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Written by D-D,
on 2023-07-25,
genre masturbation

Guys this is a WARNING! Never ever! Overstimulate your prostate and this is why.Im not Gay but when i was Younger i figured out that pushing your prostate can make you orgasm like crazy.So last week i decided to see how far i can push that and pushed it to hard. I used a metal zigar sleeve to fuck myself and hit the prostate probably one time to often. I felt an amazing orgasm but also a little pain. Even the next day.So i went to the doctor. I wasnt embarassed, more worried that i have hurt myself. So He checked my prostated and told me that its fine but probably Oberstimulated and that i should stop what im doing lol. Also that the healing process could get me a boner or being completly impotent for a while. And that i should Not jerk of but i could leak a drip for a day or two. Not a Problem i thought. At least i was good.So but here is the thing. After i was releaved that im not going to die or anything. Right at the way home my overstimulate prostate started to tighten while i was standing on the Bus Home. As it turned out, for me the first case was going to happen. Apparently the Vibration of the driving bus was enough now to arouse my p spot and i got a realy big boner. I turned my back to the doors hiding it but it just got worse. I felt such a tension in my ass. My penis tip wasnt even tingly. And then for No reason my prostate started slowly to pump. It was a very slow first pump followed of course with a second one. I was holding my breath while my Penis tip started to drip and then after the 5th slow pump, it just exploded in a big orgasm and Up to 8 fast pumps like a normal jerk Off. I felt suprised and a little embarassed. What just happend???! The Doktor said to not jerk of and that it could leak cum but LIKE THAT? I got out of the bus and went Home by foot. I wasnt sure If someone noticed so i Had to leave the embarassment was to big for me to handle. But it didnt stoped there. Just after walking like 50 meters, it started again! I felt the tightness in my ass followed by a boner. I got nervous and scared. Would this happen again? What If someone sees me now….I could Not hold it. It was out of my control. My dick started throbbing again and then the prostate. I kneeled down next to a bush, hiding my face and let it happen. “Nghhhhh” i shot another unwanted load into my pants. But this time it was diffrent. it was much stronger. I basicly Ran Home after this. I was so embarrased and scared. I even called the doctor and asked If an unwanted Orgasm could happen and He said, unusal but yes since the prostate was trying to heal itself and was “Testing” its functionality. But it should be heald Up in 1-2 weeks….WEEKS??!? I Had to Go to school tomorrow. The next day i actually felt okay. I got breakfast and Had No incidents. I even forgot about it until the 5th class this day….when it happened AGAIN. Guys trust ne this is No joke and Not enjoyable. The tighness started….and i got horny and scared as fuck. I immediatly left the class, just bearly made it before the boner was rock solid and then i Ran into the toiled. I opend my pants to see my hard dick. I couldnt believe that this was happening without friction. But yeah it did. I watched my hard penis starting to flow over with cum. IT was running down my shaft like a melting ice. Even before pumping the load. Which of course happened Afterwards. Woooph i swear that was a strong one. Luckily since i Had my pants down this time i wasnt covered in cum. I knew this was going to happen again now. So i decided to call it a sick day with a Bad stomach and was going to leave school. But my teacher Had other Plans. She was writing a suprised test and gave me the choice to stay or prepare a Powerpoint for tomorrow. Scared of Standing infront of the class, i agreed to write the test now which would only be 20 Minutes and then Go home. I mean, i Just came right? I would have some time gap till the next orgasm…. Well nope…i must have really destroyed my prostate that one day because i was just in the test for 10 Minutes when i Had a dripping boner again. Everyone was so silent. And i was holding back moaning. I didnt even cared for the test anymore. I stood Up, went over to her table and gave her the exam and then turned to leave but she grapped my Hand “wait!” And i had to turn back looking in her eyes she said “you forgot your Name” i was blowing a load Inside my pants while i watched her eyes. My teacher was a hot female milf but this was so embarassing. I thought she could see right through me and knows whats happening. I looked away, wrote my name on it and left. But this wasnt over yet. The tightness in my ass didnt went away. I felt like i could burst again. And i actually did. Just 5 Minutes after the last time. My pants were soaked in cum while i Had 2 more orgasms in the ride home im the Bus. Wtf is this!?! I thought. I went straight into my room and got naked and coward into my bed. Finally i could moan. But i swear it didnt helped much. I pulled a condome over so i wouldnt mess my bed and lyed down. At first i felt releave. Was ist over?…Not quite. The tightness in my ass never went fully away and so it started to get strong again….but this time it was diffrent. IT felt like a muscle cramp in my ass. God please make IT Stop….and the slow pumping began. I was in absolute agony. Every pump was so strong! And for absolute No reason! I didnt jerked Off. my Body was doing this all on its own. Once it stopped i didnt felt releaved anymore. Is like being in a constant state of Adrenalin.And then my door opened…i was so shocked. My sister came in and screamed “what are you doing Here? Your sounds annoy me” – fuuuuck…my Sister in the other room was here too?? I coverd myself completly with my blanked and told her to leave! But she insisted to tell me about her work day First. She also turned around to my Computer and wanted to search her coworker she was complaining really quick. I never thought that i would do this again….but once she turned around and instead of siting in the chair decided to show her ass, which was nicely tight packed in a yoga pants…i got a boner First…yes she was hot….i have jerked to her Off once or twice too. But this time she was in the room too! I thought No, i cant do this until my prostate decided otherwise. I tryed, i really really tryed to hold it in. But i was throbbing again. The wiggling ass was to much. She turned back around looked me into my eyes and asked “are you okay” – i just nod and blow another load infront of my sister. “Little pervert” she said without context and left.At first i did Not understand but then i realized that even though i Had a blanked on me infront of her, my mirror from the left Showed my balls a little and my throbbing dick. Just the base but enough to Understand that im naked and probably a pumping boner. The worst part of all this was that the arousal just didnt went away. And this was just day 2.

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