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tagIncest/TabooUnder Mom's Bed: Persuasion

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.
Note: This is chapter four of the Under Mom's Bed series. Please read the previous chapters before embarking on this one. Returning readers may want to refresh their memory of the story so far.
Morning rays of the sun slipped in through the narrow gap between the curtains and my eyelids struggled to remain closed against their luminance. My eyes blinked open into a narrow slit, taking time to adjust with the light.
"Ugh… should've closed the curtains properly!" I cursed myself as I saw the time on the clock, 6 AM. I propped my pillows up higher against the headboard of the bed and lay back down. I heard faint sounds of utensils coming from the kitchen downstairs and realized that Mom was awake.
Mom! Oh My God! I gasped as the memory of last night trickled into my groggy consciousness.
"Did it really happen?" was my first thought.
Did mom really touch my cock at the theatre? Did she really jerk me off afterwards in the kitchen?
Oh God! My breath quickened as my mind recollected in vivid details our illicit encounter from last night. My cock twitched, setting off a shiver that ran through my entire body as I remembered that I had cum all over her navel.
I had asked her to wake me up in the morning. Alas! I was already awake. It would have been lovely to wake up to her sweet voice and then open my eyes to see her gorgeous face… her angelic smile.
All of a sudden, as I imagined Mom's smile, worry seized me.
How would she be feeling today… about what we did together?
Over the last couple of days, I myself had contended with the forbidden nature of what Mom and I were doing. While I had struggled initially with guilt and shame, those feelings had progressively lessened in intensity. I had made my peace with it… sort of. Though it was wrong, I had realized that I wanted it too much to be worrying about the morals of it.
But Mom… how was she dealing with this taboo relationship? I had no idea.
She liked touching my cock and jerking me off. I knew that much. The look in her eyes was unmistakable. There was lust for my body. But for sure, there was another part of her mind that was pushing against the idea of acting on that lust.
The part of her that loved me immeasurably as her son would be afraid of losing the meaning of life that she had hinged to being my mother. She seemed terrified of losing her maternal claim over me if she gave herself to me as an object of lust. The more I thought about it, the more clarity I gained… that she was finding it difficult to reconcile conflicting emotions of being my mother and being sexually attracted to me.
At the same time, it was clear that she got really excited when I made her undress herself unbeknown to dad who was busy watching TV just a few meters away from us. Even in the theater last night, she had taken of her bra in the washroom during the interval because I asked her to. Once she came back, I had asked her to show me her breasts, and she had done that. Later, despite dad sitting right beside us, she had caressed my cock after I placed her palm on it. All this told me that I had discovered an exhibitionist streak in Mom, that had been hidden all these years… something even she wasn't aware of. She seemed to get really excited when I asked her to expose herself to me when my oblivious dad, her husband, was nearby. This idea suggested a lot of possibilities to me.
I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to push the boundaries too far too soon. All that had happened till now was us seeing each other completely naked, me touching her breasts and her jerking me off. Though I really wanted to be more intimate physically with Mom, it might scare her off even the established boundary. It wasn't worth the risk aiming too high now.
As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard dad's voice downstairs.
"Shanu, I'm leaving for my morning walk." He told mom. Couple of minutes later, I heard Mom's footsteps coming upstairs. She was coming to wake me up like I'd asked her to.
I would have to reassure her that no matter what happened, I would always be her loving son. I would also have to be careful to convey that I didn't intend to push her to be more intimate… at least for now. But I would have to continue little acts of persuasion to keep her invested in our intimacy. As I summarized my thoughts Mom slowly opened my door and stood there, not entering. The moment she saw that I was awake, her eyes went downcast… apprehension written clearly in her face.
"Morning Mom," I said in my cheerful voice to allay her worry, "I woke up just a few minutes ago."
"Oh… okay" she said. She stood silent and still for a few seconds. Her feet fidgeted as if the floor tiles were hot. Then she made as if to go back down.
"Mom," I spoke. She stopped and looked at me, a hint of fear in her eyes as to what I was about to say.
"Mom, I love you… with all my heart, as my mother above all else… you know that right?" I asked.
Mom's face, which had been hard like a stone, slowly changed. A warm color spread on her cheeks and a hint of a smile appeared on her face.
"I really love you Mom… I have… for my entire life till now, more than anything or anyone else in this world… and nothing is going to change that, do you understand?" I said meaning every word of it, "you will always be my mother first and foremost!"
Mom seemed to be struggling against her emotions which threatened to come out any second now. Then it happened. The dam that was holding back tears burst open and Mom's eyes became moist. Her palms went up to cover her face as she sobbed.
I couldn't stay away seeing her like that. I slid down from the bed and ran to her. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her in a warm embrace.
"Oh Mom, don't cry!" I said. Slowly, her palms slid down from her face and came around me in a hug. Her maternal bosom pressed against my chest and I felt her beating heart. I could tell that she felt my heart beats too. No matter what our brains thought and prompted us to do in the future, we knew in that moment that our hearts spoke to each other in a language only they understood. We knew that that bond between the mother and son's heart would not break no matter what.
Her sobs died down in a couple of minutes but we still remained in the embrace. It must've been around five minutes before we let each other go. Mom then went downstairs to the kitchen and I joined her after a short visit to the toilet.
She brought two cups of tea and we sat on the dining table drinking it. Two three sips of tea later, I put the cup down on the table and cleared my throat.
"Mom, can I ask you something? Will you answer honestly?" I asked. She nodded.
"Do you regret anything we've done over the last couple of days?" There was a strange flash in Mom's eyes. It seemed she was recollecting our encounters from the last few days.
"Ajju," she started, "I… uh… I…" She couldn't find the right words to answer. I decided to break it down for her.
"Do you regret letting me see you naked or watching me naked?" I asked.
She took her time thinking about it.
"No. I don't." she said. My heart jumped in elation.
I waited a few seconds to calm down and then asked, "Do you regret touching me… or the fact that I touched your breasts?"
This time a conflict of emotions was evident on her face. It took her a few seconds to make up her mind.
"Ajju… I was up thinking about this most of last night. The truth is, last night I did regret touching you down there… I regretted it instantly. I cried over it this morning too." She stopped to take a few breaths. I extended my hand and placed it over hers on the table, trying to say without saying that I understood what she was going through.
"I was so scared that I had ruined the special bond that I have with you… my son," she spoke again, "but… this morning… what you told me put my heart at ease. I know now that I'm never going to lose you. I could feel that our love for each other is stronger than ever." She looked deep into my eyes.
I felt such a surge of love from her eyes that I pulled my chair closer to her and held both her hands in mine. I raised her hand up and kissed the top of it.
"I will always be your son Mom… your Ajju. Nothing could ever change how much you mean to me." I said.
"Oh my baby boy." She said as she pulled me into a hug.
"Finish your tea before it gets cold." She said when we broke the hug a few seconds later. I picked up the cup and downed the rest of the brown liquid in one gulp.
"You didn't really answer me mom," I spoke then, "do you regret touching me or letting me touch you?"
She too finished her tea in a few sips and then spoke, "Ajju… I don't know about regret, coz what I feel overwhelmingly is fear… that if your dad found out, it would destroy him. It would destroy our family."
She paused for a few seconds before continuing, "My mind can handle regret. I know it will fade away with time. But this concern of being caught is too much… but… but there's something else, something I don't understand. I uh… I am getting excited… way too much, whenever you ask me to do something in the presence of others, particularly your dad. It's really confusing, the fear and excitement."
She looked into my eyes to gauge my reaction.
"I feel the same way too Mom." I said, "I love looking at your body. But knowing that dad's so near and so oblivious to what going on makes me so aroused. I can't explain it either."
Just then, dad came back from his walk interrupting our conversation. He plopped down on the sofa and asked Mom for a cup of tea. Mom stood up and took the two used cups and walked into the kitchen. I followed her.
Once inside the kitchen, she put the kettle with left over tea onto the stove. As the tea heated up, I became aware of the opportunity to create some excitement. I could picture it perfectly. Fooling around right now with Mom and I in the kitchen while dad was sitting so close but out of view. Mom had her back turned to me. She was wearing a saffron kurti and loose white leggings. I could make out the shadow of her bra on her back.
Just as I was about to put that thought into action, another thought popped into my mind. How would dad react if Mom took off her kurti in front of me with dad seeing? It was such a strange thought, but it made my cock hard. I decided to act on it. I went near Mom and whispered.
"Mom," she turned to face me as I spoke, "Will you do something now if I asked?"
Mom's eyes registered alarm at my words.
Before she could say anything I told her my idea, "Mom, I just want to see how dad would react seeing you take off your kurta in front of me."
"Wait Mom. Listen," I continued, "it's not so crazy as it sounds. Think about this… you accidentally spill something on your kurta, you take it off in front of me and dad coz it's wet… and I, I will behave like it's nothing extra ordinary, seeing you in your bra… I, I will then bring you a towel to dry yourself off. The whole thing will take hardly a minute. Dad will be none the wiser."
I stopped once I finished explaining the spur of the moment plan. I then saw the kettle on the stove. I reached over and shut off the stove.
"Tea!" I exclaimed, "People spill tea all the time, and see this is not too hot as to burn you." I looked at Mom.
She was staring at me in shock. I knew it sounded outrageous, but the excitement was in the outrageousness. My cock was rock hard just thinking about it. Thankfully I was wearing tight underwear and so it didn't show.
When Mom didn't respond I said, "Mom please, just thinking about this has made me so excited." I placed my palm at the crotch area of my shorts and felt the warmth emanating from it.
"Just see for yourself." I said as I caught her hand and touched it against my crotch. It happened so fast that Mom seemed to be in a daze as I let her hand go. She had felt the warmth at my crotch and she was breathing excitedly. We spend a few seconds looking into each other's eyes and then she made the decision.
I went back and sat opposite dad on the other sofa. The seconds ticked away like bombs in my head. After a while, Mom walked in with measured steps holding a cup of tea. Dad was reading the newspaper.
A couple of steps away from dad she said, "Ram… here."
I watched with satisfaction as the cup slipped from the hand that she'd held a little high and spilled the tea all over her chest. The cup hit the floor and scattered into a few pieces.
"Ah!" Mom cried in a high pitched voice that only I could tell was fake. Dad looked up from the newspaper at the commotion.
"Ah! It's burning!" Mom cried out again and shook her hands frantically for dramatic effect. Then with both dad and me looking, she hooked her fingers at the bottom end of the saffron kurti and pulled it up over her head. In a matter of seconds, the plan had worked just right. Mom stood there in her blue bra and loose white leggings. The bra as well as Mom's cleavage was wet with the tea that had seeped in through the kurti by now.
Immediately after Mom took off her kurti dad's eyes flew to her bra covered breasts and then a split second later to my face. I looked straight at Mom's chest with the best look of concern I could put on. I let dad watch me looking at Mom's bra covered breasts for a couple of seconds and then I jumped upright.
"Did it burn Mom? Wait… I will bring you a towel!" saying this I ran to the kitchen and then out to the backyard where a dry towel was hanging on the clothesline. It took me about ten seconds to return. Mom was still standing there in her bra and dad had a scandalized look on his face. I handed the towel to Mom. She took it while giving me the wet kurti.
"Run this under the tap water… go, it will stain." She told me as she dried her cleavage with the towel. I turned to go to the kitchen like she asked.
"Ram, can you please clear this while I go change? I will make you tea then." I heard her tell dad. I heard Mom climb the stairs as I ran water over her kurti. My cock was so hard, it was paining from being constrained in the tight underwear. I stood at the sink rerunning the scene again and again as water flowed over the cloth. The bewildered and scandalized look on dad's face was the outcome I was looking for from this outrageous plan.
A minute later dad came into the kitchen to discard the broken shards of the cup into the waste basket. He looked at me with a weird expression. I smiled inwardly as I acted out noticing the odd look on dad's face.
"What happened dad?" I asked innocently.
"Nothing," he said trying to soften his expression, "it was just odd… Mom taking off her kurti in front of you."
"Mmm? Why dad?" I asked.
"Oh," he replied, "I don't know… you are not a kid anymore. You are an adult man. Mom shouldn't expose herself like that in front of you." Even when he said it, there was visible conflict in his face on having turned what apparently was just an accident into this awkward conversation with me.
"And you didn't avert your look too." He added. He regretted saying it immediately.
"God dad! She is my mother!" I said.
"I was concerned for her that she had burned herself. If you remember, I brought her a towel while you just sat there seeing her in obvious discomfort and pain. Now you accuse me of letching on Mom!"
I could see that my words triggered that right buttons of shame in dad, at having even thought so inappropriately of his son.
"I can't believe you!" I added.
"I'm sorry son. I don't know what I was thinking. Shit!" He apologized, "I'm really sorry… please don't tell your Mom."
There was genuine shame and regret in his eyes as he left the kitchen.
I hung the wet kurti on the clothesline and went up to my room. In the shower, I blew a giant load of cum over the images of Mom's bra and dad's scandalized face.
When I got ready for college and came down, Dad was ready as well and was having breakfast. Mom had changed into a blue kurti and was serving dosas. I took my seat on the dining table opposite to dad. An awkward silence played between us. Mom brought me a plate of dosa and chutney.
"Are you okay Mom? No burns no?" I asked and saw a naughty twinkle in her eyes.
"Thankfully no. I took off the kurti immediately so it wouldn't burn." She said.
"You brought me a towel, that was lovely Ajju… And Ram, thanks for clearing the pieces." She added.
Dad smiled at her. Soon we finished breakfast and it was time for dad to leave for office. I too had to leave for college. I was putting my shoes on when Mom handed dad his lunchbox and he left.
Mom had that twinkle still in her eyes when she handed me my lunch. I took it and kept it in my bag. The door was open and I saw dad's car pull out of our gate and go.
I turned to Mom and said, "That was amazing Mom. You won't believe how aroused it made me."
She only smiled. Then without bothering if someone walking on the road might see through the open door, I leaned over and kissed Mom on the lips. Her lips were welcoming and we smooched for a few amazing seconds.
"I wish I didn't have to go to college today." I said once we broke the kiss.
"Me too baby." Mom admitted shyly, "but you have to."
"See you in the evening Mom." I said.
"And Mom, wear a saree in the evening… wear it low on your waist and greet me at the door when a reach." I added before riding away in my bike.
In college, attending lecture after lecture, I kept having a hard on every half an hour or so thinking of Mom. It was difficult to focus in class but I willed myself to take lecture notes of important subjects. Anu, my girlfriend, was acting extra touchy feely since she hadn't seen me for a few days. At lunch hour, I had to struggle to keep up the appearance of being attentive while she droned on about something or the other while my mind was focused on the rice and ladies finger curry mom had packed in my lunch. Each morsel of rice reminded me of Mom… a warm feeling emanating from my stomach.
In the evening, I rode my bike rather rashly trying to get home as soon as possible. It was 4.30 PM when I rang the calling bell at home.
After a few seconds I heard Mom's voice, "Ajju?"
"It's me, Mom." I confirmed.
Then Mom opened the door. My jaw dropped at the sight before me. Mom had worn a gorgeous red saree and paired it with a blue blouse. But what caught my eye was the fact that the pallu of the saree had shifted to her right side exposing a generous expanse of Mom's midriff. She had worn the saree really low like I had asked her to. Her deep navel looked extremely sexy and my cock started to harden instantly.
Mom closed the door behind us and we went in the living room. She sat on the big sofa and I sat on the smaller one opposite her.
"Do you like the saree?" she asked me when I didn't say anything.
"I love it." I said, "All day, I have been imagining what saree you'd wear and how you'd look in it. This is more beautiful that what I imagined."
I had to adjust the tent in my pants. She saw me doing it and a flash of lust flitted on her face.
"Mom, I've had a hard on almost the entire day thinking about you." I said, now rubbing the tent on my pants. She held my eyes for a long minute in an intense look.
"Mom," I said and gulped at the perverseness of what I was about to ask her.
"Mom, can I… uh… jerk off to you… here?"
Mom gasped at my words, but didn't respond. I waited a few seconds. Then, taking her silence for consent, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick. I wrapped my hand around it and started jerking it slowly.
Mom's eyes were riveted to the action of my hand moving on my cock. Gently, I moved the skin on my hard cock up and down all the while looking at Mom's exposed navel.

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