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The next morning, I had to get up early for school. When my alarm went off, I wasn't completely surprised, but I didn't remember setting the alarm for that early. It was set 30 minutes before my usual time. I may have just been a little sleepy still, after all I was up late the night before, jerking off at the memory of seeing my mother's naked pussy when she bent over, on purpose, earlier that day. In fact, the memory had me hard that morning too, so I took the opportunity to stroke myself with the extra time I apparently had this morning.
I was lost in my imagination when my text notification went off. I thought to myself who the hell would be texting me this early. Most of my friends didn't even have cell phones yet. I got mine for my eighteenth birthday, and I was told to limit my texts by my parents because they cost a lot of money. So, imagine my shock when I saw that the text was from my mom.
"Check your E-mail, Baby. –Love Mom."
Okay, now I was interested, so I got up and went over to my computer. It was already booted up, which was odd, because I know for a fact that I shut it down the night before, after playing some Hack-and-Slash game. When I turned on the monitor, the first thing I saw was my E-mail program open, and there was an E-mail from…myself? I opened it and it read:
Morning, Baby. I just wanted to thank you again for your kind words yesterday, and for helping me realize that I am not as old and undesirable as I was feeling. Here is a present for you, to help you with your "urges." Keep it safe, I am trusting you.
With Love, and Urges of my own,
I quickly saw that there was an attached image file, and I clicked to download it. When it opened there was my mom, at least I thought it was her. It had to be her, she was on her bed with her ass in the air and her entire backside was on display. I couldn't see her face, but I could tell that this picture was an older picture, because she wasn't pregnant in it, which was a shame in my opinion, but anyway. This must have been taken by my father at some point when they were having an intimate night together. I wasted no time, I grabbed my dick and started stroking it to the display on the screen in front of me. I wish I could say that I lasted a long time and took my time, but that would be a lie. I shot off into my hand within just a few moments and cleaned myself up with the tissues that were always near my computer.
I could not believe my luck. My mother, my sweet, beautiful, and sexy as fuck mother, sent me a nudie picture of herself so that I could jerk off to it while looking at her in a very intimate position. "How? I asked myself, and then with a bit of post orgasm clarity started to piece it all together. She came into my room last night after she knew I was asleep, and sent this to me, then she must have reset my alarm so that I would be awake when she texted me this morning. Not showing her face and signing the E-mail sent from my own account with just an S, for Sarah, instead of Mom, but still enough plausible deniability if it ever was found by someone other than me.
That is when I noticed something. My CD-ROM indicator on my computer indicated that there was a CD in the slot. Again, I remember taking the game disk out the night before, so I pushed the button on the panel and out came the CD tray, with what looked like a mixed tape style CD. I quickly pushed the tray back in and went to my file manager and opened the drive to see what was on the disc. There were several file folders listing off dates ranging back to before I was born, hell the oldest date was older than even Jessica, my sister by a few months. I clicked on it and inside the folder were three image files labeled: First term, Second term, and Third term.
I opened the one labeled First term, and was greeted by a picture of my mom, almost 20 years ago. It looked like it had been scanned from an old polaroid. There she was sitting on a porch swing facing a sunrise or sunset, I couldn't tell, with her top down and holding her tummy as if she was pregnant. It didn't look like she was pregnant in the picture at all other than her pose, but damn her breasts were perfection. I realized quickly that my mom must have left the CD she uploaded the picture she sent me as a gift last night. "Had she done that on purpose? I don't think she would have been so careless about it, would she?" I thought.
I know I was wrong for what I did, next. I know it was a violation of privacy and trust, but I was a hormone driven teenage male with a golden goose in my lap. I quickly saved the entire CD's contents onto my computer into a secret folder that only I would be able to find. I wanted to have a copy for my personal use, just in case she hadn't meant to leave the disc in my computer.
Suddenly there was a knock at my door. Not my bedroom door but the door to the bathroom that I used to have to share with Jessica when she lived her full time.
"Yeah?" I responded.
"Showers open." Said my sister.
"What the hell, when did she come home? And why is she telling me the shower is open, she doesn't normally do that." I asked myself, then replied. "Thanks."
So, I got up from my desk, got myself ready to take a shower and get ready for the day. I usually leave the door to my room open while I am in the bathroom, and only keep it shut when I am not in there. That was the system Jessica and I had worked out a few years ago when she started being a very private teenage girl. It worked for us, but this morning it also let me see something that I am not sure if I was meant to see.
As I was showering, I happened to need to grab a washcloth off the hanger just outside the shower stall. As I poked my head out of the curtain to find it, I noticed movement in my room. I pulled back and spied on the person that was sneaking around in my room while I was showering. Based on her shape, it could only be my mother, the belly kind of gave it away. I watched her go over to my computer and pull the CD out.
"That answers that question." I thought as I watched her then grab something else off my desk and quickly leave. "And opens another…"
I finished my shower, dried off, and walked into my room naked. I went over to my desk to see what it could have been that my mother took. It looked like everything was there, nothing seemed to be missing at all. I left it there and got dressed, but still confused. In my mind, at least I had the contents of that disc. I would have to look at it later, when I had a lot more time, but for now I needed to get breakfast and head to school.
On my way to the kitchen I passed my mom and dad's bedroom and the door opened just as I was walking by and my mother looked at me with a bit of a surprise and flush to her face.
"Oh hey, Baby." She said obviously a nervous fluster to her voice. "Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah" I replied, smiling at her. "I even woke up a bit early, today, I slept so well."
"Good." She said as she came up to me kissing my cheek and giving me a quick hug, before heading to kitchen.
I couldn't help but watch her body as we walked to the kitchen, but quickly looked up to see Jessica sitting at the table reading a magazine while drinking coffee and eating a piece of toast. The remains of my dad's presence at the table that morning indicated to me that he was already done and gone off to work long ago, so I grabbed some juice and yogurt and sat down at the table next to my sister.
"When did you come home?" I asked her as I settled in and looking over to her. She sat there in what could only be described as a skimpy crop top and probably the smallest pair of denim shorts, I have ever seen.
"This morning, I needed to come grab something and take a shower before I head back out."
"Ah" I said, "Thanks for the heads up, again, about the shower being free earlier."
She shrugged in response and then said, "Mom said I should let you know, when I saw her on my way in this morning. I was surprised you were awake actually."
"Yeah, I woke up early today." I replied as I looked over to my mother who was busying herself with something at the sink. Her body in profile, obvious to me and no one else, being shown to me purposely, yet discreetly, as she glanced over to me with a coy smile.
"Oh well…time to go." Jessica said as she stood up and grabbed her things to leave. "Love ya's" she continued just before leaving out the back door towards her car.
I couldn't help but check out all of the bare skin she had on display that morning, a fact that my mother definitely took notice of and pointed out as she came over to the table to clean up after Jessica and my father.
"I was hoping that my little present this morning would have helped you with those kinds of urges, Baby" She said to me while looking down at the table. "She is going to notice you staring at her, if you aren't careful."
"Oh…yeah, sorry." I said with a blush of shame on my face.
"Don't worry about it, Baby, just try to keep it private. Along with other things…" She said, as I was reminded of what happened while I was in the shower and decided to ask her about it.
"Hey Mom?"
"Yeah Baby?" she replied as she headed to the sink.
"What did you take off my desk this morning while I was in the shower?"
She gasped as she dropped the coffee mug into the sink in surprise to my question. "Oh…you saw me?" she questioned softly and looking towards me nervous, having been caught.
I just nodded.
"I was…uh…grabbing something I forgot last night when I was…getting your little surprise ready. I am sorry for being sneaky about it, but…"
I decided to let her know I knew about the CD and she got very serious look on her face when I revealed that I knew what she was collecting from my desk.
"You didn't look at what was on it did you?" she asked concerned that I may have seen more than she had bargained for or offered to let me see.
"No." I lied, to protect not only myself but also to help put her at ease with what she was worried about. "I just figured you may have forgotten something like that, but I was asking about the other thing you took from my desk, when you came to get the CD." A small part of me wanting to keep her a little bit nervous, but not about something I had done, and I was quickly feeling more guilty now that I knew it was not her intention for me to see the rest of the contents on that disc.
"Oh…uh…I was just picking up some trash." She quickly responded still nervous looking.
Then it dawned on me what she had taken…and for some reason, the fact that I hadn't even noticed that she had taken the tissues that I had used to clean myself up after jerking off to her picture, made me feel bad. That was a super sweet gesture of her to clean up after me, after I had had such impure thoughts about her with her permission. Suddenly I knew why I felt bad, I really couldn't take it, the pit in my stomach over having just lied to my mother about the CD was already making me hurt. I don't know why, I just really didn't want to lie to her, so I looked up at her guiltily and said, "Honestly mom, I did look at the CD, I know I shouldn't have without your permission, especially since you had already given me such an amazing gift."
"Oh." She said a bit surprised. I am still not sure whether it was surprise of my transgression, or the fact that I admitted to her so quickly after having lied to her. "Well, thank you for telling me the truth, I appreciate your honesty." She said as she looked down and away from me. "Did you look at everything?"
"No, I only saw one other picture before Jessica knocked on the bathroom door." There as a slight sigh from my mother, just before I continued to tell her the whole truth. "But, I did…uh…copy the disc to my computer before I took my shower. I figured I would look at the rest of the pictures later when I had more time."
"You shouldn't have done that." She said softly as she turned to me again. "You have to respect people's privacy, but it was my mistake for having left the disc in your room, so I don't blame you for having looked at what was there. Making copies though was wrong, and I definitely did not consent to you making a copy"
"I will go erase it right now…I am sorry, Mom." I said as I stood up and started heading to my room.
"Baby." She said as she stepped in front of me and placed her hand on my shoulder. "You didn't have to tell me that you made a copy, and I am proud of you for telling me the whole truth without my asking." Her hand reached up to my cheek, and she smiled softly. "You now have my consent to keep the copies you already have, but please make sure no one, and I mean no one, ever sees them except you. I am trusting you."
I looked at her with surprise, and my shoulders dropped in recognition of how badly that could have gone had I continued to lie and got caught. I made the conscious decision to never lie to her again at that very moment. "Thank you, and again I am sorry for lying to you, I won't lie to you ever again."
Her smile widened, and her eyes glistened with tears as she pulled my head to her lips to give me a very motherly kiss on the forehead. My body stiffened a little as her belly came into direct contact with my hands as she pressed into me to hug me as well. "It's okay baby, I lied a bit to you too, and since we are being honest with each other this morning, I feel like it's best to put all of it out on the table."
"I took your freshly used tissues off your desk this morning."
"I figured it out, when you said you picked up some trash" I responded.
"Yeah, but then I took them to my room and…I uh…satisfied my urges while…uh…smelling your spent essence."
"You mean you were using my cum…I mean scent to…?" I paused midway though that out loud thought.
She quietly nodded, trying not to blush more than she already was.
"Oh." I said looking her in the eyes realizing that we had both masturbated this morning while actively thinking about the other while doing so. I had another thought as I was looking at her and holding her around the waist as she did the same to me.
"What is it?" she asked noticing my thought occurring as we remained embraced.
"That means…that we both…" I started to say.
"Yes Baby…we both…" she said under her breath, as she moved her head slightly to the side.
I was sure at that moment, that my thought was correct, so I gathered my courage and moved in to give her a kiss. She responded by closing her eyes and offering her lips to me to kiss her, not as my mother but as something more. Once our lips touched, my brain exploded, I was kissing my mother and more importantly my mother was kissing me as she held me tight to her in the embrace that we still held. I felt the heat and passion behind the kiss immediately, as her lips parted and she started to kiss me even more passionately with little licks and bites, as her hands started to rub my sides and back pressing me harder into her own body.
When the kiss ended, 30 to 40 seconds later, my only response was a very dumbfounded, "Wow!"
"Wow is right, Baby." She replied with a smile, right before the back door opened.
"Forgot something." Jessica said, flippantly and distracted by her cell phone, as she came back into the house on her way to her room.
"Oh Shit!" both my mom and I said to each other in a hushed whisper.
"Did she see us?" I asked myself.
After that little scare, Mom and I made a very conscious decision to lay low for the next few days especially since Jessica, had for some reason, been spending a lot more time hanging around the house.
Thankfully, over those next few day, I never got a strong feeling that Jessica had seen Mom and I that morning, nor did she ever really hint at the fact that she suspected anything inappropriate going on between us. Something my mom confirmed with me as well, a bit later, when we did have a chance moment together to talk.
In fact, the only things that were even remotely out of the norm for my sister, the next couple days were: 1) She was around more than normal, seriously, she literally had another place to live, why was she always here? 2) Her clothing seemed to have gotten skimpier, if that was possible, even when Dad was around, something that he made mention of one night in the living room while we were all there. To which she just shrugged and stated that she was just trying to be comfortable while she was at home doing nothing. Both mom and I, quickly glanced at each other and almost telepathically acknowledged to each other that we both knew Jessica's clothing choices were having not only effects on me but apparently on Dad too. But otherwise, Jessica seemed to be ignorant to how she is affecting the men in her family. 3) The strangest occurrence happened that Friday morning, when I woke up, my bathroom door was open. Not exactly a huge concern, but it definitely wasn't the norm. Her door was shut, so maybe she had opened my door to let me know she was not in there, but again, that wasn't our way. Why had she opened the door to my room?
Also, during those days, I took any opportunity I could to look through the contents of the CD that my mom had given her permission for me to look at after I have confessed to stealing copies of after the fact. I looked through the contents of those file folders many times over those few days and relieved my sexual urges many times as well. I was horny all the time it seemed. I quickly chose several pictures that I became attached to. The other two pictures from that first folder, the ones when she was pregnant with Jessica, were good. Her pregnant body was without a question the most beautiful I had ever seen. It was obvious to me that she glowed like no other time when she was pregnant, and I had proof in the later folders. While she was beautiful in every picture, I just found the pregnant ones to be my go-to pictures whenever I wanted to sort out my urges.
My favorite set was, oddly, the set of pictures in the folder dated the year before I was born. It was a set of 15 pictures of when she was pregnant with me. As the pictures progressed through her pregnancy, it became very apparent to me that Mom was, most definitely, a very horny woman when she was pregnant. I could just see the sexual energy that she exuded during that time of her life. I felt odd about that line of thinking thought, because there weren't any pictures of her from this pregnancy. Maybe she just hadn't loaded any newer pictures on the CD, but since the folders were labeled up to the date that she probably conceived this baby, I was finding it hard to believe that she just left them off. Was she right about dad not wanting to be intimate with her as much as he used to be?
The answer to that question came to me, very clearly, that same Friday morning when I managed to head towards the kitchen. I heard Mom and Dad having a very tense discussion that led me to believe that they had been arguing for a while. When I entered the kitchen, they dropped it suddenly, as Mom turned to me and wished me good morning in her normal way. Dad took the opportunity to cut the discussion off and left for work after patting me on the shoulder and wishing me a good day. My mother took her leave as well after he left, wishing me a good day as well, but I could tell that she was very sad and didn't want me to see her like that. I mean, she didn't even give me her mom hug or anything.
Confused, I got my breakfast and left for school, but about half-way there, I decided that my mom needed my support, even if I didn't know what the problem was. So, I chose to take a senior skip day right then and there, I turned myself around, and made my way back home.

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