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My name is Madhu; I’m 20 years old and studying engineering in Hyderabad. I come from a village about 250 km from here and my family is into agriculture. I stay in a hostel away from home. After my third year studies, I went to my village for my summer vacation. My family consists of three elder brothers all of who are married. My parents are no more. My eldest brother is Ramesh and he is 30 years old. His wife is Madhavi, a very attractive 26 year old. She was about 5’4″ tall, fair complexion, very curvy body with ample assets. He is a very friendly woman, and since I was the youngest in the family, she liked me a lot. This happened when my brother had to go to the nearest town for 3 days to get some pesticides etc. For the farm.

My sister-in-law, Madhavi, asked me one morning, if I can drop her to her mother’s house, which was in a village 60 km from ours. I said okay. We had to go in a bike as my brother had taken our jeep. We set off after lunch at around 3 pm. She was wearing a light blue chiffon saree with a matching blouse and was looking very sexy. She said on the bike behind me with her right arm on my shoulder for support. As we were going on, the road was bumpy, and she put her left arm on my hip to steady her. Since she was leaning towards me, her boobs were brushing my back whenever there was a bump on the road. I was very excited. Her hands felt so soft and nice on my body.

After we rode about 25 km, dared clouds started gathering and Madhavi said she hoped that it didn’t start raining soon. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes, it started raining. We drove on in the rain. After another 5 minutes, the rain had become quite heavy and it became difficult to drive. We wanted to stop, but couldn’t find any place to. After driving a little while, we found a small barn by the side and decided to stop there. The barn was empty and it had a small room like something a farmer would use to rest in while he was working at this farm. We parked the bike and rushed inside. We were both completely wet by this time. She was worried that we might fall sick. I gathered some pieces of wood from around and lit a small fire. She was shivering with cold now. I asked her to dry off let she fell sick. She agreed and took off her fully soaked saree, squeezed it, and spread it on the hay allowing it to dry. She was looking gorgeous. I could see her firm, round boobs, which were straining against her blouse and her deep navel and her slim waist which was so inviting. She caught me looking at her but didn’t say anything. I also took off my shirt and hung it. I have a pretty well-built body and she was also looking at me now. She was still wet and she lifted her petticoat and started to squeeze it off. In the process, she lifted it so high that I could see the soft flesh of her thighs and calves. She was ravishing. I immediately got a hard on. As she was bending down to squeeze her petticoat, I could clearly see her lovely globes hanging in her blouse. She caught me looking again, and this time she smiled, turned around, and started unhooking her blouse. The blouse came off and she was now in her black bra which was struggling to contain her boobs. I could also see her firm ass giggling under her petticoat. She turned around and looked at me invitingly. It was too much for me now, I started moving towards her. We hadn’t said a word to each other.

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I went closer to her and came and hugged me tightly. An electric shock went through my entire body. I then held her tightly and crushed her boobs against my chest and start squeezing her ass. I then started kissing her lips, her neck, the top of her boobs, while holding her by her slim waist. I was in heaven. I then picked her up and carried her to a hay stack and set her down on it and climbed on her. I kept kissing her and squeezing her boobs over her bra. I then reached over and unclasped her bra and her lovely shapely boobs sprung out of it. I was going nuts now; I kissed her nipples wildly and sucked on her boobs. She had started moaning now. With one hand, I undid her petticoat and removed it. Then I took off her panties too and now she was totally nude in my arms.

I then quickly took off my pants and underwear and we was both nude now. We kept exploring each other’s bodies and kissing passionately. I couldn’t take it any more and spread her legs and got on top of her. I gently inserted my dick into her pussy and it felt so warm inside her. I pushed all the way in and she moaned loudly. I started pushing in and out of her in a rhythm and her boobs were bouncing against my chest with every stroke. The way her boobs were crushing against my chest made me very hot. I increased the pace of my thrust and she started moaning very heavily. I was holding every part of her body tightly against me and enjoying her soft body all over me. I increased the pace and was now insanely humping her, when she started moaning and shouting loud and in a few minutes, we both came at the same time. I was ecstatic. I kissed her all over her body after we came.

The rain had stopped now and we both got dressed again. We went over to the bike and started driving. We hadn’t said a single word so far!