Uncle Gave Permission To Fuck His Wife – Part I

Hi I am Raj. I am from Kerala working as a software engineer now in Cochin. This story happened 9 years ago when I got my first job in Trivandrum. I was not familiar with that town, so my parents arranged my stay with a distant relative of my dad.

His name is krishnan. He lived with his wife Uma and son rahul. He was working as a manager in a five star hotel and wife was housewife. rahul was studying on 9 th that time. Now coming to aunt Uma, she was around 40 that time. her boobs are more than average which are always trying to jump out from the tight bra which she wore. Her belly is a little fatty just as normal kerala girls. Her ass was wonderful.It was round and large. when she walks, its really a feast to everyone who looks her ass.her ass jumps with so much pressure that we feel like it will fall down to ground.
Basically I am an ass lover, so i felt like I was staying in the best place which I can get in this whole world.I started masturbating thinking of her gorgeous ass from the very first day.She is very casual to everyone, so we became very friendly soon. She just treated me as her family member. She wore chiffon nighty at home which stick to her body tightly. anybody can find out her gorgeous figure easily. she was careless about her dressing, So I got plenty of chance to see her cleavage when she bent forward or even when she sits. Her beautiful tits are always trying to jump out from her tight bra.From the swinging of her ass cheeks, I understood that she never wore panties at home. sometimes she didn’t ware under skirt also. On those days I became mad by seeing the jumps of her elephant ass.
Uncle and aunt both are very free in nature. In that house we all of us are just like friends. we discuss every matter, they even tell double meaning words and sex jokes in front of both of me and their son. But I felt like their sexual life was not satisfactory, because most days uncle sleeps on the coach on the living room by watching boring tv channels. Aunt sleeps with rahul on those days.
My office time was 10 to 5. so i will reach home by 5.30 pm. First few days are boaring for me because Uncle comes at 9 pm only and rahul at 8.30 after his tuition.Sundays were most boring days for me because uncle was working on that day also and rahul has full day tuition. I was just watching tv or sleeping in my room all that time. Gradually I became very close to my aunt. I spent all the time with her when we are alone at home, sometimes helping her in the kitchen or sometimes just chatting with her. My intention was just to watch her assets. Many times she catch me starring her cleavage, I soon changed my eyes from there. But she never tried to cover her body. So i felt like she is also enjoying that, but we never talk about that. Then slowly I started to praise her body, she didnt reply me, but gave me a slight smile in return. All nights I masturbate atleast three times thinking of fucking her from behind.
One day when I was chatting with her and she was busy in making dinner, she asked me to help her. I jumped to reach her and asked her what should i do. She told me to hold the frying pan tightly. I hold it with one hand and she was busy in frying fish for dinner. As the time progress she comes closer and closer to me. my hand started touching her thighs, slowly my hand jammed between our bodies.we didnt talk anything and concentrated on cooking, my mind was totally on her body. I said something about the fish and casually took my free hand and placed it over her ass, and looked on the pan.Wow!! what a soft ass that was. It was the softest thing I ever touched with my hand in my whole life. I felt like i cummed in my shorts. She also didnt expressed anything unusual. after about 15 min, when the fry was ready i moved back to my seat. But I didnt forget to rub her soft ass with my fingers. Then I went to my room and masturbated 2 times continuously thinking of the softness of her ass. Then I decided to fuck her ass at any cost…
From then I never missed any chance of feeling the softness of her ass. Sometimes when passing her, i rub my palm on her ass, or sometimes i ask her some foolish questions about cooking just to go closer to her and when she explain the answer I just place my fingers over her ass and rub there.
One day when we are alone, we are having a cup of coffee and chatting. My look was on her breasts, her breasts were jammed between the dining table and chair. it was totally exposed. she noticed it but continued chatting . my cock was grown into its full 9 inch length, I was also rubbing it under the table with my hand. then suddenly a spoon fell down from her and she bent down to take it from the floor. then she saw my fully erected cock over my shorts. I immediately pulled my hand from there, but I couldn’t hide my hardon from her sight. she take much more time to take the spoon from floor. when she got up, she gave me a sexy smile. But I pretend like nothing happened. Later that evening she asked me “Raj, can u help me in cleaning our store room and arrange things properly?”
I said ” sure aunty. U just tell me what to do. I am always at your service”
Aunt ” You just give me a company,The light was very dim there, i am afraid of standing  there alone” . I was in heaven. I Know that Today i will get enough chance to feel her body as the store room was very small. I strongly believed that she asked my company not because of her fear, but she also need something….
Then she went to store room. I followed her. There was no window and the room was dark even when the dim light was on.Everything was laid orderless there. she started cleaning from corner. I stood very close to her as there was not enough space for two person. After few minutes i positioned myself behind her, I moved  closer to her and asked ” aunty, is there any work for me?’ she said ” No dear, Just stay there, Thats all I need from you”. then I placed my both hands on her waist. She continued work as nothing happened. She started chatting with me while doing work. i slowly moved my right hand to her hips and rubbed slowly and answered her questions.
My dick was grown into its full 9 inch length.I tried my level best to keep it away from her body, but sometimes when she moved backward it got jammed between us. I saw a small smile on her face when her ass or thighs touches my cock. then I came closer to her, My cock wis tightly pressing between her ass crack, I held her tightly with my hands. now I can see full lust on her face, I slowly started rubbing my cock on her ass crack. She now stopped her work and rested her body into mine and closed her eyes. Without telling any word I i moved my both hands forward, left one on to her stomach and right one on to her shoulder and from there directly on to her left boob over her shoulder.Her breathing increased heavily.I cupped her left boob and started squeezing it gently. 
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh she moaned softly. that was the green signal for me to move forward.I cupped her both breasts with my hands and started pressing it more vigorously. She now laid her head back on to my shoulder and raised her both hands and tied it around my neck. then i placed a small kiss on her neck. She moaned softly, that drives me even crazy. i started licking and biting all over her shoulder and neck and squeezed her both boobs tightly. She then raised her face upward and pulled my head down and started kissing on my lips. she was chewing my lips hard.i pressed her boobs with my left hand and i moved my right hand towards my dream spot, her super soft ass. I started rubbing her both ass cheeks with my fingers . wow what an ass it was…. i moved my fingers between her ass crack slowly. my fingers went deeper and deeper each time. she was chewing lips hard and hard. Finaly my finger tips find my dream spot, her heavenly asshole. I pressed my middle finger tip on her asshole over her nighty. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh she moaned loudly.
She then turned towards me and hugged me tightly. her boobs crushed against my chest. She then raised her head and looked into my eyes. I cupped her ass cheeks with my both hands and squeezed. She closed her eyes and bite her own lips with full lust on her face. Then i said ” aunty, can i remove your nighty”
She took my face between her hand looked into my eyes, gave me a sexy smile and said ” dont call me aunty, call me MOM. I will give u whatevr u want but u have to call me mom all these time”
I was really surprised by her answer, but it gave a new pleasure. I was really thrilled thinking of fucking my dream girl by calling her MOM…… i pressed her hard against me, my cock was jammed between our bodies. i looked into her eyes and said ” can I take off your dress mom?’
“Yes dear” by saying this she started kissing all over my face and neck. I pulled her nighty up and removed it over her head.she removed my T-shirt also. Before i can do anything she started exploring my body with her tongue. she licked allover my neck and pressed my chest with her hands. she pinched on my nipples and ran her fingers on the hair over my chest. she kissed allover my chest and bite gently on my nipples. AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh i moaned loudly. she put her tongue on my nipples and licked it hard. again I moaned loudly and pressed her hips hard. she looked at me and asked ” do u like it baby?”
I said ” yes mommy, Very much”
“Then what about this?’ by saying this she put her lips around my nipple and started sucking it. I became mad with her act. I said” you are simply great mom, your lips and tongue are awesome”. she continued licking and sucking my both nipples some more time and said” I can give you more pleasure with my lips and tongue baby”
“Then give it to me mom” I said
She bent down and stood on her knees. she pulled down my shorts. my 9 inch rock hard cock jumped out and hit on her face. She was taken back by the scene. I can see real surprise on her face. She opened her mouth wide and coverd it with her hand. ” OOOHHH what is this baby!!!!” she exclaimed
“I never saw such a BBBiiiiiGGG cock in my life. How can it go inside a pussy. This is really a monster dick”
I asked “What about uncle’s cock?”
She said ” Its very small, only three and half inch long. But rahul’s cock in much bigger than him, may be around 6 inch”
I got shocked hearing this. she knows rahul’s cock size. Now I understood why she asked me to call her mom. she was holding my dick with her both hands and looking it. It was fully wet with my precum. ” please take it in your mouth mummy” I begged.She slowly started jerking my cock with her both hands. She come closer to it and put her tongue out and licked the precum drop from its tip. wow…. what a great feeling it was….. My cock jerked in her hand with excitement. She started licking my cock head, slowly she licks its full length and my balls also. She then opened her mouth wide and took my cock head. It was enough to fill her mouth. she sucked it slowly. she tried to take as much as possible into her mouth. I can feel my tip was touching her throat when she took half of it. She gave me wonderful blow job with her mouth and hand simultaneously. she was a master in that. After about ten minutes i cummed on her face and mouth, she tried to take it all in her mouth, but half of it went long towards the wall of the store room. I was that much excited. She sucked my cock till the last drop comes out from it.
I bent down and raised her up and hugged. I asked ” do you like it mummy?”
She said “of course dear. I loved it very much. I like to take cock in my mouth more than in my pussy. do you enjoyed it baby?”
Me” You are really an expert in it mom, you can satisfy any man with your lips and tounge. Uncle is very lucky to get you as wife.”
We started kissing each other again.Then I broke our kiss and asked her” mom, how do you know the size of rahul’s cock?” She gave me wicked smile and said “I am also giving him the pleasure which I gave you just before”
I got shocked by her answer.
She continued” uncle’s cock is very small. He know that it is not enough for me. one day he caught me starring at Rahul’s cock. he then gave me permission to enjoy his cock also. At first I took his cock in mouth when he sleeps, but one day he woke up and caught me sucking his hard dick. He also enjoyed it. we are regularly doing it now. he also like his cock in my mouth than my pussy. But he never knows that I am doing this with his dad’s permission.”
By hearing all these, my cock got hard again. She pressed it with her hand. I removed her bra and squeezed her both boobs, she started moaning. I bent down and sucked her nipples one by one. I chewed it hard. she pressed my head towards her boobs. I stood on my knees and kissed on her navel. AAAAAhhhhhhh she moaned loudly. I started licking her deep navel and bite on its side. while doing this i untied her pettiecoat. she was not wearing any panties. she was now standing fully naked in front of me. I kissed and licked allover her belly and navel, while i cupped her ass with my hands. i moved my fingers through her ass crack.she was moaning louder and louder and pressing my head deep into her. I then raised my head and said” its my turn to give you back the pleasure which you gave me mom”
She was surprised by my words and asked” you really want to eat my pussy darling”
“yes mummy, I am dying for it” I said
“i never got that pleasure till now. uncle and even rahul didn’t like it” she said
” then take it from me mamma” i said
She said” do it baby, do it now……”
” please turn around mom, I will give you the pleasure from behind.” i said
I stood up and pressed her towards the wall. and I started kissing on her back slowly down to her hips. I stood on my knee again and looked the place which I am dreaming for the past few days. I slowly pressed her ass cheeks with both hands and separated them. Now I can see her asshole clearly. wow… I got mad by the scene. I eagerly placed a kiss on her asshole, she giggled slightly. ” what are you doing my naughty boy?” she asked smilingly. I was not in a mood to hear her words. I kissed allover her ass and bite there.My both hands are pressing her hips and thighs. She had huge soft thighs and each ass-cheek is more than a football. I massaged them with my hands and face. she was also enjoying my massage. i said” mummy, I was eagerly waiting for this moment. Your ass is heavenly”. I gave a soft kiss above her ass crack and slowly rubbed my mouth and nose through her crack up and down. I slowly inserted my fingers between her thighs and touched her pussy lips. It was all wet with her juice. I rubbed her pussy. She said ” lick me there baby. Eat mumma’s pussy fully. I want your hot lips down there.” 
I pressed my face under her hips and take a deep breath. The sweet smell of her ass and pussy drove me crazy. She bend down and now I can clearly see her pussy from back. I kissed it eagerly and started licking it. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh she cried loudly and pressed her pussy tight against my face. I squeezed her ass and eat her pussy greedily. her sound increased as my licking progressed. I sucked her pussy lips hard and ran my tounge between her pussy lips. I kissed her asshole and licked it and inserted two fingers in her pussy and jerked. She cried” dear fuck me hard with your fingers. I never had such a pleasure in my life.” she was also rubbing her pussy and clit with her own hand. She said ” oooohhhhhhh baby, you are killing me, suck my pussy, suck it hard,,,, I m comiiiiiiiiigggg” i 
” Now come to bedroom and lets have our first fuck there” she said.
Me”no momma, i want to fuck you right here. I want to fuck you in this position. I want to feel your ass while fucking”
She said ” I never  fucked from behind baby”
I smiled and said ” mom,This is the first fuck in my life, I am really thrilled because I am getting my dream girl. I want to make our first fuck a memorable one.
I hugged her from behind and cupped her boobs and squeezed it. I rubbed her ass with my cock and pressed it in her ass crack. ” please bent down mom” I said
She bend forward and held the rack of store room with both hands. I held her waist by one hand and with other hand i took my cock and rubbed it through her pussy. She shivered with pleassure and started moaning softly. My cock tip touched her clit, I slowly rubbed it there. She caught my cock with one hand and placed it into her pussy entrance and said ” Insert your cock slowly dear. I a not sure i can take it inside my pussy or not, I never had such a monster in me.”
I slowly pushed my dick into her wet pussy. It was really tight for my huge dick, slowly my cock head disappeared into her pussy. OOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh she screamed. I again pushed a little. she cried loudly with pleasure. I can see tears in her eyes. I asked her “Am i hurting you? do you want me to take it out mummy?”
She said” no dear. I am really enjoying it…. push it more and pump it, but slowly”
I pushed again and it went deeper and deeper. Finally it disappeared fully into her pussy. I started pumping slowly. we both moaned loudly. i held both ass cheeks and increased my pumping speed. Now I am seeing the sight which i dreamed for the past few months. Her hips are jumping with my strokes. ooooohhhhhhh what a scene. I pumped harder and harder. After some time i feel I am going to cum. I decreased the speed. she said” push it hard dear. I am comiiiiiiinnnggg”. I increased the speed and we both came at the same time. I continued pumping for some more time and took my cock out. She then stood up and turned towards me. We hugged each other and kissed passionately.i rubbed her ass and inserted a finger in her asshole and said “I want to fuck your asshole mummy”
she said “Ohh baby, it will be very painful. I never had a cock inside my asshole. and your cock is very big also” . my face turn sad. Seeing this She said ” don’t be sad dear, we will try it, but not now”
I placed a kiss on her lip and said” thanx mummy”
She said” before that I want to take permission from uncle for enjoying your cock”
Me ” how is it possible mom?”
“I know how to deal him. You just do as my instruction” she said.
Me ” tell me mom, what should I do?”
Mom ” keep your door a little bit open and masturbate thinking of me when you go to sleep tonight. Dont stop even if you saw me or uncle at door. act like you don’t seen us.I will do the rest. when I come to your room, act like nothing happened between us before and as it is our first time”
Me ” ok mom”
I kissed her again. Then we put our dress back and went out of the store room. She went to kitchen and I started watching Tv. After some time uncle and rahul came. we chat for some time. then aunty told us dinner is ready. we had our dinner and when i went to wash my hands, aunty came near me and said ” go to ur room when rahul go to sleep and do what I said earlier after 10 minutes”. I nodded and went to watch TV.