Unprofessional Medical Examination

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The incident happened on my 18th birthday. On the actual day.
My plan was all set. I had passed my driving test shortly after my 17th birthday and was finishing my college course ready for a big summer holiday with my mates a few months after I turned 18.

I wanted to drive a delivery van for a local distribution centre. I'd had a few friends do the job and it was the best way to earn some decent money in preparation for my holiday with the boys. The trick was that after 7 hours of work, they paid double-time. I'd been told by others that had worked there to just take my time and stay out for ten, eleven or even twelve hours every day and I'd earn a fortune. Brilliant .
The only issue was that the delivery company s van insurance only covered drivers over 18 years of age.

So I had it all in place that on my 18th birthday, I'd have my 'driver safe medical' which as long as I passed (which should present no issues as I was young, fit, strong and raring to go) I could start driving their vans (and earning) the next day.
The guy at the agency that booked the medical had warned me, the day before, that, she's a funny woman, so just answer her questions and you'll be fine.

At 10.15 am I rung the bell and waited. I was a little surprised to be at a residential home as I'd been expecting a doctors surgery or clinic of some description.
I stout women in her mid to late forties opened the door and stood in silence looking at me. I assumed that I had come to the wrong place.

Erm, hello I stammered. I'm here for a medical. Is this the right place? I asked.

Her mood seemed to change instantly and she offered a friendly apology and told me that she hadn't been told that I had an appointment. She stepped out of the door, rather than inviting me in and pointed to her garage. She told me to go round the side and to press the buzzer and that she'd let me in.
I did as she requested and after I'd pressed the bell the door buzzed and I pushed it letting myself in.
I heard her call from through another door to make my comfortable and that she'd be with me in a minute.
I walked into the small waiting room. I was reassured that it looked more like doctors surgery with two little sofas facing each other with a low coffee table separating them.

I plonked myself down and waited.
After a few minutes, she came through with two cups of tea and settled herself on the sofa opposite me.

She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a nurses uniform of sorts.
Instantly, something about the situation didn't feel quite right. I'didn't know what it was but it just felt weird.

She placed the two cups on the table and slid one towards me. She smiled as she did it and said "drink it whilst it's hot. I've put lots of sugar in just in case you are nervous".
I didn't know what I should be nervous about, but I thanked her and drank the tea.
She chatted away whilst we enjoyed our tea and I half-listened to her. I told her about me wanting to drive the van as I wanted money for my holiday with my mates and she commented that my friends and I would probably be trying to 'fuck lots of girls' when we're away. At first I thought I'd misheard her as it was a strange and inappropriate thing to say.
She asked for my paperwork from the agency and my identification. Which I handed to her in the envelope I was carrying.
As I passed her the envelope containing my details I leaned forwards as did she to take it. As she leaned forward I was presented with her very heavy and full cleavage.
It was only then, and as she stood up with the envelope that I realised how ill-fitting her uniform was. When she'd opened the door she'd been wearing a sweater and trousers of some description (I hadn't paid much attention) but now she was squeezed into a nurses uniform which was probably 2 or 3 sizes too small for her.
As she left the room muttering something about photocopying my documents, I took more of a moment to watch her. Her uniform was to short for her. It was less than halfway to her knees and she had bare legs. No tights (stockings). This meant that there was a 'larger than would be expected' amount of skin on show.
The top part of her uniform had short-sleeves which barely reached over her shoulders which again meant that there was a lot of bare arm visible. And rather than professional medical shoes, she wore flip-flops with bright red painted toes nails.

She was not unattractive but much older than me. She wore heavy makeup, which again, I don't think she'd been wearing when she opened the door originally and she had a strong perfume on.
She had dark brown hair which was tied up into a bun on her head and although she was short and plump I yet I found myself considering 'if I would'.
She bounced back into the room a few moments later with a look of utter excitement on her face and burst out with "oh my goodness, is it your birthday today?"

She already knew that it was my birthday as she was pointing at my date of birth on my driving licence. I smiled and confirmed, what she already knew, that "Yeah, 18 today". I smiled weakly.
She beamed from ear to ear. "Oh my, a sweet little eighteen year old". She was very excited about it. Again, I thought she was weird! It was a weird thing to say.

"Right, let's get you started," she said placing my envelope back on the table and again presenting her massive boobs to me. Her tits almost fell out of her uniform and I swear she'd undone another button whilst she had been out of the room.
This time she caught me looking and I had a moments panic as I did not what she would do but she shocked me and she said another thing that caught me off centre. She saw me look at her cleavage and she said, "very big boobs". As she said it she smiled widely and raised her eyebrows up at me. But that's all she said. A split second after she'd said it I was thinking that I'd imagine it.
She invited me through into another room. There was a small desk and chair and an examination table similar to one found in any doctors surgery. Then there was a make-shift changing screen and some other standard medical paraphernalia.
She perched herself on the edge of the desk and invited me to take a seat in the chair. I sat down and immediately attempted to slide the chair backwards as its position meant that I was very close to her legs. The chair didn't move. The way that she'd perched against the desk meant that the already short skirt part of her uniform had ridden further up her legs and was also now parted slightly open. The opening of the skirt must have been mere millimetres from her underwear.
I attempted to subtly push the chair back again as my face was uncomfortably close to her bare legs. Again, it did not move at all and I assumed that it must be fastened to the floor.
This was getting very strange.
She ignored my clear attempt to move and instead start asking me questions.
She asked about my diet and exercise. She asked about when I last had my eyes tested. She asked about family history of heart disease and diabetes. All pretty standard.
Then she said, "Oh, I guess I should be writing this down and with a little smile", she twisted round and lifted a pencil and notebook from the desk behind her. As she moved her skirt rode up giving me a clear view of the fact that she was not wearing anything under her uniform.

My cock jumped in my shorts as I saw the momentary flash of her trimmed dark brown bush above the neat folds of her pussy. 

It was gone as quickly as it had appeared and she began scribbling some notes into her book.
I instinctively attempted to push the chair backwards again but again it did not budge. I was so close to her legs.
"OK," she said folding her arms across her and placed the notebook in her lap. "Let's get you undressed and give you the once over shall we birthday boy?" She grinned.
She pointed me towards the screen and ask me to strip off and put on the gown which I'd find on the chair.

I did as instructed and went behind the screen. Just like everything else so far, it was a little weird. The screen was too small and ran adjacent to the wall as opposed to covering the corner. In other words, although I was technically behind the screen I was still in clear view of this strange woman who was staring straight at me. She was even smiling at me. She made no attempt to look away. Instead she teased and said "come on, don't be shy". I attempted to move the corner of the screen slightly to give me some more privacy but to no surprise, it was fixed to the floor.
I looked back at her again and she was still staring straight at me and she was still smiling.
I turned my back to her and quickly removed my jeans and pulled my hoody and t-shirt off together in one movement. I pulled the gown around me and attempted to tie at behind me. The strings only just reached and I had to assume it was a child's size. This also meant that it was very short and only just covered my underwear.
I turned back and she was still watching me. "Underwear too, please".
I slide down my boxers and kicked off my socks and slowly made back toward hers.
She asked me to sit on the examination table.
She stood up from the desk and moved towards me. She took hold of the back of the chair where I'd been sitting and with no effort at all lifted it and carried it towards me.
I couldn't believe it. I had't been able to move the chair at all and yet she'd pulled it over to where I was now sitting with the greatest of ease.
She placed the chair in front of me and she walked to the end of the bed. She used her foot to pump the bed upwards higher and higher then returned to the chair and sat softly down.
This whole situation had my mind racing. What the fuck was going on? My brain couldn't act fast enough to process each strange twist and turn.
I was now elevated so that when as she sat down on the chair her eyes were at my groin level. My brain was screaming questions at me that I couldn't answer. Why the fuck did she need me so high up. What the fuck was she playing at?

I settled myself with the fact that it would soon be over and and that it would all be worth it when I was earning money for my holiday.
She started asking me questions again. This time about my sexual history, the number of sexual partners I'd had, if I practiced safe sex and the like. I fumbled through the answers, most of them exaggerated. It was the next question that threw me. Very calmly she asked, 'Do you masturbate?' 

I froze. Had I heard her correctly? I stammered a weak, umm yeah, I guess, sometimes .
As strange and confusing as her question was, her response was even stranger. She smiled and said almost under her breath and to herself, "Oh, lovely, Yes. I bet you do it a lot, don't you?"
I didn't know if I was supposed to answer so I think I just made a kind of 'mmmmmhuh' noise.

Then as quick as a flash, things became quite normal. She changed her toned and stood up saying cheerfully "Okey dokie, let's do a resting BP, your temperature and then a few quick measurements and you can go".

The end was in sight. I thought with relief.

She took my pulse and blood pressure and then said, Ok, if you could stand up for me and turn around.
I stood, so that she was stood behind me. She measured my arms and chest using a tape measure. Each time she made a slow and rather touchy performance of how she reach around my body with the measuring tape. She did everything underneath my gown. She ran her hands around my skin making sure that she pressed her face close to my body as she passed the tape between her hands in front of me. Next she knelt down to measure my waist I could feel her warm breath against my lower back and the top of my ass. Her mouth was only a few inches from me and I had a flash of panic and embarrassment and in my head begged to god that I don't start to get excited. Thankfully she stood back up after a few moments and measured the circumference of my head which I thought was a little weird but it was fine.
Next, she told me that she needed to check my belly button. Before I had a chance to question this weird request she had moved and knelt in front on me. She lifted my gown up exposing my cock to her eyes and held the gown with her left hand against my chest. She then took her index finger on her right hand and pressed the digit into my belly button. She twisted it quickly clockwise and the back anti-clockwise and then removed it. She dropped me gown with her left hand and stood up as if this was a completely normal thing to have done. She turned back to her desk and I watched her as she stepped toward her desk as she raised her hand and put the same finger that shed just twisted in my belly button straight into her mouth.
She made a performance of picking up her notebook whilst she sucked her finger as if she was thinking about something.
My head was spinning. I felt almost drunk. I had no idea what was going on.
She moved back towards me and asked me to read some letters and numbers from a wall chart and then ask to put my hands on my head. As I did so, my short gown pulled up leaving me a little exposed down below but it was fine until she kneeled saying "I'll just do your hips and inside leg and then its a little cough and you'll be out of here".

I was still processing 'a little cough' when she kneeled in front of me. Again, she wrapped her arms around my hips to pass the tape from hand to hand, but this time it was behind my back so her face was only inches from my cock.
She breathed out long and slow from her mouth so that her hot breath was straight onto my cock. It felt amazing. I couldn't help it now, and I felt the first pump of blood move towards my dick and it twitched.
I watched as she finished her outward breath and softly closed her lips. She raised her head slightly moving her nose closer to my swelling cock and drew in a long and purposeful inbreathe smelling the natural heat and musk of my young dick. I swear that she purred!
She held that position for a long few moments and finally released the tape from my waist and muttered 'inside leg'. She held one end of the tape at the inside my right ankle and slowly drew her hand up my leg stretching the tape as she moved. As she reached my cock which hung slightly to that side she allowed the back of her hand to push it away so that she could reach underneath.

She took the measurement and started the process again on the other leg.

My could feel my erection forming and there was no stopping it now. 

She repeated the action slowly and by the time the back of her hand reached my groin, my dick was stood out fully erect.
I didn't know what was going on. I was horny. I was embarrassed. I was worried I was about to be arrested. I thought she might scream and yet I thought, she fucking did this to me!
She looked up and smiled at me as if there was nothing strange in the slightest. Then with her finger, she pushed down on to end of my cock and let it spring back up and said 'boing' in a playful manner.

She stood up next to me. Very close and I shock as I felt her hand slide over my cock and cup my balls.
I had an ejaculation brewing and I could feel my climax building. She held my balls tightly and I was about to request a slightly softer touch when she said, "cough please".
Again, my confused brain screamed at me. Was this all standard and was she professional enough to just ignore my immature erection? No, what the fuck, she'd just flicked it and said boing for fucks sake. And she had nothing on under her uniform.

I coughed.
She squeezed tighter and asked me to coughed again.
I coughed.

She looked puzzled and moved around slightly. She cupped me from the other side and asked me to cough again.
I coughed.
"That's strange," she said. She started to roll my balls around in her hand.
She knelt down, in from of me again, and continued to manipulate my sack with her hand as if of some interest. My cock stuck straight out at her. Her face was almost touching my swollen hard-on. I attempted to pull backwards slightly with fear that my cock would hit her face but she controlled me fully with her firm grasp of my testicles and she used them to keep me exactly where I was. She squeezed each ball in turn. Moving them around. I felt my orgasm rising.
She rolled them around in her hand. Her face and hot breath on my straining cock. She squeezed them harder and faster.
She moved her face almost as if she was attempting to look underneath my cock and as she did so she brushed my dick across her nose and then her mouth.
I just managed the words "You're going to make me.." But she cut me off with, "its fine". As she spoke my cock jerked and I pulsed my hot cum onto her face. She continued to work my balls pumping them which each spurt of my cum. She continued her examination, she moved slightly ensuring my cum hit her mouth and cheeks.
She continued her examination as if nothing had happened. My cock fell slightly as my climax subsided and I saw her tongue flicking in and out slightly capturing my love honey and drawing my taste into her mouth.
She realised me from her grip and stood up her face covered in my cum. She acted as though nothing had happened.
I can barely remember what she said next as I was in a state of shock and at the same time in the aftermath of a massive orgasm. Basically she said something about an issue with one of my testicles and that her husband is a doctor and she'd like him to have a look.
I didn't know what the fuck was happening. I watch her leave through the side door which must connect back into the main house.
I sat for a few moments and then had an impulse to run. I moved towards the changing screen and my clothes. But to get to them, I had to cross the door that she'd left from but she had left that door open. I peeked around the door to check if I could sneak across and grab my clothes but froze in my tracks.
A few meters down the corridor was my nurse being passionately kissed on the mouth by an older man. He was really going to town on her. In fact, he wasn't just kissing her but was licking her face all over. His tongue was lapping at her face like a man-possessed. At first I though that they were just passionately kissing and I felt a little sick to my stomach that she must have only just washed her face of my cum. But then I had the realisation that he was actually cleaning my cum from her face with his mouth.
I felt sick. (Please remember that I was only 18 at the time and very inexperienced).
I grabbed my clothes and headed for the other door. The one that I had come in through.
I reached the door and made for the door handle. But there wasn't one. No handle. No way to open the door. I pushed it but it didn't budge. I pushed it harder but again nothing.
I moved around the room. There was no other way out. I put my clothes back on the floor behind the screen.
I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a male voice behind me "Is everything ok young man?"
I spun around to see the older guy. Maybe 50 years old. Well groomed and smiling calmly at me.
"Please come over and take a seat". He asked me. Although I had little choice.
I took a seat back on the examination table which he lowered back to a normal height. He didn't question why it was so high up and I sat in silence.
He began to speak. He was saying something about his wife and my testicle and her wanting him to take a look. I was far to distracted to hear what he was saying. I was unable to hear or see anything other than the wet patch of white sticky cum on his left cheek. 'My sticky cum".
He was asking me to stand up and I did so compliantly. His wife had rejoined us and they both knelt down in front of me.

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