Vacation in Lockdown Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooVacation in Lockdown Ch. 02

All characters in the story are above 18, readers must also be above 18.
This is a story about Barry, Catherine and their son Calvin.
This is a long story with an underlying Incest theme.
As was expected, I did not wake up at 7.30 the next morning. As was expected, Mom was ready to go at 7.30. Dad was up in his room but not keen to join Mom at the gym. After a brief couple of knocks on my door, she used the key card to come in. Mom was half worried that she might see me lying naked on the bed; so even while entering from the door to the bed, she was extra slow and said out loud, "Calvin, are you up yet?"
Well, I was not until then.
I woke up and turned to see her coming toward the bed, and I rose to grin back at her. My alarm had already rung once some time back, and I had resolved to get up in five minutes. But that did not happen.
I was in my boxers, sheet halfway up. "I'm sorry, Mom." I said, "I did get up and then slept back in."
"Good morning, Sunshine. It's Ok." Mom replied teasingly. "I'll go on my own."
I said, "good morning, Mom. That's great. Why don't you start and I'll join you in a bit?"
She turned and left. I managed to join her in half an hour on the 15th-floor lounge. There was a beautiful, lithe young girl of about 25 years at the lounge reception. Her name was Anne, and she was very fit and looked lean, athletic. She greeted me, and I gave the introduction and my room number. Apparently, Mom had already left instructions that I shall be joining her, she had used our access card. She led me to where my mom was training.
Mom was doing stretching and training with a personal trainer allocated to her. The gym had some fifteen persons, and I got the impression that these folks, barring one or two, were all enthusiasts and not just the holidaying crowd. I took the treadmill to get warmed up. Over the next hour or so, Mom and I crossed each other here-and-there around the gym. The trainer was guiding her through some drill, and it looked like that Mom loved the trainer-assisted workout.
In about an hour, she came across to me. She had started before me and was sweating.
She came over when I was near the weights section "I'm done. Will you take time?"
"Wow, Mom. You seemed to have pushed it well today." I said.
"Yes, I loved it. I feel very fresh." Her blood pumping, her face was red and beads of sweat around her face and neck. Mom had a small water bottle in her hand, and she swigged at it a couple of times.
I got up and said, "let's go."
When we turned towards the wet-zone to freshen up, she saw a hot tub. We had not come across this earlier. She smiled and said, "let's do the hot tub!"
It looked like a largish five to six persons' hot tub, in the small enclave tucked beside the spa section. Both the spa and the gym guests could use it. No one was using it now.
We decided to take a quick shower to clear up our sweat and get my trunks, her bikini, and also fetch Dad.
We went to the rooms, and I took a hurried shower, and in less than fifteen minutes I was tapping at their door.
Mom went to her room, and she heard the shower running. Dad was in the shower; good. She started looking for her bikini. Another one of her new purchases from earlier in the week was the lightest pink in color. A pastel pink and straps of the same color. Matching bottom of the same color. She laid it on the bed. After waiting for a couple of minutes she went into the bathroom. She saw Dad inside the shower cubicle. Out of impulse shucked her clothes and joined him in the shower. The rain shower cubicle was large enough for them both, not only to shower but also to move about.
She joined in, and when he saw her come in, he smiled and took her in his arms. Kissed her lightly.
She started telling him about the plan to go back to the lounge spa and use the hot tub. "For now, I just wanted to wash away my sweat." She told him.
He was lathered up, and he moved his hands from her neck downwards. She stepped forward, and they were joined in the front and his hands moving fast on her back, all the way to her butt. He held her ass-cheeks in both his hands. Instead of lathering them up, he was squeezing while his head was bent into her mouth, kissing her. When his face started moving down on her neck he started bending. The shower was on rain mode and water falling on them both from the top. The soap washing off as soon as it was applied.
He started bending and kissing her neck, then moved down to get a hold of her breasts in his mouth and started sucking. His tongue started working on her nipple and his hands had gone into the crack and he touches to her asshole. She flinched.
He kept moving on and got to her pussy. Without wasting too much time, he started pushing his fingers in. His mouth pasted on her nipple and two fingers in her pussy. Her hands held his hair on her left breast and pulled him in lovingly.
When Mom closed her eyes, enjoying the fingers in her pussy, she moved her fingers in his hair. Dad moved up and kissed her neck again. Trying to get in position to take her standing. His fingers continued the pumping, and his face was on her lips again.
Dad moved Mom up to hold her in place to enter her, and he dug his face into her neck. Her eyes closed. He started pulling one of her legs to find an entry.
Lips on the neck and standing in fucking position gave Mom a flashback of yesterday from the infinity pool. Her mind played a trick on her again, and my face came to mind. She shirked the head and opened her eyes to place herself in the bathroom with her husband.
Knock, knock, knock knock. There is rapid knocking on the door.
They both knew I was at the door. No way they could do anything else now. Mom had told Dad about the hot-tub plan. They had been necking for ten-odd minutes, and it seems that's all that could be drawn out from that shower session.
She stayed back in the shower, and Dad wrapped the towel and came out to open the door.
I went into the room in my trunks and asked, "aren't you ready, Dad. We have to go."
"I'm done showering." He went looking for his trunks in the suitcase and started wearing them from under his towel. I went up to the window and looked out.
Belatedly, Dad realized Mom's bikini on the bed and picked it up and went into the bathroom to hand it to her. In about a minute, he came out.
When we were ready to go, I looked at mom – she was already in her bikini, but I could not see it. She had the hotel's light towel gown on her. Tied at the waist. Dad was in his trunks like me, both of us had nothing above the waist. We both took towels from the room to roll onto our necks, more for modesty than need. Towels would be available aplenty on the lounge floor. Mom picked a bag with her stuff and a book. Dad picked his iPad and cell phone.
We met with Anne again at the lounge reception and without another sign-in went for the hot tub area of the spa. With no other guests in the tub, we were happy. I slipped in first. Bubbles instantly started doing their job on my back. I moved about to get the right spot. Next in was Dad. And he sat right on my right far corner. At least a three-person distance between him and me.
Mom handed dad his iPad and moved back to a chair to keep her bag. Mom removed her gown and kept it on the chair. She started looking for stuff in her bag and took out her book. I was trying to find music on my phone. I had on me Bluetooth earplugs. Once I had gotten the right tunes, I looked up and saw Mom climbing in the tub. Dad was nearer, and instinctively got up halfway and gave her a hand. Assisted, she took slow steps into the tub, and I admired her bikini.
This one held fabric on her boobs with a halter style string around her neck and one string behind her back. The string behind her back-ended into one end of each triangle. In the front, a smaller string attached the final end of the triangles. The fabric on the triangles was large enough to cover her breasts from the front. The cloth was light pink and looked almost like latex to me. It clung to her breasts, and the lower parts of her breasts snuck out a little from under the triangle. The cloth did not have enough holding support below her breasts. The bottom part of the bikini was a respectable triangle and very high on her hips. Held with thin strips instead of strings around her hips. On the lower-end the bottom sharply reduced in size to a mere inch and a half and dived into her pussy, covering it with precision.
Once in, she sat next to Dad and their view was towards the inside and mine was halfway outside the hotel. Across from my view, I could see the slightly lowered deck and a balcony on which lounge chairs were open. Far out, I could see the city buildings. The shade above us was made of cabana-style cloth, it ruffled due to the morning breeze. It was warm weather but the shade helped keep the area cool. The hot tub water was warm, and the pressure very good. Mom started giggling and enjoyed the pressure pods. We were all talking and laughing.
She sank in a little to enjoy the pressure pods, and I was doing the same off and on. Dad got busy and did not slide in at all for the fear of getting water on the iPad. Mom had kept her book beside the hot-tub, and she closed her eyes after a bit to relax. I already had music in one of my ears. After ten minutes, Mom opened her eyes and caught me staring at her bikini top; as soon as I looked up she smiled and let it pass.
She asked smiling "what are you listening to?" Trying to get me to ease.
Without answering, I took the earplug out and handed it to her. She reached out a little to take the earplug, and her right breast climbed out from below, just a few inches.
After hearing it for a few minutes, she tried to take it off and hand it back.
I signaled to her to keep listening if she liked it. I reached behind me to pick the second ear's unit and inserted it in my ear. She smiled, and we were listening to the music, while Dad was busy on the iPad.
The music connect between us allowed me to keep looking at her to check if she wanted to jump to the next song; I kept looking towards her chest as if the signal was to be beamed from her nipples and not her lips. No song change request was made by her lips or her nipples. Our conversation was intermittent and only limited to flight back home tomorrow and the situation of the clampdown in public movement.
We all had decided to skip breakfast and have brunch in the room, so ordered only iced teas and lemonade on the hot-tub deck. In an hour that passed I was caught ogling at mom some ten times, and each time Mom brought up one or the other point to our conversation to ease my embarrassment.
If only she could see what I was seeing. Her breasts were now halfway out from below. The triangles had risen because of her movements, or possibly because of the water bubbling regularly. The cloth stuck to her breasts though, and her nipples were clearly hard. She was buzzed from the sexed-up shower she had taken earlier with Dad. The areolae were about an inch away from coming out from below, and my regular eyeing was only to reconfirm if they would. They did not.
Once done at the hot tub, we all decided to go to the rooms and get ready and then eat something. While getting up, she brought up her hands to adjust her bikini top even without looking down.
Omg! did she know the breast was falling out or was she doing it on instinct and out of prudence? I could not say.
Getting out of the hot tub was delightful for me. Dad moved out first and then mom. I came out last. Because she was stepping out, I had a legitimate reason to ensure that she did not trip or something. My hand was made available, which she took before stepping out, and once she did, I saw her back. Her bikini bottom was now inside her crack from the rear and no other piece of cloth on her entire back. I saw her in all her naked beauty from behind. I did not get up until I saw that she had wrapped her gown on her.
We all walked to our rooms, and the point of convergence was decided as their suite in an hour. Mom said she would order the room service for food.
I reached their room in less than an hour, and Mom was ready and sitting and waiting. Brushing her hair. Dad was in the bathroom shuffling around to shave or brush his hair.
"Food should be here any minute," Mom told me as I sat next to her on the two-seater sofa below the window.
She smelled lovely, and I acted as if smelling it out loud. "Mmm, you smell wonderful Mom." Permitting myself to kiss her neck while taking in the waft of her perfume. She laughed.
TV was on, and the news reporter told the Virus had spread deeper into the American continent, and containment is the only answer. Large-scale lockdown is necessary, and so on and so forth.
Over our brunch, the mood was upbeat about our holiday, and we each exchanged positive appreciation for the break we took. I decided to go to the casino to kill time, and Mom said she wanted to rest. Dad also wanted to stay in the room to read. They went towards their bed, and I moved out.
I killed time at the Casino, which was very desolate despite it being a weekend. I won a few hands at blackjack tables and pocketed my $500 before exit.
I moved out of the hotel for a walk and went down The Strip to a Starbucks and picked a coffee and sat there. It was apparent that the crowds were shunning public places and restaurants seemed unoccupied mostly.
Not wanting to go back to my room, I FaceTimed Natalie and checked in on her. She was also upset because of the position back home. All stores and malls were closing down and lock down ordered in non-essential outlets in the tri-state area. I told her where I was and that it looked deserted too and that our hotel had an empty feeling as well. I did not want to give her the impression that I was enjoying my trip.
After the call, I went back to the hotel and saw a small crowd accumulated at the reception. I went ahead to check. The reception was manned by two persons, and a security guard was also trying to ensure nothing goes out of hand. Apparently, the hotel has stopped taking fresh check-in due to the governor's orders. All bookings had been canceled, people had been informed beforehand; but those who had not seen their emails, messages, or voicemails had just landed there. The hotel was trying to figure out a way to handle it.
I met Nin at the lobby manager's desk and thanked her for the access she had given us to the 15th-floor lounge. She was polite as ever and welcomed me. I checked with her about the ruckus and she explained that there was a lockdown order in the offing though not confirmed yet, but the management has halted all new check-ins. The lockdown possibly could come in from Monday, she speculated.
I confirmed to her, "we are leaving tomorrow morning, a couple of hours early because of the disruptions in flights."
She said, "Its best, sir." And added, "But please leave for the airport after you have checked your flight schedule."
"We will, thanks," I replied and went toward the elevators.
In my room, I scanned for TV and decided to sleep in for a bit. I was thinking of Natalie on the way up and missed having her in my arms. The empty bed made me miss her even more. I was not sleepy much, but the shut-eye did me good. When I daydreamed I tried to think of Natalie, but the images that came to my mind were that of Mom. The last three days of tantalizing display of her body and her involuntary teasing in her bikinis had got me warm and horny.
I shook up and woke up hard. I lowered my jeans to take my dick out and started jacking off slowly. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Mom in her bikinis – her red one, and then white, and then the pink one from earlier in the day. I tried to think again about Natalie, but Mom was not keen on leaving my mind. I came with an echo in my mind with Mom calling my name. Gushing my cum into the hotel towel I had left on my bed earlier.
It was only then did I realize that Mom had used the card to come into my room. Her voice was not just playing in my mind but in my ears. She was indeed calling out my name. On her part, she was cautious while entering and was announcing my name from near the door itself before coming in.
I recovered fast enough and covered myself with the sheet while half sitting on the bed. As an adult mother, this is a position she understands well, and she also recovered quickly enough and stayed as little as possible before telling me that she and Dad were heading towards the restaurant. They were going for coffee downstairs and to stretch their legs a bit. She may have come to ask me to join them, but she did not invite me – maybe seeing that I was not in a position to join them. Without saying anything more than necessary she retreated, and I hit myself on the head.
Twenty minutes later, I joined them in the restaurant near the lobby. Before going down, I called in housekeeping from my room, to get my room cleaned.
"I thought we decided to avoid the hotel restaurant," I said.
"We got tired of sitting in the room and decided to come down for coffee" Dad replied.
"I went out earlier down The Strip to Starbucks." I grinned. Both of them opened their mouth in exasperation.
I recounted the afternoon reception story to them and told them about my chat with Nin. It worried us all, not only on account of our holiday but also about the situation overall.
We retired to the suites around six and started a movie in their room. Thankfully the movie was interesting to me and to both of them.
By the time the movie got over, we got a call from the hotel reception.
We were informed that two of the hotel staff had contracted the Virus, and some orders need to be followed, without panic. The first one was Not – under any condition – to step out of the rooms. All guests have the possibility of contracting the virus from the affected staff. The first rule of the safety of self and others was containment. Second, they would be sanitizing and sterilizing the entire hotel and casino, and common areas first so that if anyone came out of the rooms, he or she does not get affected. Third, there would be room by room scanning, and only after all that it shall be decided what to do next.
The common areas sanitizing would take anywhere between twelve to twenty-four hours. They would start from the top floors and start coming down.
When Dad informed Mom and me about this, a sinking feeling came over us. We all had already ordered room service in their room, and we had dinner together. I decided to sleep in their room tonight even while going to my own room next door was entirely possible. I slept on the small couch, and we consoled each other that it was indeed possible that everything would be all right by tomorrow. We informed the receptionist, and request if it were possible to deal with our floor first so that we could catch our flight tomorrow.
By eight the next morning all the floors and common areas had been sterilized and sprayed.
By nine, they started the room to room checking. This was started at lower levels first. By the time they reached our rooms and checked us it was 2 pm.
We had not had breakfast. In the room, we had tea and cookies. The mini bar was also used generously.
Upon temperature checking, we were declared asymptomatic and were asked to leave the hotel. They were probably only happier that we were leaving for the airport.
We packed and reached down in the lobby and were not ready for the next surprise. Nin and a group of other managers of the hotel were trying to assist families one by one. And we moved towards Nin and asked to check us out and leave.
She looked amused and said, "I think you do not know it as yet, then. All flights nationally have been grounded. All trains and public transportation has been stopped. All Inter-State and International movement has been halted. The lockdown has been imposed in all major cities across the USA. Sir, you and all others have got grounded for two weeks. At least officially we know it's for two weeks as of now. You can not leave Las Vegas for two weeks at the very least. Maybe more if the situation does not improve."

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