Unexpected Rules of Motherhood

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The first time Melinda had sex with her son was a revelation. In the quiet community where she lived — in the 1940's — you'd think this sort of thing would be frowned upon, but it wasn't. There's a reason why that place seemed in harmony and everyone got along. It's because of their moral values.
Whenever a father would pass away, an adult son was expected to take his place. It was meant to ensure that the son would learn how to handle responsibilities and become a man. It was also meant to ensure harmony within each household.
All of this was explained to Melinda by the community leaders during a private meeting. World War II had left its lasting damage to the American family, which is why it was more important than ever to have such strong resolve. She'd heard of talk like this before, just rumors and innuendos, but never directly.
"My deepest condolences for your loss," Mayor Braddock said in a private meeting with her. "But these are the rules of our community. Your husband agreed to them and signed a pledge before heading off to war. Think about your son. Think of the man you need to raise."
Melinda was shown the pledge that her husband signed, in the event of his death. The signature matched and she read the informal document. It was explicit permission and a directive for Melinda to carry on with her life. Only now, she had a new duty on her hands.
With the father no longer around, it became Melinda's duty to bring her 18 year old son into manhood. She sat there attentively as Mayor Braddock explained all of the details to her.
She lacked skills in manual labor, hunting, and self-defense. Those lessons would be taught to her son by older male members of the community.
What she did possess, however, was a firm pair of breasts, a voluptuous body, and a vagina. She gasped hearing those words, though she was unsurprised. She'd long heard rumors of this happening. Mothers teaching their sons about sex and engaging with this.
It made sense at the time. Young men have too much energy. Too much time on their hands. It was a mother's way of taming them. Guiding them. Keeping them at home and away from trouble so they could be raised to become wholesome family men.
Melinda agreed with the community leaders. The fact was, her son had been reckless these last few weeks, disappearing for hours at a time, and he recently got involved in a small fist fight where he worked part-time at the factory.
She planned on telling her son Jeffrey that night about the new arrangement, but she was too afraid. She felt a great deal of shame over what she was expected to do. Her husband was the only man she'd ever been intimate with, and the thought of sharing those same feelings with her son was a lot of weight to carry.
The next morning, before she went to work, Melinda left the pledge her husband signed on the dining table so that Jeffrey could find it. She worked as a secretary at the local newspaper. The wage was decent and it was enough to pay the bills.
All she could think about at work was Jeffrey's reaction to the letter. It was natural that her son would be filled with rage and misdirection since their family's loss, but would sex be enough to set things right? Jeffrey was full of vigor and energy; so she was hopeful that this would make a man out of him.
During lunch, she was advised by the women she worked with on how to proceed with such a delicate matter. They spoke in a hushed tone while they ate their sandwiches, switching subjects whenever men walked by. A topic like this was only suitable for women their age.
A woman in her late 50's spoke first. "You have to be strong about it. You can only dive head first. Anything else would lead to a disaster."
Next was a petite woman with a high pitched voice. "She's right, you know. A mother's duty in a situation like this is to project strength. You have to entice him first or else he won't believe it. Then you have to be firm about everything or he's just going to use you for what he wants. Everything has to be on your terms."
Finally came Helen, the woman with actual experience. "I have two sons and one daughter. All adults. When my husband died in the war, it was my responsibility to keep the family together. It wasn't easy at first, but these are the sacrifices that us women have to make to serve the community."
The group listened attentively as Helen spoke of giving her adult children oral sex, of letting the sons bend her over and have sex whenever they needed, of using this as a way of guiding them into adulthood. They switched topics to cooking recipes whenever a group of men walked by, and switched back to sex when they had enough privacy.
As a parting piece of advice, the experienced woman added, "Am I proud of this? It's not something I'd go around telling people, but the results are profound. My family could have been shattered, instead we've never been so close."
Those words felt heavy and Melinda had much to think about. The women of the group wondered if she was actually going to do it. She said she'd think about it and that she was leaning towards it.
Lunch was over and they went back to work. Before going home, the experienced woman slipped Melinda a personal letter, which had no names or anything that could be used to identify anyone. Melinda read the note carefully and took the words to heart.
When she arrived home, the house was empty. Her son usually came home after she did because they worked different hours. She fixed her appearance and prepared a few cookies in case her son was hungry.
An hour later, she found herself sitting down with her son in the living room, having coffee and cookies. Her son was in a somber mood after thinking about this all day. There weren't any smiles between them. It was like a business discussion was taking place.
"You understand what I'm offering, right?" Melinda asked, sure that her son was mature enough for a talk like this.
Jeffrey nodded. "Yes, mother."
"What are your thoughts? What are your feelings on the matter?"
"I would be interested if that's okay," he said.
For the first time since his father's passing, Jeffrey seemed like the person he used to be. Calm, respectful, and at ease.
Melinda noticed the change, stemming from this opportunity. Her son's anger and frustration with life were at a temporary standstill. Maybe this plan had a chance of working. Perhaps this was the reason why the community used this method to prevent young men from becoming out of control.
She stood up and gracefully removed her clothes. For the first time, her voluptuous figure was revealed to the most important person in her life. Her breasts were large and hung down. Her big brown nipples were erect. Her hips wide. A patch of hair was between her legs, covering her labia and clitoris.
"This is what you'll be getting," Melinda said, mustering all the courage she had to stand there naked with her hands down. "You can have any of the pleasure spots that your father had. They can be yours. But only if you fulfill your duty of becoming the man of the house."
Jeffrey gulped hard and nodded. "I understand."
"Do you? Tell me, what does being the man of the house mean?"
She gave her son time to think because it was a big answer. A life changing commitment. Her son had read the pledge and had an idea of what this was all about. Perhaps her son had also heard the rumors of how this was supposed to work.
"It means I have responsibilities," he answered. "I'm expected to take care of our home. Tend to important duties. And…"
"Go on. Say it."
"Tend to the woman of the house as well," he said in a small voice.
"And what will you get in return?"
She watched her son's eyes go up and down, looking at her naked body, still in disbelief that mom was naked and barefoot in the living room.
"I'll be getting… you," he said.
The answer shocked her to the core, even though this was her offer. She knew her son would accept the deal. From what she was told, these deals are always accepted. No son is crazy enough to turn it down.
But hearing the acceptance, she knew her life was about to change. Things would never be the same again.
"It works both ways," Melinda said. "You are expected to tend to my physical needs as well. Show me your cock. I bet it's hard right now."
Her son, always the daredevil, started undoing his bottom, while still being nervous about it. Any normal son would also be nervous in this situation, but Jeffrey was determined to overcome these fears.
Watching Jeffrey lower his pants to reveal a strong erection was having a profound effect on her. It had been a long time since she had sex. Plus the stress of what she had been going through ruined her sex drive. Now she was looking at the only kind of relief she'd be getting, presumably for the rest of her life.
Remembering the words of her coworker friends, Melinda was determined to dive into this head first.
"Don't move," she said. "Because this is our first time, I want to get a feel for how things might work."
Her son remained stoic as she got on top of him. They'd shared plenty of hugs and kisses, but nothing could compare to this level of intimacy. She touched her son's erection, which made her feel like she was violating her maternal duties, and she guided it to her pussy.
It felt so good to have something inside of her and she lowered herself on it. She felt an unbelievable amount of shame. This was her dear son. An act like this should have felt like a grave sin. It should have felt like she'd be going to hell for engaging in unholy acts of pleasure.
But why did she enjoy it so much? The revelation slowly revealed itself as she rode her son, looking him in the eyes, the same way she used to do with her husband. Love is love. Could that be why she enjoyed it? She loved her son differently than she loved her husband. And she needed to be strong for the sake of her son's future. Helping him become a man with proper foundation.
They were silent except for their breaths. She could hardly look him in the eyes, but she forced herself. Jeffrey's eyes shifted around in shame. A virgin? It seemed like it.
"I'm going to cum," he panted.
Melinda lifted herself so that her vagina was freed. She reached down and grabbed her son's erection, which was now throbbing and dripping wet with her juices. She held a firm grip and stroked it.
She noticed her son's eyes glazing over. The orgasm made Jeffrey, a fierce and competitive young man, turn into a pile of mush on the couch. All thanks to her vagina and hand-work.
When her son was spurting cum, Melinda couldn't look. But she felt the mess splattering across her thighs and rolling down her hand. Her son's moans were euphoric and finally she managed to have a peek at the mess.
Her son was pent up and really enjoyed this. The mess was warm and it was everywhere. What kind of mother would do this? One that cared for her family, it seemed.
"I could get used to this," he said, laying back and sinking deeper into the couch.
Melinda grabbed some tissues and cleaned her hand and thighs. She cleaned her son as well. Then she put her clothes back on.
"We still have much to discuss," she said, fixing her outfit. "Remember, this is only the beginning and we'll take things one step at a time."
One step at a time was all Melinda could handle. Her life would never be the same after having done this. Even if it stopped here, her life was forever changed.
The evening went as normal as it could be. She prepared dinner, her son helped with the dishes after, and sex was never mentioned. Her son helping with the dishes was a positive sign. It beat Jeffrey staying in his room all night.
At work the next day, Melinda explained everything to her coworker friends. Was she proud? Not really. But she desperately needed the feedback from women she trusted. She'd already informed the Mayor and city leaders about this first step, and they were pleased. But those leaders are old men, not women. What would those men know about a maternal bond that women experience from giving birth?
Her friends clung to every word, to every detail, listening to what she had to say. They were a captivated audience and they gladly shared their thoughts in the form of motherly tips, household tips, and sex tips. Ordinarily those topics should never mix, but somehow in this circumstance, it all made sense.
"I don't think that's good enough," Helen said last. "From the sound of things, you're still the one in control. I know it's early, but you need to push your son to take charge. Jeffrey has to be the man of the house, not you. That means your son has to initiate the sexual advances and demand what he wants."
The experienced woman looked around to make sure they had privacy before giving advice like that. It was a miracle that they had managed to keep this conversation a secret.
Melinda took the words to heart and expressed her gratitude as lunch break was over. They were eager for all the upcoming details. Gossip is what they lived for. But adding mother/son sex into their lunch time talks was a potent combination.
It was Saturday the next day. In the morning, Melinda was determined to make another impact. She hadn't spoken to her son about sex since their first intercourse, and that was a big problem. Her son was supposed to be the decision-maker and so far that wasn't happening.
Going to the kitchen where her son was that morning, she decided to just be naked. Enticing her son would be easier. Mentally she was prepared to do it since she had thought about it all night. It nearly kept her awake.
In the kitchen, her son was shocked by her exposed body. She kept a serious expression about her nudity. After all, she needed to set the example that nudity was now a permanent fixture in their new relationship (if he desired it). And if they were to be committed to it, then consistency is key.
"You never asked for more of this," she said, gesturing towards her crotch, using a finger to twirl her pubic hairs. "Why?"
"I figured you'd come to me when you're ready for it."
"Your father fucked me every chance he got. Do you want to be the man of the house?"
"Yes," he answered. "I know I've screwed up lately because of everything that's been going on, but I want to change. I'm working hard so we can have a better life."
"Come to my bedroom… our bedroom."
She headed back to the room and was certain that Jeffrey was looking at her shapely rear-end. Men always checked out her butt at work, she was certain that her son liked the same things.
On the bed, Melinda sat down on the edge and put her feet up, keeping her legs spread and open. It was the first time Jeffrey had a good look at the pink opening. She used her fingers to spread her pubic hairs so that her erect clitoris was showing.
"Here's how it's going to work," she said firmly. "You're going to fuck me good and hard. Love is for when we care for each other. This is purely carnal needs."
"Are you sure you want this? Because my cock is hard all the time. If you give me a free pass, then I might abuse it. I'd want a lot from you."
Just like his father, Melinda thought. Always a hard-on. With her pussy still exposed, Melinda tried reading her son's facial expressions. Yes, her son was so very interested in what was being offered. But at the same time, Jeffrey was a gentleman enough to realize that he'd be overstepping the boundaries of a traditional son.
Still, she wondered if her son was a virgin when they first had sex. It was likely, though she didn't want to ask.
"I want this," she said. "But be reasonable, of course. Dominate me with sex, but love me in life. Now, are you going to keep me waiting all day? I'm starting to get a bit cold here. Being naked isn't easy in the morning hour."
Her son had a fire burning from deep within. The shyness and nervousness of incestuous sex (and sex in general) were eroding because the lust was that great. Her voluptuous body was enough to entice any man, family or not.
The erection was revealed and pointed at her vagina. Entry was easy because of her wetness and they had sex, with Jeffrey standing over her. Pounding her into the bed.
She could feel her son's passion and desire with each thrust. She wondered how long Jeffrey was interested in this. Were these pent up frustrations at life, along with the horniness of being a young man? Or did her son always have an interest in fucking her?
Despite the rhythmic thrusts, Melinda noticed that her son was looking away. Jeffrey's head was turned while this important act was taking place.
"Don't be ashamed," she said. "Look your mother in the eyes when you're fucking her."
"Yes, mom."
Their eyes locked. It was working. When he nearly flinched, Melinda held her son's face so that he couldn't look away. She wanted the eye contact. She wanted Jeffrey to see what he'd be getting from this day onward.
"I can feel that you're close," she said.
"Where should I cum?"
"Anywhere you want."
Deep down she regretted those words because she was still fertile. She gave birth at a young age and getting pregnant again was a real possibility. But this was all about letting her son take charge and be more assertive around the house.
When it was done, they were both sweaty and Melinda's vagina was coated with her son's sperm. They held each other for a while until she let go. Her son stood upright, flaccid wet penis hanging down, looking at her. She was still naked with her legs spread, cum dripping out of her pussy.
Had she made her son into a man? This was a good first step.
In the months that followed, their lives were never the same. They slept in the same bed at night. Jeffrey laid on the same side where his father used to sleep. Gradually the young man took charge of the household, handling the important responsibilities and staying out of trouble.
Melinda was glad that the plan worked, even if it meant giving her body every morning and night. Oral sex was also a big part of their intimacy. Melinda was experienced with taking a penis into her mouth. She'd only done that with her husband and Jeffrey's cock was the same shape. She had to teach Jeffrey how to give oral in return. It took a lot of practice lessons, but she was glad that she had a son eager to learn.
What mattered most to Melinda was the growth in her belly. She became pregnant and her son handled the news well. If anything, it inspired her son to become a better man and Jeffrey actively began looking for a full-time shift, which he got. He was becoming everything his father was.
At work, and at home, she started wearing different outfits. She needed looser tops to accommodate the ever-growing roundness of her belly. Her breasts were growing larger and so were her hips.
If the weather was warm she went around the house naked. That often led to more sexual encounters because her swollen breasts, puffy nipples, and round belly were a turn-on. It was the ultimate sign of her womanhood. It was also the ultimate show of her son's dominance, that he was able to change her body in such a way that made her body more enticing.
"How are things holding up?" Helen asked during a lunch break. "Is everything alright on the homefront?"
The circle of friends were interested as always. By this point, most people where Melinda worked knew the source of her pregnancy, but she only confided to her female colleagues about it. She humorously wondered if they were all so interested because someday they'd find themselves performing the same sexual arrangements in their own homes.
Melinda was frank about the situation, saying, "My son fucks me better than anyone ever has. I've taught him to look me in the eyes while it happens, so he knows that he owns me. Now I'm sore all the time. I guess that's what happens when you give an over-sexed young male the keys to his mother's body."

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