. Caitlyn is as crude as Beth with her language.
"Yeah but not who with," Beth countered.
My Mom saw me grinning and licking my lips as I was looking at her breasts and her matted pubic hair. She frowned and then stuck her tongue out to me. Was she actually teasing me?
I chucked and responded by saying, "I love you Mom!"
"Aww, that's sweet!" Caitlyn said as she raised and turned her head to look at my Mom.
"Ohh, I can feel him getting hard inside me again!" Caitlyn said as she rolled on top of me straddling my hips and started to ride my cock. "Sarah, I think it's looking at your pussy that's causing that."
"Caitlyn! No, just you stop that sort of talk young lady." Mom wasn't joking when she said that.
"Oh look at them, don't they look lovely?" Beth asked my mom as they stood at the foot of the bed watching my cock appearing and disappearing in my girlfriend's cunt. We were taking it nice and slowly. Making love, or putting on a show?
"Yes… they do," mom said softly, her eyes glued on mine and Caitlyn's connected genitals.
Mom and Beth then sat on each side to the bed beside us. Beth caressing her daughter's back and lovingly kissing her forehead as Caitlyn continued to ride me. She was rising all the way up so my cock was almost coming out, then dropping back down. Her pussy was gripping my cock.
"Take it easy baby, tease him, control him, make him wait." Beth was coaching her daughter in the art of making love.
"I know what… I know what I'm doing."
Mom held my hand with her left hand, stroking my hair with her right. Then lovingly kissed me on my forehead. "Are you enjoying it honey?" She asked softly.
"Yes… so much." I said as I looked at her eyes. The meaning in the look that passed between us was telling. I was glad nobody else saw it. I was excited but worried at the same time. What did that look mean?
"Good," she said with a loving smile. Then she disengaged her left hand from mine and stroked Caitlyn's hair and said in a teasing tone, "Sweetheart, how's the ride?
"It's very enjoyable Miss Sarah."
"Just call me Sarah sweetie." She leaned over and kissed Caitlyn, a tongue-twisting kiss. Oh my God, my mom was French kissing my girlfriend as I fucked her and stroking my hair at the same time.
"Thank you. Sarah, your son's cock feels so good inside me. It feels as if it was custom made for me. Oh yeah, Scott!"
"Oh I know, I can attest to that," Beth said smiling. "You're a very lucky girl Caitlyn."
Out of the blue Caitlyn pushed things again. "You know what would be great Sarah, you and Scott together. I'd just love to see you together."
Mom and Beth looked shocked for an instant, not sure if she was joking, or being Caitlyn testing the limits again
Mom looked at me with wide eyes surprised at what she just heard. "My goodness honey, you know we can't do that! You know our rules!"
"I heard the saying that rules are made to be broken. Isn't that right?" Caitlyn said with a nervous smile, pushing things further. She emphasised this by grinding her hips against me.
"Honey, what we've been doing here is wicked enough already. A taboo that will be frowned on by society. Now you're trying to make it even more complicated. That would be… . incest."
"I heard there's also a saying that incest is the best," Caitlyn replied grinning. All the time she was riding my cock harder now, her pussy seemed to have increased its grip on me when she had suggested that mom and me get together.
"Caitlyn!" Mom said then she glanced at Beth who looked back at her with a smirk and raised an eyebrow. "What's that look, you should be helping me explain things, these kids are being silly. Especially your daughter!"
"I'm sorry, I'm enjoying how these kids are trying to push things, " Beth said grinning, "you know how I am."
"Yes I do, after all, it was you that started all this swinging and nudism thing anyway."
"Well, you and Liam didn't exactly need a lot of persuading."
Mom went red, "No we didn't, now look where that's led us to. And it seems that your daughter is eager to push things even further. As I say we know where she gets that from," mom was only half-serious when she castigated Beth and Caitlyn.
"So you're on our side mom?" Caitlyn asked her mother grinning while she continued moving up and down on my cock. It suddenly felt harder than it had ever been before. Did the idea of sex with mom turn me on?
"No comment," Beth said to her daughter. When she looked back at her friend she did do with one eyebrow raised as if in question. Mom was shaking her head.
We all then glanced down to where Caitlyn's cunt wrapped around my shaft as she moved up and down on me. Mom and Beth smiling as we all heard the slurping sound of our fucking.
"OK, how about we don't break the rule but we'll just bend it a little bit? Caitlyn asked.
"How so?" Mom asked.
"Like touching your breast?" Caitlyn said as she raised my arms and placed my hand on mom's left breast and squished it gently.
"Caitlyn! Scott!"…She exclaimed in surprise but did not try to take my hand off her breast, instead she poked me on my side."You're so silly… and being naughty towards your own mother." She had sensed that the squeezing was now mine and not Caitlyn's. The interesting thing was her nipple hard hardened under my touch.
"Now that's a good start," Caitlyn said as she watched me, now I'm lightly twitching mom's nipple which was hardening even more by the second.
When mom turned to look at Beth, her eyes widened as she saw Caitlyn's hand was on her mother's breast doing the same thing as I was doing, mirroring my actions. Being Caitlyn everything was more intense, she was really pinching Beth's nipple, making her moan. Rolling it between her thumb and forefinger.
Beth was grinning at Mom when their eyes met. Mom could not help but chuckle as she rolled her eyes, before slapping my hand away, turning stern, she said, "Don't do that again, please." Beth left Caitlyn's hand where it was.
The sight of Caitlyn playing with Beth's boobs and the memory of my hand on mom's and of course the slow fucking of my girlfriend had me finally erupted inside Caitlyn. When she lifted off me laying down alongside cum dripped out of her pussy to pool on my thigh.
"Let me clean you up," Beth said to me as she lowered her face on my crotch and swallowed my softening cock, scooping the mixed cum and pussy juice on my shaft from the base to the tip of my cock.
Then Beth raises her head and leaned towards mom and surprised her by kissing and closing her mouth on mom's lips.
"Hmph!" The sound mom made when Beth deposited my cum in her mouth.
"Wow! That's exciting! So hot!" Caitlyn exclaimed. Mom looked shocked.
When Beth finally disengaged from Mom's face, Mom swallowed, then pushed Beth away, "Oh my goodness Beth! You're so bad, I can't believe you did that," said mom, licking the remnants of my cum on her lips.
"Taste good mom?" I asked teasingly.
Mom looked at me and smiled, then she stuck her tongue at me, giving me a playful slap across the cheek. "Not as good as Mike's, or your dad's." I wasn't sure if she was joking or meant it, just to keep me in my place.
"That's a good sign," I said softly to Caitlyn who was lying beside me.
"Yes, baby steps," Caitlyn said. As our mom's left the room Caitlyn leaned into me and whispered, "Your mom's pussy tastes so nice you should try it sometime."
"So does yours. Your mom's, I mean."
The next day we had to go to a nearby town to get some groceries. Also, it was a chance to get off the site and take in some different scenery. I was driving, Caitlyn beside me in the front seat, mom and Beth in the back. Caitlyn was being silly rubbing my dick while I was driving. My cock started to grow and poked out of the leg of my shorts.
"Eeekkk There's a snake in here!" Caitlyn exclaimed.
"Where?" Both my mom and Beth screamed.
"Here, look!" Caitlyn gestured to my lap.
When mom and Beth leapt from their seats and leaned forward to look, they both chuckled seeing my erect dick sticking out from the side of my shorts Caitlyn playfully rubbing it.
"Oh my goodness, that's a big snake!" Beth said laughing. "Is it a python?" My mom joined the tease and said, "And it looks angry and ready to strike!"
"Mo-om! You too? I thought you're on my side." I said.
"We're just having fun honey," mom said, unable to suppress her laughter. "But Caitlyn, I think you should stop so Scott can concentrate on driving, we wouldn't want him to have an accident."
"I think I'm going to have one very soon unless she stops," I joined in with the joking.
As we came to a stop at the traffic light mom, Beth and Caitlyn were still having a good laugh when another car stopped beside us. In the car were an older couple who happened to be looking at our direction, smiling and waving at us. Caitlyn waved back with her right hand while her left hand was still playing with my dick.
When we were in the grocery store, we found the older couple were also shopping there. They came up to us and said hello, introducing themselves then the lady said she and her husband both teach Sunday school. That it was so nice to see two wholesome families like us getting along together happily and enjoying a nice laugh. She continued to compliment our mom's that we seem to be very nice and decent and role model kinds of families, unlike some other dysfunctional ones where kids are on drugs, act promiscuously and the parents are alcoholics and sometimes engaged in all sorts of immoral acts.
When we heard the words "immoral acts" the four of us looked at each other with a knowing smile. Caitlyn was barely able to contain her smirk. As they were leaving we thanked the couple for the compliments, telling them to have a nice day and stay safe.
When we finished shopping and were walking back to our car we found it hard to suppress our laughter.
"If she only knew!" I said laughing. "Especially where Ciatlyn's hand had been when they pulled up alongside us."
"Scott!" Mom exclaimed and sounded alarmed then looked back and around to see if anybody or much worse the old lady had overheard me.
"Oh we're safe, nobody heard us," Caitlyn said grinning.
"Good thing nobody did," Beth said looking at me sideways.
"Now listen up you two! We have to be careful what we're saying out here, or even on-site, we don't want anybody to find out what we do behind closed doors." Mom said in a castigating tone as she glared at me. Beth doing the same to Caitlyn.
"My bad!" I said as I approached Mom and kissed her on the cheek. "Sorry mom, I promise I'll be more careful in future."
"Aww that's so sweet," Beth said smiling at me.
"That's my boyfriend," Caitlyn said beaming at me. "A really loving guy." The double entendre clear in the way she said it and the way she hugged me.
"You're such a lucky girl," Beth said to her daughter.
"I know."
When all our groceries were stored in the trunk of the car Caitlyn grabbed the keys from me and announced she'd drive home.
As we drove out of the parking lot, we passed by the older couple as they were loading their groceries.
"Have fun!" The lady yelled as she waved at us.
"Oh yes, you can be sure we will!" Beth yelled as she waved back at them. As the car window closed she added, "If she only knew what kind of fun we have."
"Beth!… you too!" Mom exclaimed laughing and shaking her head.
"Immoral acts," I said in a sombre tone.
We all burst laughing.
"Those are nice words she mentioned there," Caitlyn said.
"What words?" I replied.
"Immoral acts" she replied.
"You think what we're doing is immoral?" I asked.
"Why don't we consult our lawyer? We have an attorney in the house you know?" Caitlyn said smiling. "Councilor, what do you say about 'immoral acts' when it comes to our two families?" Caitlyn asked, looking at her mom in the rearview mirror.
Our mom's chuckled at how Caitlyn phrased the question as if she was in a courtroom.
"Well… it depends on the situation I guess." Beth started to explain. "It could have a different point of view for two groups of people."
"Please enlighten us more Councilor?" Mom said smiling, joining in the teasing of Beth, putting her on the spot for once.
Beth looked at Mom and playfully elbowed her. "I'll do my best, your Honour."
Caitlyn and I burst out laughing.
"OK… when it comes to mainstream society just like that self-righteous, religious, older couple we met earlier, of course to them what we have been doing is immoral and sinful. However, for those who practice a more liberal, a swinging lifestyle. A more modern take on life-like what we do of course it would have a different definition."
"So for what I understand then Counselor is, for a family like us, that practices a swinging lifestyle we don't define it as immoral. Right?" Caitlyn asked looking at her mom from the rearview mirror still smiling. God, she will make an astute lawyer when she graduates, just like her mom. I'd hate to be cross-examined by either of them.
"For swingers that would be right," Beth answered.
"Thank you Councilor," Caitlyn said.
"And thank you, young lady, for practising your cross-examination skills on me."
"Hey, I've gotta practise right, and not just sex with Scott."
"This car is automatic, right?" I heard mom say, looking at Beth.
"Hmm Hmm."
"I thought it's a stick shift because I noticed Caitlyn is driving with only one hand and the other is busy shifting gears on Scott's lap."
"Oh! I was busy at the courtroom and didn't notice," Beth said laughing as she leaned forward to look and saw Caitlyn's hand wrapped around my hard dick sticking out on the side of my shorts.
I then leaned towards Caitlyn and put my hand under her skirt. "Oh look here, somebody's not wearing panties!" I said as I began sliding my fingers in Caitlyn's slit. "And something's all wet and sticky."
"Well, who does," Beth said.
I looked back and saw Beth had parted her legs and raised her skirt exposing her cunt with her clit peeping and winking at me.
"I do…" Mom said.
"You do?… let me see," Beth said as she held Mom's left leg and pulled it on her lap then raised her skirt exposing her white lacy panties.
I was looking at my Mom's exposed panties when I raised my hand to my nose and sniffed my fingers.
"Mo-om, Scott is sniffing his fingers!"
"So, what's wrong with that, would it be bad?" Beth said smiling.
"Eww! That could be musky!" Caitlyn said obviously playing as if she's embarrassed.
"It's quite musky alright!" I said as I sniffed my fingers. "But I like it, nothing to be ashamed of, it's the natural scent of an excited pussy." Caitlyn looked sideways at me as I put my fingers in my mouth. "Hmm… the taste is a little salty but wonderful," I said teasingly.
Caitlyn stuck her tongue out and playfully rolled her eyes.
"I wonder what the mother smells and tastes like, if it's the same as the daughter," I said.
"You must already know, you ate her pussy before!" Caitlyn said.
"I mean right now," looking back at Beth. She slid her fingers a few times on her pussy slit then inserted it inside her.
"Here Scott, smell this," she held her fingers under my nose.
I sniffed and inhaled my girlfriend's mother's pussy aroma. "Hmmm, It's quite musky alright too just like Caitlyn's," I said. "But not an unpleasant smell though. Actually, it's more of aphrodisiac that makes a guy horny." As I took her fingers in my mouth and tasted her delicious nectar.
"I'm glad you like it Scott," Beth said.
"Yes… I do, very much." I said smiling from ear to ear as I turned to look at my mom's spread legs and exposed panties. She was kind of teasing by wrinkling her nose at me. Then she chuckled.
Beth said that it would only be fair if the three of them went commando so she pulled Mom's panties down her legs and raised them to her nose for a quick sniff before she handed them to me.
"This is very interesting," I said as I inspected the crotch of Mom's lacy panties, then raising them to my nose I sniffed the upper part of the panties by the waist garter. "Hmmm… there's a smell of nice perfume," I said. Then I lowered my nose towards the centre of the crotch right where Mom's pussy was pressed. "Now this is the smell I'm looking for, though there's only a slight musk in it but definitely a smell of pussy. A normal pussy smell of a healthy woman." I said smiling at mom.
"Aww, that's cute. The son loves and adores his dear mom's pussy odour," Caitlyn jokes.
"Can this still be considered as immoral?" I said looking at Beth, then to my Mom as I pressed again the crotch of her panties on my nose.
"I guess so. No, it definitely is." Mom said.
"And why is that?" I asked.
"Because that's your own mother's panties and you're not supposed to be sniffing them," she said.
"Let's consult our attorney again," Caitlyn said.

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