Unfinished Business

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Laying next to his wife in bed Jeff waited. Typically they didn't get down to business until their second night in these B&Bs, but something was keeping him up tonight. And it wasn't just his erection.
Rachel, his incredibly hot and fit wife was face down asleep next to him. She was wearing a small t-shirt that fit her frame beautifully. And then there was her cute tight butt. The blankets had bunched down to her mid-thigh exposing her modest, yet still sexy, panties. They were silk and blue and fairly loose-fitting from wear.
Jeff couldn't help but reach out and gently caress her butt. Of course, this made him even harder. He contemplated walking down the hall to the shared bathroom and relieving himself, but the risk of someone seeing his erection was too great. He wanted to wake Rachel and see if she wanted to have a little fun but figured she'd rather sleep.
Then he heard it. A subtle scratching at the bedroom door. As if a small finger was picking at the paint. It wasn't a steady sound, it was like the scratcher was trying to get his attention without waking anyone else.
Jeff stood and crept to the door. This was surprisingly easy considering the age of the house. The hundred-plus year floorboards didn't creek once. It made him wonder if they had been replaced at some point.
Jeff reached for the doorknob and suddenly realized he was wearing nothing but boxers. He contemplated putting on some clothes first but then thought, Screw it. Whoever wants to disturb their sleep in the middle of the night better be ok with his near-nudity. Besides, his body was one thing he was proud of. Jeff put in a lot of work at the gym to build this muscle and he didn't get to show it off as much as he wanted.
Jeff turned the knob and opened the door slowly. On the other side, He saw a pale girl, about 18, with long brown hair wearing a long white nightgown. It looked like something out of the '70s. She rushed past him as quietly as possible.
In hushed tones, she whispered, "Brad, I can't believe you snuck in to see me tonight. If the sorority mother finds you she'll be furious."
Jeff decided to go along with whatever was happening for a little while. He put his finger over his lips and then pointed at his wife. "Then we better be quiet so she can't hear."
The girl glanced back to where Jeff was pointing and noticed Rachel for the first time. She started to giggle and clamped her hands over her mouth. "She's got a nicer butt than I thought she would." She joked. "What's she doing sleeping in my room?"
"Probably determined to catch us. How about we do what we were going to do right here on the couch just to spite her?"
She playfully pushed my chest. "You little pervert." She teased.
Jeff caught her hand gently and kissed her palm. Then he noticed her charm bracelet. "Amanda" was inscribed on the metal. He couldn't help but notice the large scar on her wrist below the charm. "Sit on the couch with me."
Jeff sat on the couch in the room and Amanda suddenly noticed not only his state of undress but also the massive tent in his boxers. She sat down right next to him. "You're already half-naked." She balked. "And is that what I think it is?"
"No, it's just my banana. I like to hide it in my boxers." Jeff teased.
Amanda smiled and said, "Oh Brad, you're so naughty."
"Has anyone told you you have a beautiful smile?"
Amanda almost blushed and looked down embarrassed. "No."
"Then the rest of the world is blind."
Amanda was about to say something else, but he leaned in and kissed her. It was a soft but sensual kiss. It was Amanda's first and it took her breath away.
"Was that OK?" Jeff asked timidly.
She nodded wordlessly as her chest rose and fell rapidly from the excitement. She looked like she was about to say something, but then she leaned in and kissed him back. This time Jeff opened his mouth and guided her lips open with his tongue. The kiss was awkward at first. She didn't know what to do with her tongue. But she learned quickly.
Amanda's left hand dropped and accidentally landed on his erection. She quickly yanked it away as if she had touched a hot stove. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
"Shh… It's OK. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Would you like to see it?"
A mixture of scandal, curiosity, and excitement filled her eyes. "What kind of a girl do you think I am?"
"Wanting to see my penis does not make you a slut, it makes you a normal woman. Why do you think we have these urges in the first place? Don't you think that I want to see what's under your nightgown? Desire is normal."
Amanda glanced down at her sleepwear uneasily. "Really? My daddy always said…"
"Your daddy is trying to protect you from creeps who only want to use your body and care nothing about you. I only want what's best for you, to make you feel good, and to free you." There was a pause. "I'll tell you what, I'll show you mine if you show me yours."
Amanda's eyes went wide, and she tried to hide the smile that curled the edges of her lips.
"Deal?" I asked.
She nodded excitedly.
Jeff lifted his hips and slid his boxers down his legs. She was mesmerized by his seven inches. "Can I touch it?"
Jeff simply nodded, and she reached out slowly and poked it with her index finger, before withdrawing her hand away quickly. His erection wiggled back and forth from the poke. Amanda giggled and gently gripped the shaft. "It feels so weird. It's hard but soft and warm."
Then her hand slid down to his balls and gripped them. "Gentle on those. Treat them like grapes. They are extra sensitive."
Amanda nodded and fondled them gently. She didn't realize that her face was slowly getting closer and closer to his privates. It was almost like his snake was mesmerizing her. Jeff could finally feel her warm breath on his tip. If this kept up, he wasn't going to last for very long. "You're tightening up. I mean, your balls are pulling in tight to your body. Did I hurt them?"
Jeff chuckled as quietly as he could as to not disturb his wife sleeping less than ten feet from them. "Quite the opposite. If you keep playing with me like this, you might get a surprise all over your face."
It took Amanda a second to figure out what he meant. "OH. You mean you might ejaculate." Jeff smiled at her innocence. He hadn't heard anyone call it that since science class in high school.
"Yes. So, how about we move on to your part of the deal." Amanda looked sheepish. "It's ok. Just lay back on the couch."
She obeyed and Jeff took the hem of her gown and slowly raised it up her body. Her pussy was surprisingly smooth, and it was a tight slit. Her stomach was sexy and flat, it also was flexing in and out rapidly from her heavy excited breathing.
"Is it OK that I don't have any pubic hair? Cheryl said that guys liked that. Kind of exotic."
"I can't speak for all guys, but I love it." Then Jeff slid to the floor and brought his lips to her labia. He kissed it gently and felt her shiver from his touch.
Jeff kissed it again and she moaned softly. He slipped his tongue inside and she had to bite her fist to keep from crying out and waking Rachel. He slid his middle finger inside her and focused his tongue on her clit. She was cumming in less than a minute.
As she attempted to catch her breath, Jeff kissed his way up her stomach. He stuck his tongue into her belly button on the way and she squealed. His hands slid her nightgown above her small but beautiful breasts. They had to be about the size of large apples, and her nipples the size of jelly beans.
Jeff took her breasts in his hands and played with her nipples. He traced several loops around her left breast with his tongue. With every lap, he moved closer and closer to the peak. When his tongue grazed her areola, her entire body spasmed. When his lips clamped around her nipple she bit her bottom lip to stifle her cry of pleasure.
Jeff continued up her chest and kissed her neck. She cooed from the pleasure of this as he trailed kissed back up to her lips. After placing one last kiss on her lips Jeff pulled his face only an inch away from hers. He stared lovingly into her bright blue innocent eyes.
Jeff reached down and took hold of his shaft. He traced the tip up and down her labia and asked, "Are you ready?"
And with the most confidence she had shown all night, she nodded. As soon as Jeff got the tip in, her body tensed, her chin tilted up, and her thin pale neck exposed itself to him. He kissed and nuzzled her neck as he continued to enter her and take her virginity.
Jeff felt her hands run up and down his back as his hands enjoyed the feel of her firm petite breasts. They were both moaning and grunting now. Suddenly, he felt her pussy spasm and flex around his shaft as her body burst with ecstasy. She began to cry out, not caring if his wife could hear anymore.
As her cries got louder, her body seemed to begin to glow. Brighter and bright the white light from her pale skin grew. Then she began to turn transparent until she erupted into nothing more than light and her spirit was finally able to cross over to the other side.
Jeff face-planted into the couch, no longer having her body there to hold him up. He groaned in frustration. She had gotten to cum, he hadn't. But then he felt guilty for his selfish thought.
The whole purpose of them being here was to help these ghosts settle their unfinished business and pass on to the other side. Even if that left him with blue balls. Jeff stood and turned to face his wife, still asleep on the bed.
She could sleep through a train barreling through the house. Which served her well in the ghost hunting business. Ghosts loved causing commotions in the middle of the night. And Rachel slept through it all. Once a ghost gave her anal while she slept and she never stirred.
Jeff climbed onto the bed and rubbed her back. "Honey, I hate to ask this. But I just released Amanda Ferity's spirit and she left me stiff as a board."
Rachel groaned. "Can't you handle that yourself?"
"I'm sorry. But you know I don't like doing that when I have my amazingly hot wife right here."
She chuckled. "Is that why you were screwing the coed while I was over here trying to sleep."
"You know that was strictly business. I was just trying to help her pass over."
"Yeah, I'm sure you hated every minute of it." She joked. But then she raised her butt, pushed her panties down to her knees, and let her hips drop back to the bed. "Hurry up. I want to get back to sleep."
"Thanks, honey." Jeff kissed her on the cheek and then maneuvered around behind her. He slid his hardon between her legs and into her pussy. After only a minute or two of humping her like this, he came hard inside her.
Jeff tenderly kissed her neck. "Thanks again." But she was already asleep.
Jeff pulled out and slid her panties back up over her amazing rear. Then he covered her with the blanket and grabbed Amanda's file from the coffee table. He sat on the couch butt naked and reviewed it.
Amanda Ferity. Eighteen-year-old college student in 1983. Part of the Phi Cum Su Sorority. Her Boyfriend Brad was supposed to sneak over so that they could have sex. It would have been Amanda's first time. Instead, she changed her mind and he refused to take no for an answer. He ended up raping her multiple times that night, in multiple different ways.
Amanda was so heartbroken and ashamed by this, she slit her wrists in the shower rather than facing the shame in her parent's eyes. It wasn't the sex she needed to pass on, it was the consent she needed to give. Plenty of guys had stayed in this room and had sex with her, Jeff was the first one to put her pleasure above his own and ask before he entered her.
It was amazing how many ghosts' unfinished business was about sex. But it made sense. Sex was one of the ultimate expressions of love and connection between two souls. It is also one of the greatest violations when not done right. There was also a reason ancient civilizations put such a high price on virgin sacrifices. Virginity could only be lost once.
They were planning on being at the b&b for at least a week. A building this old had a lot of ghosts in it. And it was their job to help them move on to the other side.
Rachel woke up next to her unconscious husband. She loved the man but sometimes he didn't know when to let work go. He was up late the night before working with a ghost. That ghost moved on but left him with a raging erection. With which, he then wanted her help, at three o'clock in the morning. But, she knew he would have done the same thing for her, and he was up for a good reason, so she let him use her pussy real quick.
Speaking of, she could still feel the mess he made inside her. She decided she would need to get cleaned up before anything else. So, Rachel stripped out of her panties and t-shirt and threw on the silk robe the B&B provided. She felt a little naughty, wearing nothing but the thin soft material to walk down the hall to the shared bathroom. But she had done so much crazier of things to help trapped spirits pass on. Like the time that she had a threesome with a ghost and his still-living girlfriend on the kitchen table, while several other guests watched.
Rachel exited her room, careful to not wake her husband, and walked the fifty feet down the hall towards the bathroom. Along the way, she suddenly felt a warm wind part and lifted her robe completely exposing her shaved pussy and toned butt. The warm wind felt like a hand had slid from her pelvis, between her legs, and up her crack, before disappearing as fast as it came.
She would have wondered which ghost had just assaulted her if it hadn't suddenly made her insatiably horny. Rachel contemplated walking back to her room and making her husband repay the debt he requested last night. But on further thought, she decided she could just relieve the tension herself in the shower.
Truth be told, there was something highly erotic about masturbating in someone else's bathroom. It just felt naughtier. Not to mention the thrill of trying not to be heard when you orgasmed.
But it wasn't just that, Rachel was hoping to run into that ghost who just copped a very intimate feel in the hallway. Sex with a ghost was exhilarating. Besides the obvious novelty of it, sex was easier with ghosts. No cum to clean up after, it simply disappeared into the ether along with the ghost when they were able to finally cross over. Spirits were typically lighter in weight as well, having only barely a physical form to hold onto, which meant crazy sex positions were easier to get into.
Rachel finally reached the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Truthfully, she loved having people accidentally walk in on her, but she didn't want to risk exposing herself to a kid. Or having a prude walk in and throw a temper tantrum about the "slut" who couldn't lock a door.
She slipped off her robe and started the water up. As she waited for the water to warm, Rachel appraised her figure in the mirror. Both her and Jeff, her husband, were serious about physical fitness. Rachel had a beautifully toned butt, six-pack abs, toned back, and perky D cup breasts. Her eyes were a piercing blue, reminiscent of Alexandra Daddario, and her hair hung down in dirty blonde waves to just past her shoulders.
Rachel slid her hands up her slim taut figure until she cupped her breasts and then tweaked her nipples. The pinch made her body tingle. Then she slid her right hand down across her stomach and began tracing circles around her clit. She moaned deeply but softly. She could feel herself getting wet and figured she needed to get in the shower before she made a mess.
She tested the water and it was near scalding, which was exactly how she liked it. Rachel stepped inside and a few drops pelted her clit and made her knees feel weak. Rachel closed her eyes and stepped forward. She imagined the hot water was Jeff's hands sliding up her stomach and groping her tits. When the water grazed her neck, she imagined he was kissing her there.
Rachel slid her middle finger inside herself and moaned as she began to finger her pussy. She turned to face away from the spray of the shower and bent at the hips. She braced herself with her left hand on the wall as the water gently beat against her rear and tickled her anus.
She was near orgasm when she looked over and, through the gap in the shower curtain, saw an eighteen-year-old guy folding towels and placing them on the rack. The shock pushed her over the edge and it took all of her willpower not to collapse to the floor. She stood there for a moment, savoring the afterglow of her orgasm, and watched the teen do his work, completely oblivious to the running shower.
That, as well as his pale features, queued Rachel into the fact that he was a ghost. She ran through the files they had in her head. She remembered something about the son of one of the previous owners, back in the '60s. She couldn't remember the details right off hand, but there was something about a jealous lover catching him spying on his wife in the shower.
Rachel figured she would play it by ear. If she guessed wrong on how she should respond, she would always have the rest of the week. Not to mention, she was still horny and could do with a little ghost cock right about now.
She stood leaned against the shower wall casually and slid the curtain out of the way. The teen instantly noticed her. His eyes went wide and got an eyeful before he closed them and covered them with his hands.
"I'm so sorry miss. I didn't know you were in here. My mom sent me up with the fresh towels to put away. I promise I didn't see anything."
Rachel smiled and thought, 'That's sweet. She always wanted to deflower a virgin.'
She reached out and grabbed him by his collar and pulled him close. The young man, confused and terrified, dropped his hands to see what was coming. He was expecting several smacks across his head. What he got was one on his lips, by Rachel's lips.
He had never experienced a nonfamilial kiss before, and this was as far from a familial kiss as you could get. Her tongue was in his mouth as she sucked on his lower lip. He knew he shouldn't be doing this. One, they weren't married. Two, the lady's husband couldn't be more than a few rooms away. But those concerns were faint in his mind as his lips instinctually responded to hers.
Rachel broke the kiss and lifted his shirt off over his head. "Miss, we really shouldn't be doing this. What about your husband?"
"His only complaint will be that he didn't get to watch."
The statement shocked him almost as much as when Rachel pulled his pants and underwear down.
Rachel reached out and gripped the limp penis gently. If he wasn't so terrified, it would have probably been hard as a rock by then. She then pulled him into the shower with her and pressed his back against the wall. Rachel lowered herself to her knees and admired the fine piece of flesh. "Just so you know, this is a very fine cock you have here."
He stared down at Rachel, mesmerized by her piercing blue eyes and the words that she just uttered. His mother always taught him that no polite respectable woman used words like that. But they made his balls tingle in the same way as when he accidentally saw down Peggie Sue's shirt and saw that she wasn't wearing a bra.
"What's your name?"
"Ge…George." He managed to stammer out.
"Well George, have you ever had a blowjob?"
"Wh… What's a blow job?"
'This boy was sheltered.' Rachel thought. "This." And then she took his slowly thickening shaft into her mouth.
George gasped, closed his eyes, and attempted to grab onto anything stable as the most intense erotic feelings surged through his body.

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