Unspoken Words

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Unspoken Words
Jenny, my daughter, was full of beauty, but she had no clue how beautiful and tempting she was. As her father, I won't deny that I was more aware of her attraction towards me, the same way I won't deny I was flattered by her attention. At the age of 19, my daughter was very innocent and socially inept – not in a way a teenager should be. Without a shadow of doubt, my beautiful ex-wife was to be blamed for that! She reared Jenny in a very sheltered environment. The reason behind it, I honestly don't know, but if I have to take a guess, I would say, it had something to do with her disastrous relationship with her husband. It's not that I am complaining, in fact, as Jenny's father, I think my ex-wife did a pretty good job.
Since my divorce with Jenny's mom, I never remarried. Of course, I had a couple of relationships, which were disastrous. Dating teen females was wonderful, but in time, I came to realize that the male/teen female relationship was somewhat overrated. Yea, the sex was good, better even, erm. But taking away their innocence was the most thrilling thing a man of my age could wish for. But, then why was it disastrous? Urg, teen females are materialistic freaks. So, to avoid unnecessary breakups and makeups, I redirected all of my love and horny feelings to my daughter, Jenny. Well…well, the parental love. Jenny, my daughter, was petite and 5'2 tall, so to say. She was easy on the eye, and undoubtedly, I found myself watching her more and more. On most occasions, when we were home together, Jenny would wear tight little t-shirts, no bra, and tight hotpants, which clung her to her svelte figure. Indeed.
My relationship with my daughter was somehow atypical; not similar to a normal father-daughter relationship. It was somewhat more or what few dads say, "Special." Special to realize that my little daughter had a crush on me. And more to realize that I would spend sleepless nights stroking my enormous dick and masturbate on the idea of her beauty and innocence. Time and again, I realize I would fuck my daughter in a heartbeat. That was the type of relationship that my daughter and I had, and why it was special. But as an old man, and a father, I had to constantly remind myself that Jenny was my only daughter.
It was almost dark when I returned home from work. Tired from my day job, I climbed the stairs and smiled to myself knowing that the next day was the day my ex-wife, Joana, was coming to spend a day or two with us. Walking to my daughter's room, Jenna shrieked and threw herself at me with a wonderful hug. And then, she showered me with kisses. I don't know what came over me, whether it was kisses to my cheeks, collar bone, neck, or her body rubbing up to mine but I was overpowered with the urge to go further.
I maneuvered my mouth over hers, and then kissed her, pushing my tongue against hers. My daughter's opened her mouth allowing my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for ages, my daughter pushed herself onto my body, and then moaned softly.
I breathed heavily. She also breathed heavily. To say the truth, that passionate kiss was magical. It was magical enough to make an old man let out a soft manly low moan. Magical enough for my daughter to moan loudly. It was a kiss that no father and daughter should have. Unexpectedly, my hand reached out to her B cup breast, which made her snuggle closer and closer to me. After a few minutes, I stopped abruptly. I realized what I was doing was so wrong.
I moved to one of the chairs in her room and perched on it, to contain my feelings, which I desperately wanted to act upon them. My daughter reached out to me, with unspoken words, it was okay to continue. I decided to go for it. I leaned forward and kissed her beautiful skin. Jenny, my daughter, smelled divine. Kissing her again, she took hold of my hand and smoothed it firmly to her breast.
I kneaded it through her t-shirt while kissing her. I broke the kiss and freed her right breast from the confines of her t-shirt. I rubbed my daughter's nipple and looked at her questioningly. She blinked in approval, and gradually I lowered my head and I felt my breath ghost over her nipple. It was taking all of my willpower to not lose control. I opened my mouth to engulf the erect nipple.
The thought that I was sucking my daughter's nipple, drove me crazy. Craving for more, I hungrily suckled my daughter's nipple, which got me emotionally as well as terribly aroused. I sucked it as if my manhood depended on it. Replacing my mouth with my hand, I kissed her soft lips again. I pulled her closer, closer to make our bodies closely press to each other.
My crotch pressed her cunt in a timeless and instinctive gesture of raw lust. And she responded in kind. In a kind that indicated that she was not innocent, I thought she was. It was apparent that it was not her first time, not a second time, either. My daughter had done this several times, and probably, she had done this with older men. My hand cupped my daughter's butt and greedily pulled it as I thrust. In a minute or so, we found a rhythm of hunching back and forth, while kissing like there was no tomorrow.
Now it was apparent that our desire got better of us. My daughter's hand reached on my boxer to stroke my enormous cock. I helped my daughter by pushing my boxer down and wriggling free of it; then she grabbed my thick cock. It was obvious that my daughter felt how long and so big I was. She stroked up and down my length, feeling the hard shaft beneath the soft skin. I gasped in pleasure.
I reached for her t-shirt and hotpant. She helped me remove them. In the same manner, she helped me remove mine. I pulled her closer and closer while our naked bodies wriggled against each other.
Then I broke the kiss and mounted my daughter, my masculine body pressed onto her lusciously svelte figure. My legs tried to part my daughter's.
When she hesitated, I looked at her and smile with confidence, "Open your legs for me, daughter. Open for your papa."
My daughter pulled my head down to kiss me as she opened her legs wide for me to snuggle into. I wasted no time. We both looked down as I slowly rubbed the tip, up and down her vulva. Then I positioned the head of my cock at my daughter's wet entrance nudging at her open folds. Holding my cock at her entrance, both my hands cupped her chin willing to look at her. Slowly, I pushed my hot hard rod inside my daughter's boiling pussy. She moaned. She moaned even louder when I slowly eased my huge cock into her canal. I took time to bury deep inside, to the hilt. We looked at each other, as our bodies were locked into the most intimate coupling. Our crotches joined like there was nothing in between. Like we were a conjoined being, my balls resting on her ass. The pleasure and love in my daughter's eyes were the most precious thing to me.
I slowly pulled out, and then, swiftly thrust in completely. She screamed. She screamed in pleasure as a tremored indicating that she was going to cum. Soon I thrust harder once more. Spasms after spasms of wave ripped through her core as her vaginal walls contracted in rhythm with the wave. My huge cock reveled in her cunt as it became hotter in there with her love juices released. I held it hard and deep inside through her climax, which lasted for what seemed like one lifetime.
When she came back, I kissed her and I started pounding into her hard and fast. Her bed shook like there was an earthquake. It banged against the wall with a loud thud with my every thrust. I let out a low growl of pleasure which meant I was closer. My daughter knew I was closer, so she pulled my butts down as I thrust into her, and then, I came. With a loud moan, I joined my daughter. She moaned out loud as I shot endless spew of my hot seed into her cervix. We groaned in unison. I bottomed out on her and held there throughout ejaculation, grinding in uncontrollable rhythm.

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