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Started Here : I slowly woke up not wanting to rush my brain as it tried to make sense of the new day. I could still see the small tidbits of the dream I was just having. It was a mangled mix of the movie I had been watching the night before and people that I saw everyday.

“It’s Saturday,” I said to myself while I did my morning stretch. I had to be at work at noon, plenty of time. In the kitchen my mother was already well ahead with the breakfast and the whole family was getting ready for the bounty my mother always conjured.

By whole family I mean my Dad and my two sisters. I could smell the bacon even from my room and my stomach grumbled. I headed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and tried to take the morning piss. I say “tried” because this particular morning I encountered a problem that happens only when I rush the morning routine.

Everybody knows that you can’t pee when you have a hard-on and this also applies to the “morning woodies”. I stood there waiting until finally I was able to get a steady stream going. My cock, to say it blatantly, is shorter then the length of a DVD case but longer than the width of the case. Not sure what that is in inches but that’s how long it is. I like to think it’s proportionate to my body and overall I’m very happy with it.

After finishing in the bathroom I strolled into the kitchen with the hunger that only a 6’1″, 19 year old can have. “Good morning,” I said while grabbing a plate from the cupboard.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” my mother replied.

I find it funny how my mother greeted me like this rather than my younger sisters. Not to say my sisters are ugly, far from it. My sisters are both lovely girls. Alas, this story is not about them.

As we sat eating breakfast my Dad made the announcement. “Alright guys, this afternoon we are going to your uncle Steve’s house.” Uncle Steve is actually my Godfather and he is my Mom’s older brother. “It’s your aunt Beth’s birthday and we are going to have a barbeque there.”

As he said this I started to think what I would do in the empty house. Although he had addressed all of us, I had to go to work and I wasn’t going to make the drive to my Uncle’s house alone. My Uncle lives about an hour from us and although the drive isn’t bad, I hate driving back late at night.

“Dad I don’t get out of work until 7:30 today. I don’t think I’m going to go.”

My mom was already shaking her head. “John you haven’t visited your Uncle in months, you have to go.”

I sighed and was about to protest when my dad spoke. “It’s true John you should go. Your aunt Beth is always asking about you.”

If there was one good thing about going all the way to my Uncle’s house it was my older cousin Liz and aunt Beth. Liz was adopted when she was 6 because my aunt and uncle were unable to have a child of their own. She was of Hispanic background but had light green eyes and was taller than most girls. I always thought she could have been a model and sometimes fantasied about her. Alas, this story is not about her either… aunt Beth on the other hand is.

Aunt Beth to sum up in one word is irresistible. My uncle had once told me, in a drunken stupor, that he had fought off a gang of hoodlums in order to get her. It was hard not to believe him. My uncle had a plethora of stories of his bravado and accomplishments. He told me that he had literally ran over one guy then jumped out of the car and began swinging at anybody in his way.

From what I understand, my aunt lived in a culdesac in a shady neighborhood. Unfortunately for my uncle, there were a lot of guys who fancied my aunt Beth and he had no choice but to deal with them after their many transgressions, the last being a half empty beer can hitting his car.

She was going to be 42 this year but her body would convince you otherwise. It was ironic that she could not conceive because her subtle wide hips and ample breasts screamed the signature of a fertile and healthy woman. In her high heels she was as tall as my cousin Liz who was about 5’9″. When she wore her knee high skirts, her ass drew the eye and it was hard not to be mesmerized by the way it moved as she walked to and from. There was a sort of dignity that my aunt always carried. My guess is that it’s because she is a somewhat of a big time real estate agent.

She never wore clothing that was too revealing but she did somehow flaunt what she had by wearing clothing that accentuated her body. I clearly recall a white blouse that lined the bottom of her breasts, clearly giving them their shape and size. The distortion of the patterns across her chest punctuated the womanly figure that made her alluring to anybody in the room. After considering all this I somewhat reluctantly told my parents that I would drive there after work.

I drove straight home after work and took a hot shower before I made my way to my Aunt’s birthday. When I arrived at my uncle’s house the party was at full swing. I knocked on the front door but since everybody was out in the backyard socializing it was no surprise that no one came to answer the door.

After a few moments I decided to let myself in. I could hear some music playing in the backyard and could see some folk at a table through the living room window. I made my way to the kitchen only to find my Aunt Beth swaying her ass from side to side as she looked for God knows what under the sink.

She was wearing light blue jeans but they weren’t the ones I’m used to seeing on women I find attractive. Unlike those low rise jeans all the girls my age wear, my aunt was wearing those classic jeans that ride high. They hugged her bottom and I found myself taken aback as my body responded without my consent.

My cock throbbed gently as I snuck up on my Aunt Beth. “Happy Birthday aunt Beth….” I said a little weaker then I had hoped.

She spun around quickly letting a strand of hair fall in front of her face. She smiled and quickly but elegantly pushed the light brown strand of hair behind her ear. “Oh honey, I’m so glad to see you… your mom said you were coming but I was almost positive you were going to be a no-show.”

I made my way over to her trying hard not to look at the small amount of cleavage her blouse provided. We embraced warmly and I concentrated on the feeling her breast pressing against me. When I was 16, hugging her was almost a guaranteed boob to the face. Unfortunately for me I was much taller now. “Sorry I forgot to get you a present aunt Beth…” I said lamely. I had intended to pick up at least a birthday card but in the rush I had completely forgotten.
“Having you here is the best present I could have asked for.”

After a short while we made our way to the the backyard where everybody was having a good time. My dad was by all measure drunk and so were most of the other adults. I scoured the place for some food and found some cold pieces of meat.

My mother must have been watching me because she came over and asked me what I wanted on my plate. Soon thereafter she went about heating me up a respectable amount of food. After having my fill I sat back and talked with my cousin Liz and some of her friends. They were a little younger then me and most of them were still in high school but nevertheless we talked until finally people started to head home.

It was about 11:30pm when I figured my dad was in no shape to drive. My mom on the other hand had always been a nervous wreck so driving on the freeway was not an option. After some discussion it was decided that they would be spending the night. My sisters would sleep in Liz’s room and my parents would sleep in the guest room. I on the other hand had my car and was planning to drive back home. However my uncle insisted that I stay.

I had only had a few drinks but he rambled off on how awful he would feel if I had an accident on the way home. Being that it was late and I was tired I decided to stay and agreed with my uncle. A little after midnight everybody had gone to bed except for my dad, my uncle, and I. My dad was in pretty bad shape so my uncle and I carried him to the guest room. Usually my mom gets mad when my dad gets drunk, tonight however, she was a little tipsy herself. My Dad is no drunk but he sure does know how to have a good time.

After having taken care of my dad Uncle Steve and I went back to the kitchen to drink and talk some more. Like I said before, my uncle Steve is my godfather and I’ve always admired him. My mom had told me the my uncle had lived on the streets from a very young age. He pretty much learned to live alone after his mother died and he somehow manged to get through it all without falling victim to drugs or other vices. We talked about what I had been up to.

“Are you still seeing that hot little blond girl you brought last time?” he asked while petting Max his husky mix.

“No, not anymore,” I said somberly as I thought about how quickly it had ended.

“She was a pretty girl,” he said looking upwards, recalling Tiffany my ex.

She had always been a big flirt and I have always been the jealous type so there wasn’t much hope when she started going to parties without me.

“How’s your car running?” My uncle had always been a gear head.

“The other day a guy in Civic Si tried to race me on the way back from work… that was fun.” I drive 72 mach 1 Mustang and uncle Steve had actually help me rebuild most of the interior.

“You wanna trade for my T-bird soon?” My uncle has a 66 Thunderbird that is practically in mint condition. I would love to have it but I would never trade my car for it. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t actually trade that car, even for mine.

“Nah, that’s okay uncle Steve, I need something that moves fast…” I said jokingly.

“You’d be surprised my friend… that guy is fast as fuck.”

I realized then the he probably wasn’t kidding and for all I knew he had a beast of an engine in there. We sat there quietly for a few more minutes until finally I decided it was time to hit the hay. I was about to get up when my uncle spoke.

“John I have a favor to ask of you,” his tone was serious and it caught me off guard.

“Sure Uncle Steve,” I replied quickly.

“Listen son, first off, you need to understand that this is hard for me… and for your aunt.”

I was a little confused but sat quiet.

“We have Liz and she has been brought nothing but happiness to me and your aunt. Your aunt Beth loves her and we will always lover her.”

Now I was even more confused.

“The thing is, well, your aunt Beth has always wanted a child of her own. It’s something we have talked about for a long time. Your aunt feels that she needs this,” he finished as he rubbed his hands on his jeans.

When Liz was adopted I was only 7 or 8. However, I remember my parents telling me that they had adopted because Aunt Beth couldn’t have a baby. As if reading my thoughts my uncle continued, “I guess you also thought that it was your aunt who couldn’t have kids,” he said while looking straight at me. “The truth is John, that it’s I who can’t have kids.”

I started connecting the dots but I was still oblivious to what he was really wanted to ask me.

“We talked about going to a sperm bank but your aunt just doesn’t feel comfortable with the process or with the people there.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I was half expecting to be the victim of a cruel joke. However, my uncle soon found himself struggling to hold back tears and I was soon finding myself a little overwhelmed.

“John you don’t know how hard its been knowing that I can’t fulfill all the needs of your Aunt.” He wiped his tears quickly his hand shaking a little. “Listen son, you are the only man I would ever ask this of. Your aunt is the most precious thing I have and I’ll be damn if it’s anybody but you.”

My mind was racing trying to find something to say. He could see my apprehension and was gauging what I was feeling. “Look, I don’t want to beat around the bush much longer.” He took a drink from his glass. “Your aunt and I were wondering if you would consider helping us have a kid.”

I was stunned and words failed me. “Uncle Steve….” I stammered.

“John you don’t have to give me an answer now,” he said gently. “I don’t want you to feel pressured and I know this is awkward in so many ways.”

He could say that again. I was only now realizing what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to impregnate my aunt Beth so that they could have a child of her own flesh and blood.

“Put yourself in my shoes, son. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but its what your aunt wants.”

He said it with such a genuine voice that I felt sorry for him. In another part of my mind I was thinking of Aunt Beth. I had always been infatuated with her even from an early age. However, having sex with her didn’t happen even in my dreams, yet here was my uncle asking me to fuck his wife.
My cock jumped in my jeans in anticipation but I was still too embarrassed to tell my uncle that I would not only consider it but that I would be happy to do it.
“Your aunt was afraid to ask me for a very long time,” he said easily now that the question was out in the open. “She never considered anybody else. When she asked me about having someone to help us with this I thought she was out of her mind. For some reason I thought she was using this as an excuse to cheat,” he said looking blankly at his drink. “I was furious but I let her speak her mind only because I wanted to know who she was considering. I expected some one from her work or one of our friends. When she timidly said your name all my rage was extinguished and I saw the fear in her eyes. Had she named anybody I don’t know what would have happened,” he finished slowly. “She is resolute in her decision that if you can’t help us then its just not meant to be.”

His last statement erased the embarrassment I had been feeling. “I’ll be happy to help you guys Uncle Steve,” I said slowly.

“You’ll do it then?” He had one hand on my shoulder and an eager smile on his face.

“Yeah Uncle Steve I’ll do it.” I smiled back.
“Your aunt is going to be so happy.” After a short while he said, “Oh man, you are in for a treat,” he said with a devilish grin.

“This is a little crazy though,” I said a little ashamed.

“That’s why this stays between us.” He motioned at me and then to himself and then finally pointed upstairs to where my aunt was. He took one big swig of his drink and then said, “Alright lets go.”

The speed in which this was happening was a little scary to say the least. “Wait, right now?” I was under the impression that this “dirty” deed was going to to take place in some hotel some day in the near future, not right away under the noses of my family and my cousin Liz.

“Well yes, I was thinking tonight. What better present could you give her on her birthday?”

I had no reply. Having seen that I was like a lamb lost in the woods, he proceeded to say, “Alright, let me go tell her the good the news and then I’ll come back down to tell you what she wants to do. How does that sound?”

I took a big gulp.

“Relax kid, she’s quite tame I made sure of that.” My uncle headed off upstairs leaving me at the kitchen counter contemplating what might happen next.

It was hard to breathe and my heart was pounding when my uncle returned. “Alright John come on,” he whispered from the hallway trying not to wake up the other people in the house.

We tiptoed up the stairs all the way to his room. He creaked open the door and I followed him in still trying not to faint at what was happening. I had been looking down the entire time but now that we were in his bedroom I had no choice but to look up to see where my aunt was. She was sitting on the side of her canopy bed and was wearing a slightly see through short black nightgown.

Her eyes smiled at me, thanking me silently for having accepted my Uncle’s proposition. Uncle Steve walked towards my aunt Beth and kissed her with such tenderness that I felt ashamed even to be in the same room.

“Do you want me to stay?” My uncle asked aunt Beth.

“Oh, yes honey, please stay.”

It was clear I had no voice in this decision but then again I couldn’t see myself asking my uncle to leave before fucking his wife.

“Come here, John,” my uncle motioned me towards them.

The whole time my aunt’s eyes followed me and I felt naked even though I was still wearing all my clothing. My aunt stood up and kissed me softly on the cheek. She looked up at me and said, “John you don’t know how grateful I am to you.”

I didn’t know what to say so I said the first thing that came to my mind, “For some reason I feel like it’s my birthday today Aunt Beth.”

We all laughed quietly until finally my aunt took my hand and led me to her bed. My uncle meanwhile went to the other side of the room where a small chair was.

To say it was awkward as my aunt undressed me would be a gross understatement. I felt my uncle gaze on me but I didn’t dare look at him. My aunt quickly went about removing my shirt and then unbuckling my jeans. I took my shoes off as she finished rolling the zipper down. Easily I slid off my jeans leaving me only with my boxers.

Down in the kitchen I had found myself with an undesired hard-on but now I found myself a little smaller than before. I could see my aunt’s nipples through the fabric but it wasn’t until she removed the small see-through robe that I saw how lovely the shape of her tits were. My aunt could sense the tension and apprehension in my body as she ran her hands up and down the length of my arm.

“It’s okay honey relax a little.”

I let out a small sigh and laughed at my discomfort.

“A little nervous there, champ?” My uncle said slyly.

“Just a little,” I replied.

“Don’t be, son, he said as he walked back towards us. He stood right beside me as he took my aunt’s night gown off leaving her in only her black panties. Her tits were glorious and I felt myself licking my lips unconsciously. My uncle squeezed the tit closest to him and said, “She likes when you do this.”

He kneaded her breast and my aunt cooed gently. “Go ahead son,” my uncle instructed.

I reached up and took a hold of my aunt’s right breasts and felt it with the palm of my hand. I squeezed and saw her flesh protrude through my fingers. Containing one of her breasts in one hand was impossible but I wanted to get as much as possible in my hand so I kept grasping for more. Soon my uncle stopped squeezing her breast and went behind her. I took a hold of her second tit and was now massaging both tits vigorously. Behind her my uncle was pulling her panties down. My cock finally jumped to attention having gotten the green light from my uncle.

My uncle stepped back as my aunt got on her knees and pulled down my boxers. My cock jumped out as the band of the boxers slid off the tip of my cock. My aunt scooted on her knees closer and I looked down to see her take a hold of my cock with one hand then plunging deep into her mouth. When my cock came back out it was shiny with her saliva. She kept doing this for some time.
She would swallow it whole until her nose nuzzled into the hair above the base of my cock. She would then inspect as if to see if she had missed a spot.

“She’s good isn’t she?” my uncle whispered.

“Oh man,” I replied.
As if encouraged and eager to earn the praise she had received my aunt grabbed my ass with both hands and started to give me a legendary blow job. Her head went back and forth faster and faster and I was finding it hard not to cum into her mouth.
My uncle must have seen my problem because he interjected as my aunt took a large gulp of my cock. “Jeez woman you’re going to make him cum before you’re even ready.”

My aunt took my cock out of her mouth and wiped her mouth delicately as if she had been eating something so delicious that it had gotten all over her mouth. She let out a soft chuckle and looked up at me. “Sorry hon got a little carried away there.”
I smiled back and petted her head. She looked so cute with my cock in her hand. It was now oozing precum from its tip.

“I’m going to take a shower,” my uncle said as my aunt stroked my dick gently.

“Okay baby,” my aunt replied.

My uncle undressed right next to us and both my aunt and I saw his giant hardon as he slid his briefs off. I couldn’t help but feel a little humbled as my uncle strode into the bathroom.

“Its big isn’t it?” my aunt asked me as if seeing my thoughts.

“He could be a porn star,” I replied.

My aunt smirked. Even though the house was big, we couldn’t’ risk waking someone. So the whole time we talked we spoke with low voices and whispers. “To tell you the truth, if it were any bigger it would be too much for me,” she said this as she gazed at my cock. “I really like yours. It’s like the perfect size. I can barely take the whole thing in my mouth and it’s just as thick as your uncle’s just not as long… its perfect.”

I couldn’t tell if she was trying to make me feel better or if she really thought it was perfect. I helped her up off her knees and we kissed mouth to mouth for the first time. Our tongues played with each other and I tasted her for quiet sometime. I let my cock press against her tummy and she twisted slightly letting my cock roll lightly on her buttermilk skin. After a while she looked down to see my cock pinned between us. It was pointing straight up.

“I can feel your heart beat through it.” she said matter-of-factly.

Her arms were draped around my neck and we could hear the shower running in the background. She looked towards the bathroom door and I followed her gaze. Their shower had a clear door and we could see my uncle stroking his own cock. I felt as if I had fallen down a rabbit hole. I found it hard to realize that I was actually standing naked here with my aunt Beth while my uncle was jerking off in the shower.

“How do you like to do it, John?” My aunt asked softly.

I thought for a split second before replying. “Doggy style,” I said sheepishly.

“Doggy style it is then,” my aunt replied. She unclasped her hands from behind my neck and turned towards the bed. She slowly and deliberately climbed onto the bed like a sexy seductress. Just seeing her pussy as she crawled up on the bed primed my cock even more.

I followed her, ready to fuck. She spread her legs daintily and rubbed her pussy with one hand. She had a lovely ass but her pussy was even better than I could have imagined. It was nice and trimmed and her lips were hot and pink. They didn’t look like a pussy of an older woman and although my uncle was a big guy her pussy looked liked that of a teenage hottie.

I placed one hand on her hip and used the other hand to point my cock towards her pussy. My cock grazed her ass cheeks and I was ready to thrust in to her when she looked back at me and said, “Wait… lets face the other way.”

I knew why she wanted to this. By facing the other way she would be able to see my uncle in the shower. I let her turn around and I walked around her until finally we were both facing the open bathroom door.

“Okay baby, let me feel you now.”

I knelt down until I was right behind her. She reached back with one hand between her legs until I felt her fingers brush my balls. She fumbled around a little bit more until finally her hand clutched on to balls.

“Oh they feel so nice and full,” she said in a sultry voice.

“It’s been a while aunt Beth,” I told her. It had been about 3 months since I’d had sex and it had been at least 3 weeks since the last time I jacked off.

“That’s good,” she replied as she rubbed my balls tenderly. “That means you have a lot cum and it will be easier for me to get pregnant,” she said happily.

Finally she took a hold of my cock and led it towards her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her pussy until her lips parted. She didn’t have to do much after that. I grabbed her hips and penetrated her with the eagerness of a young stud. I plunged my cock deep inside her and she whimpered.

“Slowly,” she instructed as one of her hands reached back to hold me from pounding her at the speed I wanted.

A little more gently this time I ran my cock into her. She was hot inside and the slurping sounds coming from her pussy were driving me mad. It was hard not to go into a blind frenzy and fuck furiously. I kept a slow pace letting her pussy enjoy her nephew’s young cock.

I reached down and grabbed one of her tits as I began to speed up a little. The canopy of the bed swayed back in forth as we began to fuck in more steady pace. Her ass smashed up against me after every thrust and she kept making small whimpering sounds. It wasn’t long before beads of sweat started to roll down my forehead and down my back.

My aunt’s arms must haven gotten tired around the same time because she decided to let her self down. Her face was on the bed and one arm rested at her side while the other reached under her to wear my cock was sliding in and out of her. Her ass went up into the air a little higher in this new position. She then put her fingers around her pussy and felt my cock run between them as I went deep inside her. She was looking straight ahead at my uncle who had been taking a shower only 25ft from us.
It was not until I heard the shower turn off that I looked up to see him. He didn’t’ have a towel and was looking straight at my aunt. He had a devilish smile and his cock swung unrestrained before him. It was at least two inches bigger then mine maybe more and it was at full mast.

“I could hear you from all the way over there Beth,” he informed her.

He was shorter than I was but he was a little more muscular me. It was clear to me that even though I was fucking his wife it was only because he had allowed it, he was still the alpha male in this room. He knelt down so that he was face to face with my aunt. He whispered something I could not hear.

Meanwhile I was still pounding her pussy with the same vigor as before. He stood up and looked at me with a big grin. “Is that the best pussy ever or what?” he asked me.

“Yes, oh god yes,” I said looking down at my cock as her lips gripped me as I pulled out of her. When I looked back up my uncle was holding his cock and feeding it to my aunt. She got on her elbows and took him into her mouth. I unconsciously stopped mid way and watched as my uncle put his hand behind her head and forced her to take more and more of his cock into her mouth. I could hear her gargle and choke until finally my uncle pulled it out to let her breathe.

“Don’t stop, John,” she gasped at me. She then went back to sucking my uncle’s cock.

We were in this sinful position for at least 10 minutes. Several times I wanted to cum inside her but I wanted to drag it out as long as possible. For that reason I would pull my cock out and rub her pussy with my hand. The slippery juices were smeared all around the inside of her soft legs and the sheets were becoming a real love nest.

My uncle started to tease my aunt by slapping his cock on her face. In desperate attempts to stop the playful assault she tried to take the swinging cock into her mouth. My uncle however kept swinging it wildly smacking her cheeks over and over again.

Finally after having had enough of my uncle’s treatment she knelt up… my cock still inside her. She pushed back into me until I fell back on my ass. My cock sprang loose from her pussy as she got up and rolled over onto the other side of the bed. She was now on her back with her legs closed together.

My uncle joined us on the bed and I sat back as he proceeded to spread her legs open. He leaned over and kissed her while he rubbed her pussy slowly. After a few seconds my uncle took his hand off her pussy and motioned me over to them. Aunt Beth looked up at us as we both toward over her. My uncle’s cock was draped over her left arm and I my cock was right on top of her pussy.

“My god this is the best birthday ever!” she said a little too loudly but blissfully.

Uncle Steve placed a hand on her mouth quickly and put a finger to his mouth, “Shhhh, you want his mom to hear you?”

She shook her head and her eyes hinted at a smile.

“Alright champ, time to plant the seed,” he said.

“Yes sir,” I replied eagerly.

I positioned myself closer and grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me. I didn’t even have to point my cock into her pussy. I squeezed into her as my uncle took his hand off her mouth. Her face contorted in ecstasy as I began to fuck her with all my vigor. Her legs spread even wider as I pounded and pounded my cock into her. My uncle took a hold of her hand as if she was giving child birth.

After 5mins I could feel my balls tighten in preparation for my ejaculation. I was churning her pussy and it was only a matter of seconds before I injected her with all the cum she would ever need. With one last strong thrust I pushed deeper inside her. My cock pulsed once then twice then in one glorious rush I reached the climax. My cocked injected long streams of hot milky cum into her. After every surge I pushed even deeper into her.

I wanted her pregnant with all my body and soul. My cock filled her entirely. The mushroom head of my cock effectively kept all my cum inside her. I came for what seemed an eternity. Her body shuddered underneath me and I in turn convulsed in pleasure. My uncle was kissing her passionately and I couldn’t help but lean over to suck on her nipple. My aunt reached down and rubbed my hair with free hand. I tried to get up to pull my cock but she broke free my uncle and told me to stay in her a little longer.

Finally after at least 5 minutes my uncle got up and moved towards me. “Alright lets see what we got here,” he announced.

I slowly pulled my now spent cock out of my aunt. She looked down towards us as both my uncle and I inspected her pussy. Sure enough a lot of cum began to spill out of her. “I don’t think I have ever cum so much before,” I told them.

My uncle looked closer. “Let’s just hope enough stayed inside.”

I moved over towards the other side of my aunt as my uncle took over my position. “Maybe I should get in there to stop it from coming back out?” he asked my aunt.

She only nodded, her legs still spread. With that said my uncle took his cock and pushed my cum back inside her. He shoved his cock deep inside her and my aunt moaned loudly. He stayed there with his cock inside her for the next 15mins. He didn’t fuck her like I had. Instead he remained perfectly still and talked to her to her about her presents and how the party had gone earlier that day.

It was an unreal scene seeing my aunt impaled on my uncle’s cock. My aunt casually stroked my cock and even took it into her mouth a couple times while we waited until for my uncle to be satisfied. Finally after enough time had passed he pulled his cock out. It was still covered in cum but he was satisfied that enough time had passed.

“Come here baby,” my aunt motioned to my uncle as she sat up. She grabbed his cock with her right hand and my cock in her left hand. She started to jerk us off. “Let me know when you feel like cumming so you can put it back inside me,” she instructed me.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself cumming. Quickly she opened her legs again and I plunged my cock insider her. It was only a fraction of the amount I had put in her before but nevertheless we wanted it in her. Thoroughly exhausted I sat back and watched my aunt suck my uncle’s gleaming cock until finally he also started to cum.
He also came inside her but not before squirting 2 streams of cum across her tummy. Once again my uncle stayed inside her for a long time. It was 2am when I got my clothes back on and went back downstairs. The next morning we ate a small breakfast. We acted as if nothing had happened but I couldn’t help but feel my cock surge every time I looked at my aunt. Nevertheless by 9am we were ready to leave. My aunt kissed me and my uncle hugged me before leaving.

“John in case it didn’t work this time you’ll come back to try again yes?” my aunt asked me.

“Sure Aunt Beth, as long as Uncle Steve lets me.”

Uncle Steve grinned as he said, “I’m pretty sure that was more then enough but if it ain’t then I guess we’ll have to try again.”