Vacation in a coffee estate in Karnataka

Here’s another one of my favorites from elsewhere. Enjoy!

I never expected it to happen there. I mean, being the age that I was and all, I always expected that sort of thing to happen to me back home, in the US. Not in India. But there I was, a young lass at the age of 19, visiting relatives, and discovering that this wasn’t the India of my childhood. I was born in India, but my parents moved to the US when I was 6 months old, and we’ve lived there ever since. But we visited often, at first every summer, and then every other summer, and then for almost 5 years, not at all. I was busy with high school, my sister was busy with college, dad was working a lot, and mom had gone back to work in the medical field now that we were all old enough to take care of ourselves. So India had became a place we kept meaning to visit but never did, until finally that summer after my sophomore year, we all found ourselves free.

Even though I should have been doing an internship, I was confused about my major and the direction my life was going, and decided India would be a good break. College wasn’t going the way I’d planned. I’d gone expecting do premed, get excellent grades, graduate and go on to a top ten school. But I didn’t like medicine, and my grades were starting to flounder. On top of that, my social life sucked. Class and homework took up most of my time, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to party, or experience too many girls. That last thing hurt the most. I was a sexually frustrated young teenager, on the verge of becoming twenty, and I still hadn’t lost my virginity. I hadn’t even had my dick touched by a girl. I was always shy, and coupled with bad luck, my experiences with girls were horrible. India was a way for me to get away from my life, to take my mind off of school and sex.

It took a while getting reacquainted with all my relatives. We’d all grown, and everyone had changed so much. All the adults looked so much smaller, and all the kids looked so much bigger. My cousins Manish and Sudip had grown the most, and they turned out to be totally different than when we were younger. I soon found out they liked to party go to clubs, meet girls, etc. Manish told me he’d take me out to the best clubs in Bangalore, but before he had a chance, he got a call from his father, requesting that he come to their coffee plantation to help take care of business. Sudip was busy with work, and so I found myself spending the days relaxing with family. I didn’t mind, but at the mention of girls, I had gotten excited for a while.

India was so different from what I remembered. The city was much more cosmopolitan than before, and the youth were certainly not the same. You saw plenty of couples around, and the girls were noticeably more attractive than in previous years. The influence of Western culture had them looking and dressing better and sexier. They strutted around in tight jeans and shirts, some of them in shorts, their brown, sexy skin exposed. I soon realized that coming to India to get my mind off of girls was not going to work.

Manish came back to the city for a couple of days, and he suggested I go to stay with him at the plantation. Some of my other visiting relatives had gone to other parts of India and things were starting to get a bit boring, so it seemed like a good idea. I figured I’d be bored as hell out in the middle of nowhere, but it would be something different, so I went.

The coffee plantation was about 200 miles from the city. It took us almost 8 hours to reach it, and halfway through the trip, I was wishing I’d stayed put. The roads were awful, with ox-drawn carts and pedestrians and animals slowing traffic. Not to mention the quality and small size of the roads. I was grateful when we got to the plantation, though looking around at the crops, the few homes which dotted the land, and the huge mansion we had sitting on a hill, I started to think I’d come all the way out here for nothing.

Manish spent the next few days showing me around the house and the plantation. The house was incredible. It was huge, with big, airy rooms, and lush decoration. Though not extremely modern, everything was top quality and in great condition. It had a charm that only older homes can have, and I warmed to the place. The plantation itself was immense, acres of coffee plants covering the surrounding land. Down one hill was a small village where most of the plantation workers lived. We strolled through here, and I had to admit, I felt strange. We were noticeably bigger and of different stock than the people here. They were small, their bone structure being slim from their meager diets. And they were dark. Very dark. I myself am on the darker side, and I know many dark Indians myself, but most of the Indians I was used to were wealthy in India, or raised in the US. Our darkness is different, it’s hereditary. These people had a different darkness, one that not only came from genes, but from spending all their hours toiling in the sun. Their skin had a different quality to it, tougher, yet with a beauty no soft, rich person can have. Even though I knew about all this intellectually, it was quite another thing to see it in the flesh again after so long.

In the village, children ran around naked. The women and young girls were dressed in saris, and even though of low quality, they all had a vibrancy and color to their clothing that we in the West don’t have. Naturally I noticed some of the girls. Though of a different stock than us, they were still attractive, many with sharp, clean features and smiles that you saw in their eyes. They all stared when I came through, though I figured it was out of novelty rather than attraction. Manish seemed to know all the villagers well, as he was their employer, and they all addressed him with deference. Manish even introduced me to the more important men in the village, though we could say little to each other. We simply said “Namaskar” but all the men seemed to have a sort of deference to me as well. It actually made me a little embarrassed, that men three times or more my age would be acting as if I were someone special.

That night, we had a delicious dinner cooked by the servants. Since there wasn’t anybody else here except Manish and myself, the servants did all the work. I noticed a couple of girls from the village among the servants. They were cute, but young. A few were boys. Then I noticed one woman who I wasn’t sure was or wasn’t a servant. She was taller and thicker than the other females, and a bit older. And she had a look about her that didn’t fit. For one thing she wasn’t as dark as the others, even being a bit lighter than me, though she was still very brown. But her skin had a different quality to it than that of the other servants. It wasn’t as “sunbaked”. In fact, she looked almost middle class, except for her sari, and the work she was doing. She was extremely cute, with a small, Meg Ryan type nose, big, Indian eyes, and a round face.

“Who’s that,” I asked Manish.

He looked over his shoulder at her, then smiled. “That’s Radhika. One of the servants.”

“She doesn’t look like a servant. At least, not as much as the others.”

“She is, though her story is different. She’s the child of a plantation owner and a servant girl. The next plantation over, in fact. The plantation owner couldn’t claim her as his own, of course, but he felt he couldn’t let a child of his be raised without money or a father, so he moved the servant girl and the baby, Radhika, into his home as full-time servants. She was raised well, and never had to do any of the backbreaking work of the field workers. Plus she lived in the plantation house, and ate well. That’s why she looks so different.”

“So she wasn’t really treated like a servant.”

“Well, she was really. I mean, she wasn’t sent to school, and she helped with the cooking and cleaning. And she spent a lot of time taking care of the owner’s legitimate children.”

“Her half-siblings.”

“Yes. After the owner died his wife didn’t want Radhika in the house, so she cast her out. But we knew her – she had watched over us when we were young, and had spent time at our house when we were short on help – and Appa felt bad for her, so we took her in. She’s lived with us ever since.”

“She took care of you? How old is she?”

“Not exactly sure, but probably around 27. Three years older than me. Maybe four.”

I nodded, then went back to eating.

“Why?” Manish asked suddenly.

“Oh, I was just wondering.”

He smiled, with a little mischief in his eyes. “Have you taken a liking to her,” he asked.

“No, of course not. I mean, she is really cute…”

“I could arrange something…” Manish said, letting the sentence trail with possibilities.

I was shocked at the thought. That seemed so wrong, taking advantage of a woman like that. But in fact, I was more shocked that it was even possible. I guess I should have expected things like that to go on, but Indian kids raised in the US are taught that Indian people do no wrong, and this activity came as a surprise to me. “No, that’s okay,” I said.

“Suit you,” Manish said. “But she’s a great lay.” My jaw dropped open. “Well, you think I can have a girl like that in the house and not want her? Especially being out here, kilometers from anybody. Besides, it’s not as if she isn’t willing. Sudip had her first, in fact, when he was helping my father out here. He’s the one who introduced me to her charms. And she has many, I’ll tell you that now, Vishal. Many charms. Apparently whatever it was her mother had was passed down to her.”

Just then Radhika entered the room, a young girl in tow. They were heading for the kitchen. “Radhika,” Manish called. “Come here.” He called her in Kannada of course, not English. She came to the table, stopping a few feet from it, and stood smiling at him. Then she turned to me, and her smile seemed to get even brighter. “Radhika, this is Vishal, my cousin from the America.”

“Namskara,” she said, hands clasped in front of her.

“Namskara,” I said. “It’s nice to meet you,” I added, in broken


Both she and Manish laughed at my statement. Radhika seemed friendly, but shy. “You can go,” Manish told her, and she turned towards the kitchen. But before she did she shot me another smile, a very friendly one.

Manish shot me another mischievous look, then turned the conversation to other matters. I was glad to get the topic off of Radhika, but she stayed in my mind the rest of the night. In bed, I got hard thinking about her, and found myself reaching for my cock. I jerked off with the beautiful servant in my mind, imagining fucking her. I came in no time, and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke to the sound of dogs barking. In India, there is always noise and movement, even out in the country. It’s not bad though; it adds to the charm of the country. You never feel alone, like in the US. There are always friendly people around, and everyone seems to smile at you.

I knew it was late when I awoke. The sun had climbed high, and I could here the sounds of the servants cleaning around the house. I got up and went to a small sink in the hallway, where we brushed our teeth. Manish was awake, bathed and had already gone out to supervise some of the workers. He had come back to make a call to his father in


“So, you’re finally up! Do all you Americans sleep so late? Haha, just kidding. Have you had your bath yet?”

“No, just about to. Where is the bathing room.”

“Just one second,” Manish said. “I have to call Appa. I’ll send a servant to show you the room and how to operate the water heater.”

I went back to my room and waited, but no servant came. I grew restless of waiting, so I poked around the house until I found the bathing room. I grabbed my clothes and went in. The house was old, and the bathroom was pretty traditional, though it had some modernity added to it. The room consisted of two sections: the first, a tiled area with a small bench where you could put your clothes. Shelves were on the wall above the bench, holding towels. The second, larger part of the room was a semi rough floor with a drain in the middle. Against one wall of it was a hot water heater, a big, steel contraption that looked brand new. There was a small hand bucket next to it. The way to bathe was to heat the water, then grab water out of the heater with the hand bucket, and pour it over you. A wall separated the two sections of the room, with a way to walk through at one corner, and on the wall sat some soap and shampoo.

Even though it had been a while since I last bathed this way, I remembered the general specifics of bathing. So I stripped and went over to the heater. It felt weird, being naked in the room like that. Back home, we get into a tub with a curtain right around us. Here we are sort of out in the open, even though we are in a room by ourselves. Plus there were windows in the room, near the ceiling. No one could look in at that height, but with the air blowing in and the sounds of people not too far way, it didn’t feel totally private.

But at the same time, it felt liberating. I liked strutting around the room stark naked, even if by myself. The heater was turned off, I realized. I switched it to “on”, and I knew I had some time to wait before it heated up. I went over to the bench and sat down.

As I sat there I looked over at the door and realized it was unlocked. I was just about to get up and lock it when the door opened and someone came in: Radhika. She stepped in and didn’t see me at first, but when she saw me her eyes got wide, and she seemed surprised. But she didn’t look away, and quickly casting a glance over her shoulder, she stepped fully into the room and closed the door behind her.

I sat there, totally naked, in shock. No female had ever seen me naked since I was 11 or so. I froze, and Radhika just looked at me with her arms crossed in front of her. She looked me up and down, and straight at my cock. It had shrunk to an extremely small size, and the head just peaked out from the bush of my pubic hair. Radhika surveyed me with little emotion, then went over to the water heater, took the top off, and dipped her hand into the water. “Come, it’s warm,” she said to me in Kannada.

I didn’t move at first, but she beckoned me with her hand. “Come.” Slowly I stood up and made my way to her, completely aware of my nakedness. When I got close she reached out and gently grabbed my arm, then pulled me to standing in front of her. It was only then that I realized how tall she was. I’m not tall, just 5’7″, and she was eye-level with me. While 5’7″ might be normal for a woman in the US, in India, especially for a servant, it is extremely tall.

Radhika dipped the bucket into the water and poured a little over my shoulder. “Is it warm enough,” she asked. It was. The water ran down my shoulder, over my chest, down my waist and hip and thigh and shin to my feet. She poured the rest of the bucket over me, then got more. She slowly and gently wet my entire body. I stood there, just watching her. She was so beautiful. I hadn’t been this close to her before, and I got a good look at her now. Her skin was smooth and mostly clear. Her eyes were big and wide, her nose so perfect. Her hair was long and thick, braided behind her. Even though she wore a sari, I could see she had a shapely figure. It wasn’t some perfect, American body, but she had the right curves and proportions. Her breasts were small, I could see that, but it didn’t matter at all.

She rotated me in place so that my back was to her and continued to wet me. Then she poured water over my head. “This way,” she said, turning me around to face her. Radhika put shampoo in my hair, and began to lather me up. She did it very well, massaging my scalp at the same time. “Close your eyes,” she told me, then began to pour the water over my head, rinsing my hair out. It was incredible, standing there with my eyes closed, the hot water pouring over me, with this beautiful woman attending to me. Then I felt something. It was my penis, and — I swear — her hand. I started to open my eyes, but as if by coincidence the water flow increased, and I had to close them. The hand (at least, that’s what I though it was) was gone immediately, and then I opened my eyes. Radhika’s expression indicated nothing. But my cock had been touched, and now it was coming alive. I’d been too stunned up to this point to become aroused. But now my cock started to fatten.

Radhika grabbed the soap and started to lather my body. This was the first real, continued physical contact between her and me. Her hand, with the small soap bar in it, roamed over my shoulders and chest. She had nice hands, soft and brown. Her nails were neatly clipped to the ends of her fingertips. Radhika had me lift my arms and she soaped up my under arms, then she turned me around and lathered my back. Abruptly her hand slipped to my ass cheeks, and then into my ass crack. She seemed to find this place to be very important, and her hand slid up and down my crack quickly. This excited me even more, and my cock began to grow. Radhika had me turn around then. I almost didn’t want to, as I was ashamed of her seeing my erection, but she didn’t seem to notice. Her hand came down to my crotch, all the way to my pubic hair, but she managed to not touch my dick. I was at full mast now, around 5 inches. I don’t have a big dick. It’s not long, and it’s not fat. But I’ve never considered it small, even though I’m sure others might. It was straining with pressure now, and from what I could tell, it was as big as it could get.

To my surprise, Radhika then knelt down and began scrubbing my legs, and then my feet. I balanced on one foot as she raised the other foot and scrubbed them, even between my toes. Then she did the other foot. She was very thorough with my whole body, but never rough. As she knelt, I was acutely aware of my hard cock being less than a foot from her face. I’m sure she was more than aware too. After washing my feet, her hand came up and lathered my balls. This surprised me, and I almost gasped. I had expected her to avoid this part of my body. My cock became ultra-stiff, and strained for attention. Radhika stood up, still methodically washing me as if it was a standard routine, almost like I was an animal, or a child.

Then she reached out to soap up my hard cock. As soon as she touched my prick I came.

“Ah,” I gasped, and cum spurted out of the tip. She held my cock by the underside as I erupted, semen shooting onto her forearm, and then onto her wrist and eventually dribbling onto her hand. I was so embarrassed. She didn’t say anything, or even look me in the eyes. She patiently waited until the semen stopped flowing from my cock, then gave it a soft pull and squeeze to get the rest out. Then she casually washed my shrinking cock. She was gentle with it, as if she knew it was extra-sensitive. Then she cleaned her arm up. Radhika looked up at me for a moment, and when she did I saw an amused smile on her face. It quickly disappeared, but I’m sure I saw it. My embarrassment worsened.

Radhika fetched a towel from a shelf and dried me off. She started with my hair, and then patted the water off my body. She gently dried my cock and balls, and made an obvious but not uncomfortable attempt to dry the area between my balls and ass, bending and reaching down under me. She dried my legs too, then wrapped the towel around my waist. “All done,” she said. She looked into my eyes and smiled in a slightly mischievous way. “Do you need anything else, done,” she asked. I didn’t know what to say. “Ah, no,” I managed to stammer.

“If you need anything else call for me.” And then she turned and left.

I stood there until I was sure she was gone, then hurried to my room. I quickly locked the door inside, then sat down on my bed, which had been made by one of the servants while I had been bathing. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I’d cum all over the place. And just from a slight touch. But, oh, it had felt soooo good. It was the first time a girl had ever seen or touched me down there. Even though I was still embarrassed, I didn’t feel as bad when I thought about it. It was only normal.

I dressed and went outside. I managed to ask one of the servants where Manish was, and he told me Manish had gone to the “office”, which was down the hill. I went down there and found Manish having coffee and discussing the plantations operations with one of the workers. He was from the city, a college-educated man, who helped make big business decisions. We drank coffee and talked. After a while I grew bored and went outside.

A bunch of worker girls were coming back from the fields. They were young; around 15 or 16. Two of them were very cute, and I couldn’t help but look at them. My groin responded, and I felt the ache from my orgasm earlier in the day. I thought about Radhika, and got more excited. At dinner that night, I brought up the subject of Radhika.

“So, you’ve reconsidered my offer,” Manish asked with a naughty smile.

I didn’t say anything, but smiled back.

After dinner I went back to my room and changed into my evening clothes. I was excited, and I lay on my bed. In fact I lay there for quite a while. Time passed. Perhaps Radhika wasn’t coming. Then I thought of my orgasm from the afternoon. Maybe she had lost respect for me. I had come with barely a touch. After all, if I came that quickly, how long could I last if I was actually inside of her? I looked at the clock. 11:30. I realized she wasn’t coming tonight. Disappointed, I pulled the sheets over me went to sleep.

I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but I woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark and quiet. A warm breeze was coming in from the window. It was cool, but not chilly. The house was completely quiet. Then I sensed something, and I realized why I had awoken. My door was slightly ajar. Thinking I hadn’t closed it properly and the wind had blown it open, I started to sit up when I realized someone else was in the room. I didn’t move, but the other person closed the door. I heard the ‘click’ of the lock.

And then Radhika was sitting next to me on the bed. I could see her in the dim light offered by the moon. She looked hauntingly beautiful in the darkness. She was smiling; a confident, naughty smile. Without saying anything she pulled me to her, and our lips met. I was in heaven. It was my first open-mouthed kiss, and I knew I was awkward at it. But she didn’t seem to mind. She coated my lips with her saliva, her tongue spinning in and around my mouth. She moaned as she kissed me. Radhika began to undress, and I moved to help her. First came her sari, which she skillfully unwrapped in seconds. Then came her undergarments. I reached behind her and tried the clasp of her top. It wasn’t like a bra (which I didn’t know how to do either), so I fumbled for a while before I felt it pop free. As soon as I had it off her my hands flew to her chest. Like I said before, her tits weren’t big, but they were nice, small, full A’s with what felt like fat, pointy nipples. But before I could get a good feel she gently pulled my hands away. She stood up, and I reached for her bottom. I pulled her underpants down, and as soon as I did I got the strong smell of her vagina. Radhika’s smell was powerful, and instantly filled the room.

Radhika bent over and started kissing me again. As she did, she pulled the sheets off me, and ran her hands over my chest and stomach. I sleep in just my underwear, so she didn’t have much to remove. She ran her hands over my shoulders and chest and stomach, then grabbed the edge of my underwear. I helped her take it off me, and then I was naked again, my cock ultra-hard and waving in the night air. The sheets fell to the floor as she pushed me onto the bed and lay on top of me. I ran my hands all over her smooth, soft body. Oh, she felt so wonderful. This was my first time, and it was like nothing else. My lust wiped out any nervousness, and I was reaching for every part of her, her arms and shoulders, her back, her ass, her thighs and hamstrings. She wasn’t a skinny girl, so my hands had a lot to feast on. I kissed her passionately as well, but most of the kissing was being done by Radhika. She peppered my whole face with kisses, then ran her tongue all over it. I pulled her closer to me, letting the feeling of her soft body against mine excite me even more. My stiff prick was pressed between us, and I thought I was going to cum again.

“Radhika, oh, you are so beautiful,” I said in English. I knew she couldn’t understand anything except her name, but I think she got the gist of what I was saying.

She kissed her way down my neck, then across my chest. She stopped at a nipple, which she clenched between her teeth and tugged gently. I gasped. It felt so good! I hadn’t even realized a guy could feel pleasure there. Then she kissed her way down my stomach. Kisses turned to tongue-ing, and soon her tongue was in my belly button. I tried not to squirm, but it felt both good and ticklish at the same time. And then she was kissing my cock. It was a wonder I didn’t cum right then, but I managed to hold out as Radhika planted soft, wet pecks on my pecker. I was moaning quietly, and I couldn’t believe this was happening. Then there was a moment when the kisses stopped and Radhika rolled over onto the bed next to me, and then I felt the warm wetness of her mouth envelope me. It was beyond incredible. I strained to keep from blowing my load as Radhika took my manhood into her mouth. It was so warm! The pleasure was more than I could have expected. Jerking off would never be the same again, I realized, as Radhika started to bob her head up and down slowly. She didn’t thrust like in porn’s. She was slow and soft, her tongue dashing out and licking my cock where it could. She moaned as well, and I knew, really knew, that she liked what she was doing, that it wasn’t just because she was told to be hear that she was doing this.

It wasn’t long before I came. My excitement and inexperience, coupled with her skills, were more than enough to bring me to the edge half a dozen times in a minute. I erupted into her mouth with another big load, my cock jumping with every spurt. Radhika’s mouth never opened, and she swallowed every drop while still pleasuring me. Radhika then slid up my body, laying next to me. I turned to face her. She was smiling seductively. She put her arm over my side and squeezed my skinny ass. “Now it’s your turn,” she said in Kannada. My eyebrows went up. I hadn’t even thought of that! My first chance to eat pussy.

I wasn’t very graceful, but tried to imitate what she had done, and kissed my way down her stomach. Her smell got stronger the farther I went, and when she spread her legs and I got between them, the smell almost overwhelmed me. It was so strong, but clearly not bad. Hers was the smell of raw sexuality. Radhika had a very hairy bush. Village girls don’t trim down there, so her muff was thick. My fingers dove into the darkness, and I happily found pussy lips. They weren’t as soft as I thought pussy lips were, but as I slipped a finger inside, I found out pussy was wetter than I’d imagined. How warm and moist it was! Radhika moaned as my fingers played with her cunt, and I marveled at the fact that I was doing this. I searched for her clit, but in the darkness and with all that pubic hair, I couldn’t find it. I thought maybe my tongue would do better, so I leaned forward with my mouth. I had to really position myself right to be able to get my tongue into her cunt. I had to lay down, with legs dangling off the bed. I pulled her closer, my hands going around her waist and pulling her in by the thighs.

My tongue explored her pussy lips, and then it slid between them, finding her wetness. I was surprised to find it tangy, a sharp taste which struck the tip of my tongue. I wiggled my tongue back and forth, then up and down, and Radhika’s moaning became louder. Figuring she liked this, I continued to do it, and I turned out to be right. Radhika responded in kind, pushing her cunt towards me while moaning loudly. I redoubled my efforts, then brought a hand around to try and find her clit. My index finger blindly searched about near the top of her pussy lips. Suddenly I found something, almost like a small flap of skin, and when I touched it, Radhika gasped and her hips went up into the air. Her clit! I started to rub her clit and lick more furiously. Radhika moaned and pushed her hips towards me. She got hotter and hotter, finally wrapping her legs around my head, then bucking her hips high up into the air and almost pulling my head off my neck in the process! What happened must have been an orgasm, because her body shuddered, and she let out sounds from her mouth that came from deep within her. When it was over her legs fell to the side, and I withdrew myself. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized what I’d done: given a woman an orgasm on my first try!

Radhika pulled me up to her and gave me a long kiss. Then she rolled me over onto my back and straddled my waist. My cock had become rock hard again, and the head was nestled gently at the convergence point of the small of her back and her soft ass cheeks. Radhika’s weight pressed down on me, and I loved it. Her hair had come undone, and now was wildly framing her lovely face, which had a big, playful smile on it. She laughed, then squeezed her tits together while looking me in the eye.

It was then that I realized I hadn’t gotten a good chance to play with her tits. She’d pushed my hands away when I’d first gone for them. Now I reached up and grabbed them. Radhika offered them to, passing them to my eager palms. They were so soft and full. Even though small, they were round and smooth, with big, dark brown nipples. I massaged them in my hands, squeezed them.

Radhika then raised herself up. Reaching underneath her, she grasped my cock, and guided it towards her wet and waiting cunt. I didn’t even realize it was happening until I started to slide into her. Her moist, warm pussy sucked me in, and Radhika sank down onto my pole with a sigh. I felt myself sliding into her, felt her warmness, and her tightness. It felt heavenly. I continued to play with her tits as Radhika started to ride my shaft. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Finally! I was having sex! Radhika moaned softly as she rode me. She let her head hang back, muttering quiet words in Kannada. I moaned as well, letting her know how good it felt. She slid up and down, up and down, pleasuring both of us.

After a while, my hands dropped to her waist. Holding her that way, I was better balanced to thrust up into her. Soon we fell into a rhythm, with me thrusting up as she sank down. This got us both off big time, and we both groaned hard. We were panting away now, fucking each other with force. The gentle up and down motion was gone. The wooden bed frame rocked as we bumped nastiest. Her pubic bone came down to meet mine, and even though it hurt, the pleasure my cock was feeling more than erased the pain in my pubic bone. Radhika put her hands on my chest to balance her as she humped me, now looking down at me. She wasn’t smiling any more. Instead, there was pure lust in her eyes as she bounced off my pelvis. I continued to thrust up at her, feeling and hearing the slap-slap of our bodies against each other. The smell of pussy was strong in the room, and it added to our love-making.

Radhika started to moan louder, her head waving back and forth. With her hands on my chest, her body balanced forward, she arched her back and moaned loudly. Her body shook like it had before, her orgasm taking her. I knew mine was not far behind. Our dual pumping/thrusting continued even through her orgasm, and the feeling of my cock going in and out of her so smoothly and quickly was making my cock go wild. My dick seemed like it was bigger than it had ever been. I could feel it swelling to new proportions. Suddenly it became too much, and I gasped as my orgasm came. My hips jumped off the bed and my back arched as hers had. My toes curled, and then I was shooting my semen into a woman’s vagina for the first time. I came long and hard, this being the best orgasm I’d had of the three this day. My load wasn’t as big as before, but the orgasm was incredible.

Both of our orgasms subsided at the same time, and we collapsed onto the bed together, her body on mine. She stroked and kissed me. Rolling over, she looked into my face and told me in Kannada that I was very good looking. I told her she was beautiful, and that I’d never met anyone like her before. She laughed at that, then we both fell asleep. When I woke up she was gone. The light of first morning was coming in through the window. But I looked forward to the coming day. I knew this was going to be an unforgettable summer. It turned out I couldn’t have been more right.

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