Unspoken Ch. 01

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**My writing range is diverse. If you're in the mood for something romantic and erotic, you will probably enjoy the Unspoken series. If you're looking for hardcore erotica, I recommend my Halloween orgy submissions or the Trouble in New Orleans series. Love, Chloe Hunt**
Chapter 1
The Hunter's Cabin
I was frightened when I awoke in a strange fur-covered bed. I was warm and comfortable, but not in a place I knew. I stayed very still, listening for sounds. I struggled through the fog in my brain, trying to remember how I got where I was. The horrible ordeal came rushing back to me all at once.
I had fled my home late one evening, trying to escape an arranged marriage. I knew nothing about the wilderness surrounding my father's property. My proper upbringing taught me fine etiquette, but nothing practical. My arms were scratched and bleeding after crashing through hedges and briers during my frantic run. A forest wolf had caught my scent and chased me off a jagged outcrop into a stream.
I remembered falling from a great height and bashing my leg on a sharp rock, breaking it below the knee. I sat in freezing waste-deep water, listening to the wolf stalking closer. I was too stunned and hurt to move. The wolf was going to eat me and no one would ever know. I was inclined to my horrible fate at that point. At least I would finally be free of my joyless life.
Terror and darkness were stealing my clarity as I heard a shotgun blast close by. I heard anguished yelping and another blast before everything fell silent. Then I heard footsteps approaching the stream. Panic rose up in my exhausted body. I feared my father's rifleman had found me. He would mercilessly drag me back to my horrible existence. I watched a tall figure appear through the shrubs and approach the water's edge.
It was a stranger completely clad in fur and leather. He had a bow and quiver on his back and a rifle in his hand. His head and face were wrapped with fur. The only part of him I could see was his eyes, and they were rather unearthly. I had never seen such piercing gray eyes. They were filled with amazement at the sight of me, and that's the last thing I could recall. The stranger must have rescued me.
There had been no sound in the room since I woke, so I slowly pushed the fur blanket down and peeked around the room. I was in a hunter's cabin, judging by the furs strung about and the tools and weapons hung by the door. It wasn't fancy, but it had all the essentials of a home. It was charming in its simplicity. The fire in the stone hearth had burned down to embers. It was evening, judging by the light outside the small window by the bed. A light snow had fallen and was clinging to the window pane.
I carefully rolled over and winced at the pain in my leg. I badly needed some water. I carefully sat up and lowered my leg over the side of the bed. I felt the blood rushing into it, making it throb. The pain brought tears to my eyes and turned my stomach. It became bearable after sitting for a few minutes.
I realized I was completely naked. The stranger had stripped off my wet clothes. I blushed fiercely at that realization, but I forgot my embarrassment when my whole body ached with exhaustion. I wondered how long I had been out to feel so drawn and hungry. I was delighted to discover a tin cup full of water sitting on a stool beside the bed. I slowly drained the cup before returning it to the stool. It had a funny aftertaste that tingled my throat and tongue. It warmed me up from the inside out. The aching in my limbs eased, and I smiled from the pleasant relief.
I gathered the fur blankets around my nakedness and sat still for a few minutes, admiring the quaint little cabin. I wondered where the stranger had gone. I looked around for paintings or signs to tell me more about my rescuer. I noticed some carving in the wood beam over the door that spelled out Aimon Rosemoor.
"Maybe that's my rescuer's name," I whispered.
Suddenly, the door latch snapped up out of its cradle with a thump. Someone outside had pulled the rope that fed through a small hole in the door. The rope would be pulled in at night to keep it locked. I jumped at the new sound and stared wide-eyed as the door swung open. The fur-covered stranger entered the cabin, looking the same as he did when I saw him by the stream. His piercing gray eyes jumped to me in surprise. I blushed and pulled the furs tighter around my body as I stared at the stranger.
"Hello," I stammered. My voice was weak.
He nodded in greeting as he closed the door. He turned away from me and proceeded to remove his bow and gun. He hung the items on the wall by the door without looking up. He had obviously been doing it for years and knew exactly where the nails were. He retrieved a large knife from the wall and disappeared out the door again. I stared after him in confusion. He was obviously a man of few words.
He came back a few minutes later with a skinned rabbit in his hand. I figured that would be supper. The thought of food made my stomach rumble loudly. The stranger glanced at me again as he crossed the room and dropped the rabbit in an iron pot over the fire. I got the feeling he wasn't used to having company. I relaxed a little as he proceeded to throw logs on the glowing embers. He brought the fire back to life. It quickly filled the room with warmth and light.
He walked to the door and pulled the rope in. He placed the plank in its cradle, locking the door for the night. Then he began to remove his heavy fur cloak and hood. I watched curiously as he unwrapped his head. I would finally get to see the man who saved me. I was surprised by the full head of messy black hair that was hidden under his hood. He removed his face scarf last, and my mouth dropped open a little. He was much younger than I first thought, and he was absolutely lovely. His face had beautiful curves. His skin was olive in tone, making his gray eyes shine even more. His messy black hair touched his forehead and cheeks, adding to the careless beauty of his features.
I watched curiously as he moved about the room, preparing supper. He made some tea and filled it with herbs that I couldn't identify. I was straining to watch him in the little kitchen in the corner. He finally brought the finished product over to me. I studied his handsome face as he put a warm cup in my hand. He was studying me too.
"Thank you," I whispered as I held the cup close to my lips.
Suddenly, he reached over and placed his warm hand against my forehead. He was checking my temperature like a mother would do to a child. It caused a blush to rush into my cheeks. I could smell his skin at that point. His scent made me feel warm all over. He smelled like cedar and rosemary.
He smiled thoughtfully to find me free of fever. When he drew away, preparing to return to the kitchen, I caught sight of a nasty scar on his throat. It looked like it had been there for many years. I quickly realized the old injury could be the reason for his lack of words. He might not be able to speak at all.
I finished the delicious tea and placed my empty teacup beside the tin cup on the stool. I watched my rescuer as he chopped vegetables and tossed them into the pot with the rabbit. He had his sleeves pushed up past his elbows, letting me admire his forearms.
Once the stew was well on its way, he cleaned his hands and approached me again. He sat on the floor beside the bed and slowly picked up my injured leg. I gasped in pain from the gentle movement. My blush returned as he carefully examined my leg, feeling it up and down with his fingers. I finally noticed a line of neat stitches close to the back of my knee. He carefully examined that area. He even smelled the wound for infection. I felt his nose brush my leg by accident, and it sent a shudder up my back. He sighed as if he were displeased with something. He retrieved a glass jar from a box under the bed. It was full of clear gel. He scooped some out and proceeded to rub it over the stitches. I gasped and winced in pain, but it quickly eased. The gel was a potent medicine. I felt sleepy as I breathed in the strong smell. He wrapped my leg with clean linen before he coaxed me to lie down. I fell asleep within a minute of hitting the pillow.
He woke me sometime later with a gentle shake of my shoulder. I looked up to see him sitting next to the bed with a tray of food between us. I smiled at the heavenly sight and quickly moved to sit up. The pain in my leg stopped me. I froze for a few seconds to let it ease. I saw him wince in sympathy. A few agonizing moments later, I proceeded to move much slower.
I had to wait for nausea to ease before I reached for the food. He watched me and waited patiently. I almost forgot to keep the furs pulled around my chest as I reached my trembling hand towards the food. I had to stop reaching and gather the covers around me again. He suddenly smiled at me and picked up my spoon. He offered me some of the delicious smelling stew, intending to feed me like an invalid.
I gave him an annoyed look. I hated being treated like a child. He raised a mocking eyebrow at me. His beautiful face was so expressive he didn't need words to communicate. I blushed and reached for the spoon and took it from his hand. My hand was shakier than I was expecting, but I got the delicious stew into my mouth. I groaned in delight as I ate it. He flashed a beautiful smile before he proceeded to eat his stew. I noticed he gave me a quarter of a bowl full compared to what he had. I finished it rather quickly.
"This is delicious. May I have more, please?" I asked eagerly.
He looked at me for a moment. I wasn't sure if he understood me. Then he shook his head, indicating a clear no.
"Why not?" I asked in disappointment.
He sighed as he stared at me. He was obviously puzzling over how to communicate with me. He suddenly pointed at me and made a motion with his hands like he was breaking a stick.
"What? Are you saying I'm broken?" I asked.
He nodded. He pointed at the soup bowl and made a motion with his hands about something being bigger. Then he pulled a silver watch out of his pocket and pointed at it. He swirled his finger around the glass watch face indicating twelve-hours.
"Oh… so I can have more food in the morning?"
He smiled and nodded as he put his watch away.
"But… I'm still hungry. Why can't I have more now?" I asked, but a few seconds later, my stomach grumbled and ached from the small introduction of food.
If I had eaten more, I would have become sick. He gave me a knowing look as I clutched at my stomach.
I laid back down and watched him as he cleaned the dishes and put them away. Then he sat down in a big chair beside the kitchen table. He was working with strips of leather and fur he had laid out earlier. I couldn't see what he was doing exactly, but I enjoyed watching the concentration on his face as he worked.
"Is your name Aimon?" I asked curiously. I was drifting on the edge of sleep after eating.
He looked up from his work with amazement on his face. Then he glanced at the inscription over the door. He smiled in understanding. I hadn't guessed his name. I had read it. He nodded as he turned his attention back to his work. I drifted off to sleep shortly after that.
I woke with a start sometime later when I felt the covers being shifted. I turned my head and met Aimon's lovely face close to mine. He slid his arm under my body and gently lifted me, and scooted me over. I winced from the movement. I watched in startled confusion as he proceeded to climb into bed with me.
My heart began thumping erratically when I realized he was naked. I was tense all over as I tried not to touch him as he made himself comfortable. The situation was beyond inappropriate, but he was obviously exhausted and only interested in sleep, and I was hogging his only bed. He saw no problem sharing his bed with a strange naked woman when he needed sleep. He was absurdly practical.
I seriously wanted to protest, but I knew I had no right. He had been an angel to me. He rescued me from death's door. I would be a horrible person to run him out of his bed for my own comfort. I swallowed my nerves and lay very still, trying my hardest not to touch him. That was extremely difficult in such a small bed. I discretely tucked the covers between us to keep our naked flesh from touching. I didn't mind our bodies touching through the covers. I relaxed after that and made myself comfortable again. Aimon seemed to be asleep already. I drifted off not too long afterward.
I woke sometime in the night, shivering uncontrollably. I felt dizzy, even though I was lying down. I was shaking so badly I woke Aimon. He jumped when he felt me next to him. He obviously wasn't used to having a stranger in his bed. I heard him make a disgruntled noise as he rolled over and placed his cold hand on my burning neck. He made a breathy grumbled that probably would have been a curse if he could speak. I felt him hurry out of bed.
I was trying to listen to him as I struggled with the spinning in my head. I wanted to roll over to see what he was doing, but I was too weak to move. He was doing something in the kitchen, I thought. He returned to the bed a few minutes later and pulled me into a sitting position. He pushed a warm cup to my lips. There was something in it that burned my nostrils. I deliriously tried to turn my head away, but he quickly steadied me and forced me to drink the strong liquid. It burned all the way down, but it eased the spinning in my head. The world went black afterward.
I woke the next morning covered in sweat. I shifted and discovered a strong arm around my waist. Aimon had me tight against him. He must have been trying to keep me from shivering while I was feverish. I blushed head to toe. I had never touched a man so intimately before.
I shifted and looked over my shoulder just as his beautiful eyes flew open. He blushed as we stared at one another. He released me and felt my neck and forehead. He smiled to find me free of fever. He climbed out of bed at that point and dressed. I rolled over and watched him as he rekindled the fire and began preparing breakfast.
I felt awful. I didn't sleep well because of the fever. He brought me some water and leftover broth. It revived me a little. I drank broth as he examined my leg. He seemed pleased with its healing progress that morning. He caused another shiver to run up my spine as he smelled the wound. His soft hair brushed my leg that time. I could move my leg more easily that morning. It was stiff, but it wasn't shooting pain anymore.
I ate a light breakfast with Aimon before he dressed to go hunting. He set a small tub of hot water on the stool next to the bed. He gave me a washcloth and a bar of soap before he bowed out with his bow and rifle. I tiredly cleaned myself up. The makeshift bath felt amazing, and the soap smelled like Aimon. I found myself holding it close to my nose and inhaling the cedar and rosemary-infused bar. I fell fast asleep once I was clean and comfortable.
Aimon returned close to sunset with a large goose over his shoulder. He roasted the bird over the open fire. It tasted amazing. After supper, he began working on his leather project again. I craned my neck to see what he was doing. He looked at me and smiled in amusement. Then he stood and walked over to me and gathered me in his arms. He kept the fur blanket wrapped tight around me. He carried me over to the table and sat me in his chair. He retrieved a stool from the corner and sat on it.
I happily watched as he skillfully wove the leather together. He was making a fur-lined coat. It was going to be beautiful and very warm. He even let me help a little. My strength was still lacking. I couldn't help long without getting the shakes. An hour later, he put me back to bed.
I was half asleep as I watched him clean up his project for the night. He revived my attention when he suddenly stripped naked for a full wash at the basin. I felt heat rushing all over my body as I took in the enticing sight. Aimon was beautiful. His skin was flawless, and his muscles were tight and lean. I knew I shouldn't stare, but I couldn't help it. He glanced at me and blushed when he saw me blushing. I was certain he was mostly clueless when it came to social norms.
My heart did a funny dance as he blew out the kitchen candles and proceeded to climb under the blankets with me again. I shivered when our skin touched, and he noticed. I think he thought I was feverish again. He rolled over and dutifully wrapped his arm around me, pulling me against him. I went tingly all over as I felt every intimate part of his body touching mine. He was warm, soft, and firm.
We lay there a long time, enjoying each others' warmth. My heart ceased its pounding as I melted against his comforting touch. I felt his hand curiously rubbing the soft skin of my stomach. His touch felt wonderful. I let out a pleased sigh by accident. He slowly ran his hand over my hip and up the curve of my side. My heart rate ebbed upward again as his hand slid along my ribs and found my left breast. He slowly cupped it with his palm and gently squeezed the soft flesh curiously. His touch made me shudder with tingles.
I knew what he was doing was extremely inappropriate, but it felt so good I didn't want to tell him to stop. I wanted more of his wonderful touch. His gentle groping was sending my temperature up. My breasts were round and pleasant to squeeze. I often massaged them myself when I was alone. It felt wonderful to feel someone else doing it. I could tell Aimon was enjoying them as he carefully squeezed each one and ran his fingertips over my nipples. He let out a soft sigh as he snuggled against me more. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh. It sent my stomach fluttering. He was gently rubbing himself against my soft skin.
I was astonished at how soft and warm the skin of his cock was. I was amazed it could be hard and soft at the same time. I figured men's private parts would be rough and leathery like their hands, but he was silky.
I was growing wet between my legs from his gentle fondling. It surprised me. I didn't know why my body was reacting that way. Aimon seemed content with what he was doing. I was convinced he didn't know exactly what to do with a woman, and I wasn't entirely sure what to do with a man, but I thoroughly wanted him at that point. He was too perfect, but I didn't know how to proceed.
I knew some basic things about men, but what little I read about intimacy between men and women left me confused. I knew the parts between our legs were supposed to touch in some way. I did want to feel his silky skin against mine. I rubbed my rump against his erection, and he groaned softly. I stealthily scooted up until his cock slipped off my rump. I opened my legs and reached down to find his cock. My hand was shaking as I grasped it. He gasped softly from my touch. I gulped as I pressed his hard shaft against my aroused crotch. It felt incredible. I shuddered as I closed my legs. I was holding his thickness tight against my wet lips with my thighs. It felt really good. I could feel his pulse thumping excitedly through his aroused skin.
He moved his hips and we both gasped from the exciting friction of his cock rubbing against my wet skin. I didn't have to encourage him to do that more. He instinctively began moving his hips, thrusting his cock along my lips between my thighs. It was sending sharp tingles all over my body. I was getting extremely wet and hot as he did it. When his tip slid over the little bulb of raised flesh at the front of my opening, I would almost lose my breath with pleasure. It would send the most exciting thrill racing into my gut.
I kept squirming to tighten my thighs on his cock, encouraging more friction against my lips. His stroking was provoking my whole body. My lips were swelling and getting softer with arousal. It encouraged him to push harder against me, trying to feel more of my soft flesh against his shaft.

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