Hello friends I’m regular reader of iss since 2 years. I read many stories but I can’t believe those stories are true or not its funny or time pass story because I contact (email) many story writers whose wrote there story in iss. So I decide i’ll write my true story if any body have any doubt about my story please tell me i’ll prove it. I’ve no problem. So firstly I will tell you about my self. I m Lovely from Delhi. I am 25, and 5.7′ tall. Fair color good health.

I had read almost all stories of ISS. Each and every story was unbelievable. I start thinking of it is true? Because someone glares her aunt’s boobs, someone else his maami’s or bhabhi’s ass and this aunt’s maami’s, bhabhi’s are ready to show their beautiful boobs and ass.

And they start enjoying themselves like in a heaven. How these aunt’s, maami’s, bhabi’s, neighbor get agree first of all, tell me the truth, can anyone? If is it true then I am very happy man. Because I hope such a chance will get me a soonnnnn till now, I didn’t have a girlfriend, and till now I never had a chance of looking a naked women in my life except in TV and computer monitor daily night I dream of touching of boobs and butts of women’s, that’s all now I have to tell 2 stories in my life, nothing extraordinary. One when I was in 3rd standard and the other in these days

At the age of 3rd standard I have got no desire about females but when I saw Sujata teacher our math madam, my heart suddenly beats in erotic fashion, oh!!! God she was about 30 and she has got perfect boobs and her assss was just like perfect for eyes her skin was white and nice. She was wearing sary one day and chudidar the next day.

While she was in sary I was staring her stomach and boobs. One day she has to stand up on a bench in sary dress. She was very sexy while doing that. I was praying to god to fall in pallu from her sary, but it didn’t happen, I dream her ass was tried to coming out of her sary and petticoat that’s all, I passed 3 rd standard nothing more than that, I never had a sex with her. That is very bad; I never get a chance in my second story, right now these days.

I am 25 age and in Delhi I am studying some computer course, I have to go to some other institution to take up the exam. I went to stg for exam registration and the concern person was female believe me she was sexy goddess, her name is Alka when I saw her first time we shake hand, I saw her arms were nice, then I think of her boobs and ass how should they are nice? I have to take up 7 exams, while each exams I was concentrating her asss, I loveeeee thoseeee one day she was my right side while exam, I just saw her and her boobs, she used to wear chudidar. In that chudidar I feel she tightly kept her boobs under bra, they were very close to each other, I think the size of her bra is little bit small as compared to her boobsssssss

One day I went to ask her that I want to meet u alone to ask some computer course, what she did with me was very sad. She just joked in front of all students in stg and I was shamed very much that’s all in my life, I am very unlucky guy in sex…till now I never touched a women except in dreams please tell to those aunt’s ,mamis, bhabhis and neighbor about me my email address [email protected] please reply me, I always dream of ass butts and boobs of some women … I really want some sex action with females around 20-35 years please replyyyyyyy me all your details will be confidential its an a promise, eagerly awaiting for any sweet ass thanks this is lovely from Delhi