Two Timer

Mark was sitting on a bench at the local railway station, he was in a foul mood he had learnt that his girl friend Tina had slept with his best mate Tony, at sixteen years of age Mark was well known for his violent behaviour as well as his homophobic and racist views, his girl friend Tina who was the same age as both he and Tony was just as bad as what Mark was but Tony was a quiet guy but often said ” it is the quiet one’s that you need to watch” as he waited he saw Colin a well known pervert who was his age enter the station followed by Pia and Pao two Bengali girls who were four years younger than what he was, then Tina appeared as the train pulled into the station, Tina had not seen Mark and boarded the train where she saw Tony as she saw Tony she saw Mark board the train, Colin and the two Bengali girls got into the same carriage as to what the others were in, as the train pulled away from the station Mark confronted Tina and Tony about sleeping together, a big argument with lots of swearing and shouting started and suddenly Mark hit Tina hard knocking her to the floor calling her a slag as he did, Tony immediately swung a punch at Mark, both boys started grappling, Tina got up and joined in the fight, suddenly there was the sound on ripping material and Colin smiled when he saw that Tina’s blouse was ripped right open showing her boobs covered by a blue bra and soon her blouse was right off, Colin saw Mark grab the waist of Tina’s skirt and pull and the skirt drop to the floor leaving Tina in just her bra and panties, in revenge Tina pulled Marks joggers down, Pao and Pia gasped when they saw Mark’s seven inch hairy dick flopping about, and when Mark ripped Tina’s bra off Colin thought nice as he saw Tina’s firm boobs fall free, Tony tried to move back but Tina grabbed his joggers and Mark stripped her of her panties she pulled Tony’s joggers down, Mark yelled ” slag” and hit Tina knocking her to the floor where Colin got a good view of her love tube, the girls were looking in awe at the two boys who both had solid erections, the boys looked at each other then down at Tina, Mark said ” we both got hard on cocks shame to let them go to waste let’s fuck her” Tony said ” I got a better idea Let’s fill her mouth with our fucking spunk” Mark agreed, Tony knelt down beside Tina and started to jerk his eight inch dick and after a few minutes bent forward and squirted his cum into Tina’s mouth after forcing it open, Tony stood up, Mark knelt down and started to jerk his dick and after ten minutes squirted his cum into Tina’s mouth and after standing up pulled his joggers up, the two Bengali girls were staring wide eyed hardly believing what they had just seen, Mark looked at Colin and said to him ” go on have a go” and soon Colin was jerking off over Tina’s open mouth and after a few minutes squirted his cum into Tina’s mouth much to the great enjoyment of the two young Bengali girls, at the next station Mark and Tony got off the train the Bengali girls were behind them with Colin behind them, Tina was still laying on the train floor still very dazed the six Bengali boys who had just boarded the train were stood around her undoing their trousers and letting their rock solid dicks out, the first boy knelt between Tina’s legs that the boys had parted and slid his dick into Tina’s love tube with all his mates saying hurry up.

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