Unexpected sexy Uma

Hello friends,

I am back this time with more exiting experience with other neighbor aunt. This time it is more fun and exiting.

It happened this way. As I have completed my graduation I thought of getting job in hyd city. I was trying to convince my parents to allow me to go to city for a job. As they love me they want me to stay with them and prepare for ice t. But I made it finally. All this process took 3 months.

This happened in this gap. My parents and members of family use to go to work and I have to stay alone at home. A neighbor aunt use to visit my home daily when my mom is at home. Her name is uma and she is 28, married have there children her structure is 36-2-36.

One day I was watching a hot fucking seen hbo suddenly somebody knocked the door. I felt frustrated and opened the door. There she was standing at the door. She came to get come spices for cooking (this is common with Andhra people).since I was watching the hot seen I was in full mood. I welcomed her and went into kitchen for some spices. There I hade an evil idea of fucking her. I know this is the only time I have to fuck her, if I miss her this time I won’t get her again.

So I came in to the room and absorbed her. She was wearing a cotton sari and I can see her boos they r big. This made my dick grow I was unable to control and my heart beating was increasing. My body really wanted her at any cost.

So I went to her and started chat with her meanwhile I turned TV off. My heart beating was increasing every second and I can literally here the sound of my heartbeat. I wanted to fuck her, if she rejects I even thought of raping her. Slowly I touched her with my hands she looked me in a different way and I got frightened, still with some courage pressed her thighs.

This time she removed my hand and tried to get up. I said Uma aunty ur beauty is making me hot. She looked seriously towards me and started to go away from me, her moves made mad and I got hold her right-hand hand and pulled her on to my chest. Her boob touches my chest and I felt them hard. That was a great experience. She didn’t said a word, I started kissing her on her forehead she was trying to get off me but I hold her tight to me. After sometime she submitted herself to man power. That was all I needed. I got hold of her head and kissed her lips I sucked her saliva meanwhile I was pressing her left breast and butt with my right hand .now she too started getting exotic and getting wild.

I felt this is my day I kissed her neck, cheeks, sucked her lips liked her face. She started moaning with that hot feeling, I got down to her big boos removed her sari, blouse, dra and started sucking those big hot boos. They r getting hard and nipples were standing straight. I bite those nipples and spent nearly 1 hour on her breast and face alone.

She whispered in my ears that is cannot wait any further and wanted to get fucked. I removed her skirt and her panty, her panty was half wet.

I got down to her thigh and started move up licking her thighs. I came to her pussy. It was pink and neatly shaves. I liked her pussy for sometime and kept my fingers in to her pussy and started finger fucking. Meanwhile my dick grew stringer and was big, I inserted my dick in to her pussy slowly pushing inch by inch she moaned aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh and I started fucking her slowly first and fastened later and coumed 4 times. And collapsed on her. She kissed me on my lips and said that she had complete satisfaction for the first time after her married life. Later we got up and when I have seen her nude my dick started taking its position again this time I fucked in dog stile this was the first I raying this possession ohh it was like something more fun than in normal possession soon comed in her and she was completely satisfied with me. To my surprise she wanted me to fuck her when ever we both have time. I said ok.

It was almost 1pm in the afternoon and she went home saying that she has to cook for her husband will come at 3pm and she left.

This was the most exiting experience I ever had in my life. Spending with uma was more exiting than the other aunt next to my home.

Since I have shifted to hyd for a job I am feeling the thirst of having sex. So any married women, girls in city, if u wants to have a complete sexual satisfaction mail me to [email protected]