Uncle Gave Permission To Fuck His Wife – Part II

Hi readers, I am Raj again. first of all I thank all the readers who enjoyed my first story. In this I will tell you how my aunty got the permission from her husband to fuck me. After our first fucking session aunt told me her plan. We all had our dinner together. Then uncle rahul and myself went to watch Tv and aunt went to kitchen to finish her work. After 15 minutes Rahul went to sleep. Then 

Aunt came from kitchen with a bucket full of washed clothes and asked uncle to come and help her for putting the clothes on terrace. Uncle told that he is not feeling well. I took my chance then and told I will help u aunty. She didn’t reply and went outside, i followed her slowly. she started climbing the staircase steps, I ran towards her and hold her waist with my both hands. She said nothing but stood there. Then I gave a bite on her ass. Offf she said and patted me on my head. She started walking towards the rope for putting the clothes. I followed her by holding her massive soft hips with one hand. Wow…. what a feeling. her hips are jumping according to her steps. I can feel it clearly on my hands. I cupped her both ass cheeks and rubbed them slowly. She started putting the clothes. I held her waist with both hands and rubbed her ass with my fully erected cock. 

She continued her work with soft moans. I took my cock out and rubbed its tip through her ass crack and told her ” mom, I am dying to fuck your ass”. She smiled and said ” I will give it to you my dear. but we have to execute our plan first, Ok?”. I said ok and give her a kiss on her back neck and started licking there. She bite her lips to control her moaning… I raised her nighty and cupped her ass with my both hands and squeezed it hard. She held my cock tightly and started stroking it slowly. I pulled her both ass cheeks wide apart and ran my finger through her ass crack. AAAAAAaahhhhhhh she moaned and stroke my dick hard. 

I licked her ear and told ” mom, Its really nice to fuck u here in open air no?”. she said ” we can have that pleasure later dear. Uncle will be angry if he caught us now”. I asked” then how will u get permission from him to enjoy my cock?”. “leave it to me dear, u just do as I told u before. Now lets go back dear” She told. She turned towards and hugged me. we started kissing, after some time she broke it and started walking back. I held her hand and said ” mom, can I give a kiss on your asshole, pleeaaase?” She said ” yes, but do it fast. I dont want to take any risk” I Immediately stood on my knees on her back.she raised her nighty. I held her ass cheeks and parted them. I moved my faced to her ass crack and rub there with my mouth and nose. Then i placed my lips on her ass hole and kissed hard and started licking there. She shivered wit joy and pressed my head tightly against her ass with her both hands. I cant even take breath for some time, but i continued licking her asshole hard. I can feel her juice flowing through her thighs. I took my face then and licked her juice from her thighs and stood up. she smiled at me and hugged. ” lets go now dear.” she said and walked I enjoyed her ass till we reach the main door. I sat on sofa and started watching tv. “thanks Raj” She said and went to kitchen. 

After some time aunt came and joined us to watch Tv. After some time she gave me signal with her eyes to go. Then I told uncle I am also feeling sleepy. I said goodnight to them and went to my room. As we planned, I kept my bedroom door a little bit open. I went near the window and opened the curtains so that anyone can see things properly even though the light is off. I switched off the light and lay on my bed. Then I recollected the incidents happened in my life that day. The thought of my aunts gorgeous ass made an instant hardon. My cock grew into its full length immediately. I took it outside and stroked slowly.The thought of aunt licking and sucking my cock made it really hard and precum started coming out. I rubbed its tip with my thumb.My cock head was all wet with my precum. After 5 minutes I saw there is someone on my bedroom door, It was my gorgeous aunt watching me masturbating. that drives me more crazy. I started stroking fast. She went back then. I knew that she is executing her plan. I really want to see how she is playing the drama in front of her husband. I ran towards the door and looked through the gap. She went and sat on the sofa near uncle. she was acting restless. 

She raised her nighty up and rubbed her thighs and rested her head on sofa and acted upset. uncle asked her ” why u are upset uma?’ She said nothing and continued acting. Uncle turned towards her and again asked “tell me dear, what makes u so upset” she said nothing but took his one hand and placed it between her thighs. Aaaaaahhhhhh she moaned, I understood that he is rubbing there. He smiled and said ” you are all wet down there, what made you so horny?” She said nothing and continued acting. I am really thrilled by the scene and started stroking again. Uncle continued rubbing her pussy and said ” You rally need a nice fuck now, If u want go and enjoy with Rahul. After you get satisfaction satisfy me with your tongue and lips”. Then she said ” I am not in a mood to enjoy with Rahul, If you want I will take you in my mouth” “then what made you so wet, tell me dear” he said Aunt ” I saw something now, thats made me really horny” Uncle ” whats it dear. Which scene made u soooo wet, Show me too” Aunt ” I am afraid you will scold me if I told that, But I cant hide anything from You dear” By saying this aunt gave him a kiss on lips and squeezed his cock over the dhothy he wore. He said “I will not scold u dear, Tell me what u saw” she stood up and told him “come with me, I will show you” I ran towards my bed and started masturbating my fully erected cock again. Now I can sense their presence at my door. I am really thrilled now and stroke my dick really hard. 

After some time I was about to come. I cummed so hard that my juice came out like a rocket. My chest and face covered with my own juice. some of it went above my head. I laid there for some more time slowly rubbing my semi erected cock. I can feel they are moving back. I cleaned my load with a towel and again went near my door. She acted restless again and rubbed her pussy. I can see a confusion on uncle’s face. He was watching her without saying anything. Aaaaahhhhh she moaned and continued rubbing her own pussy hard with one hand. with other hand she removed his dhothy and held his dick and started stroking it slowly. He was also hard down there. His cock was really small one. 

She came near him and kissed his lips and started chewing it. She broke their kiss after some time, but her hand were still busy. Then she looked into his eyes and said “what a cock it is dear, How he got such a monster cock. I am really horny by the scene dear” He said nothing but just nodded his head. She again said ” come fuck me dear, fuck me hard with your cock” She stood up and went to their room, he followed her. I also followed them without making any noise. For my luck they didn’t close the door fully. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide and invited him. He went between her legs and inserted his dick into her pussy. It went easily. H started moving slowly. Her pussy was all wet. I understood it from the pluck pluck sound. She rubbed her clit hard with one hand and pulled him towards her and moaned loudly. “ohhhh what a cock it was dear” she said. He was also excited then and said ” just think of his gaint cock and enjoy our fucking dear” I was really shocked by his words. My uncle is fucking his wife hard by saying her about my cock. He said again “Think and feel his monster cock in your pussy dear. I m also so excited thinking that….” I really wondered by hearing his words. He is also excited by the thought of fucking his own wife with another man. 

She moaned loudly now “yes dear, I can feel that monster cock inside my pussy. fuck me hard with that heavenly cock baby. ooooohhhhh what a cock….” he pumped really fast now. “Oooooohhhhhh I am commmmmmmming baby” He screamed now and pumped hard. He cummed inside her and collapsed on to her body. THen he laid near her. She is still rubbing her pussy as she didn’t reach her climax. He saw this and said ” I know that I cant satisfy you fully. That’s why I allowed you to fuck our son” She Said ” its all right dear. I will satisfy with my hands now”. She continued masturbating with her hands and said ” oooohhhh what a cock… I am really horny by the thought, The scene of that long, thick and hard cock is still in my eyes. aaaaahhhhh any lady who can enjoy that cock is very lucky, aaaaahhhhh” He then turned towards her and started finger fucking her and said “feel his cock inside ur pussy dear, then u will reach your climax soon…..” uffffff aunt moaned loudly and said ” use ur all fingers dear, then I will get his monster cock’s feel….. aaahhhhhh” He then inserted his 4 fingers inside her and stroked really fast… aunty moaned loudly and started raising her hips in excitement. she said ” fuck me hard, tear my pussy with that gaint cock….. aaaahhhhhh i am comiiiiinnnnnggggg” 

Thus she reached her climax. She then turned towards him, looked into his eyes and kissed him. she again told her wish indirectly ” I cant forget his cock dear, Any lady who can fuck that cock is really very very lucky, Isn’t it dear?” He just nodded and looked at her for sometime. She continued acting upset. Then he asked “Do u want to become that lucky girl uma??”. She raised her head suddenly, looked into his eyes and said “WHAT,,,,,,,,, what are u saying dear?” Uncle: “I konw u want to take that cock inside u.” Aunt: ” Nothing like that dear. I am seeing such a big cock for the first time in my life. It made me very horny, thats all. But I dont want to take it inside me by hurting you.” Uncle: ” I dont feel bad with that dear. I also get excited if u do that. You know one thing dear, when u enjoy with our son, I always watch that secretly, I even masturbate thinking of u fucking with our son.” She said surprisingly: ” really???? U really enjoy to watch me fucking our son. oh my god, I cant believe that…. Then u can have more fun when I fuck raj.” “yes dear, U can enjoy his cock tonight itself. Go and seduce him” he said. She asked ” what will I do if he is not interested in me?” Uncle: “No one in the world can ignore an invitation from such a sexy lady like u. I am sure that he was masturbating with his big cock thinking of u only. Even if he is not interested, I am confident that u can seduce him with your magical lips and tongue. Now get up and enjoy with his monster cock dear, all the best” By hearing this I ran towards my bed. I lay naked and covered my cock with a blanket. I heard sound from their bathroom, I understood that she is getting fresh for me…. 

After 5 minutes my bedroom door opened and she stepped into my room, She closed my door( Not fully). she came and sat near me. according to our plan, I acted as sleeping. She removed the blanket from my cock, it was semi erected. She looked into it, gently touch it with her fingers.she said wow and looked at her husband who is standing behind the door. then she slowly took my tool in her hand and stroked gently. It began growing, Within seconds it reached full size, she continued stroking. I moaned and still act like I am dreaming. Then she bent forward and came closer my dick. then she held my dick tightly and kissed on its head. My precum started flowing out. She licked it with her tongue. Then she licked all over my cock head and opened her mouth wide and took my cock head full into her mouth and sucked. 

All the time she was looking her husband who is enjoying the scene. I increased my moaning sound. She then held my dick with both hands and lowered its skin and started fucking with her mouth. As our plan, its time for me to wake up and play the drama. She sucked me harder and harder. I suddenly wake up from sleep and act as shocked by seeing my aunt there in that position. I got up and sat there and asked “what are u doing aunty??? What happened to u??” She still held my dick with one hand and with other she covered my mouth and said “don’t make noise, I had seen u shagging your big cock earlier. I couldn’t control myself, U just lay there and enjoy.” She continued stroking my dick. I started enjoying.She hugged me with her free hand and told me in my ear ” uncle gave me permission to enjoy ur cock, He is watching us at the door. dont look at him and enjoy maximum” I hugged her tightly and kissed on her neck and shoulder. She then took my lips between her and started chewing it. after some time she released my lips and kissed all over my face and neck. She pushed me to the bed and came near me. 

She put her legs over mine and kissed on me chest, still stroking my dick slowly. Then she kissed on my nipples and started sucking and licking it. I became mad by her act I hugged her tightly. Then she again came to my cock and started giving me a nice blow job. She took my cock in her mouth as much as possible, I can feel my cock head touching her throat. I held her head with both hands and pushed her more deeper and moaned loudly… she pulled my balls with her fingers and fucked my with her mouth. She then stood on her knees, raised her nighty above her waist and sat over my thighs. She bent down and kissed on my lips, She started chewing my lips hard. then she kissed allover my chest and and licked my nipples and sucked hard. I shivered with pleasure. I inserted my hand into her nighty through neck and pulled her one breast outside and squeezed hard. 

I kissed on her tittie and sucked. she moaned and raised her body up slightly. she is sitting over my cock now. she started rubbing my cock between her pussy lips, I sucked her bot nipples one by one and squeezed her boobs roughly. She raised her waist up, Held my cock straight with one hand and slowly guided it into her heavenly pussy. Even though it was our second time, the wetness in her pussy was not enough to insert my cock into her tight pussy. Slowly she took my cock head into her pussy. Oooooooohhhhhhh she moaned loudly. She stayed there for some time, took two three breaths, relaxed and moved further down on to my cock slowly. She was moaning madly.aaaaahhhhhh ooooohhhhhh what a cock u have got bastard……… It will tear my pussy, aaaaahhhhhh….. I said ” aunty, slow down ur voice, otherwise uncle will come and catch us” Aunt said “dont think about him now, just love me as much as u can.” She took almost half of my cock into her and started pumping it slowly. She held my both chest with her hands and increased her speed. I cupped her both hips and pushed it more into my dick. she put her hand under my neck and raised my head to her boobs Which was bounsing according to her pumping…. I placed my face between her dancing boobs, It hit on my both cheeks. I licked abd bite on her boobs. She was riding on me really hard and fast now and screamed like mad…. I also started pumping from below. 

Now we r fucking really wild like animals…. After some time she screamed I am comiiiinnnnngggg, and collapsed on my chest. she stayed there still with my fully erected cock deep inside her pussy. I pushed her on to the bed and climb over her and inserted my cock again and started pumping hard. She started enjoying again and said dirty words like “fuck me hard you mother fucker aaahhhhhh. tear my pussy you asshole……” I became mad by her words and pumped harder and harder. I was about to come. I told her that i want to come on her face and tits. ” then do it u son of a bitch” she cried. i pumped her hard two three times more and took my cock out ant climbed over belly and started stroking my dick. she held my meat with her hand and said ” remove your hand and let me take ur juice” and pumped. finally I exploded. cum started pumping out of my cock like rocket. It fell allover her tits, face and hair. She squeezed my cock more and took the last drop from it. I again inserted my cock into her pussy and pumped two three times more and fall on her body and kissed passionately. 

After some time she got up and said ” now let me go, we wiil have more fun later” I went closer to her, hugged and said on her ear ” i want to fuck ur ass” She said ” I will give it dear. not now, uncle is watching us, let me go”. She went outside. I followed her. Uncle was not there. She went to her room. I again followed her till the door to hear their conversation. Uncle was sitting on bed, she sat near him and said ” thanks dear, It was really a nice time I just had” He replied” I saw it darling, I also enjoyed it a lot. U can enjoy his cock more. But let him know that u r doing it with my permission” Aunt: “thanks dear, luv u soooo much, now I will wash myself and lets sleep” She went to bathroom and I returned to my room and lay on my bed. My Fantasy of fucking her gorgeous ass is still uncompleted. but I was sure that I wiil get it soon. I will tell you that in my next story. I had group sex with her son and even with uncle later. I will tell that also in my coming stories. Before that send me ur valuable comments