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Chapter 15 The Men's Room Continued
"Damn, did that feel good!" Nora proclaimed. "I want more," she said out loud, not thinking.
Although Nora had achieved ecstasy on Mr. F's black love muscle, she still wanted more. As the huge black man's cock began to shrivel, seemingly out of the blue, she blurted out, "I'm ovulating. I want you to fertilize my womb? I want you to breed me again!"
She started gyrating her pelvis. Her pelvic muscles clamped down on his wilting phallus in an effort to stimulate its resurrection and make it fill the void in her vagina once again. Meanwhile, his eyes were still glued on what he thought was the most perfect female ass he had ever seen other than that of his own wife. He was a self-admitted ass man.
Her clasping pussy and the sight of her wriggling perfect white bottom had an immediate and electric effect. Still lodged inside little lovely white wife's eager squeeze box, his cock began to stiffen again.
Nora moaned in satisfaction as she felt the swelling inside her gradually filling her sperm-slickened cavity. She smiled at how effective her words proved to be in arousing her gallant lover to come to her rescue so quickly. She knew that, this time, he would last a lot longer. She would have more time to relish the heat of his man-muscle inside her body. She would be able to ride his resurrected penis until she reached sexual heaven a second time.
Ryan was totally floored by what he heard is wife say. The effect of her words on Ryan was a mixture of shock, dismay and yet also, of excitement. 'What the hell! My wife is ovulating? And she is letting him fertilize her with his seed? Why is she doing this?' he thought.
Then Ryan mentally jumped to his own conclusions. 'My wife has clearly lost restraint. She's in a sexual haze and has really let herself go. She has abandoned herself to basest instincts as a reproductive female. She's become more than a sex doll. She's turned into a female animal in heat, offering herself to any man who wants to rut her.'
'Why didn't she think about birth control?' he asked himself. 'Why didn't you remind her?' he then chided himself. 'It's as much your responsibility to think of these things as it is hers.'
Ryan was lost in thought. Until tonight, he and his wife had had sex only within their swingers' group. The other three couples were effectively sterile as the men had had vasectomies and the women were post-menopausal. He and Nora were the only truly fertile couple in the group. They had become used to the idea that making a woman pregnant outside their marriage was nothing they needed to worry about because it was, in fact, it was nothing that he or Nora needed to worry about when they swung with Aiko, Gerald and the other two couples in their swinging group. So, he hadn't thought about the precautions his wife should probably have made and, it appeared, neither had his wife.
Even though Ryan knew that bareback sex would be taking place tonight, he had just assumed that everybody in this club were either sterile or taking some other form of birth control. That was a big, and obviously wrong assumption. But his wife just announced that she was ovulating! He knew she never took the pill because it made her sick! And now his wife's unprotected womb was being invaded by other men's cock, some of who were black!
Ryan suddenly began to panic at the thought that a black man just might impregnate his slut of a wife, the love of his life! How would he explain a black baby to his family, friends and neighbours? Everyone would know that he had been cuckolded!
His initial arousal faded away rapidly as emotional turmoil overtook him. He was on the verge of putting an end to their libertine evening and taking his wife home. At precisely that moment, Nora locked eyes with him. She could read his intentions and stopped him in his tracks with cold hard, look that said, 'Don't you dare!'
Ryan backed off.
* * *
Before he had a chance to regain the initiative, someone behind him tapped on shook his shoulder and said nonchalantly, "She took a huge load, didn't she?" he observed. "Are you next in line?" he asked. When Ryan turned his head to look at him, he said, "Oh, you're her husband, aren't you?"
Ryan nodded in acknowledgement. He saw that he was wearing a necklace with a 'T' inscribed on it. He realized he was the man who had won the auction for Aiko. He recalled what Mr. F had said about the arrangement that two winning bidders had made between themselves.
"You seem to be upset about something," Mr. T said.
"I am," Ryan answered.
"My wife said she was ovulating."
"That's not unusual for a woman of her age."
"She's not on the pill," he added. "She doesn't take it because it makes her sick."
"Oh, now I understand," he said. "You must admit, though, it's pretty bad timing to change your mind?" he inquired. "Whether she has only one man or a hundred tonight makes no difference since she has only one egg, maybe two, looking to be fertilized. It's too late. It's done. Besides," he added, "I think you'll have a very pissed-off wife if you stop her from doing what she is obviously enjoying. Look at her. What an eager little thing she is! She's riding him like a whore. She's hotter than a firecracker and obviously wants to continue."
Ryan winced at the words he used to describe the shy woman he had married and who had given him two boys being described as if she were a sex maniac. He felt a momentary urge to punch him but then quickly calmed down. "She's certainly not acting like a nun?' he thought.
"And you'll lose out on the money your hot little nympho can earn by staying," Ryan heard him conclude.
Ryan winced again. He wished he'd stop describing his wife in this manner even if he had himself already called her a slut wife!
Ryan managed to keep his own counsel and returned to his own thoughts. If Mr. F, or any other man here for that matter impregnated her, they couldn't do anything about until tomorrow when they could go to a pharmacy for an after-morning pill. He could hardly due it now as his wife's gangbang was just beginning. He really to stay. Besides, he didn't know this neighbourhood and had no idea where he could find a pharmacy. Added to that it was late into the evening. There was no guarantee that they could find one that was open.
'Mr. T is making valid points,' he admitted to himself. 'The black guy has already cum inside her and she's already begging for more. It's impossible to reverse what has been done.' He decided to wait until tomorrow the next morning. They would have to make a stopover at the first open pharmacy that they came across on their way home.
* * *
When Ryan pulled himself out of his thoughts, he turned his attention back to Nora. His wife was enthusiastically sliding up and down Mr. F's re-invigorated sperm cannon. She was also sucking another black man's cock at the same time. He was also an athletic-looking type although he was not as large as Mr. F.
He watched as his wife pleasured two men at the same time. He had to admit to himself that it was a very hot spectacle. The admission came from his cock. Although it had wilted somewhat when he was talking to Mr. T, it had sprung proudly back up again when he saw two black men double-teaming of his wife.
Ryan chided himself for own insecurities. He reminded himself that he had wanted his beautiful wife to be pleasured by other men for being such a good wife to him. He took a perverse pride in the knowledge that, after tonight, there would be men in the world who enjoyed his his hot wife's favours but would also know that, ultimately, she would still belong to him. Despite his fleeting insecurity, he knew this to be true.
Ryan heard his wife's slick pussy was making slurping noises as it slid up and down Mr. F's shaft. She made muffled sounds of pleasure as her other lover pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. He was surprised to that she was letting him deep-throating her, something she had not done for him at home. Apparently, by submitting her body to the control of these strangers, and knowing that her husband was protectively watching out for her, somehow convinced her that she had no right to object and responsibility for what they did with or to her.
"It looks to me that she's committed to go all-out," Mr. T commented, breaking into Ryan's thoughts again.
"I can see that," Ryan responded.
"I don't really have to ask your permission to have sex with your wife," Mr. T said, "because, as she herself said, she is now Mr. F's slut, not yours. He's already agreed to let me have her. I have an idea what I'm going to do too. If you hang around, you'll see what I've got in mind. It'll be something, I suspect, that your formerly naïve little wife hasn't experienced before."
"What is that?" Ryan asked.
"You'll see," he answered without being more specific.
While they were talking to each other, Ryan kept his eyes on his wife and her two lovers. Apparently, his wife was either doing a really good job fellating her second lover, or he was too aroused to last very long, probably both, because he shoved his cock deep into her mouth and then unloaded himself down her throat. He heard his wife gurgle, and briefly gag, but she made no, attempt to stop the man's efforts to pour his male essence down her throat.
Ryan watched in wonderment as his wife's throat muscles swallowed the man's viscous drink. Nora, Ryan knew, had never let any man, including himself or the other guys in their swinging group, to deep-throat her like this guy was doing. And, while she gulping down the man's cum, she continued to ride Mr. F's cock without skipping a beat.
Ryan saw Mr. F thrust up into her from his prone position. He was sweating and panting heavily with the effort. His face looked strained. It was hard work to pump when lying on one's back, and even more so, because he had already cum a few minutes earlier. After a while, Ryan could see that he was approaching his second orgasm.
Finally, he called out, "I'm about to cum again!"
"Yes, me too!" Nora replied as remnants of her other man's cum dribbled out of her mouth.
As Nora was on top, she pressed down hard on his throbbing penis. Then they climaxed together.
They rested a few moments. Nora dismounted her lover as his twice-spent cock slipped out of her. A huge gush of their combined juices, but mostly semen, flowed out of her well-used pussy and spilled onto her silky-smooth ivory-coloured thighs.
"Watch what happens next," Mr. T told Ryan.
They watched as Mr. F made Nora shift toward the edge of the mattress. He opened her legs and then he waved to someone in a gesture that meant, 'Come here.'
Ryan saw a middle-aged brunette approach. She had a full figure which was beginning to show some middle-aged handles. Of course, she was naked as was everyone else in the Men's Room.
"Now what?" Ryan said to Mr. T. "Is she going to what I think's going to do?"
"What do you think she's going to do?"
"Oral sex?" Ryan answered a little doubtfully. "My wife has never, ever done anything with a woman."
"Actually, she's part of the CFR team."
"CFR?" Ryan asked.
"The clean-up, fluff and relief team," he began to explain. "We have three women here who volunteered for three specific tasks, cleaning up the sex doll and any cock that has used her, keeping her excited and reviving spent cocks, which of course is the fluffing part, making their own pussies available, if, as is likely, some men can't wait for their turn at your gorgeous blond goddess."
That compliment was more to Ryan's liking than some of Mr. T's other descriptors although they were certainly not mutually exclusive.
The brunette kneeled between Nora's legs. Nora blushed a deep-red as the woman's tongue moved up and down her labia and across her clitoris as she removed the love juices dripping from her gaping vaginal hole.
Ryan wondered how his wife would react. Nora had never had a woman lick her between her legs before. He half-expected her to use her safe word. Then they would be through for the night and go home. Although she was blushing and squirming from the effect of the tongue-lashing that she was receiving, she stayed in place and said nothing.
Despite her embarrassment, Nora bit her lip and made no objection. She was determined not to look like a quitter or even hint at it. If she did, and Aiko found out, she would never hear the end of it from her friend.
She steeled herself as the woman continued with her task. 'At least it's not unpleasant,' she thought. She knew what she tasted like because Ryan would lick 'down there' and then afterward kiss her on the mouth. She wondered if other women had the same taste.
* * *
As for Ryan, seeing a woman between his wife's legs was something he thought he would never see. He also learned something about himself. His cock throbbed at the erotic sight of seeing another woman slurping between his wife's legs. It turned him on to watch a woman do something even incidentally sexual to his wife.
Ryan then turned his attention to the brunette's ass. It was pointing straight at him. She was gifted with two generous moons. Looking past her open thighs, he could also her substantial boobs hanging down. Her round ass reminded him of an archer's target with her pussy as the bull's-eye. Her labia were swollen and glistened with the juices of her arousal. The view of her womanly assets, especially her tantalizing female bull's-eye attracted Ryan like a magnet. If his steely cock had really been made of iron, it would have taken off and scored a bull's-eye.
With his eyes still riveted on the brunette's gateway to erotic heaven, and whatever the intent of the woman, he needed no invitation to take her advantage of her. She was cleaning and fluffing his wife. It was also her job, the reason why she was even in the Men's Room in the first place, he reminded himself, to provide relief to any man who needed it. He was in possession of a hard throbbing needy cock that was desperate for relief. Damn, if he wasn't going to get that relief now!
Completely ignoring Mr. T now, Ryan let carnal urgency drive his instinctual action. He moved toward his wife's pussy cleaner, got down on his knees directly behind her, opened her legs wider, and then aligned his cock with her damp love hole and pushed his cock deep into her in one full slippery stroke. She was soaking wet. She was obviously enjoying what she was doing between Nora's legs. She also welcomed his penile intrusion because she immediately thrust her buttocks back at him in acceptance of the invader. Clearly, this woman enjoyed both pussy and cock.
Messieurs F and T watched the cleanup. They saw that every time, the brunette thrust back against Ryan's cock, her tongue would lose contact with Nora's pussy. After about a minute, Mr. F told the brunette, "You can stop licking her now."
The latter withdrew her tongue but she stayed in place as Ryan continued to pound her from behind. His own wife became a spectator, watching intently as he drove himself into the brunette's body.
Once her vagina and enveloped his rigid cock, Ryan had tried hard to think about other things, especially those things that would normally dampen his ardor. He was at least thoughtful enough of his anonymous lover to giver he a chance at arriving at her own climax. Nevertheless, he felt himself ready to explode of ecstatic glory.
The woman sensed his need, and his desperation. "It's okay, lover," the woman said. "Don't hold back. Shoot your cum into me."
Her sentence had barely ended when Ryan felt his cock burst as it emptied the contents of his balls into her welcoming vagina. He was gratified, though, that his lover came shortly after him.
The woman got up and quickly planted a kiss on Ryan's face. He could taste his wife's familiar juices on her mouth. Then he sat back waiting to see what would happen next.
* * *
After watching his lover's husband have coitus with the brunette, Mr. F confessed, "I'm done, at least for now," Mr. F confessed. "This hot wench drained me, twice. You guys can play with this little slut now," he stated to no one in particular. "She's fantastic!" he added enthusiastically.
Ryan saw Mr. T begin to make a move on his Nora, but he was too slow. A third black man of average build took Nora's hand and pulled her to her feet. He had an S on his necklace. He led her to a neighbouring mattress. On his command, she lay on her back and spread her legs, ready to be taken in the missionary position.
Mr. S got down on his knees between her legs. He stroked her hips, butt and thighs almost as if she were a work of art. Then he moved closer to her. He put his hand into her crotch and moved it sideways in a gesture which meant that he wanted her to open her legs still wider. His cock was hard. He had no difficulty slipping his manhood all the way into the channel that had given Ryan two children and which had just serviced Mr. F twice.
With his cock lodged firmly inside her, he leaned forward and began to massage her soft, sweet breasts.
Nora felt herself already becoming aroused again. 'Oh god,' she thought, 'already another one? I want him to. I want more. I can't believe what a slut I am!'
Ryan saw that another man was about to inject another dose of sperm into his wife's hot vagina in the hope reaching her fertile, ovulating womb. He resigned himself to the inevitable. As Mr. T had said, the damage was already done. Mr. F had already bred her twice. Another breeding would not now make any difference. The one who would impregnate her would be the one with the most vigorous sperm.
So, Ryan was all the more astonished to discover that the thought of her becoming pregnant from one or the other lover was not bothering him anymore. On the contrary, the thought of it was arousing him to the point where his cock was fully erect once again despite having just discharged himself into the luscious brunette.
He was suddenly overcome by a powerful urge to mate with his own wife, to reclaim her and displace the sperm of his black rivals with that of his own. However, his urge could not be satisfied because one of those rivals was occupying her baby oven hoping to bake one for himself.
He watched as Mr. S languorously pumped into his wife. As she was on her back with man on top of her and inside her, she had no space to not match her pelvic movements with his. Then he saw her wrap her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist. She kissed him passionately, ardently. As was the case her previous recent lovers, his wife wasn't just a willing partner, she was still also an active partner.
* * *
As Ryan watched his wife being taken again, a hot wet mouth enveloped his manhood. He looked down to see a petite black woman who was able to swallow his cock down her throat until her nose collided with his hair-covered pubis. She knew how to suck cock. She must have sensed him looking down at her because she lifted her mouth off his cock, smiled at him, and then resume sucking him. From his angle, he could not see what letter was on her necklace. He assumed that she was one of the three women of the CFR team.
"You can cum in my mouth if you want to," she suggested. "She's really into it to, isn't she?" she added.
"I'm not close yet," he said in response to her initial statement, "but yeah," he agreed, answering what was at this point a rhetorical question.
"How would you like to take your revenge on me so to speak?" she suggested.
"What do you mean?" he asked.
"The guy whose cock is now inside your slutty little hot wife is my husband. He heard her say she was ovulating. So, he's going to try his damnedest to make her pregnant. He thinks he's a real stud."
"Is he?" Ryan asked.
"Oh yes, he is, but we swing, swap or share because the variety seems to make us hotter for each other. After a night like this, he'll be doing me good for at least a couple of weeks. Since he's banging your wife, it seems to you should his, in other words, me. Who knows? Maybe it'll help keep your home fires burning in the weeks to come."

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