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For some days, the schooling was smooth. One day in the recess, sameer came to me and said, “if you want to save yourself, don’t wait after college.” I can see anger in his eyes. But, I wanted to know what he can do, up to what extend. I was confident; I can again make him exhausted and now in few minutes. College got over. I waited in class. He too waited. As school got empty, we sat on one bench, side by side, I looked at him, “what? You again want to get defeated by a girl, ha?” Smiled at him. He looked in my eyes “You said true, I can’t take it more, you really exhausted me that day.

You know I couldn’t sleep for whole night on that day.” I smiled, “I know you don’t have enough strength.” He smiled, “Yes. I know. But today you are gonna pay real hard for it.” I looked in his eyes, “Do you wanna play one more time with me? Bet, you won’t win.” He stood and gave me naughty smile, but dangerous smile, “Yes, but his time as I promised I will make you slut of this college, I had our three friends: Rohit, Nitin, and Abhisekh. Meet them here they are.” They entered the door and closed the classroom door. I looked at four of them, and murmured to myself, “oh my god, this is gonna very bad now.” He looked at me, “now you seem afraid. I can see your face.” I looked at him with anger, he smiled and all the boys smiled. I looked out from window for a moment and then at them. Sameer ordered, “take her boys, it’s our feast for the day.” He looked at me, “don’t even try to shout or run, you won’t be able…”

All four of them came near me, undressed themselves and undressed me completely. There I was standing nude in front of four nude guys. All were laughing and specially sameer by looking at my face, helpless face. They all forced me to sit on bench, rohit asked, “sameer, from where should we start? Face, ass, or pussy.” nitin said, “I think we all should start together, that will give her great pleasure, right urvi?” They all laughed. I was sitting helpless there. Abhisekh said, “Friends, from wherever you start I will start from my penis.” They all looked at him. He laughed, “surprised? I want to piss, I can’t wait long friends.” They all laughed and started pissing on me. My boobs and pussy were wet by their piss. I had closed my eyes while they were making me dirty. Sameer said laughingly, “now you look like slut. What you said me that day…mother fucker…I am gonna make you slut now.” One caught my hand and made me stand, Sameer laid on bench and they positioned me on his dick. I entered him fully. Rohit came from back and entered my ass, as he entered my ass I felt pain, “aaaaaahhhhhhh” Sameer, “shout baby. I will show you what the fuck is.” And nitin came in front and gave his dick in my mouth. All started fucking me slowly, slowly in three holes. Rohit was slamming faster in my ass, “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooohhhhhh” I was not able to moan even as nitin was fucking my mouth, touching my throat. Sameer fucking my pussy and them all shooted together in my holes. All my holes got filled with their cum.

Sameer got up. Abhisekh laid on bench and I was again positioned on his dick. Nitin entered me from behind and Sameer got in my mouth, while rohit was rubbing by himself, with one hand pinching my boobs and sucking my nipples. They all three again started fucking me harder, nitin and sameer, “yyesssssssssssss baby take it more yyyessssssssssssss ooohhh yyesssssssssss you slut, see urvi I had made you slut, but still as promised I am gonna make you slut of this whole school….yyessssssssss” They were fucking me harder and again they filled my holes. But I had not get my orgasm yet. I laid on bench breathing heavy, sameer, “see I got you exhausted today.” I smiled, “not yet baby, I haven’t got orgasm yet. You all had got two times and you can’t take more than one time, I can take.”

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Sameer came and laid me, spread my legs wide, started fingering me, entered one finger, second and slowly entered whole, I let out a loud moan and shout, as it filled me with tremendous pain, “nnooo please stop, you will ruin my pussyyyy aaaaahhhhhh” He didn’t stopped, all his friends were laughing at my pain. He started doing in and out of his hands slowly, slowly entering me deeper. Sameer looked at his friends, “guys look here, see from baby come out, want to look what’s inside, come and have a close look.” Tears were coming from eyes with pain, “pleaseeeee stoppp aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” Rohit looking at my pussy, “sameer I can’t look what’s inside, can you spread it more for me.” He smiled at him, come and help me to spread it further.” He asked sameer, “what size a baby is when it born? I mean in thickness.” Sameer, “I don’t know exactly, but must be more than 3″ inch.” They all smiled and rohit too started pushing his hand in my pussy, spreading me pussy, I was shouting with pain, tears were flowing fast from my eyes, “no please stoppp you crack my pussy, please for god’s sake stop..” sameer laughed, “last time I requested you same but you didn’t now you feel sorry and promise to get fucked every day by me then I will release you” I looked at him, “never, whatever extent you go.” They both had their hands in my pussy, fucking me slowly, slowly and increased their speed. I was shouting with pain, “aaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhhh” And I climaxed. Their hands got covered with my juices. I was breathing heavy.

They took their hands out. Sameer, “guys are you ready for another round.” Now rohit laid on bench, they placed me on his dick, and sameer too entered my pussy, nitin got in my ass and abhisekh entered my mouth, they all started fucking me harder, ramming their cocks in my holes. I was not even able to move myself, they are only moving, I was feeling like I some rabbit hole and four rabbits are conflicting to enter in me, together. And, one more time they all filled my holes with their load of cums. They all released me and sat on bench and their cocks got loose. I was laying on bench, with eyes closed, breathing heavy, and all my holes: pussy, ass and mouth was dripping their cum. I was coughing as load of cum was in my throat. After 15 minutes, I sat on bench, they all were looking at me, and their cocks had loosened completely. I smiled at them, “I am yet not complete guys, but you seem to be. I can still take you all.” I spread my legs wide, spreading my pussy, “I think you saw my pussy more closely, I can take you all – you mother fuckers.”

Nitin came near me, “wanna see us, let’s start again.” I looked in his eyes, “bet, this will be last time you ever fuck a girl like me.” Nitin looked at other guys. He laid on bench; other three took me and placed me on his dick. One got in mouth and one more got in pussy and other got in ass. One more time they started ramming their cocks in me. The one mouth was not able to cum third time. I tried to get his tool out. I held him in my mouth, looking at him in his eyes, “try to get it out and I will eat it.” as he tried to get his tool out I gave a soft bite, he got afraid and called other guys, “guys there is some problem, she seems to eat my tool.” Others started fucking me more harder, faster, but I didn’t release him and I was sucking his cock more faster and he cummed in me. I still held it, it was loosening but I was sucking it hard, it again got hard and he was exhausted to its fullest, he spoke, “guys fifth time I cum, I think I am gonna never cum again.” But I didn’t released, the two in pussy released their cum, but I didn’t released them. The one in ass also shooted, but it felt nothing filled my ass. He was exhausted and laid on bench, breathing heavy. One from behind in pussy too released me and laid on bench, same as the one was in ass. One under me in pussy and one in mouth were having tough time. I didn’t released them. I made them cum two more times. They felt like they cummed but it was nothing. When I released them, they simply laid on bench and were breathing heavily.

I got up, laid on bench for few minutes, while guys had gone to sleep almost, I wore my clothes and I was leaving looked at sameer, half open eyes, “sameer, I bet you all four even couldn’t defeat me. I still can say, one girl fucked four guys, ooopps raped four guys.” I gave him naughty smile and went home.

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