Two Sisters Seduce Brother Pt. 03

tagIncest/TabooTwo Sisters Seduce Brother Pt. 03

All characters depicted in sexual acts are over the age of 18.
This is the 3rd story of sisters seduce brother. In the last story I did some set up to get some more women into the story, for example, Meg's friends will be joining in. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback.
Sorry for the delay life gets in the way sometimes. Thanks for all the support and feedback. I really like writing these stories and hope you enjoy reading them.
This story contains incest, lesbian sex, BDSM, group sex and rough sex.
Without further ado, ENJOY!

Today was the day we are going to have a family game night, Meg's friends will be joining the game night and be sleeping over till Sunday.
I awoke to a familiar feeling around my wrist and a great feeling on my cock and I instantly thought I was tied up again while my sisters' had their fun with me; I didn't mind at all though. I opened my eyes and looked at my wrist and they were tied to each bed post, the same with my legs, I looked down to see Kate expertly deep throating my cock. When she noticed I was awake and watching her she lifted her head up off my cock gave me a smile then really started working my cock.
She took my cock deep in her throat and applied heavy suction which felt so good, her throat was tight and I could feel the muscles rubbing my cock while it was lodged in her throat. I groaned at the heavenly feeling and my arms involuntarily banged against the restraints as I went to move them to her head. She came up and gave me another smile as she got her breath back and rubbed my cock with her free hand. There was a trail of saliva connecting my cock to her lips, she must've been deep throating me when I was asleep, my cock was already coated in saliva.
"What a way to wake up, don't you think, big brother!" Meg whispered into my ear.
She was lying right next to me watching our big sister make my dick disappear.
"Meg, I need your opinion." Kate said as she took off her underwear and handed it to Meg.
Meg put the underwear under her nose and took a deep whiff, "Mmmmm! This will drive him crazy." She moaned and smiled an evil beautiful smile.
"I've been in here for a while. I saw you lying here naked with your morning wood on display and since we can only have quickies today I thought we might as well make use of your morning wood. And since my pussy was sore yesterday I really want this cock now, I am so horny right now." She explained.
"Ok but why am I tied up?" I asked confused. I thought they would want me to use my hands to excite them even more.
"Oh, well I woke Meg up so she can have fun with you too but after me of course. You're gonna fuck both of us and satisfy us," she said before she leaned in closer and put her mouth right next to my ear. "We're not gonna stop until we're satisfied, even if you cum." She leaned up again and I could see the wickedness in her eyes.
They plan to make me cum and carry on fucking me, this is evil, I'm gonna get no rest until they both feel satisfied.
Meg put her hand on my head signalling to put my head back down on the bed then she put Kate's knickers on my face covering my mouth and nose, every breath I take I will be smelling Kate's sex. Kate resumed sucking my cock, she bobbed her head up and down soaking my cock, I could hear her muffled moans of happiness as my cock filled her mouth. She seems to love sucking my dick and I loved it as well, she was so good at it.
Next I heard Meg's moans and as I looked over to her she was massaging one of her tits while the other hand rubbed her panty clad pussy. My cock in Kate's expert mouth, hearing my sister's sexy moans and breathing in Kate's intoxicating pussy scent was overwhelming, if I wasn't careful I could cum at any moment but I tried to hold it in.
"Ah, I think that's enough lube." Kate said as she came up for air. "Time to have this beautiful tool in my ass again." She said as she gripped my cock and aimed it for her ass. My cock slid into her ass and she managed to fit the whole length in, "Oh, FUCK YES! My ass feels SO FULL!" she moaned and screamed as she sat on my cock. "I'm never gonna get tired of feeling this dick in my ass."
"Oh god! This feels good!" I groaned as I felt Kate's ass engulf my cock. I took a deep breath in to try and calm myself as I was near to cumming but Kate's scent filled my nose and it only increased my need to cum.
Kate sensed this and smiled as she spoke, "Don't cum too soon, I won't stop until I get what I want. But feeling you shoot your hot load in my ass will feel nice as well."
"Here bro I will give you something to focus on." Meg said. Then she took off her panties and climbed on top of me in the 69 position.
Kate grabbed Meg's head and brought it closer to her pussy and she licked her pussy as Kate rode back and forth on my cock. Meg's pussy was all I could see now. Her pussy was glistening with her juices, it looked so sexy. I stared at her pussy lips which I had defiled many times and will continue to do so. She didn't try to get me to lick her pussy as Kate's panties were still on my face she just kept her pussy in front of me so I could look at her sex. She knew that making me look at her pussy would only make me cum faster but she was also helping Kate get off by licking her pussy so it was a blessing and a curse for me.
I managed to hold off my cum for a minute or two but with this much stimulation, my five senses focusing on something sexy, it was overwhelming and I was about to shoot my load.
"I'M…. I'M CUMMING!" I yelled through the panties as I felt my balls go past the point of no return.
Right as I started cumming I felt Kate squeeze her ass muscles which squeezed my cock, this was an amazing feeling. Kate wore a devilish smile as she knew I wouldn't last long. She made my cock feel amazing as I unloaded in her ass.
She kept riding my cock back and forth and I heard her moan as each cum spurt hit her ass walls. I unloaded a heavy amount into her ass and felt my cum leak out and run down my cock. I came hard with my senses being overwhelmed. I squeezed my eyes shut and my orgasm made me thrust into Kate with force which excited her even more. The scent of her pussy filled my head and drove me wild, it really was intoxicating.
My cum decreased in volume and intensity as my orgasm died down and came to a stop. She slowed down when I stopped cumming but she wasn't finished.
"That felt so good but I'm not finished with you yet!" she said seductively.
She started moving her hips again fucking my cock, the pleasure felt immense and too much to handle with my sensitive cock head. My cock remained hard and inside her as she went back to work. Her moans increased in pitch as she wasn't far off, she might be a sadist as she seemed to get off on causing me torment.
"Please! My cock…. ah. Ah! Too sensitive! I can't." I panted and struggled trying to break free which ultimately failed.
"I'm nearly there little bro! Please for me little bro." She teased using the lines I used on her the other day.
She smiled as she spoke and I realized this was her payback on me for putting her pussy out of action for two days. She loved causing some torment in this way but I held on, I felt the signs of her approaching her orgasm and her moans became more high pitch. Meg kept licking Kate's pussy which was a difficult task with her frantic movements.
She was bouncing harder and harder on my cock and her ass seemed to squeeze my dick. Kate pounded my cock with her ass and I felt my cock sliding in and out with ease as my cum was used as lube, it leaked down my cock, the thought of Kate's ass being fucked while she was full of my cum turned me on.
"Nooooooo!" she screamed and her body spasmed frantically.
I felt her shake and felt her ass tensing up as she came on my cock. She screamed no when she really meant yes, she was having a powerful orgasm and I was enjoying the effects on my cock.
I think she was so worked up because she couldn't have sex with us the last two days and this orgasm was making up for lost time. I felt her juice leak out of her pussy and pool on my stomach which Meg quickly cleaned up.
I could feel Meg's tongue lapping up the juice on my stomach before she licked up the leg that the juice was running down. She licked up to the pussy and gave it a few licks and this caused Kate tremendous pleasure as she rode her orgasm.
"Oh YES! YES! YES!" Kate screamed as she rode back and forward milking her own orgasm while my cock was still being used to fuck her ass.
Even though I came a minute or two ago I felt a tingle in my balls signalling tell tale signs of another orgasm, these panties were intoxicating and filled me with lust not to mention Kate's actions on my cock and staring at beautiful pussy lips while hearing high pitch satisfied moans. All this simulation was pushing me to another orgasm which I tried to hold off as best I could.
Kate calmed down a bit and Meg lifted her head to kiss Kate. Their kiss was gentle and Kate tasted the juices that lingered on Meg's tongue. Her actions slowed and came to a complete stop when her orgasm was over.
"Mmmm! That was just what I needed," Kate told us after the kiss ended. "Oops! Look at the mess I made." She said as she lifted off my cock.
"Don't worry sis, I'll clean it." Meg chimed in.
Kate and I thought she meant my cock but she didn't. Kate moved on the bed about to get up and go clean up but she felt a tongue lick her asshole.
"Meg!" she gasped with surprise and delight in her voice.
Kate looked at Meg with a surprised look and Meg just stared innocently into her eyes with a clueless look on her face as if she didn't just lick her ass without any prompting.
"Here Meg, come and get your treat." Kate said with a smile.
Meg's face lit up and Kate turned and got into doggy position, she positioned her body lengthways across me so I got a sideways view of this sexy act. She laid her face and chest on the mattress while her hand gripped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart for her little sister. The ass was in clear view for Meg and my cum was still deposited in her ass.
Meg licked her lips then blushed at the naughtiness she felt. Meg placed her hands over Kate's as she leaned in, she placed her tongue on her clit, which made Kate's pussy lips quiver, she slowly licked the pussy all the way along until she reached Kate's ass.
She licked around the rosebud and she tasted my cum that surrounded Kate's ass. She placed her tongue at her ass and Kate shivered at this touch but she got impatient as she forcefully pushed her ass back forcing Meg's tongue to pop inside which it did, Kate loved the feeling of Meg's tongue in her ass it felt divine.
Meg liked this as well she felt naughty and dirty doing this and it turned her on like crazy, it didn't taste bad like she thought it might, it tasted clean mixed with the taste of my cum which she loved anyway.
"Ooohhhh." Kate purred.
Meg pulled her tongue out of her ass to say, "you enjoying this Kate?"
Before Kate could reply Meg stuck her tongue back into her ass probing deeper and deeper cleaning her ass of my cum. She lapped up my cum that was deposited in Kate's ass and she couldn't control how horny she was getting, she shoved one hand on her pussy rubbing her clit as she ate Kate's ass.
Meg tongue retreated from her ass as the cum was all licked up but before she leaned away she put her lips to the hole and gave it a quick kiss which made Kate shiver again. I was just laying there stunned, my eyes were glued to the show.
My dick was throbbing at the sight of these sexy girls doing nasty things to each other, if I wasn't tied up I would of pounded Meg's pussy as she ate Kate's ass; now I have another sex act to try with them.
Kate lifted up as Meg was finished and declared, "mmmmm. Good thing I use enemas, I think I'm gonna use them a lot from now on."
That's why it tasted clean to Meg. Kate must've used an enema to clean her ass before she woke her up for some morning fun with me. Kate was going to have to teach Meg how to do it as well so she could 'return the favour', she wanted to eat her ass for the past week. Every time she saw Meg wiggle her ass while wearing shorts that rode up the ass just made her want to get between those cheeks.
"I so want to stay and have more fun but I promised Meg she can have you after I cum and I don't want to wear you out too much. You'll need that energy for the quickies we'll be having." She said with a wink. "By the way Meg, you still have some cleaning." She said and pointed at my cock.
"Mmmm! So I do." Meg replied happily as she stared at my cock with hungry eyes.
My cock was covered in Kate's juices and the cum that leaked out of her ass but before she could devour my cock I said, "Erm Meg, can you…"
She looked at me and realised I still had Kate's panties covering my nose. "Oh right," she giggled. "Here." She said and finally removed the panties that were on my face.
I took a deep whiff and the fresh air filled my lungs, that was hot but it sent my mind into a whirl of lust. I breathed out with a sigh of relief which was premature as Meg had other plans.
She took Kate's underwear off my face and replaced them with the ones she was wearing. So here I was again with my sister's panties on my face but the younger sister's underwear Instead.
I rolled my eyes and chuckled to myself because these sisters of mine were insatiable, crazy sexy minks. As I took a breath in I could smell Meg's scent and it was different from Kate's but just as sexy.
After she placed the underwear on my face she brushed her lips against my cock making it throb at the contact. She dragged her lips down the side of my cock sucking up the juices that had run down it.
Then she pushed my cock against my stomach so she had free range on my balls, some of the juices had pooled together on my balls and she ran her tongue around it before she sucked that part of my balls in her mouth. She then decided to suck one of my testicles in her mouth which felt amazing. She ran her tongue all around the skin before I felt them 'pop' out of her mouth.
I felt her lips brush against the tip of my cock but instead of taking it in she just let them linger above my cock. I could feel her lips there but I wanted my cock in between them, I thrusted up which caused her parted lips to widened and accept the invading hot member. She smiled as best as she could with her mouth full of meat, she smiled over the effect she was having on me.
Instead of causing me more torment she decided that she wanted some fun now so she got to work cleaning my cock as she sucked harder than a vacuum and took half of my cock into her throat. She swirled her tongue around my cock causing me to moan.
She lifted off and gulped in air before she let her tongue glide all around my beautiful cock licking up the cream that her older siblings made. She loved lapping up the nectar that contained my cum mixed with Kate's love juice.
She cleaned up the juices but she wasn't done with sucking my tool just yet, she dived back down on my cock bobbing her head up and down on it as she jerked the base. She stopped before I got too worked up which I was thankful for. I didn't want to blow another load before I gave her what she needed.
She needed my member inside her, she slowly lowered herself down on my cock and I wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard but I let her take the lead. After I fucked her ass yesterday I let her work to her orgasm at her own pace.
She lowered herself completely on my cock then she started to rock back and forth and I felt her pussy trying to suck more of my meat inside, trying to get it deeper. She was moaning lightly and started to get to work on my cock.
She bounced on my member slowly at first, she wanted to have a really nice orgasm. Then she started talking dirty to me as well further assaulting my senses with her lewd words.
"How was my ass? Did you like raping it into submission?" she said in a lewd tone. These were rhetorical questions to get herself off. She pinched her nipples as she looked me in the eyes continuing to talk dirty, "making your little sister beg for your cock. Your big cock stretching my ass whether I wanted it or not."
I heard her say she had a rape fantasy but she really got off on it more than I thought she would and now she was using it to get herself off again.
She leaned closer to me as our pelvis continued to crash into each other, she licked my earlobe before whispering, "I cried and begged for you to stop hurting my ass but you continued to use it for your pleasure. I bet you liked filling my ass… well, I loved it." She raised her head and I saw love and lust in her eyes.
She closed her eyes and upped the speed of her fucking. "I bet you liked spanking me as well? You like turning my milky flesh red?" she asked, clearly chasing her climax.
"Yes!" I answered back and thrusted up meeting her downward thrust.
"You like taking your little sister's virgin asshole?" her voice cracked clearly on the edge. "You like using and filling my ass?"
"Yeah I do! And I'm gonna continue to do so." I told her with confidence.
"Oh! My God!" she moaned.
I wanted to push her other the edge so I said, "Maybe I will invite your friends over to watch me take your ass. Let them see innocent little Meg being a slut and begging me to fill her ass!" I felt her cum at the end of that sentence.
"Fuuuccckkk!!!" she moaned.
Her eyes rolled back into her head and she started squirting all over my lower stomach. She was bouncing on my cock hard and fast and I saw the waves of pleasure flowing through her as her body twisted and spawned which made her pussy do amazing things to my cock: it felt too good to describe. She rubbed her clit making more juice squirt out on me and it felt so hot making her squirt on me.
She started to slow just as I was not far off from cumming. "Mmmmm! That was so…" She started.
"Fuck that was hot!" Kate said leaning on the door frame. "I think he needs to cum for that performance."
"Me too" Meg agreed as she slid off my cock and up my body.
Her pussy hung above my face right over my mouth that was covered with her underwear. I stuck my tongue out and she felt me trying to lick her pussy through the underwear that stroked her pussy lips.
"Ooohhhh. You really want to taste my pussy." She stopped what she was doing when she felt that.
I felt Kate's soft hand on my balls, she ran her thumb over the smooth testicle that was in the silky bag then she sucked it into her mouth. Meg undid my bonds on my hands and spun around but still straddled my face.
I removed the panties and ran my tongue around her pussy lips and she cooed feeling my wet tongue on her lips. Meg wrapped her hand around the base and lapped up the juice she squirted on my body while she jerked my cock. Meanwhile I felt Kate's tongue running across my testicles that were both sucked into her mouth.
"Who gets this load?" Meg asked Kate hoping she could have it fill her tummy. I pulled her ass down forcing her hot box to fill my mouth. "Wow Matt, do we turn you on that much?" she asked already knowing they did.
Kate released my balls with an audio 'pop' as she replied, "I had him fill my ass so you can take this one." She winked at Meg.
"Yummy!" she replied happily and took half of my cock in her mouth.
"Matt I don't know what you did but your cum, cock and balls taste too good, I think we're addicted." Kate told me.
Then she sucked on my ball sack, which felt so good, she lapped her tongue all around my balls and sucked the skin. She would suck a testicle in her mouth and lick at all of it in her mouth which made my balls dripping wet and I loved it.

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