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Hi! This is Urvashi and I will narrate this real fun.

We had bought new home. My father and his big brother, they both purchased new home in the same society but at some distance. They had shifted to new home, and we were going to shift 6 months later. We had vaastu pujan of their home. I had wear stripped salwar-kameez. My uncle has two sons; one named Rahul is of 19 and other Amit of 24. The pooja had started and only we family members were present their. Others were going to come in evening at the end of the pooja. I was feeling bored, so I came out of pooja and went to my home to see how much work is complete. All our family members were busy in pooja. I came out and behind me Rahul also came and we both walking, talking reach my home. We entered the home. All nearby homes were still under construction and as it was some festival day, construction workers were also not their. Whole place seem very silent. We both talking looked every room and at the end we reached on the top floor and went to terres. We looked at the garden and trying to look our other home but it was seen. I was looking at garden, Rahul was looking at me. I look at him, in his yes, I can see lust. He said, “you look beautiful in this dress.” I can see lust in his yes, “Thank You”. I want to confirm it more, so I said, let’s go to my room; we still have to look for its work. There was one bed put in my room.

While walking me intentionally hurt my leg, but softly and shouted loud as if I had hurt badly. He came to me, I said, I can’t walk, take me to the bed. He lifts me and put me on bed. While he was lifting me I intentionally tried to remain lay on floor so while he lifted me his hands got in my salwar and his hands touched my bare waist. I had fall my dupatta so I can know he really had lust. My one side strip of kameez had fallen on below my shoulder. He laid me on bed. As he put me I shouted loudly, he said, “wait, I will call someone” I said, “no, just remain here, I will get afraid here alone.” He said, “you are hurted, something has to do, if you got bleeding then…” I said, “may be, I had to see. I had to remove my salwar. He said, “ok, remove it, I stay out.” I said, “ok.” He went out. I want to test it all. So, after he gone out I shouted, “Rahul, I need help to remove my salwar.” He came in, I looked at him, “It is paining, and can you help me.” He said, “ok.” I lifted my kameez and undone stalwart’s thread and lifted my ass to remove it. I had wore g-string panty at that time. I acted like I was paining so not to look at he and he were looking at my panty. He slowly removed my salwar fully. I had my kameez still above my waist. Touching my leg, I said, “Ah! Its not bleeding but I am feeling pain.” He touched my leg, “where? Here.” I said, “no, above, I think it hurted down but my thighs are paining.” I laid fully; he put his hands on my thigh and started rubbing it. I had closed my eyes, “Yes Rahul, there only, keep rubbing it feels good.” His lust was increasing; I can feel his hand coming up towards my pussy. My kameez was lifted more and showing my belly. He kissed my thigh, I said, “what you are doing?” He said, “giving you warmness, it will remove all your pain.” As he was kissing up, I was feeling horny and I had spread my legs. Due to g-string panty, my pussy was visible.

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He got bold and spread my legs more wide and kissed on my pussy and I let out a moan, “aaahhhhhh”. He got green signal sign and I looked at him and bite my lip. I removed my panty and looked at my shaved pussy, “wow, urvi you have great pussy.” I smiled, “it’s yours for the day.” I removed my top and bra and laid nude on bed. He too got nude and came over me and we started kissing passionately. His dick was pressing against my pussy. He one by one pressed my boobs, sucked it and I was moaning,

“aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm” and pressing his head more on my boobs. He got down and spread my legs and put his tongue in my pussy. I let out a moan, “aaaaaaahhhhhhhh rahullll yyyyyessssssssss” He was tongue fucking me, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyyyessssssssss deeeeppppperrrrrrrrrr” And I climaxed all over his face. He came on top of me and positioned his 7 inch long and 2.5 inch thick dick at my pussy entrance and pushed it and it got inside in one stroke. He was surprised to this, and looked at me; I gave him a naughty smile. He smile and said, “Now I am really gonna fuck you hard.” and started pushing his dick harder in me. I too raising my hips to get his dick full inside me. I was moaning hard, “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhhhh yyyyyyyesssssssssssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhmmmmm fffffuuccckkkkkk me haarrdderrrrrrrrr yyyyyyessssssssssss deeepppppperrrrrrrr yyyesssssssssssss” He was ramming his beast deep inside my pussy and then held me tight as he shoot his load of cum in my hole. I held him tight till last drop of his cum fell in my pussy and we kissed. I looked at him, “it’s still not over. I am yet not satisfied.”

I laid him on bed and placed my pussy on his dick. “I am gonna ride you now.” I started jumping on his dick. He was raising his hips to get inside me deeper and held me from waist. “yesssss baby, get me more in yyyyyessssssssss” He was pressing my boobs, squeezing it. I was jumping faster and as he touched my g-point, we both climaxed together and I lay on him, pressing our bodies together. I got up and said, “It’s still to get you fully empty in me.” I took his dick in my mouth. It had loosened. I was sucking it like lollypop. Soon it got hard and I was licking it, sucking it hard, deep in my throat. He was pressing my head to fuck my mouth. And now he could not take it more and shooted fast in my mouth and I drank it all and cleaned his dick. He laid on bed. I got up, cleaned up myself, my pussy, got dressed. He laid their breathing heavy. While going I said, “You seem to be loose, can’t fuck someone more than once. I guess how you will satisfy your wife.” And, went to pooja.