Uncle Dave and the three 11 yo girls

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By Deadhead My older sister Steph leaves her 11 yo daughter in my care whilst she takes a well deserved break.

I have always been close to my older sister, Steph. She married a great guy, Steve, and had one daughter, Ellie. Steve was in the British Army and was sadly killed in Afghanistan, by an IED, when Ellie was about 8 yo.

Steph is a fantastic mother who works as a Financial Controller for a multinational manufacturing company and provides a very comfortable life for her and Ellie. The long hours combined with being a single parent do not give her much time to herself.

When Ellie was 11 yo and I was 22 yo, Steph asked me if I wouldn’t mind looking after Ellie at her house for a few days whilst she went on a long weekend break with some friends from work. I knew she really needed a break so I agreed. My semester at University had finished and the next one didn’t start until September so I was free to do what I wanted.

Steph stocked her kitchen with food and drink for the weekend and left for the airport in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday leaving me alone with Ellie.

The weather was hot, perfect for sitting out in the garden. Steph has a beautiful large garden, surrounded by mature trees which screen it off from the neighbours and it is a lovely sun trap. Ellie and i played some badminton until it got very warm and we needed to take some refreshments and sit in the shade.

We were sitting, chatting away when the doorbell went. Ellie rushed off to answer it with me close behind. Two of Ellie’s friends. Chloe and Abbie, were standing there.

“Uncle Dave, can Chloe and Abbie come in to play please” Ellie asked.

Of course, I had no problem with that so I agreed.

The 3 girls rushed off into the garden and I grabbed my sunglasses, hat and my book and settled onto a sun lounger to read whilst the girls played.

Like most girls of that age, they were noisy, laughing and squealing at full volume, but I managed to block it out and was engrossed in my book.

I happened to look up and noticed that the girls were performing cartwheels. What got my attention was that all three girls were wearing skirts or summer dresses, so their bare legs and knickers were briefly flashed as they tumbled across the lawn.

I lowered my book slightly and peered out from under the shade of my hat trying not to make it too obvious that i was watching.

Chloe took a short run up and performed a slow cartwheel. Her long brown hair flew around her shoulders, her little slim legs arced through the air, her light green sundress flipped up over her waist and her little tight white panties flashed past my eyes before disappearing again as she righted herself. She whooped with delight.

Ellie followed. Her cartwheel was much faster. She was a blur of blonde long hair, blue sundress, white skinny legs and the merest glimpse of her purple panties. She landed on her feet and ran a few steps before coming to a stop.

Abbie was the tallest of the three, only by a couple of inches. A very pretty girl, as were the other two, with long dark hair. She wore a light tartan pleated skirt and a tight t-shirt. For the first time I noticed that Abbie was the only one starting to show the beginning of titties, two little mounds pushing her t-shirt out.

She took no run up and put her hands on the ground and tried to throw her legs in the air. Her body inverted causing her little skirt to flip over her waist. As she was suspended upside down, i got a good long look at her panties. They were pink with an image of Winnie the Pooh holding a jar of honey with the word “honey” underneath. That made me smile.

She collapsed in a heap of legs, skirt and panties, laughing uncontrollably. Her legs bent and her ass facing me. Her panties had gone up her ass crack on one side revealing a sizeable portion of a perfect, white buttock. That had my attention but I pretended to not notice and concentrated on my book.

Ellie came over. “Uncle Dave, have you seen how good we are at cartwheels” she said.

“No” I said, “show me”.

I sat up and removed my sunglasses.

Ellie clapped her hands in delight and rejoined her friends, who went about demonstrating multiple tumbles each.

The sight of those bare legs and coloured panties whirling before my eyes had me quite aroused. I gave them lots of encouragement and praise which excited them.

Chloe decided that they should try doing handstands against the side of the house and insisted I come and watch. They took a slow run up and landed against the house with their feet against the wall and their hands on the ground.

As they were inside down facing me, I got a fabulous view of their little crotches with their panties pulled tight over them. Ellie’s vulva were clearly outlined and quite prominent in the purple fabric. Her dress had fallen down over her face so I could see her bare tummy and flat chest too. Her little nipples were standing out erect and inviting.

There was the slightest hint of Chloe’s little slit in her white pants, which I could see said “Friday” on the front in brightly coloured letters. I could see her tummy but her dress did not fall far enough down to see her chest.

Abbie’s little green panties were unmistakably damp around her pussy and, with her legs being slightly apart, I could see her panties tracing her crack from arse to the front of her pussy.

My dick strained at my shorts.

Things took another turn. The three girls wanted to carry on but didn’t like the hard wall or paving stones. I asked why they didn’t go back to the grass to do it. They said because they needed something to flip up against or they couldn’t do it.

Being the kind and considerate uncle I am, and now being as horny as fuck, I suggested that they could flip up on the grass and I could catch their legs and hold them there. They agreed enthusiastically.

Ellie wanted to go first. I caught her legs as she flipped over and held her upside down balanced on her arms.

I had the perfect view of her little body, which actually didn’t look so little now I was up close. Her legs felt soft and smooth under my hand. Her thighs looked soft, white and inviting. I got a first real look at her purple covered butt, with its delicate rounded buttocks. I released her and Chloe took her place.

Chloe was a little bit heavier than Ellie, not fat, but certainly more filled out . She landed with her shins and feet against my shoulders causing me to hold her quite close to my body with my hands on her knees. Her legs set slightly apart giving me a great view of her ass and pussy with her white panties stretched tightly. This time her dress did fall right over her face and I could see that her tits were more developed than I thought. There were unmistakable budding cones and small nipples.

As I eased her to the floor her ass brushed my hard cock which didn’t escape her notice. As she was getting up from the floor I could see her staring at my bulge with widening eyes.

Abbie was next. I had to spread my arms apart to catch her by the ankles. “Ah Dave, I’ve got a wedgie” she said. Sure enough, I could see her little green panties were embedded in her ass and pussy crack. I stared down at her ass cheeks and vulva peeking out from beneath the green fabric.

“Dave, pull them out for me” she asked.

I looked at the other two girls and they were smiling and staring. I might not get another chance, so I reached down, pushed my fingers inside her panties and stroked her soft ass and pussy causing the fabric to release from her grip.

Her pussy was hot, wet and smooth, She shivered as I touched her clitoris and withdrew my hand. She righted herself smiling and grinning.

The three went into a little huddle, whispering and giggling. Next thing I knew they rushed me and pushed me to the ground. Ellie sat on my chest with one leg either side of my head. Chloe plonked herself right behind Ellie on my stomach and Abbie straddled my crotch, pushing her panty-clad pussy right atop of my bulging cock.

Ellie’s pussy was so close to my face that I could smell its sweet perfume. Abbie was rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft laughing and squealing. She said “Dave has something hard in his shorts, shall we have a look at what it is”?

Ellie spun around so her little purple ass was practically in my face. Chloe lay across my body, keeping me pinned to the ground but able to see what Abbie was doing.

Abbie had shuffled down onto my knees and was peeling my shorts down my body.

The girls squealed wildly when my cock sprang out at them standing tall and throbbing.

Abbie took hold of it and started wanking me roughly – it felt great. Ellie leaned over Chloe and took my cock from Abbie and gave it a gentler rub. As her ass had lifted off my chest, and her legs were either side of my chest, I took the opportunity to slip a hand between her legs and stroke her pussy through her panties. She jumped, letting my cock go and sitting up straight. She twisted around so she could see my face and smirked “That was naughty Uncle Dave:.

I had noticed Chloe hadn’t touched my cock, but she was sure staring at it intently.

Abbie stood and took off her tartan skirt and her lovely green panties. My heart nearly stopped when I saw her beautiful bare pussy lips within touching distance. She resumed her position straddling my cock. She spread her vulva and lowered herself so my dick lay between her outer labia.

The soft, warm and wet pussy skin rubbed up and down my shaft like my cock was being wanked by an angel. I had never felt anything so soft, smooth and delicate against my knob before. She kept riding me until I feared I was going to cum, but she thankfully stopped and said “who is next”.

Ellie didn’t need telling twice. She hauled her dress off over her head and pulled off her panties. Oh my god, she was beautiful down there. Her ass so round, her pussy lips so prominent and full. I almost ejaculated when her pussy touched my dick.

As she was rubbing herself on my member, I stroked her chest and played with her nipples. She looked like she was having as much fun as I was.

After a bit, Ellie announced that it was Chloe’s turn and got up off of me.

Chloe said nothing but shook her head.

What’s wrong Chloe, Abbie asked.

I just don’t want to she said.

Ellie and Abbie looked at each other, smiled, and as if they had some telepathic connection, they launched themselves at Chloe, dragging her to the ground. Between them, they wrestled Chloe out of her dress and pulled off her panties. Ellie held Chloe’s legs apart and Abbie began slapping her pussy.

Woah, woah i shouted, don’t do that.

Abbie stopped smacking her, allowing me to get a good look at Chloe’s pussy. It was definitely fatter than the other two, with prominent inner labia protruding considerably. It was also a bit red from the slapping.

Chloe continued to struggle and object.

I put my hand on her pussy and stroked it gently. She strained against the other girls who continued to hold her down and her legs apart. I took her long inner labia and softly rubbed each one between my thumb and forefinger. They felt soft as velvet. Next i pulled back the hood of her clitoris to circle it with my fingers,

Chloe’s objections turned into grunts and her struggles were replaced my slowly moving hips. She began to get moist and hot as i increased the pressure on her delicate genital area. Abbie had taken to kissing Chloe’s nipples and sucking them hard causing her to buck wildly.

I put my thumb on her clitoris and vibrated it rapidly. Her grunts were now full blown moans and she arched her back. Abbie was tonguing Chloe’s nipples very quickly and Ellie grabbed her ass, digging her fingers deep into Chloe’s ass crack.

Chloe squealed and bucked wildly, her mouth open, her head back, face red and eyes rolling back into her head. She orgasmed loudly, thrashing so much that we all let go of her. She curled into a ball panting loudly and letting out little squeaks .

From the position she was in, i could see her body still convulsing and quivering as her intense orgasm slowly abated.

Both Ellie and Abbie were rubbing their pussies and staring at me. I picked up Ellie and carried her to the sun lounger. I gently placed her down and opened her legs. I stroked her little pussy before putting my head between her legs to get my mouth on her.

Abbie had followed and was giving me a hand job.

Chloe was helping to give Ellie’s chest some attention.

I wiggled my tongue round and round her clitoris, pressing hard as i felt her react. I sucked her clitoris and labia, taking in considerable amounts of her sweet juices.

Abbie had switched from giving me a hand job to taking my cock into her mouth. She was going full on and expertly for a girl of 11 yo.

With my face buried in Ellie’s pussy, i found Chloe’s ass with one of my hands and explored its delightful curves.

Ellie was getting close, so i took her ass in both hands and pulled her onto my tongue. I squeezed her cheeks whilst darting my tongue in and out of both holes. I gave her pussy hole a particularly hard tonguing which sent her over the edge. The squeal she released was only just in my audible range. I’m sure bats had no trouble hearing her. I could feel the walls of her pussy contract on my tongue and her ass pulsing in my hands.

I sat up. Her pussy was bright red from the workout I had given it and her tits were a similar colour from what Chloe had been doing.

I removed my cock from Abbies mouth and lay her on her back, on the grass. I spread her legs and climbed between them. I sought out her warm cunt with my cock and pressed in. Her tight tunnel resisted me, but Abbie pushed back helping me slide in all the way. My cock felt like it was in a hot vice.

Abbie grunted as I began moving in and out. Looking down, it seemed like her cunt was stretched the entire width of the space between her legs. It was causing her asshole to gape a little. I got my rhythm going and soon she was matching me thrust for thrust.

Ellie and Chloe watched fascinated occasionally reaching out and stroking Abbie’s tits.

I was really enjoying fucking this little girl and she made no secret of the fact that she was enjoying what I was doing with her. I wanted to fuck her from behind but it felt so good doing her in this position that I really didn’t want to stop.

I felt hands on my buttock, stroking my arse gently. It was Ellie. She put her hands on my balls and sunk her teeth into my buttock. I felt Abbie cumming as I let rip with my own orgasm. Her cunt was milking my cock as I pumped out my jiz into her little hole.

I didn’t want it to stop, such was the pleasure that flooded my body. Abbie was still milking her orgasm, squirming under me.

I got up and collapsed onto the grass, cock wilting rapidly.

Ellie and Chloe lay either side of me. “Can we do that again Uncle Dave” Ellie said. I put my arms around both girls cupping their little bottoms. “Of course we can my little darlings, we have all weekend”.

Abbie came over, cum dripping from her pussy and lay on top of me, her face against mine. “Me too please . . Uncle Dave” she smiled.

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