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"Okay Johnny, we're alone now," Dr. Copper said, once his family had quickly filed out of the room. However, she did tell Annie to stay close just in case she might need her to calm John down given what she saw earlier. With John's current mental state she had to go slow to bring the pain to the surface so he could start to heal from the trauma the men in that hospital did to him. "Now Johnny I know you might not wish to speak of the time you spent in that place," resting her hands on the surface of her yellow note pad, "yet, if you keep it locked inside you'll never heal from it." A chill crept up her spine as those green eyes of his peered hatefully at her.
"Heal?! Heal?!" Johnny hissed evilly. "There is no healing from what I went through!"
"I know it might not seem like it right now Johnny, but I can assure you, in time, you will heal. Whether or not you'll be like what you were before you're stay at that place I can't say, but I'm going to try my best to help you to come to terms with what happened," Dr. Copper said, not liking the huff that escaped his lips.
"Then take me off this new medication," Johnny sneered.
"Why? Is it not helping you?"
"I don't like how it makes me feel," Johnny stated ashamed of what he's been doing lately.
"Johnny, tell me why do you feel like that?" Dr. Copper asked, arching an eyebrow. Silence filled the room as John remained silent unable to speak of the one horror he could never bring himself to utter to anyone except Janus. Dr. Copper watched as John turned his head as a news cast came over the air.
"Breaking James Madicks, known as one of the orderlies who committed horrendous crimes against those that sought medical treatment at Raven Dale Sanitarium is now up for parole…"
"Johnny, take a breath," Dr. Copper said worryingly, as she noted the sheer hate on his face.
"Why didn't you die with all the others?!" Johnny roared as he surged from his seat, as the face of the man who raped him appeared on the television screen. "Huh?! Why aren't you dead?!" he yelled violently shaking the TV.
"I'm going to find you, and I'm going to kill you!" Johnny hissed demonically ignoring the doctor. Brandan and Bill rushed into the room once they heard John's heated voice. "You hear me, your dead! Dead!" John's voice trailed off as his father and brother dragged him towards Annie's room. His legs kicking as he wanted to rush out of the house and hunt the man down.
Brandan took a dry swallow as the cold; murderous eyes of his son fell upon him as he and Bill blocked the door so John couldn't escape. He didn't trust what John would do in that state of mind, and he wasn't about to risk the doctor's, or anyone else's, safety when his son was like this. They huffed as John's body crashed into theirs as he tried to push past them before their combined strength forced John back. The backs of his legs hitting the foot of the bed causing his son to crash upon it. Peering over his shoulder as he felt Dr. Copper at his back.
"Johnny," Dr. Copper spoke as she peered over Bill's and Brandon's shoulders. "Why do you want that man dead?" Holding up her hand stopping the others from advancing down the hallway.
"Why do you care?!" Johnny spat hatefully. "You're just like all of them, wanting something that will never be," he growled. "Now move!" Johnny screamed growing red in the face.
"We can't do that Johnny," Brandan said, defiantly. "Please son, you have to calm down."
"Calm! Calm! You want me to be calm after what that… thing did to me?!" Johnny yelled. "And he gets to walk!"
"Johnny up for parole doesn't mean he's going to get it," Bill said, trying to get his brother's attention on him.
"Do you really take me for that much of a fool?! The State didn't care what was happening at that place, just like you didn't," Johnny sneered.
"Johnny, talk to me, forget that they're here. No one is going to hurt you," Dr. Copper said, wondering if her experimental treatment was backfiring.
"Where have I heard that before… oh right, right before that quack fried my brain!"
"Johnny, relax, you're here, not back at that place," Bill said, holding up his hands to show his brother he wasn't a threat only to have John look at him like he was an idiot.
"I'm always there, nothing anyone says will ever make me think otherwise," Johnny said, through clenched teeth. "You don't have to remember every time they RAPED me!" Dr. Copper turned her head as gasps rang out from down the hall as Katherine's, Annie's, Wanda's, and Ruth's hands flew to their mouths, their eyes filled with horror.
"Oh son…" Brandan began to say only to have his son cast him such a hateful glare, one which he couldn't blame John for.
"Don't you dare pretend to care now! You cared more about remodeling your lake house than you cared about your own son being raped! While you all were living it up going on fancy vacations, you were here fixing up that damn room that's nothing more than another fucking cell to me. I was being raped almost daily and you didn't give a shit about me! So, don't give me that 'Oh son' crap!"
"I think you should give us some space," Dr. Copper said, placing a hand on Brandan shoulder.
"You sure?" Bill asked, looking back at her.
"I'm sure, none of you are prepared to help deal with a rape victim," Dr. Copper said, sternly. She should have suspected that he was violated just like the women who were in that place. She should have thought of that before she gave Katherine those experimental pills. Stepping out of the way as the two men filed out of the room. "Now Johnny, you can move about the room as much as you like, but you can't leave it not with how you are right now. I'll remain right here, hope you won't mind if I record this since I left my pad in the other room," she said, holding up her phone showing John as she turned on the voice recorder and laid it on top of the dresser before backing out of the room to give John all the space that she could. "Johnny when was the first time that you were raped?" Dr. Copper asked, bluntly. Peering to her right as Annie stood just inches away, she could see how much she wanted to rush in there and comfort her brother; yet was wise enough to know that might not be the best course at the time.
"The third day I was there," Johnny muttered as he sank to the floor. Pulling his knees to his chest, placing his forehead within the crook of his legs to hide his shame. Wrapping his arms around his legs as he began to rock back and forth.
"It's okay Johnny, it wasn't your fault."
"My fault?! Of course, it wasn't my fault! I was a thirteen-year-old boy and they were the grown men!"
Biting her tongue for stepping on her own feet. "Johnny, I'm gonna sit down okay," Dr. Copper said, as she lowered herself to the floor. Hoping that with her at the same level as John he wouldn't feel intimidated. "Johnny, it may not seem like it now but it will get better I assure you."
"How would you know?!" Johnny spat.
"Because I was raped too," Dr. Copper said, trying to reach him on a level that they both could relate too.
"What?!" Johnny said, looking up.
"I didn't always live here. Before I moved my practice to the west coast I was only starting up my practice in New York at the time… unlike you I never knew my attacker. He jumped me from behind and cracked open my skull so I wouldn't be able to fight back. When I came too, I had no recollection of the assault on me at least not until the police informed me of what had happened. Like you I felt used, dirty, unwanted, and very ashamed of what had happened to me, so much so I didn't tell a sole of the deed that man did to me," Dr. Copper said, hoping John could relate to what she was telling him in hopes that in doing so she could build a rapport with him. "So it ate at me, my practice began to fail, my mind so caught up in that moment that I was jumping at every shadow. Fearing that man would once again find me and…" Her lip trembled as the trauma she suffered came to the surface, "rape me all over again. So I know how much this is hurting you Johnny," Dr. Copper said, seeing John hanging onto every word that she spoke.
"Did… did they ever find him?" Johnny asked, weakly.
"Only after he raped three different women," Dr. Copper nodded.
"Did he get out?"
"No, he was killed in the prison he was at."
"Good, they all deserve to die," Johnny said, coldly.
"I can't disagree with you on that," Dr. Copper said, flashing John a smile. "Johnny can I ask you something?"
"Why do you hate your given name?" Dr. Copper inquired.
"Because that boy is dead, and that man…"
"Go on," Dr. Copper said, urging him on.
"Would always whisper in my ear 'Yeah John, you like being raped. You like this don't ya. You filthy boy wanting an old man's cock in your ass'," Johnny whispered before burying his face in his legs.
Dr. Copper nodded and gestured for Annie to enter.
"Johnny?!" Annie cried out as she rushed to her brother's side. "I'm so…" She almost broke down as her brother's tear filled eyes gazed up at her. Dropping to her knees, opening up her arms to her brother. "It's okay Johnny I'm here. I'm not going to leave you, never again," Annie whispered into his ear as her hand gently rubbed John's back as he wept against her shoulder.
"Who are you?" Dr. Copper asked, as a strange woman stood beside her gazing into the bedroom.
"A friend, a very close friend," Janus said, having rushed over once Katherine called her.
"Oh? And why are you here?"
"Because the truth has finally come out, and I wanted to make sure Johnny was okay," Janus said, looking down at the woman. "I take it you're his doctor?"
"Yes?" Dr. Copper nodded; her eyes ran down the woman's white sundress. "As you can see it's a slow process."
"Maybe you aren't asking the right questions," Janus said, in a monotone voice. "Johnny, can I enter?" she asked, as those green eyes of his peered over her sister's shoulder as he nodded. Elegantly lowering herself to the floor beside John and Annie, noting how Annie eyed her curiously as she caressed John's right cheek. Her thumb brushing away the tears that had fallen along it. "Shh. It's okay Johnny, those of us who care about you are here," Janus said, in a loving voice.
Dr. Copper tilted her head as John brought Janus into their hug. "Well, this is interesting, I wonder if he sees Annie as Julia and this other woman… I can't say. It will be interesting to find out how this plays out," Dr. Copper mused to herself. "Johnny?"
"Y-yeah," Johnny muttered with a broken voice.
"I run a rape victim support group. Where survivors like yourself can meet up and discuss the events that shattered their lives without being judged or ridiculed by it. I'd like for you to come to it, you don't have to speak at it, just listen and know that you aren't alone in this," Dr. Copper said, hoping that it will help him.
"You should go Johnny, it helped me," Janus whispered low into his ear.
"You sure?" Johnny asked, weakly.
"Very sure," Janus nodded.
"And I'll take you to it and be there if you need a shoulder to cry on when it's over," Annie said, lightly stroking the back of John's head. Knowing the way they were all going about getting John to have sex with them had to stop. What they were doing was no better than what those men had done to her little brother. "God. Why was I so eager?! Why couldn't I see it?!" she berated herself in her mind. Knowing that in order to ensure he didn't think she was manipulating him into having sex with her that she had to show him that she truly loved him. Had to show him that she could be trusted, had to earn that rapport with him that obliviously Ms. Ginsburg had with her brother. No matter how much she wanted to take her brother to her bed, that all had to take a back seat until he was truly ready. Which meant she had to run interference for him to keep the others from using John in a manner that would harm him far greater than anything else. "I think Julia would want you to go to, because she cared about you so much," Annie whispered as she pressed her forehead lightly against his, "as do I," she added.
"Okay, if you think it will help," Johnny sighed heavily.
"The group meets every Wednesday at seven, I'll give your sister the details on how to get there before I leave today," Dr. Copper said, casting John a friendly smile. And so, for the next hour with the support of Annie and Janus, John began to open up a tad more allowing her to know the extent of what she was facing in John's treatment.
"How's Johnny?" Katherine asked worriedly, as Dr. Copper stepped into the kitchen.
"Hard to say, he's held it in for so long it's going to take me some time to get to the root of all this," Dr. Copper said, as she stood in their kitchen as she prepared to leave. "But I'm going to try my best to make sure Johnny is comfortable with me so I can help him deal with all that's been done to him. I have to tell you, this isn't going to be fast or easy, it's going to take years before Johnny is somewhat able to move passed all of this."
"I understand," Katherine said sadly, as she looked towards the far side of the house. Longing to be back there to hold her youngest child, to let him wail into her bosom in hopes that it would take away some of his pain. "Thank you for coming out today, I don't know…" She began to sob into her hands at the thought of what was done to her little boy.
"Don't give up, your son is in there, we just have to get through all that gore and darkness to reach him, okay?" Dr. Copper said reassuringly, placing a hand on Katherine's shoulder as she nodded against her hands. "I want you to cut back on the dosage of his new pills to one a day," she said, handing Brandan a full bottle of the red and white pills. Hoping that John didn't learn of the manipulation of the mind to allow John to open up to those around him. She knew if he ever did… that would be a very bad day for all of them. "Just give him one in the morning so he doesn't suffer withdrawals from them," Dr. Copper said, watching Brandan nod in understanding. "If anything else happens don't hesitate to call me. Now, I must run, I have a four o'clock appointment that I must keep."
"So… what are we going to do now?" Ray asked, looking around the kitchen.
"Right now, I'm going to call the parole board and see if we can't attend. That bastard isn't going to see freedom if I have anything to say about it," Brandan hissed. Bring his wife into his arms, while he might not show it he too was crying on the inside. No father wants to see their own child abused in such a manner even if they failed to listen to their son's pleas. His green eyes glanced over to Ruth and Wanda as they were clustered together as they peered at the screen of the phone in Ruth's hand. "What are the two of you doing over there?" Brandan asked, knowing how they've been plotting to sleep with his son.
"Looking for ways to help Johnny…"
"Don't want your help," Johnny said, cutting off Ruth and startling them all.
"Johnny," Annie whispered into his ear, "she's only trying to help."
"How's that by fucking me?" An uneasy silence filled the room as they cast glances at one another.
"I think I should go, Johnny, if you need to, you know where to go, okay?" Janus said, cryptically. "You know my home is always open to you," she whispered into his ear as he nodded.
"Thank you, for coming so quickly," Katherine said politely, as Janus opened the door to the porch.
"Think nothing of it," Janus said, smiling friendly at Katherine. Casting John a loving glance before she slipped out of the door. Hoping John didn't think she had used him for sex, as that was the furthest from the truth. She had slept with him because she wanted to show John that not everyone was out to mount that big cock of his. True, that man-meat was an excellent bonus, yet it wasn't the true reason why she took him to her bed. While yes, there may be a twenty year difference in their ages, that didn't stop her from being in love with him, as odd as that might sound to anyone. Janus didn't know when or how it happened, nonetheless, it did, and she hoped and prayed John understood that.
"Okay, I understand where you're coming from Johnny," Ruth said, stepping forward. "I can't image how you must be viewing our advances towards you," she said, seeing Bill's eyes darting from her and Johnny. "That is in no way how I want you to feel towards me. I swear it isn't just about the sex Johnny," Ruth said, seeing the uncertainty in his eyes.
"Did you know, most women fear what you went through every day once they hit puberty?" Wanda asked, moving up to Ruth's side. They had to do damage control and fast if they wanted to get what was between John's legs. While it might be viewed as selfishness on their part, yet Wanda couldn't stop her mound from throbbing at the thought of having another big cock stuffing her cunt like she's experienced before she and Ray ever knew each other.
"Right," Johnny muttered rolling his eyes.
"It's true honey," Katherine said, cutting in. "Every woman has experienced this feeling at some point in our lives," noting how John looked over at Annie who nodded, "before you were born, most men had the mindset that if a woman wore certain clothing that she was asking for it," she said, noting how his eyes shot towards her. Taking a step forward, hoping that her son wouldn't pull away from her. "It's why we cluster in groups so we aren't assaulted like you and Julia were," Katherine said, reaching out, caressing John's right cheek. "Oh honey, I'm so, so, so sorry for not believing you. I hope in time you can come to forgive us, I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to get the boy I once knew back. I only wanted to help you; however, it seems I've done more harm to you than help. Oh baby, please don't cry," she said, her lip trembling as she saw his eyes watering. "I swear to you, we aren't trying to be like those men and what they did to you," Katherine said, to which Wanda and Ruth nodded along. "Didn't you enjoy yesterday?" she asked, earning her stares from her husband and her other sons.
"What went on yesterday?" Brandan asked, he knew his wife was loose, well looser than when he fucked her the night before as he eyed his son. Katherine did have this mischievous smile on her face when he slipped a finger then two then three into her hot mound.
"I brought our son into his manhood," Katherine said, smirking at her husband over his shoulder seeing Brandan's raised eyebrow.
"Wait… what?!" Ray asked, perplexed. He didn't think John would be ready so soon. "Really?" he asked low as Wanda whispered what had happened while they were gone the other day.
"It was so hot," Wanda purred heatedly into Ray's ear.
"Come on Johnny, let's go outside, okay?" Annie gently took his hand into hers, her blue-green eyes silently telling him he was safe with her. "Maybe you can show me that place that Janus talked about," Annie said, with a warm smile.
"Be back before supper," Katherine said, in a motherly voice. Wishing that her son would let her in as Annie nodded as she led John towards the back door.
"Shit!" Brandan huffed as he ran his hand through his black hair. "I really screwed things up didn't I?"
"Don't be too hard on yourself Dad, I was thinking the same thing when we found that body," Bill said, placing a hand on his father's right shoulder.
"Yet you two never stopped to ask Johnny, you assumed the worst and I think that's why he doesn't trust any of you," Ruth said, speaking her mind. "Hey, I might have said some hurtful things, but you're his family. What kind of family doesn't believe one of their own?" she asked, shrugging her shoulders as all eyes were on her.

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