Unseen Halloween

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The light was what actually woke me up, I squinted my eyes trying to shut it out to no avail. I put my hand over hand over my face and that didn't help. I felt like shit so I pulled the pillow over my head and went back to sleep, not thinking about what happened to me or what I was in the middle of. I woke up again later, to a beeping noise and it started to come back to me slowly. I was in the lab where I had been a paid part of an experiment. The last thing I recall was hearing a tech call out, "It's actually working!"
I removed the pillow and found myself in a very dimly lit room. The only illumination was the glow of the monitors around me. I felt them sheet over my body and could tell I was naked under it, just as I started the procedure. I just lay back and enjoyed the rest, except for the beeping. Recalling the events of the morning, getting to the lab, the young female technician that prepped me for the procedure and the tender touch she had as she shaved my pubic hair. Her touch was amazing and to my embarrassment my cock grew in her hand as she shaved my balls. When she finished she gave my cock a slight squeeze and said, "Maybe I'll be back later" She was not much older than my daughter and favored her a little too. My cock pulsed in her hand with the hope she would be back.
As I lay there thinking about her she entered the room saying, "I told you I'd be back."
My cock hardened at the sound of her voice, "So glad you made it back, I Was just thinking about you."
She said, "I can tell, have you seen yourself lately?" I looked down and my cock was tenting the sheet. Her hand went below the sheet grabbing my stiff member, I lay my head back as the sheet fell off my body. "Oh my… Nice.." was all she said as her mouth enveloped my cock.
Her skills were amazing, the suction strong, and the way she twirled her tongue around my shaft was to die for. As I was getting close I looked down at her. The only thing that I saw was her mouth stretched open and her hands grasping air. I could feel her and cupping my balls her mouth on the head of my cock but they were not there. It was too much to watch and as I came filling her mouth with my semen. She pulled off of my cock and two more squirts erupted out of nowhere followed by a trickle that produced a cum covered partial outline of my cock. Being a good girl the nurse took me into her mouth and cleaned me up.
I said, "Thank you, that was amazing, looks like the procedure worked."
Running her hands over my chest, or where it should have been at lease she smiled and said, "Yes it did, and I've wanted to do that for the last week."
I could feel my hard-on returning and when arm brushed mine she felt it too. I asked, "A week?"
She said, "Yeah you woke up once and wend back into an I guess the best description is a shock-induced coma. The blow job was one of the doctor's ideas when they saw me on video shaving you. The thought it might distract you a little bit. I have another idea if it's okay with you."
I had an idea what she meant but I let her suggest it, "What do you have in mind?"
With that she removed her shoes one at a time while smiling at me, "Oh I think you know!" her face touched my chest when she bent at the waist to remove her panties. "This is going to have to do, as I don't want to get busted in her naked." She lifted her skirt revealing creamy thighs with a bright red patch of red hair growing between them. The hair was turning darker as her own juices flowed out of her.
As if in a trance I watched as she felt around my invisible body, she climbed up onto the bed and I watched as her pussy split as the head of my cock was rubbing her clit and then the lips of her pussy opened, and I sunk into the beautiful batch of read hair. The lights were dim but it was wild to watch her ride a non-existent partner. My hands worked up her body, unbuttoning her uniform top allowing her braless breasts out into the cool lab air. I watched where my fingers squeezed her breasts and teased the nipples. Even though I just came I could feel another orgasm coming on. I was trying to hold out until she would cum. I felt I was losing as my first squirt came out and she spasmed, her pussy clenching at the nothing inside of her that was my cock. When she got off of me I was coated with our combined juices from about my navel to my upper thighs.
I said, "Thank you, that was .. just was … wow."
She grinned, and replied, "I agree Wow is the only way I can describe it too. But we need to get you a shower."
She helped me up and walked me to the shower, set the water and helped me into the stall. The steamy water of the shower outlined my body as I soaped up. My erection had returned partially, but it faded back down as she tried me off and got me a robe. Looking in the mirror at just the robe made me realize what was going on, I mean really what was going on. I was invisible.
The Doctors came in not long after the nurse left and was talking to me. Telling me how the effects should wear off in a day or two. Explaining that bright lights hurt my eyes because I now have no pigments to block them, or eyelids. That I would need a mask to sleep in if the room was not totally dark.
The days came and went, I got a couple more visits from the love red-headed nurse and we had some fun. Then she got the holiday weekend off and by Tuesday morning I was visible again. Some tests were run. As the doctor proclaimed, I was good as gold and unaffected by any residual side effects. I was sent on my way the next day. The nurse and I, her name was Julie, never saw one another again.
Long story short, Home was an apartment building I own, I occupy a two-bedroom apartment with one of them converted to an office. It was close to the home I bought for my Ex-Wife and our two 18-year-old daughters lived after the divorce. Actually very close, about a block away, but as often as I saw my daughters you would think I lived on Mars. This whole "procedure" paid enough to pay off the remainder of the debts I had, not a huge debt but it helps to not have to work to pay for the building, and the other apartments have enough rental income that I come out ahead.
So back to the normal boring life I lead, day in and day out, fix this problem, plunge this toilet, etc. One of the tenets had a 19 yo son whose room was directly above my office, every Saturday night his mother would go out and he would have his girlfriend of the day over, and I would get treated to the muffled moans of the barely legal young girls.
The second Saturday since I got out of the lab, I got a phone call from the doctors asking if all was good with me. Seems one of the other volunteers had a relapse and since I was the first, if I hadn't by now I would not.
I got thinking hard about how cool it would be to be invisible again, what fun I could have. How I could get into one of my biggest hobbies or watching people have sex. That's when it happened. I looked down at my hand and thought how I really wanted to become invisible again, and slowly by hand faded away, almost layer by layer, I saw the bones and then saw them they were gone. The bright lights in the room really hurt my eyes and I had to hide my face and pull the drapes and turn off the lights blind. I waited a bit to see if I would come back but I stayed invisible. I concentrated on coming back, and I watched the process reverse. This was interesting but I had to rest, I laid down and took a nap.
About 6pm I heard the mother leaving from upstairs, and thought to myself I wonder if I could disappear and make it upstairs for the evening activities. As it turned out the disappearing was easy enough, the hard part was dealing with the lights outside, which actually turned out easier than I thought. I had a pair of Halloween tinted contacts that I slipped in. When I closed my eyes you could not see them, but when I had them open you could see them just appearing to float in the air. They were tiny and unless you really knew they were there you would never see them.
So I got naked since my clothes gave me away and I waited until I heard her son come home with a girl. My plan was to follow them up and sneak in when they opened the door. Well sometimes I think and it was much simpler than that, I just took my passkey, and let myself in before they got upstairs. I left my key outside in a planter for later retrieval. It didn't take them long to get upstairs, I stayed out of the way so I was standing naked and invisible in the kitchen when they came in and went straight to his bedroom undressing on the way. Her shoes were by the door, her skirt a little further in, her top and bra was on the back of the couch, and her panties were on and end table.
Of course, I picked them up and took a whiff, the aroma was heavenly. I was thinking this is going to be fun. I was disappointed when the bedroom door was shut. Sure I could open it but that would spook anyone. I listened to them make out for a little bit, and heard a familiar female voice say, I have to go potty before we do anything. And the bedroom door opened and there stood one of the most beautiful naked girls I have ever seen. From her pretty red painted toenails, to her long blonde hair and everything in between. Her pussy was bald and looked as soft as a baby's bottom, her perfect little clit poking out from the folds ready for action. Her breasts were perfect, pert topped with big beautiful brown nipples, still wet with the boy's saliva. Her face looked so much like her mother's except for her eyes, her eyes were mine. Before me stood my 18-year-old daughter, naked and beautiful. Unaware that her father was standing before her, as naked as she was absent-mindedly stroking his cock invisibly in the hallway.
Joined by the boy, in the hall, we watched he tight little ass wiggle as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. I was torn between staying and watching or leaving but in the end, I slipped into the bedroom while the door was open. I watched as the boy turned the covers of his bed down, he put a brand new box of condoms out on the nightstand beside his bed and stroked his rather normal-looking cock to keep his erection until she returned.
My erection was going nowhere and when she popped her head around the door said, "What you couldn't wait for me?"
He replied, "Just keep the engine running is all."
As she entered the room my daughter Lexie said, "Looks like it's leaking a little."
They came together hugging, pressing his cock into the V between her legs, "Leaking for you!" They kissed like this for a long time, his hands roaming her young body, moving from her breasts to her little tight ass. I was ashamed to be watching the show in front of me and ashamed to be so turned on at the same time. He lowered his head taking one of her nipples into his mouth, when it came out of his mouth it was fully erect.
Lexie said, "Are you gonna just play with them or are we gonna fuck!"
I was shocked to hear her talk like that but I totally understand because her mother was straight forward in bed too. She pushed him down onto the bed, bending at the waist she took his cock into her mouth. I was presented with a view that I know I will never forget. My daughter's ass and pussy were on display to me like no man should ever see. The brown eye of her anus winked ad me and the glossy pink of her pussy looked so inviting that I wanted to just slide up behind her to fuck her. I resisted, as I'm sure a ghost fucking her from behind would not be good for the mood.
She sucked his cock like a pro, the slurping noises were driving me nuts. He reached down between her legs and inserted his middle finger into her pussy. I was stroking my cock and when I saw this I shot my load between her feet on the floor. Almost hitting her pretty pink toes. Almost on cue Jack announce, "Oh god, I'm cumming!" Like a good little girl, she took every last drop of his cum, and climbed up onto the bed. She kissed him on the lips, and he didn't seem to mind what had to be a taste of his own cum.
Jack laid my daughter back, she spread her legs wide and I got an even better view of her pussy, I could make out each and every fold as well as her inviting vagina. I wanted a taste but I know I would be a no go for right no ash his hand soon found her clit and was working on bringing her off. Soon his mouth was working on her nipple, again making me want to do the same. Before I knew it his face was buried between her legs and Lexie was making the cutest little moaning sounds that I haven't heard I years. She started bouncing her hips into his face, he wrapped his arms under her ass and up over holding her hips to maintain the assault on her pussy. When She came she sounded like she was possessed by a wild animal, just like her mother. Jack came up for air, worked his way up her body and kissed her, allowing Lexie a taste of her own juices. I so wanted to taste her pussy and I vowed that I would someday. His cock was hard (mine was also) and he slid effortlessly into my daughter. Thoughts that came to mind in order, 1) that is hot, 2) Damn he is lucky 3) Wish it was me 4) He forgot the condoms.
Their fuck session was no big deal really, he pounded into her pussy for a while and I heard her say to him as he was getting close, "Pull out, I don't want you cumming inside me."
When he came he did pull out, squirting his cum all over her belly and breasts. Then he rolled off of her and wiped his cum off of her with the sheet. She snuggled over onto his chest, one leg over his, leaving her pussy exposed to me. They were soon sleeping. When Lexie was sound asleep I could not resist, I cupped my right hand against the exposed ass cheek and ran my hand down her leg, back up her side and cupped her breast in my hand. Her young body felt so warm and inviting. I wanted more, but there as no way I could get more. She turned over at the touch onto her back and I was bad and ran my hand down to her pussy, cupping her bald mound in my hand, I was tempting fate, but I slipped a finger into her slit. Her freshly fucked pussy radiated heat, and I couldn't resist, I inserted a single finger into her pussy. She pushed against my hand and I removed it fearing I was busted, but remembering I was invisible. I gave her time to calm down back into sleep, I bent down and kissed the nipple closest to me. She moved and grabbed Jack and said, "I want you inside me NOW!"
He was erect in no time (youth is great) and she straddled his cock and rode it to her orgasm right before the bedroom door opened.
Jack's mother was none to happy, "Jack what have I told you about this, you can't be doing this stuff here if you want to live here. Lexie, get your clothes on and you need to go home NOW."
Lexie looked hurt but did as she was told, and left quietly. Me I was sorta stuck in the bedroom as I could not get past without moving someone aside.
Jack's mom said, "I know you have needs, but what's so wrong with me?"
Jack said, "I'm sorry mom, it's just she is a nice girl and I guess just different. I still love you and I love when we make love, she and I was just fucking, we make love mom. You know I love you."
Jack was not ashamed and was hard as a rock as his mother looked at him I saw lust in her eyes. She was a very attractive woman, all the right curves in all the right places. She started undressing as I watched, her body as full-figured, not young and tight like my daughters, but very well built all the same. Her pussy was hairy and I could see the dew of her juices between her legs.
As she grabbed his cock in her hand, She asked, "Jack, I know she was just riding you but can you, will you.. you know."
Jack said, "Say it mom.. say what you want."
She said, "Will you fuck me Jack."
She laid down on the bed where my daughter was just laying and he climbed on top of her, spearing her with his cock. Fucking her while telling her how much he loved her and apologizing for wanting someone else to fuck and telling her all he did was fuck her and he didn't love her.
When she climaxed, Jack also got off, sending his cum up into her waiting body. She kissed him on the lips, saying "I love you baby.. and it's okay. I'm sorry I won't get mad like that again, I know you just want fuck her and that you love me and not her."
They got out of bed and went to the bathroom together to shower, and I made my exit. I wanted to go check on my daughter but I decided it was best if I just went to my apartment. When I got there, I had a message on my machine from my Lexie wanting to know if she could stopover. It took me a while to regain my visible body because I was worked up I guess. But I did, and I called her and she said she would be over in a few minutes.
When Lexie arrived she was wearing the same outfit she was just in upstairs. I got her a cold drink, and we sat on the couch together, I asked, "What do I owe the pleasure of your visit to?"
Lexie answered, I need a place to hold a party, and I need to use the cabin. It's gonna be a themed Halloween party, and there is this huge cabin up on the lake. You know how you said it was haunted and all, and some of my girlfriends that went camping with us when I was younger believe it still.
I asked, "Are there going to be boys?"
Lexie rolled her eyes and said, "Of course there will be boys. Except for me, I was dating one named Jack, but I'm done with his sorry ass."
I knew what happened, but I asked anyway, "He didn't hurt you did he."
Lexie said, "No he don't have the backbone to do that."
I chuckled and replied, "That's funny, if you need to talk .."
She said, "I know.. you are here for me, but it's really all good. I just want to give the gang a good time and maybe a good scare to boot."
With that said we worked on figuring out some good scares, came up with a good tale to scare the teenage adults. OF course I plan on having some fun too, A really good scare never hurt anyone and I think being invisible will be fun.
Lexi explained to me, "Now dad I love all the help, but can you not be around? We are all adults and there might be some scantly clad costumes and some adult beverages. Maybe a little adult party games etc.. Oh and Mary is bringing an Ouija board. We might even dance naked under the full moon that Saturday night."
I said, "Sounds fun, just take it easy on the drinking. Especially the others, I know you are responsible."
The wheels were turning in my head, and I told Lexi a few ideas we did when I was her age and made her swear not to tell anyone I told her.
It was a couple weeks to go until Halloween so we agreed to meet up again, and we could toss some ideas around. She hugged me tight, those breasts I saw earlier felt wonderful against my chest. Then she kissed me on the lips, but just a kiss a daughter gives her father, however, I smelled the hint of semen on her breath and I think a slight hint of it on my lips after the kiss.
When she left I got naked and invisible and snuck out of my apartment and around the block to my Ex's house. I knew the side door would be unlocked so I went on in. I went upstairs avoiding the creaky step that gave my daughters away too many times to count. My ex-wife was in her bedroom with the door shut and I could hear the faint sound of a vibrator being used. I went down the hall where my Lexi and Chasity's rooms are. Chasity's door was closed, but Lexi had her open and I could hear her in the shower. I avoided the bathroom as I knew the steam would give me away. When she came out she had a towel wrapped around her head and another just draped over her shoulder. An 18-year-olds breast have to be the most wonderful thing in the world to view. Her bald pussy was a close second though.
She lay the towel out on her bed, sat naked on it grabbed her phone and unlocked it, her passcode was 1234 — never use 1234 for your passcode! She took a couple of selfies, looking at them on the phone she spoke out loud, "Jack you are such an ass, don't think I don't know what you do. " a long pause as she took a few more pictures and then she finished telling herself, "fucking pervert!"

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