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Last time I narrated you real fun between me and my cousin, Rahul. Rahul has big brother – Amit. He is 24 and looks handsome. Few days later, I went to their home for some work. The two brothers were alone, my uncle and aunty were gone out with some work and will return soon, as told my two cousins. Amit, “Wait for some time. They will be any moment. Relax and watch television.

I am inside working. If you need anything call me.” Rahul went out of the home and ride the bike. I was watching television and sat for 15 minutes and then I was getting bored, so I went to Amit’s room. He was typing something, making some report. I just near him and we started talking about usual life. In talking, he talked about that occasion of new home. I smiled and said, “It was good and enjoyed.” He looked at me, “I know you had real fun,” He waited for a second and then said further, “with Rahul.” My eyes get wide. He looked at me, “He is till immature. Try me, I am real teaser.” I stood, “Ok. I am leaving. Tell uncle and aunty I visited but due to work gone back.” He caught my hand, “you can’t leave like this, and you have satisfied me first.” I said with anger, “leave me”. He stood and pushed me bed and pressed my hands tightly and saw in my eyes, “do it with understanding or it will be real hard for you.” He was strong and there was no one to save me and I slowed my anger and my force. He too lower his force and pushed my hands towards top of my head and tied it with the bed. I told, “I am ready then why you tied my hand.” He smiled, “I said you I am a teaser.” He just went out of room and then came back with ice cubes and a chocolate ice cream in a bowl. On that day I was wearing knee length skirt and sleeveless white shirt.

He opened all buttons of my shirt and white bra was exposed. I had worn strapless bra. Then he took off my skirt and white panty with colorful flowers printed on it was exposed. He then placed ice cube on my lips and I licked it, then he slowly started moving ice cube on my neck, then to cleavage, rolled it on cleavage for some seconds, then slowly moved towards belly and rolled the cube on it, placed his mouth on the cube and was licking the ice cube and also my belly. It was giving me real pleasure, making me hot even though ice cube was cold. He then slowly moved downwards and rolled the ice cube over the pussy over the panty, making my panty wet both from inside and from outside. The juices were slowly making my panty wet. Then he moved down, over the thighs, to knees and then legs bottom and there he sucked my legs fingers. I was moaning softly, “aaaaahhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhhh.”

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Then he came over me and we kissed, sucked each others tongue for a moment. He unclasped my bra and my boobs were released. My pink nipples were tight, erect, standing straight. He took one by one in his mouth sucked them real hard, pinching them, licking them and biting them, I was still moaning softly, “oooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhh.” I want to press his head more on me but my hands were tied and that made me more uncontrollable. He than moved down, removed my panty, exposing hairless pussy, just like baby’s pussy. He took chocolate ice cream bowl. It had got melted somewhat. He dropped the melted ice cream in my mouth, I licked the ice cream. He than dropped the ice cream on my nipples, and boobs, my half boobs was covered with ice cream, then put some on belly and then over the pussy. He put the bowl aside and came over me, started sucking my nipples, “you nipples taste even better with chocolate than any other flavor mixed with chocolate.” He was sucking them real hard. I was moaning, “suck it hard yessss ooohhhh yyessssssssssss.” He went down, licking the belly and then went down started rolling his tongue on my pussy. He spread my legs and then spread my pussy lips and started rolling his tongue inside my pussy. He was tongue fucking me. That made me crazy, he was real slow, real teaser, I was moaning more now, “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssssssssss Amit please fuck me now I can’t take it more…” But he continued with his licking and sucking and I had real hard orgasm ever had. He cleaned my pussy licked all the juice.

He got nude. Released my hands and then positioned his dick over my pussy entrance. He had real good dick. It was 8″ long and 3″ thick. He pushed it inside me slowly inch by inch and it entered full 8″ in my hole. He slowly started pumping, I was moaning, raising my hips to get him more inside me, “yyyesssssssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhh fuck me harderrrrrrrr deeeppperrrrrrrrr.” He was going real slow, making hotter, wetter and driving me crazy.” I was trying to get him faster but he caught me by waist and making me slow my movements. He then slowly increased his speed, “yyesss baby now take you to height of fuckingg… Take it baby yeyssssssssssss aaaaahhhhhh ooooohhhhh.” I was moaning hard, loud, “yyyssssssssss ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuuummmmmmmmmm.” He was ramming his cock real hard in me and then we both had orgasm. He took out his cock and shoots all his cum over my boobs and over my face. We again kissed hard.

I cleaned my self, got dressed and returned home.