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Hi, friends, this is Rathode and it is my another sex story. My father works in a biotechnology lab he got 3 to 4 honors from the big university of India, USA, England, and Singapore. He recently took a project, guys this project changed our entire life, let me give some brief introduction to my family.

My family contains 4 members,
1) Sundar Mohan Pande- my father, Age- 51 very energetic and brilliant.
2) Gowri Pande- my mother, Age-44 very beautiful, very active and have loving nature.
3)Shreya- my wife, Age- 23 years more fashionable, highly Modern and don’t care nature.
4)and it’s me Rajiv age 26 newly married own a business in exporting sector.

Myself a businessman I have my exporting business usually I drop my father before going to my office if I am not there my driver take him to the lab because he doesn’t know how to drive. Recently my father Told me that he is taking a new project which increases the lifetime of an animal and person but govt is not giving permission to do an experiment on persons so he must do that in secretly.

Within this week my parents 27th anniversary is there and I decided to do it grandly I have booked an event organizing company for that everything is going on smooth. It was Tuesday, I am on leave for looking after arrangements because it’s just one day ahead suddenly my father called me and asked me to come to the lab as it’s very emergency, I took my car went to the lab, there was no one in the lab except my dad.

Me- Dad what are u doing alone tomorrow is your anniversary and what is that urgent matter you need to discuss with me
Dad- son it’s great news I tested my sample on rats it’s worked it’s really worked yes yes yes.
Me- calm down dad calm down
Dad- no son you not going to, believe me, it’s epic invention.
Me- okay dad what happened explain me
Dad- son 3 days back I have injected my medicine into a dead rat and tortoise and introduce them to laser transfer so it’s already been 3 days till rat is not dead.
Me- that’s great work dad you have to succeed in your job, you will going to be great.
Dad- no my son still I have a problem I haven’t experiment with humans govt is not going to give permission to me and of course, I also don’t have guts to ask them to give the permission as I am not sure it will work on humans I need to check before I ask permission.
Me- dad we will arrange some persons for it don’t worry I will handle come let’s go home.

I took my father to home and all arrangements are going well my mom looks so much happy and beautiful and my wife is very busy in parlor so I went to office as I got some important work to do. I came back to home on 11 pm, I just put my car in the garage and entered my house my mom and Shreya were sleeping I didn’t disturb them and had my meals I saw my father in his lab( a small one within our home) I went to check on my father.

Me- dad it’s already late to get some sleep
Dad- just a minute son I’ll finish it up.

We casually chat for a while and within a second he got breathing problem (it’s the third time he is facing this but this time it’s critical)

Dad- son I am unable to breathe please take me to hospital.
( he suddenly fell down I was shocked and carried him towards car and drive it to hospital)
Dad- son take me to my lab
Me- dad what are you talking don’t play at this time
Dad- son please I am serious take me to my lab
Me- don’t be crazy just relax hospital is nearby.
Dad- it’s my years of experiment I don’t want this to be a waste I want to test it on myself and if it works I’ll be healthy it’s worth a try please son don’t disrespect my years of work.

I came to conclusion. I’ll let my dad have this last wish let him feel what he needed I took him to the lab, there was nobody there we entered the lab. He told me to inject the chemical into his body and I did that he also told me to inject myself as a weaker one need stronger to get immunity, in case of rat tortoise is stronger one it provides more life to rat. So I also injected myself, we both went laser transform, we both couldn’t bear the pain so we shouted largely after that we both are asleep.

About 2 hours later, I opened my eyes everything is blur to me but I can see part I thought I am seeing my own body or image on my front, I was amazed I touched my body it feels like lightly shrink skin then I thought what if my soul exchanged with my fathers no it can’t going to happen I comforted myself. I noticed my father’s glass on the table I took it and wore it I got shocked to see what I imagined is right in front of me, I am in my father’s body o god I again prayed to god don’t make this real but no one can change what happened. I went towards my body means my father but still, I am not quite sure
does my father soul is in my body.

Me- dad are you there, dad, dad.
Dad- oh god, what happened? where am I?
Me- dad you are in your lab.

He raised his head and got shocked to see that his body itself giving a response to his question and he again look himself and again got unconscious. I made him get up and explain the whole thing he too got surprised he went to see that rat and tortoise and he observed the characteristics changes in them it’s true that rat is the tortoise and vice versa. We both are in our own world we are quiet for some time and dad started to say.

Dad- son we will go home today and tomorrow its self I’ll find some solution for this don’t worry.
Me- dad but how can we go like this
Dad- don’t worry son tomorrow we will be back to normal again and how do you feel, do you feel sick.
Me- no I am feeling good just my eyes are not okay.
Dad- so I don’t understand then my body means you are still alive maybe it’s something more we will figure it out later let’s go.

We both went home we parked the car and when I am going to my room. My dad suddenly interrupted me saying that where are u going.

Me- my room dad
Dad- you fool now you are not you, I am you, so you must go to my room I’ll go to your room.
Me- sorry I forgot dad, but don’t u think we should tell this to them.
Dad- son your mother don’t understand this she will get tension if we told this better we must keep quiet.
Me- okay dad I’ll go to your room and you go to mine.
Dad- just go and sleep don’t try to talk to your mother she will find out okay
Me- yes dad and same to u don’t disturb Shreya.

We both went to rooms when I came in my mother was sleeping in bed it’s almost 2:30 in the night I thought I’ll just sleep beside her but she woke up, still closing her eyes she started questioning me.

Mom- where were u all this time???
Me- hmm I am in my lab ( with so much tension)
Mom- your tone seems different okay come sleep don’t work too much
Me- yes I’ll fresh up and sleep you take a nap.
Mom- did Rajiv in the home or he also not yet came.
My mother asking me about myself thinking that I am her husband.
Me- yea he is in his room.
Mom- okay sleep good night.

By saying this she went to sleep, suddenly I felt I am the man of this house I am supreme for this house, today I saw her in the completely different way she is in her nightdress her large figure made me think her in a different way. Me 26 years old man likes his 44-year-old mother in a sexual way I cursed myself for a thought like this, I got fresh up and went to sleep beside her and I exited to know what is happening between my father and my wife.

While Rajiv was sleeping beside his mother, his father Sundar Mohan came into his son room where his beautiful daughter in law sleeping like a Barbie doll, her beauty is no match. Sunder Pande is always a romantic guy but after traveling with age he becomes not at all romantic in fact Gauri Pande always try to seduce him but he is not at all interested in her.

But seeing his daughter in law’s young body his nerves become straightened, a chill circulated all over his body. He never thought that his daughter in law is such a beautiful women.he just coughed so that she can get up but still she didn’t get up he again did the same thing but still no reply finally he moved towards her and puts his one leg on the bed, he is about to wake her up suddenly she turned towards him and kissed him within full French style.

He got shocked by sudden thing happened her tender lips pressed deep to his lips the sweet kiss made him forget that he is actually kissing his daughter in law. Both broke their kiss and Pooja happily hugged and told him“ I am so happy to do you remember today is the day we meet first time” Sundar Pande didn’t know what to say so he said “ yea I remember “

Pooja- so where is my gift??
Sundar- it’s it is in hmm it is in….
Pooja- come on show me quick

Sundar Pande just slides his hand his pocket he got a beautiful ring he doesn’t know how it came here but he just showed that to her. Pooja become so happy so she hugged him tightly and kissed him, Sundar Pande’s chest is buried in her daughter in law’s beautiful breast and a kiss made him forgot who he is. He thought maybe his son took this for his daughter in law, so I taking advantage of this he started to think himself but he forgot that when he saw what happening in the room with his daughter in law.

that hot kiss lead them to bed without knowingly, Pooja bite Sundar pande’s nose and through him with her leg seducing him very sexily, when he fell away from her she started to strip her dress on by one and asking him to come to her by showing her index finger this madness of teasing arouse a maleness in Sundarpande which is lost nowadays, he grabs her feet and pull her towards him, Pooja is laughing seductively and started to run away from him he jumped out from bed and try to grab her, both are enjoying ultimately with lot of laughs.

Sundarpande pulled her last piece of her clothes finally her honey body exposed to him, he became dumb stuck “what a magnificent body and her radiant skin make me horny” he uttered himself. Pooja “what happened my husband you never get my body “ she taunted him with her words jokingly this hurts Sundarpande male ego so suddenly moved fast and hold her from backward and through her to bed, he also jumped and stripped away his clothes.

Pooja- today your boy (dick) is larger what is happening my beloved husband.
Sundar- it’s larger because of you, my lovely wife, you made this evil to grow let him feel your femaleness.
Pooja- my girl (pussy) is also waiting don’t lose so fast today I want u for a long time.
Sundar- sure my wife today you will experience a new world.

Sundar made her sleep in her back and took her both legs on his shoulder and inserted his dick finally he made incest with her own daughter in law. As he thrust every time she moaned and complimented his ways of fucking he never received compliments from his wife but now his daughter in law praising him.
Pooja felt that this is not her husband way of fucking but whatever it’s really good for her she started to enjoy more than any time with her husband.

Pooja- Rajiv you’re too good today what did you eat?

After hearing his son’s name from his daughter in law, he realized what he was making but instantly he came over from guilt by thinking this is my son’s body so, in reality, my son is making out with my daughter in law so there is no violation of rules been done he consoled himself. Then he made her turn and positioned her as a doggy style and inserted his tool which he saw from porn he had never tried anything other than missionary in his entire life but he made use of all his fantasies with his daughter in law.

The room is filled with eco of sex noises he never dreamed that one day he will be doing this with his daughter in law but now here he is fucking his beautiful daughter in law in her own room. After some time he again took her in missionary position and rammed her for while finally, he deposited his sperm into her pussy for ovulating. He fell on her breasts she hugged him tightly they rested for a while and again they started sex, all night they fucked each other, she never experienced this type of hyper sex in her lifetime and Sundar also never made this ultimate sex in his life this felt like first time for both of them and gradually fell into sleep.

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In morning, Sundar woke up early because he was always the first one to get up on early morning and saw his immature behaviour because his daughter in law was lying naked next to him, her hairs are messed up by his sperm, stains were still in her pussy and in all over the bed and their clothes were spread all over the room, the bedspread is messed up. Now the real fear starts in his head, he gets up and freshened himself when again he entered room his daughter in law hold his hands and grab towards her and she said

Pooja- yesterday night is really good
Sundar- yes for me too
Pooja- where did you learn those new moves?
(Sundar felt the conversation is going in very romantic way he is interested in her body but now he is starting to fell in love with the woman whom his son as married)
Sundar- it’s a secret I’ll let u know today night I need to go now. (he somehow escaped from their)

Sundar doesn’t have the guts to meet his son he had a culprit feeling towards to him but somehow he went to meet his son. Here Rajiv is very curious to know what happened there does his wife found that his body is not him, he also went to meet his father and they came in front of each other.

Rajiv- what happened dad did Pooja find out?
Sundar- no son she didn’t what about your mother??
Rajiv- no dad I have not given a single chance to her

Sundar felt very bad that he made sex with his son’s wife but he came out of it and decided that it’s not the time to think about this we need to switch back.

Sundar- let’s go to the lab I need to find a solution for this.
Rajiv- let’s go, dad
Sundar- one minute remember today is my Anniversary all arrangements are done so we can’t go today also
Rajiv- Dad but what’s the point in it as you are not able to enjoy I am in your body let’s call off this function and we go to the lab
Sundar- no my son, your mother is so happy, we can’t disappoint her and more ever what will you say to call off this function, what your mother going to think she will think I am not in love with her it will lead to conflicts so this function must go on

Rajiv- that’s okay dad but one should stand with mother are you what is the value of if you are not enjoying this
Sundar- it’s not a time to think all that ok just do what I say
Rajiv- okay dad
Father and son got ready for function Pooja flirted with Sundar while getting dressed (like losing the panche or lungi), Sundar slowly falling in love with his daughter in law. On another hand, Rajiv is getting ready to enjoy the function with his lovely 44 year’s old beautiful mother.

Some of the relatives already came to the function they dressed Gowri in a very beautiful seductive way, Rajiv saw his mother for the first time in bride look he instantly got harden in his pants he never saw or realized that his mother is such a beautiful lady her voluptuous body and breasts bring more sexiness to her look.

The function started and all are enjoying the function very well Gowri keep on blushing while seeing Rajiv this made Rajiv highly uncontrollable some of the ladies also said that “ you couples are not that old you can try for another baby did I said correct Sundar” they asked this in front of my father.

This made my mother and me blush but I controlled as my father is observing all this I don’t want him to feel in a bad way. Finally, all the rituals and formats ended and the function got ended but some of the female relatives stayed in our home for a day, I was sitting in my room thinking about the beauty of my mother suddenly my father came into the house.

Sundar- son you know what is the last ritual about the anniversary
Rajiv- no dad why are u asking this now
Sundar- son, they will arrange this night as the first night
Rajiv – what are u saying, dad
Sundar- yes, u must be very careful this night okay
Rajiv – yes dad I will be very careful I will act like I am sick so that I can escape
Sundar- oaky son I will leave now be care full

As Sundar left the room, Rajiv was planning to how to escape, but on the next minute, some ladies brought Rajiv’s mother to his room and pushed her to room and locked the door giving a smile to Rajiv, Gowri was behaving like a very shy woman, he never saw his mom in this state that shyness made her so adorable and he instantly fell in love with her, he doesn’t have any control over his body he moved towards her and lifted her face upwards and gave her a wonderful kiss their saliva exchanged for first time after breaking the kiss also they had each other saliva on their lips.

Gowri- that’s one good kiss you ever have given me

Rajiv realizing that she is her mother and asked himself what he did but he came over from guilt for a second and he knows that he is love with his own mother so he decided to move on

Rajiv – it’s because you are so beautiful Gowri.

By saying that he held her arms and walked her near to bed and made her sit in bed. Then both of them again kissed to lip to lip, both mother, and son in the very horny mood. He slowly removed her sari pallu her gigantic breasts are ready to pop out he hugged her very tightly she ran her hands on his hairs he slowly unbuttoned the hooks of her blows from behind and kissed her neck she spelled a sound “ouch” he stripped her blows and bra she is breast naked in front of his son.

He saw his mother’s radiant skin and her magnificent breasts attracted him he never got this excited and hardened his wife is not even 10{984944c35c353e1b0e90972566597d9b6f4c6a068cac353776945314a5edc295} match to his mother sexy body and her beauty

Rajiv- Gowri, I never realized that you are so beautiful
Gowri- stop it you are really romantic today I found a change in you
Rajiv- this all because of you, my beauty come let’s go to heaven

By saying this he stripped her inner wares and he also got naked his hardness and stiff dick made her crazy in recent years he lost this type of power but now she is extremely happy, he made her rest on her back and went near to her pussy his birthplace, the perfume of her pussy made him go crazy he is about to fuck his 44-year-old mother who is lying in the bed spreading her thighs to welcome him.

He licked her pussy well and went to her waist attached golden waist chain made waist so sexy he licked her waist and navel she is in full of pleasures, this is the first time that she is experiencing this much of pleasure her wedding night is also no match when he played with her melons by licking and squeezing. Now he came near to her by holding his dick in his hands.

Rajiv- today you are going to be my woman
Gowri- what’s so special I am always your woman
Rajiv- no my darling today is different from all other days just enjoy

He slowly inserted his rod he felt the warmness of her cunt and pleasure of her pussy made his dick on fire he started slowly increase the speed of fucking while he is fucking his mother she supported him by raising her waists meeting each thrust in the perfect synchronizing way. Their moans started to go out of the room.

Sundar heard the sound of moaning but his mind is not ready to accept what goes on between his wife and his son but the increasing moans made him believe that they are doing unholy union he cursed the situation for this but he immediately remembers the sex with his daughter in law and realized”.

I made sex with his wife now he is doing with mine so what’s wrong in that” so decided to forgive them but he stuck with the word sex again he saw his daughter in law getting ready for bed so he just came near to door and locked the door giving himself a mischievous smile.

In the next room, mother and son were fucking like there is no world tomorrow he is ducking her like piston motor she is screaming in the absolute pure pleasure sweat is coming from both of their bodies like water.

Rajiv gets up from his mom and took some honey placed beside their bed and pour it on her body and his shaft again continuing to ram her with licking and all, her flowers were already messed up she is holding bedsheet in her hands biting her lower lips she never experienced thus hyper sex before.

Gowri- who are you? this not my husband style where did you hide this talent this day Sundar?
Rajiv- it comes out from me because you have shown the real beauty of yours

He has continuously rammed her pussy juice and his dick sperm soaking on bed their kiss are really intense, the bed is dancing according to their fucking force her bangles were broken but still there intense of lovemaking not decreased a bit.

Finally ,he about realises his potent sperms both of their body moved very fast with waving and vibrating motion and he sends his sperms to her pussy both of them are very tired and they stayed in their arms and took some rest after about 2 hours they again started their session they four times that night she never know where the energy came from for her but she still needs more.

When they woke up flowers were scattered around everywhere their clothes were all over the room her hair and bindi messed up her breasts had teeth bitten mark literally the room and her condition explains everything that a man and woman enjoyed their fullest, she slowly got up holding her sheet to her breasts and ahead to bathroom, she got dressed up and went outside with naughty smile as soon as she came out her daughter in law giving her teasing smile then Gowri ran to kitchen.

Sundar came into the room and saw the messing around and his naked son proves that they had one great sex and he came back from their and started to think something.

Rajiv got up and realized that night he had spent with his mother suddenly his father face came into front he frightened by a second and slowly got and dressed up. He saw his father sitting alone he went to his father.

Rajiv- dad, I can explain
Sundar- no need of that my son come with me
He took his son to his lab and they started the conversation.
Sundar- son, what had happened is done I can’t blame you it’s all the fault of the situation.
Rajiv-thanks dad for understanding
Sundar- Rajiv, I also have a confession to make
Rajiv- what’s that dad
Sundar- I also slept with my daughter in law means your wife
Rajiv- dad you too
Sundar- yes my son I had sex with her on yesterday itself I am really sorry

Rajiv- no need of sorry dad I also made the same mistake
Sundar- okay son but tell me why did you had sex with her, just with the momentum or do you love your mother
Rajiv- I think I am in love with her dad that’s why I had sex with her
Sundar- so you love your mother like a man does but question his do you love your mother more than your wife?
Rajiv- yes dad from it seems like I love her more than anyone
Sundar- what about we stay like this because I also love your wife I want to become husband to her

Rajiv- that’s good idea dad it’s a dream come true
Sundar- okay let’s stay like this only but I’ll continue this experiment and try to find some positive results
Rajiv- okay dad, but I wish I like to have sex with my mother in my form of body
Sundar- yes me too, I like to have sex with my daughter-in-law with my body
Rajiv- but it’s not possible dad let’s carry out like this only
Sundar- okay son

Both of them came back to house and both the wives were ready to get rammed again this night both father and son took their wife means a son took his mother and a father in law took his daughter in law to their respective bedrooms and all we ever heard was the moans of both ladies from both rooms.

What happens when both Pooja and Gowri found that they actually fucked their father in law and son, will they accept them and will Rajiv and Sundar can back to their normal looks, for answers wait for another sex story

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