Used and Abused Ch. 08

tagIncest/TabooUsed and Abused Ch. 08

Used and Abused Ch. 08
The next day at school Arthur was happy to see Misty was back and as usual at lunch time they met up for what was now their routine catch-up, "Hello Arthur," she said sitting down next to him.
"Hi, glad to see you back. I missed you yesterday," Arthur replied.
"Aww, did you really? Yeah sorry, I didn't feel too good," she said putting her hand on his thigh.
"You're feeling better today though?" Arthur asked.
"Yeah I'm fine, in fact after last night I'm more than fine," Misty said with a giggle… and then she blushed.
"Oh yeah. Come on then, tell me more," Arthur said, intrigued.
"Oh God, had a bit of a session, you know, online," she explained.
"With, what was her name, Sandra?" he said.
"Yeah, God it was so… hot," Misty said.
Arthur was surprised to think that his Aunt, after what had taken place last night, was still up for more later on with Misty, albeit online. His mind was quickly transported back to the passionate kiss they had shared with her while he was fucking her.
"So what did she have you do last night," Arthur probed.
"You know she kept my knickers?" Misty said looking at him for confirmation that he remembered before she continued. Arthur nodded his head, "Well… Oh God this is gonna sound disgusting, but it was so horny."
She paused for a moment deep in thought, seemingly remembering the details, "She told me that she had been wearing my dirty knickers all day and then that evening she had got herself off while still wearing them and had cum in them. Then she asked me if I wanted to see the mess she'd made in them… God I'm getting horny just telling you," she said blushing.
"So did she show them to you?" Arthur asked feeling his penis twitch with excitement.
"Yeah but not until she got me to strip naked for her, then she told me that some of the goo in the panties was spunk from her lodger that had leaked from her pussy after she had put them back on after he had fucked her. It was sooo… God you must think I'm a right pervert!" she said.
"No, no not at all… well perhaps a little," Arthur said laughing.
"Perhaps I am," Misty said with a giggle, "It was so hot though… and then she held them up to her face and sniffed them. She then asked me if I liked the smell of spunk! Of course I told her I'd never smelt it… Then she said I must come round tomorrow and she'd get her lodger to give us a fresh supply for me to sample," Misty said with excitement.
Arthur now had a serious dilemma. Obviously he was the lodger that his Aunt was referring to. He could envisage the scenario in his head. If Misty was to turn up and discover that he was the so-called lodger… well he couldn't let that happen. He had to come clean but before he could speak Misty continued with her story.
"I'm so excited… but I hope she's not expecting me to lose my virginity to her lodger. I mean I want my first time to be… well special. Do you know what I mean Arthur?" she said looking to him for his response.
"Err, yeah, of course… Look Misty I've got something to tell you… You're not going to like it," Arthur said bowing his head and staring at the ground.
"What is it? What's wrong Arthur?" Misty asked.
"The thing is the woman you know as Sandra is actually my Auntie!" Arthur confessed unable to look at his friend.
"Oh… Oh My God!" Misty said, realising the implications of what she'd just learned, "Oh My God, do you mean the lodger is actually you… Oh My God she said she'd fucked her lodger last night, does that mean… Oh My God Arthur, you fucked your own Auntie!"
Arthur kept looking at the ground unable to face his friend. She was angry, very angry. She stood up and Arthur could almost feel her stare of disgust before she stomped off…
Needless to say Arthur felt gutted. He was sure he'd blown any chance he may have had with Misty. And worse than that he wondered what the repercussions would be from admitting his incestuous relationship with his aunt. What would Misty do? Would she tell anyone?
The more he thought the more questions arose. Should he tell his auntie? Would Misty tell his auntie that she knew? He considered coming clean and telling his aunt what had happened but decided not to. He knew he'd had no choice but to tell Misty and he could only hope that she would keep it to herself.
The next day at school he didn't expect that Misty would want to know him so he was amazed when she turned up at their usual meeting place at lunch time. She didn't sit down next to him as she normally would but stood in front of him with an angry look on her face and her hands on her hips.
"Tell me one thing, how long had you known that it was your auntie that I had been telling you about?" she asked, anger in her voice.
Arthur was caught totally off guard. On one hand he was pleased that Misty was still actually talking to him but on the other he knew that if he was to tell her the truth that he had known all along then all would definitely be lost. He tried to salvage something from the situation.
"I'd only just found out. I overheard my aunt talking when I passed her bedroom and yesterday, when you were telling me what had happened the night before, it fitted with what I overheard. I was just as surprised as you when I realised," Arthur said, surprising himself with how he had worked out an excuse so quickly.
There was little response from Misty. Arthur could see she was thinking his explanation through but after a few seconds walked away without saying a word. Even if she had believed his lie there was still the question of his incestuous relationship with his aunt.
It was difficult to see that Misty would except such a thing and Arthur was sure he had lost her friendship. Again he wondered about the consequences and could only hope Misty would keep it to herself…
That evening Arthur very nearly opened up to his auntie but couldn't bring himself to do it. Normally after his evening shower he would scour the laundry basket for his aunt's discarded underwear but this evening he was in no mood for it and just returned to his bedroom in a rather depressed state.
Half an hour later he was surprised by his aunt's summons to join her downstairs in the lounge. Normally he would be excited but tonight, with all that had happened, he was almost annoyed by the summons. With little enthusiasm he made his way down.
Reaching the bottom of the stairs he noticed a small pair of shoes by the front door and realised his aunt had a visitor. He was surprised as he hadn't heard their arrival.
"Come on Arthur, you're keeping my guest waiting!" Kelly said impatiently.
He walked into the lounge, "At last! Sorry Alice he can be so slow sometimes. This is my ne… my lodger," Kelly said quickly correcting herself.
Arthur's jaw dropped. It was the last person he'd expected. His mood lifted instantly with the realisation that he had not only not lost his friend but also his worry about his incestuous relationship with his aunt was safe. Misty was looking at him with a sultry smile on her face.
When he'd got over his initial shock it then registered that there was a large plastic sheet covering the floor in front of his auntie who was sitting her her usual place on the sofa. And then he noticed that Misty, who was standing on the sheet, was wearing a knee length black overcoat which wouldn't be out of place if it was a cold winters evening but was out of place considering it was a warm summer evening.
"Come on then Arthur, help the girl off with her coat," Kelly said.
Now with a spring in his step Arthur moved behind his friend. While he waited for her to unbutton her coat, being a good head taller, he looked down on her head and took in the clean fresh fragrance of her blond hair. When she pulled her coat open Arthur took over and removed it, placing it on the armchair behind him.
Misty now stood almost naked apart from matching white bra and panties that showed off her lightly tanned brown skin. Arthur, tempted by a natural urge to touch, waited for his aunties next instruction.
"So Alice, are you ready to go?" Kelly asked, totally confusing her nephew.
"Yes, I'm bursting," Misty answered.
"Good. Come round here Arthur," Kelly said pointing.
Arthur moved round to the side allowing him a view of Misty's lovely young body and along with his auntie watched a small wet patch in her knickers quickly spread. It was now obvious what the plastic sheet was for as a torrent of pee poured through Misty's white panties and dripped to the floor.
By the time she had finished Misty was standing in a small puddle which grew bigger from the streams running down her inner thighs. Arthur couldn't imagine what his auntie had in mind. While he waited for her next instruction he looked Misty up and down.
She looked embarrassed, standing in her own urine, but she still had a grin on her face. It occurred to Arthur that the scenario had obviously been pre-planned by the two women. The plastic sheet ready and of course Misty needing to pee couldn't exactly be a coincidence.
"Well girl, you've certainly made a mess. Make yourself useful Arthur, help Alice out," Kelly said and when he gave her a vacant look she continued, "Clean her up boy, start with her feet,"
Arthur looked at his friend and could see she was as unsure as he was. They were both quickly reprimanded, "Kneel down Arthur and lick the girls feet clean!" Kelly said in a angry inpatient tone.
Arthur kneeled down and felt Misty's fresh urine soak into his pyjama trousers, "Lift your foot up for him Alice," Kelly said as though she was annoyed at having to direct the youngsters.
Misty steadied herself by holding on to Arthur's shoulder as she lifted her left foot up. Grabbing hold of her foot with his right hand Arthur lifted it towards his mouth as he lowered his head. A sudden feeling of revulsion quickly dispersed and was replaced by some kind of primal desire.
Perhaps it was pheromones or maybe hormones in Misty's pee that excited him so much, he really wasn't sure, but he licked at her toes as though they were covered in honey. Her toenails were painted in a pale pink varnish, in turn he sucked each toe into his mouth occasionally glancing up at her now yellow tinted white knickers.
"Now the other one," Kelly demanded.
Arthur glanced up at his aunty and saw she was stroking herself between her legs. She still wore her bathrobe and her legs were only parted enough to allow her hand in so he couldn't see if she was wearing any panties. He was sure that he would find out sooner or later.
Misty replaced her foot back on the floor and back in the puddle of her own urine before lifting her other foot for Arthur to clean. This time there was no hesitation and he was more than happy to lick and suck his friends sexy little foot, his penis twitching against his pyjama trousers indicated his arousal.
It wasn't long before Kelly issued her next command, "Get those knickers off and hand them to me," she said.
With both feet back on the floor Misty pushed her white panties down over her thighs letting them fall to the floor. Arthur watched intently and he felt his cock grow harder and twitch again with his first real look at his friends pussy. A very small patch of dark pubic hair, very neatly trimmed, seemed to sparkle as the light reflected from the pee that clung to it.
Misty handed her panties to the older woman that were now saturated in her pee where they had landed on the floor around her feet, so much so that they were dripping urine onto Kelly's bare legs as she took them from Misty's hand.
"You dirty girl, look how wet they are!" Kelly said.
While waiting for instruction Arthur and Misty watched Kelly open up her gown exposing her bare chest and begin to rub the sodden panties over each breast in turn. It could now be seen that she was wearing Misty's dirty red knickers that she had confiscated from the young girl on her first visit.
"It seems to me that there are two of you and I have two breasts that need some attention, so come on," Kelly said moving over to the middle of the sofa.
Arthur sat down next to her on the right while Misty sat on her left. Dipping his head Arthur began to lick his aunt's wet breast and stroked her inner thigh with his right hand. Following his lead Misty did the same from the other side and mimicked every move.
"Aaaah yes… don't forget the nipples," Kelly said with obvious satisfaction.
The young friends eyes met as they both licked and sucked on Kelly's nipples which quickly became stiff from their probing tongues. The older woman's delight was obvious by her increasing soft moans.
"Lets make it a bit more tasty for you," Kelly said pushing the young couple aside as she leant forward.
Placing Misty's white knickers on the plastic sheet to mop up some of the pee she sat back up and squeezing the material let it dribble over her tits, " There that's better, come on, lick it up," she said.
Arthur couldn't believe how erotic it was to be licking Misty's pee off of his aunties tits while watching his friend do the same, their faces only inches apart. Kelly, ringing the knickers with both hands, forced more pee to drip down her cleavage which quickly filled her navel and flowed further down and soaked into her panties, Misty's confiscated red panties.
"Look at the state of your pyjamas! Get them off and kneel beside me," Kelly demanded.
Although still a little uncomfortable about his rather boyish look having no pubic hair, Arthur did as instructed and was soon kneeling on the sofa beside his auntie and facing his friend. He wasn't fully erect but his penis was hard enough and stood out almost horizontal as though it was pointing at Misty.
"Alice has never had the pleasure of the aroma of spunk Arthur so we need to rectify that don't we!" Kelly said and wrapped the young girls pissy white knickers around his cock.
While sliding the wet panties along his shaft with her right hand Kelly managed to unclip Misty's bra with her left, "Lets see those lovely young tits," she said.
Misty removed her bra and dropped it to the floor immediately returning her eager lips to her hosts bare left breast. With his first close view of his friends bare chest Arthur's penis twitched against his aunties hand and the wet panties that she had wrapped around it.
"Help me off with my knickers," Kelly ordered the young girl, "Now give them to my neph… lodger, he loves the smell of my cunt, we'll soon have some spunk for you."
Being unaware that the youngsters knew anyway Kelly hoped her slip up hadn't been noticed. While Misty handed the red panties to Arthur Kelly ran her left hand down the young girls back and slipped a finger between her bum cheeks.
Taking the knickers from Misty's hand Arthur saw the flirtatious grin on her face. His cock throbbed and twitched and grew fully erect within a matter of seconds as his anticipation of what he was about to encounter, the sexy dirty scent of his auntie.
Seeing the first blob of pre cum oozing from her nephews knob Kelly invited Misty to have a taste, "There April, lick it up," she said and as Misty lifted her legs up and kneeled on the sofa so she could lean forward Kelly's finger slipped further between the girls cheeks, over her anus and down to her pussy lips.
Feeling Misty's tongue licking at the eye of his cock made it throb and jerk upwards but his aunt pulled against the force to enable Misty to continue. He raised the dirty knickers towards his face and even a few inches away from his nose Arthur could smell the scent that he so loved.
"See! I told you, it wont be long and you'll be tasting more than just pre cum," Kelly said, her finger now slipping inside Misty's pissy wet pussy.
Arthur knew his aunt was right. He wanted to make it last longer but it was difficult to control considering the pleasure of Misty's tongue on his knob, her wet panties wrapped around his shaft being held firmly by his aunties hand as she slowly wanked, the dirty smell from the well soiled red knickers under his nose and to further test his resolve he could see Misty's left hand between his aunts legs.
"Here it comes girl," Kelly warned as she sensed Arthur's impending climax.
Sure enough a forceful squirt of cum splashed against Misty's tongue making her pull away only for another to splash over her face. Despite her surprise and inexperience she seemed happy to receive several more shots although sensibly she closed her eyes. Licking her lips while watching the spectacle Kelly kept wanking until she was satisfied that her nephew had finished.
Kelly removed her right hand from Arthur's spent cock and placed it under Misty's chin to encourage her to turn her head to face her, "Let me clean that off so you can open your eyes," she said and proceeded to lick the cum from around her eyes and eyelids.
"Mmmm, I so love the taste and smell of fresh warm spunk," Kelly said.
When Misty thought it was safe she opened her eyes and immediately felt Kelly's lips on hers. She had little choice but to join the older woman in a spunky kiss but quickly found herself enjoying the new experience.
It was such an erotic scene for Arthur to watch, his auntie licking more of his cum from Misty's pretty face and transferring it to her mouth for them both to enjoy. It was like watching a bird feeding its young, Misty being the youngster who gratefully gobbled up the offering and seemed desperate for more.
"Right girl, on the floor with you," Kelly said suddenly.
Misty climbed from the sofa and stood on the floor not knowing what she should do but was soon put right by Kelly's next instruction, "Lay down, I need to taste that dirty little pussy," she said.
With the plastic sheet still wet with her pee Misty picked a dry area to lay her head and watched her host slip her robe off and join her on the floor. Kneeling down beside her Kelly scooped up as much urine as she could in her cupped hands and let it trickle out over Misty's breasts, torso and down over her pussy.
Not satisfied she scooped more up to cover her young subordinate with more pee and on the third scoop dripped it over her closed mouth and then bent down to kiss Misty once again. After a long passionate kiss Kelly positioned Misty's legs so they were bent at the knee with her feet flat on the floor and opened them wide.
"Dirty pissy wet pussy!" Kelly exclaimed after she had knelt between Misty's legs and lowered her head to sniff the mixed aromas before tasting her pussy.
Meanwhile Arthur had sat down on the sofa taking in the sight of the two naked women in front of him. Misty's body sparkled from the light reflecting off of the drops of urine while his aunt pleasured her with her tongue. Still in possession of the red soiled knickers he couldn't resist an occasional sniff.
Looking up Kelly caught her nephew in the act, "Give them to April, you don't need those when you can smell and taste the real thing. Get your face between my legs," Kelly barked in her usual no-nonsense manner.
Arthur didn't need to be asked twice, handing the panties to Misty she smiled up at him, a naughty lascivious smile. His penis began to show signs of renewed life, beginning to stiffen as he knelt down behind his aunties raised arse. Even before his lips touched her wet pussy his cock was twitching with the sexy scent invading his nose.
A soft moan indicated Kelly's satisfaction when Arthur lightly kissed the wet folds of her outer labia. Her moans grew louder as his tongue licked up and down and began to slip inside, "Oh God yes… finger me and lick my arse!" she demanded.
Happy to follow instructions Arthur slipped the index finger of his right hand deep into his aunties cunt and licked all the way up the crack of her arse. Holding his finger inside he rubbed her sensitive clitoris with his thumb while tickling her anus with the tip of his tongue.

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