Vacation in Lockdown Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooVacation in Lockdown Ch. 01

All characters in the story are above 18, readers must also be above 18.
This is a story about Barry, Catherine and their son Calvin.
This is a long story with an underlying Incest theme.
The build-up, especially incest, becomes steamier as the story develops from the next chapter onwards.
(the story was earlier published but I had taken it down, and is now being republished after some editing.)
enjoy …

I live with my parents in Forest Hill, New Jersey. I am the only child of my parents, Barry and Catherine, married for twenty-three years.
Dad is forty-six, five foot nine inches, smart, handsome-looking man; though not very athletic he is energetic – especially around his work & has been working for over twenty-four years and has grown his father's small water treatment business to a respectable company with thirty employees and three offices along the east coast. His Company's head office is in New Jersey near the Turnpike and one branch in Washington DC and one in Boston, Mass.
My mother runs a small recruitment consulting firm with four staff and one secretary-cum-receptionist. By all means, she is a self-made woman who started her business initially to kill time but then realized the drive it gave her. She has been at it for three and a half years now and loves it. At forty-three, five foot seven inches Mom is an amazingly beautiful with sharp features, dark brown-and-black hair straight until few inches below her shoulders, some bangs on her forehead, and a very hot figure.
She could easily pass for a Jennifer Garner lookalike. Mom's large C-cup breasts gave away only a mild sag. Her flexible physique & toned body was thanks to her regular yoga five-days a week. Her ass is her best feature, and with a slim waist, it presented itself superbly. The best part about her I loved is she always dressed well. I could not imagine her stepping out without a proper dress for every occasion, I seldom saw her in Jeans and T-Shirt.
I took up a job in Financial Software multi-national. My profile revolved around providing support to financial corporations in America with their tech. The main reason that I wanted this job instead of joining Dad in business was that I wanted to be independent first and prove to my parents, whom I had always looked up to, of my smarts. I have not achieved much yet, but the fact that I got myself a well-paying job was in itself a major score in their books.
The other reason I chose this particular job was so I could stay near Natalie, my girlfriend of three years who works at a bank in Allwood, NJ. Plus, this would let me be near home and parents, especially my mom. To tell you about myself, I am five foot ten inches, athletic built, toned muscles; considered handsome, and dark hair cut short.
Recently, Dad came across information that his competitor company was organizing a conference-cum-seminar with all their distributors in Las Vegas. On a preliminary check, he came to know that the upcoming conference was a two-day affair, and apparently, some of the common distributors were also attending the event. Seemed more of a gratuitous event, than a seminar.
He had also been given a tip-off that a possible new product was in the offing by this competitor company. Some quick queries on the Internet and in the industry told him the new product launch was indeed a possibility. This kept his interest piqued. Mild envy, one might say.
Over the next couple of days, he thought of a plan and shared it with Mom. He confided in her about the idea and that it would mean a lot to him if she helped. The family vacation plan was hatched about a week before the competitor company's event, which fell on a Friday-Saturday. At the cost of not being conspicuous, lest a common dealer finds him in the vicinity, a family vacation plan – long overdue – was made to start a couple of days ahead of the event, and it would go on until a day later. So Wednesday to Sunday.
In the backdrop of what has been happening around the world due to the Coronavirus, things have been looking down everywhere. In its third week, cases have been mounting on the East Coast and West Coast. Asia and Europe seem more affected than America. The realization that this could be big had not hit everyone as yet. The news channels, as usual, were blaring about end-of-days.
Everyone thinks it is a problem that would affect someone else, I just need to be a little bit more cautious. The well-off in America could afford to handle this differently than most others. Social distancing could be practiced, provisions could be stocked up, but the ones taking the tube or public transport to the office were bound to be more at risk of catching this infectious disease.
Mom thought, with what has been going on and on the virus front, it was considered best to take the family out of harm's way, even if momentarily. The plan to allow work-from-home in Dad's company had been sanctioned from the subsequent Monday. At least half of the employees would start work-from-home immediately, others would continue until further instructions. In sum, those who can work-from-home, should.
Work-from-home instructions were already in action by the time Dad told Mom about the plan. In effect, Dad was going to be in-bound anyway. As a conscientious employer, Mom too had ensured that her four employees also worked from home from the forthcoming week onwards. Both decisions were taken consciously without much discussion between them. When Mom readily agreed to Dad vacation plan, the only thing left to do was – convince me to join them for the vacation.
Mom would happily take the vacation just with Dad, but she worried without them around chances were high that I would end up more out of the home than inbound, as was being advised; or worse still, I would end up throwing parties and increasing the risk even more.
I was out Saturday hanging out with friends and came in late. The subject was broached on Sunday over breakfast. After some coaxing, a deal was struck. Natalie would be invited to join us. I could not believe my luck. Earlier in the week, I had been informed by my company that offices would be shut from the forthcoming week onwards and travel had been curtailed to a bare minimum, unless very necessary. I had not yet decided how to manage work-from-home as yet, but given that I was in tech-support I knew I would coast easily with plenty of time to kill.
Vegas sounded enticing; I had not been to Vegas ever, and taking Natalie along would be the best-ever gift I could get. I broke the news to her within the next hour. Both of us were on top of the world, apart from one small glitch that she would only be able to join us Friday instead of traveling with us on Wednesday. Working in a bank, her work was considered essential service, and hence she had to continue until a further advisory is given otherwise. She could take Friday off from work and join us by Friday afternoon and come back with us on Sunday. Even with this, I could not believe my luck and was excited for the rest of the afternoon.
Flight tickets were booked on Sunday itself, and given the few air travelers, first-class seemed a prudent choice given that it'd allow reasonable distancing between seats when flying with others onboard. Dad did not seem at all bothered buying Natalie's ticket considering the low price of first-class tickets and the fact that he was able to get his recce adventure.
I met up with Natalie later in the evening at her apartment. Natalie like me is twenty-two and is five foot seven inches beautiful girl with brown-black below the shoulder-length hair, well stacked C cups on her chest and a decently large butt which strained when she dressed formally because of her work. On every possible opportunity, she would shed the formal clothes and filled herself into casuals like jeans and top or a yoga stretch pants with a top. Her gym routine involved all kinds of calisthenics and some weights. She is well toned everywhere. She looked a lot like Mom and could pass for a younger version of Mom easily if one would put them in a room.
Mom and Dad have not met her yet.
When I knocked on her door, she was wearing a T-shirt and panties. She knew I was coming over and had ordered pasta from a cafe nearby. She had it set up before I reached. When she opened the door for me, I had a wide smile plastered on me. I could not hide my excitement.
She moved toward me and kissed me at the door itself. Once inside, we continued our kissing until there was no air left in either pair of our lungs.
We had dinner that Natalie had ordered. Our dinner talk was all about Las Vegas and our first long vacation out of town. It was a downer that it had to be with my parents but with an all-expenses-paid trip who would complain. In our last couple of years, we had not traveled together for a holiday, even though we did do quite a few one-day excursions and we also had done an overnight trip to DC once, when she was going there for an interview.
The discussion about the Vegas holiday got us both excited. We could not wait.
After dinner, we moved to her bed. I kissed Natalie on the lips. She responded with equal force. Our kisses turned into tonguing, and she sucked mine with passion. I kept my tongue in her mouth; she kept holding it in hers, sucking.
My hands pushed her T-Shirt upwards. She raised her hands to let it come off. Our mouths parted. As soon as her T-shirt went up into her hands her breasts came into view. Two marvelous pieces of half globes which stood firm on her chest and defied gravity. They just had the most stunning shape on them. Their roundness all around amazed me and almost captivating. Pink areolae around her nipples around two-inch wide. Her nipples stood firm on attention in half-inch nubs of rubber.
I dived on her nipple before her hands could come down from pulling the T-Shirt off. I started sucking as if her breast will provide me with air much needed for my survival. I sucked hard. Then I licked her nipple. I licked on the areola and then, on her nipple tip. She grew wild and started moaning. Belatedly I moved to her other breast.
She became restless.
I took a long time on one and had her whimpering, and when I moved to her other breast, I knew by the time I would finish on this, she would be gone too far. She tried to pull me off her breasts, but I was stuck. I worked on her sensitive nipples as if there was nothing else to do that night, taking all the time in the world. When I knew I had her at a point of no return, not that she wanted to return, my hand found its way down.
I deftly entered her panties from the top band and went down on her with all four fingers on top of her pussy. The fingers went past the pussylips and covered the pussy in my palm. It was leaking, and my palm started cupping the liquid.
I immediately started squeezing as if it was a wet tennis ball in my hand. Each squeeze sent her into throes of passion, and each release brought her back. The liquid started sploshing in my hand. From the tenth squeeze onwards, my hand on her pussy started making squishy sounds. In wild heat, her hands pushed on both my attacks- one on her nipples and another on her pussy. She covered my hand with her own pushing it inwards into her pussy and held my head with her other hand, trying to hold me still and failing.
Her first climax was a small immediate release. With that out of the way, we were ready to go to the next level. When she exclaimed her first climax, I dived into her pussy with two fingers. The tightness on her ever so amazing. The climax she was having got prolonged, and her pleasure went up a notch. I added another, and she grew wild, and her climax got stretched further. I could not push the fourth finger in, scared I had hurt her. I went for push and pull in her pussy – my fingers went in and out. She started cumming all over again.
When I climbed between her legs, and she still could not feel my weight on her, it dawned on her that I was not going to fuck her, at least not yet. I was going to go down on her pussy. I was going to lick her.
No matter how much pleasure it would have brought her, she was not going to let me eat her anymore, at least not tonight. She held my head by the hair and pulled on it with great force dragging me upwards. Unless I wanted to lose a few of my hair, I had no option but to comply with her demand. I went licking and kissing her body on my way up.
When we had a full-body contact, from head to toe, I looked down on her face, and it looked like she was going to kill me if I do not get on with it. I pulled my hips upwards and tried to go in. Failed. I rose further from my chest, held her thighs with my hands, and gave it a tug outward. Looking down, I aimed at her bald pussy and set the target and started pushing in. It took an effort to get the head in. Her hand automatically came down to hold my dick in place.
Once the head was in, the rest of the ride in was effortless, what with loads of lubrication between us. The tightness of her pussy always amazed me. How does it accommodate my dick when it looks difficult for even a pencil to find its way in? My pleasure mounted with every diving inch. Once inside her three fourth of my length, I held back to give her pussy time to acclimatize. She did not want any. She brought her hands behind my ass and pulled me in. Bang, I hit bottom, and we both exclaimed.
"Aaaaaaagghhhh," she exulted.
I grunted an "aaaahhh."
She moaned louder than me. My thrusts in and out of her were slow, and by the time she reached a rhythm, she was panting and could not breathe any longer. Every time we had sex, she felt an exhilarating experience that she swore she had not seen or felt normally. She loved me even more. Our bond tightened further.
She started moaning louder, and the pitch increased. I raised the tempo. My grunts became regular.
After what seemed like a long while she started cumming, she gushed, and her orgasm hit her strong. She shuddered and convulsed all at the same time.
I looked down on her and saw her shaking. To get myself to cum along with her, I started pushing again with vigor. It increased her pleasure. My eyelids shut automatically to concentrate, and while my body was moving the first thought that came to my mind was that of my mom.
Losing control, I shot my load in her, and my squirts inside her made her spasm further. My blast intensity grew, and I shucked my eyes open to ensure that it was indeed my mom under me. No, it was not. It was her younger twin. I pumped merrily.
Deep below the surface, Mom had been craving for a break anyway. With one thing leading to another Dad's business seemed to have taken off well, he had been passionate about the business, and achieving success gave him a high; her own business was doing just as well and kept her busy. Most importantly, she felt a thrill of her own, having achieved what she had. She doted on me like crazy, but she felt off late – slowly over the last couple of years – life had taken us into different directions.
Even while I chose to stay at home for college, and now even with my job, there was still some gap in her opinion, which was widening and most of it could be attributed to ambitions of the family – Dads and her own. That had rub-off on me as well. I had exuded this ambition when I chose to pick a job instead of taking up an easier assignment with Dad. The fact that we all had not gone on a vacation as a family in 4 years, last being one just before I started college to Europe, clearly was the top argument each of us gave to the other when agreeing for the Vegas trip. During this vacation, she resolved to mend the bridges burnt with me over the last couple of years and to lessen the gap between us.
She was very glad I had outgrown my infatuation of her; she attributed my not going to an out-of-state college because of her. That worried her at the time. But over the last couple of years, ever since Natalie came into my life, Mom assumed my crush over her had waned, and I had moved on, thankfully. It indeed looked as such. But the distance building between us had been bothering her recently and one could speculate it was because of the craving for the undivided attention that she was getting as a subject of my crush. That seemed to have reduced manifold ever since I had gone steady with Natalie.
Mom spent some time in her office even while everyone had taken the option to work-from-home. She wrapped up some paperwork, invoicing, and left-back for home soon after. Supper was early because Dad was also home. I was missing, because of work, but both Mom and Dad thought I was at Natalie's.
All of us sat at the breakfast table together, which was rare with everyone's schedule usually determined by work routine. We enjoyed each other's company, and merrily talked about things we intended to do when in Las Vegas.
I told Mom and Dad that I have been working all night because of a client support issue, and it might take another full day of work so I might remain locked in my room for the rest of the day.
Mom announced she needed to do some shopping before our travel the next day.
Dad chose to stick around and work from home.
Mom went shopping for some bikini and swimwear. Given her change in body shape over the last couple of years, she felt the need to buy fresh stuff to remain up-to-date. Mom felt great about her body and wanted to ensure that she looked good as well. Unwittingly she ended up buying a couple of tiny, raunchy ones and a modest one. She was pumped by the time she reached home.
At night Dad got a bonus. She lay nude on the bed waiting for him to come out of the bathroom at night. Seeing her spread naked he smiled wide and started going towards her with an intent to kiss and start.
She lightly kicked at him and said, "No clothes in bed."
He complied and started taking his night-suit off immediately. In less than a minute he was as naked as her, and on top of her, kissing her. Her lips sucked on his, and their kisses went from one to the other and then another, and finally, he dipped his tongue in her mouth, and she sucked his tongue hungrily. She had opened her legs for him, and even while his face was still stuck on hers he got between her legs and started humping her slowly in her groin.
His dick was poking her, and he lowered himself on her left breast. For some reason, it was always her left breast. He lowered his lips on the nipple and sucked hard. She was too worked up and started moaning slowly. She got louder as he went from sucking her breast to narrowing down on her nipple and then started sucking her nipple.
She held him from the arms and pulled on him. He went back up and came face to face with Mom and started kissing her again. By then, they were both in a frenzy. His dick went for the entrance, and she brought her hand lower and helped him aim in. She left him with an inch inside, and he started pushing. With a slow pace, he started the fuck, and he built the momentum over the next few minutes by which time she was also going wild in heat.
When Dad erupted into her pussy she was still waiting for her climax. She was on the edge, but she was not there yet. She pushed him hard with her hips and started bucking hard even as he was still cumming in her. Her climax hit her as he slowed his pumps into her. She so wished he had pumped her just a while longer to give her a long one, but they were both panting after cumming. He fell on her slowly without laying his weight on her body and kissed her neck a couple of times before rolling off next to her. They both smiled at each other. He slept first, and she rolled about a few times before going into sleep, both of them naked.

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