Urges… Ch. 06

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tagIncest/TabooUrges… Ch. 06

All persons in this story are 18 years old or more.
I woke up with a start. That feeling of suddenly falling and the mounting fear of dying in a dream, bringing me back to the stark reality of where I was. "Had it been a dream?" I wondered to myself as I rubbed my eyes and sitting up in my bed, alone.
"No, it most definitely had not been a dream." I said to myself as I reached down and felt the residual moisture that covered my entire groin. The smell of sex wafted up to my nose and I immediately started to get hard again. I looked over to my clock to see how long I had been asleep. It had only been an hour, but I felt like I had slept all night after having sex with my mother. "She must have decided to let me nap, after that last time.
I decided to go out to the kitchen to get something to drink, I felt oddly parched and needed to fix that. I put on a pair loose shorts and a t-shirt, figuring Jessica was probably back by now, and didn't want to risk exposing myself needlessly. When I got to the kitchen, Mom was sitting at the table reading the mail.
"Hey Mom." I spoke up as I came into the kitchen and grabbed a glass out of the cupboard.
"Oh, hey Baby, did you have a good nap?" She said into mail, not looking up to me.
"Uh huh, I guess I was tired." I replied as I filled the glass with water and took a big sip.
"Yes, well, that was to be expected," she said, still speaking to me but not at me as I approached her at the table.
"Yeah, I guess I wore myself out this afternoon." I offered to help lighten up the mood in what I sensed was odd and awkward aftermath of fucking my mom. In my mind I was doing summersaults over how she was acting suddenly towards me.
"Uh huh, I bet you did." She said glancing up at me for the briefest of seconds and then looking back down, almost shamefully.
"Mom?" I asked.
"Yeah Baby?"
"Are you okay? I mean are we…well, with what we…?" I started to ask.
She sighed, and looked up at me, putting the bill she had been reading down on the table in front of her. She then started speaking, but she seemed to be suddenly back in the sad mood that I had been witnessing for the past few month. "I am fine Baby, I am just…well, I am afraid that I crossed a line today that I can't uncross. I should not have…" She paused and looked down again, and then looking back up at me and holding her hand out to me, she asked, "Are you okay, Baby, with…what we…?" a worried searching in her eyes.
I took her hand and I stood up. I went to hug her to my chest and as she started to cry into my shirt I rubbed her head to soothe her and reassure he I was okay with what we had done that afternoon in my room. "I love you, Mom, and I am absolutely okay with what we did. It was amazing." I said as I pulled her chin up to look me in the eyes so she could see that I was being honest with her. "Thank you for showing me how much you love me today, I just hope I was okay for you."
"No, Baby you really were perfect." She smiled through her tears, sniffling as her shoulders relaxed in my embrace, relief finding her. "And I love you too…so much in fact, I am scared of how much love I have, for you, right now."
I smiled down at her, holding her gaze and feeling a sudden swell of love for the woman that sat before me, the woman that had given me life, the woman that had raised me, the woman that had taken me across the threshold of manhood nearly 2 hours ago.
Mom's cell phone chirped out the text notification, and she quickly broke our embrace to read it. "Jessica is going to be back in a few minutes, she apparently had to stop by her dorm and drop something off for her roommate." She said wiping her eyes and looking back up at me with a much more relaxed smile. She reached back to me to hug me around the waist, but released me and patted my stomach softly saying. "You, young man, smell like you spent the day in bed with some randy bitch in heat. Go take a shower and freshen up, dinner should be on the table when you get out."
I blushed a little, I am sure, at her mentioning our combined scent emanating from my midsection and said, "Yeah, I probably should, but…She isn't a bitch."
She smiled warmly at me and said, "Aww, thank you, Baby, that's sweet of you to say."
"Randy and in heat maybe…" I continued, and just managed to dodge a playful slap I knew was coming.
"Why you little shit! Go on now." She laughed as she swatted at me a few more times, ushering me off to my shower.
One shower later, and I was ready to eat. Dinner was not as awkward as I thought it was going to be. Mom and Jessica seemed to have a lot to talk about throughout, both attempting to bring me into the conversation several times. Mom giving me loving glances when she thought Jessica wasn't looking, and Jessica giving me knowing smirks every time she knew Mom wasn't looking, kept me a bit more quiet than they wanted though. Dad arrived home just as we were cleaning up dinner, coming into the house giving Mom the regular kiss, saying he was sorry again for having to stay late at work.
"It's okay, Daddy, we had a good time without you." Jessica spoke up teasing him.
"Gee, thanks Princess." He replied. "You guys sure know how to make a man feel wanted."
"Aww, just teasing ya, Daddy." Jessica said as she went in over to him to hug him. "We want you." She added in an almost sing song voice.
Mom got noticeably uncomfortable with her daughters show of affection towards Dad, but I am pretty sure I was the only one that noticed. "How about we watch a movie tonight, all together? I am pretty sure they are playing that Moulin Rouge movie on one of the premium channels tonight. Didn't you both mention wanting to see that?" She asked towards Dad and Jessica.
"Yes please." Jessica replied breaking her hug from Dad and started bouncing her way out of the room. "I will go get comfy, someone make popcorn." She gave me a wink as she went by me and yelled back from the hallway, "Oh and Mom, don't forget the twerp's cocoa."
Mom and I snapped our heads towards each other with sudden realization.
"Ooh, cocoa does sound good." Dad said, as he approached and opened up the pantry. "Glad I went and picked some up last week when I was on the other side of town." And he pulled out an unopened can of what Mom had sent Jessica out to get earlier that afternoon, so that she and I could be alone.
Mom's face went white as a ghost.
Acting quickly, I told Dad that I would help Mom with the popcorn and cocoa, so he could go decompress in his chair for a bit before the movie. He agreed and went off toward the living room.
Mom, just stood there in some sort of shock.
"Mom?" I asked her, trying to get her to snap out of it.
"She…She…She knows…" Mom started to utter. "Oh god, Baby, she knows we didn't need cocoa."
"Mom, it's going to be okay." I said as I tried to get her to sit down and calm down again.
"No Baby, she knows I was just trying to get her out of the house. I knew she saw us the other day. Oh god, what are we gonna do? She is going to tell your father. Christ this was all a mistake, I never should have…" She started as panic set in.
"Mom, look at me." I said firmly at her making her look me in the eye. "Mom…" I started but paused as I made up my mind to tell her the truth. "She isn't going to say anything to Dad."
Mom looked up at me quizzically, "What? What do you mean? How do you know? Have you talked to her about…us?"
I looked down and nodded shamefully, "She saw us, this morning when I was down between your…" I started to say.
"What!?" she screamed in hushed tone as she slapped me, hard.
I stood there in shock that my mother had raised her hand to me in such a way, but I knew I had lied to her all day, by not telling her the truth from the start this morning, and her reaction was justified.
She stood there in shock as well realizing that she had just slapped me, who knows what was going through her mind at that time. I was never brave enough to bring it up to ask her about it, later.
"I'm sorry…" we both started to say at the same time, but paused when we heard the other speaking.
"Baby, I didn't mean to…Oh god I…" She again started.
"No, Mom. I deserved it, I am sorry I hid the truth from you, I shouldn't have betrayed your trust, not after…" I said looking down to the floor.
"No, you shouldn't have…" she said as she started to straighten her dress nervously. "I need some time alone, right now, but we will be having a long talk soon."
"Yes ma'am." I said nodding my understanding and turning toward the hallway. I paused at the doorway, and turned back to say, "Mom?"
"Not now Otis, I need time." She said matter-of-factly. "And I need to get ready to face my daughter's knowing looks and pray that she doesn't tell your father what she saw. God, how much has she seen? Just go, please." She said ending the conversation and sending me away.
I started toward my room, and when I got there, I saw that Jessica had left both doors to our bathroom open as she stood at the sink washing her face. She looked up at me and she smiled at me when she noticed me enter the bathroom. She finished at the sink and turned to me, and said, "Sup, Motherfucker?"
"What the fuck, Jessica?" I angrily asked her. "Do you even know what you just did?"
"Huh? What?" she asked back with a surprised look on her face.
"You know what. That little cocoa comment, mom is flipping out now, she knows that you know."
"What are you talking about, Dude? I went and got the cocoa, from the store like I was asked, so you and her could be alone and do whatever you did with each other. Why would she think I know anything?"
"Fuck!" I said face palming. "I couldn't lie to her anymore, Jess. Especially when she started freaking when she thought you didn't actually go to the store and caught us this afternoon. She trusted me and I felt like I was betraying her, and I was trying to explain to her that you had caught us earlier this morning and not this afternoon when we…well, I just wanted her to know that you weren't going to blow up our family, or something. Now she won't listen to me, to let me explain."
"For fuck's sake, of course I wouldn't do that." She said and she pushed passed me started out of the bathroom.
"Where are you going" I asked, "Jess?"
"Just hold on, Big Mouth. Let me at least try to smooth this over a little, since I agree it is partly my fault." And she left into the hallway, and I followed. She entered the kitchen and walked directly over to her huge bag she called her purse. She pulled out a new can of cocoa as Mom looked up towards her. As Jessica walked over to Mom, both Mom and my sister glanced at me standing silently in the doorway. Jessica sat the can down on the counter in front of Mom with purpose, and said in a whisper directly to our mother, "Here."
Mom just looked at her in disbelief and worry.
Jessica, not really wanting to deal with drama anymore, continued to say, "I know about it, I watched it, I even got excited by it. I told him not to tell you that I knew about it, because I wanted to have some fun too. If you want to be mad at someone, blame me, but Mom, I wouldn't want to hurt either of you, ever. I get it, you have urges, so do we all. Sort them out how you will, if its Otis that does it for you, then so what, but damn it, if anyone is going to blow this up and ruin you, it will be yourself. I love you, I love my brother, I love Dad. And though I believe we all deserve to know how much we love each other, it isn't my place to say anything. So again, I am sorry I caused you to freak out, but you can trust me with your secret." Then she turned to me, and said, "And I am sorry that I made you lie to her, that was wrong of me and this could have been very different."
Both Mom and I just stood there in a bit of a shock, as Jessica left the kitchen and us, alone again, in it.
"Movies about to start, where is everyone?" My Dad yelled out from the living room, causing us to snap out of it, and get moving again.
Not really knowing where we stood at that very moment, I left the kitchen after Mom looked over to me and gave me a small smile and an indication that I should go and get ready for movie night with the family, while she finished up in the kitchen.
A few minutes later, I was in the living room on the couch, with Dad sitting in his recliner reading the paper. The movie started as Mom entered the room with a tray of mugs and several bowls of popcorn. She handed Dad his share first, and he thanked her seeking a kiss of the cheek as she bent down to receive it, with a smile. She then brought me, my share and bent down offering her cheek to me too.
Surprised by this, I quickly said "oh, uh…thanks Mom." And kissed her cheek as well.
"You're welcome, Baby." She replied out loud and then whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry too, we'll talk later, okay?"
I just nodded in response, as she stood up and Jessica entered the room already wrapped up in a blanket from her bed. She met Mom in the middle of the room and grabbed her share off the tray and said her thanks as well, then laid down on the floor in front of the television, between it and the recliner. Mom sat down on the other end of the couch, and we all started to watch the movie as a family.
All seemed to be okay while the movie played, everyone seemed to be enjoying it. Mom even stretched out along the couch at one point and laid her feet in my lap and asked me to rub her feet for her. Not something out of the ordinary, I quickly took a hold of one of her feet and started to give it a rub. I looked up to Mom, and she just smiled back at me and closed her eyes and enjoyed it. I took a look around the room, and Jessica's attention was solely on the movie, as she laid there on the floor, her legs dancing to the music in the movie. I then looked over to my father to see if he had any issue with what I was doing with Mom's feet, but he wasn't looking towards the couch, nor was he actually watching the movie. Instead, he was absently staring down at my sister, with her bare legs stretched out behind her and moving to the music outside the cover of her blanket.
He continued to do so until the credits started, and Jessica uncovered herself and stood up. Both Dad's eyes and my eyes bugged out as she stood up. Jessica was wearing only a small pair of panties and a nearly see through camisole top.
"Need to pee." She said and quickly left the room.
I could tell Dad was less than pleased by her attire, but damn even he had to admit the view we had both exposed to was fucking sexy. I watched his expression turn from shock to frustration as he turned to me. He then saw me starting back at him as I sat there still massaging mom's feet. I paused rubbing the foot in my hand, as his facial expression indicated that he wasn't actually very happy at that moment.
Mom, who had been relaxing there with her eyes closed, opened them and asked, "Why did you stop, Baby?" She then followed my eyes back to Dad, who shook his head and stood up himself.
"I'm going to head to the bedroom," he said out loud. "Want me to finish that massage for you?" he offered to Mom, and then continued. "I need to discuss something with you as well."
Mom turned back to me and pulled her feet back off my lap. Giving me a smile that told me two things. 1) She was grateful to me for the massage, and 2) she thought it best to go on, so that we could avoid any more preventable drama than had already occurred tonight. Standing up she said, "Thank you, Baby that felt good, tell Jessica goodnight for us." And they both walked down the hall towards their room.
I just sat there, thinking to myself. "Well that happened." Then Jessica came bouncing back into the room and took notice that I as there alone.
"Where'd they go?" she asked confused, as I sat there just staring back at her and her lack of clothing.
"Uh…Dad just went to bed and Mom followed him, he wanted to talk to her about something, in private." I said shrugging.
"Hmm…well, maybe he is in good mood, and thinking he might get lucky?" she said, with a slight smile on her face. "Maybe something got him excited, or someone." She continued as she grabbed her blanket and came to the couch, laying down and wrapping up next to me. She laid her head in my lap and said, "Who knows, maybe Mom's guilt over fucking her son today, will help him get lucky tonight?"
"What?" I said in shock of what she just said. "I thought you went to the…?"
"Oh, I did, and you should be glad I did, since it may have saved whatever you and Mom have going, but I didn't go right away. I didn't go right away, I wanted to watch the two of you again. I just figured I would see her give you a blowjob, but damn I didn't expect to see her sitting on your dick repeatedly." She said as she nuzzled down into my crotch.
I sat there, just trying to figure out what was going on.
"God it was sexy as fuck, way to go little bro, I didn't know you had that in you. You really gave her what she wanted it seemed. Ooh, and I see just thinking about it has you worked up again. What fucking our pregnant mother didn't sort your urges out?" she asked with a giggle as she placed her hand down on my slowly stiffing lap.
"Jessica!" I said stunned by the situation I found myself in.
"What?" She asked. "Tell me about what I missed after mom texted me, and I can help you with your latest urge while you do." She reached into my shorts and took hold of my near full erection and started to rub in up and down again.
"Yeah, right…so you can tease me and leave me again?"
"Well, since Mom is going to probably be distracted by Daddy, I will finish what I start this time, I promise. I just want to know what happened, and I will make it worth your time, if you want. And besides, I feel I owe you a real apology for earlier." With that, she lowered her mouth down to my now fully hard cock.
After a few minutes of her sucking up and down, she pulled off and smiled up at me. "See? I promise to make you feel good little brother. Now dish, tell me, what was it like fucking our pregnant mother?"
So, I started to tell her what happened with Mom and me, and she went back to sucking my dick while I did. The longer I spoke, the more enthusiasm she seemed to have towards having my dick in her mouth. Eventually she scooted up onto her knees to get a better angle, and when she did, I could clearly see her beautiful little breasts moving back and forth below her as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. One of her hands jacking me off into her mouth and the other obviously down between her legs rubbing herself off at the same time.
She looked up to me as she sucked me off and saw that my eyes were focused on her breasts, so she let me loose again and said. "Go ahead, you can feel my titties, if you want." And then quickly she returned to her task at hand.
I reached out and cupped one of you little tits into my hand. It was a perfect handful, and her nipple slightly rubbed against my palm and she let out a little moan. Her moan offered just enough vibration on my overly excited cock that I immediately crossed the line of no return.
"Oh god, Jess, I'm going to cum." I said to her in warning, but she just kept going.
I tried to hold it back as best I could, giving her the opportunity to pull off of me before I started filling her mouth, but before I knew it I was. She pulled back enough to only hold my pulsing head in her mouth as she ran her tongue across it as it spat out rope after rope of cum into her willing and receptive mouth.
She collapsed back down onto the couch as her own orgasm apparently hit her. I watched her jerk and spasm there with my cock still in her mouth. I was in awe of her as she worked through her climax and had just whispered out, "Wow!"

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