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Every year my parents take us to a log cabin for two weeks as our winter vacation and every year it's just kind of two weeks of boring. I was 18 this year so maybe I could go out and have fun, but it was just the first day. We'd arrived this morning so I was preparing for the rest of my internment, I unpacked and settled in while my mom went out to get groceries. I figured maybe a shower would do me some good so I went and started it up. I stood staring at the steam as it filled the shower, spilling out it felt nice. Shedding my pajamas I hopped in before turning to see my dad. He was standing at the toilet, just staring at me.
"God dad! Get out!" I shouted, pulling the entirely too see through shower curtain to cover my exposed body. He seemed surprised more than anything. I pointed to the door, uncovering one of my breasts and saw to my horror that his member was hardening. "Get out!" I repeated but when he moved it wasn't to the door. My dad is a large man, tall, broad, if he wore a red flannel shirt he would be a picturesque lumberjack. He normally had a warm friendliness about him, but that was gone, he just looked…I've only seen that look on horny boys. He pulled the curtain out of my hand and pushed me backwards into the water. I stared up at him as his hand lowered to my pussy. "What are you doing?" I asked but I just stood there. What was I doing? He watched me in silence as he slipped two fingers inside me. I leaned back against the wall and moaned.
"All that noise and you're not saying stop." He said. I should. I should push him off and get out but I didn't want him to stop. He lowered his mouth onto one of my nipples and I reflexively laced my fingers in his hair to pull him in.
"Don't stop." I breathed, earning a soft chuckle. He moved faster inside me until he had to support me, pressing me back against the cold tile. Sinking to his knees he began flicking his tongue across my clit, his hand never stopping. I grabbed his head and rode it to completion, moaning into the air. He stood and smirked at me before freezing. We both strained our ears as the door clicked shut. He grabbed a towel and his clothes and left. Just like that. I looked and saw that fucker took the last towel too. I rinsed off and got out, opening the door a crack.
"Where's Holly?" My mom asked of me.
"I think taking a nap." My dad replied. I watched as she noticed his bulge. Smirking she sank to her knees and unbuttoned his pants, pulling his cock out and taking a second to admire it. He didn't wait for her, just grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved her mouth down onto it. When he let her go she coughed before shaking her head.
"Not in the hall." She hissed.
"Holly's asleep." He repeated but she stood and walked him backwards to their bedroom. I moved to their doorway and watched as she pushed him back onto the bed and got on top. She lowered herself slowly onto him and he closed his eyes and moved his hands to her hips to guide her speed. I let my hand move to my pussy, touching myself in time to their fucking. When they changed positions and he had her bent over the bed for doggy style he saw me. His eyes moved hungrily across my exposed body before seeing my hand moving on my pussy. He adjusted his speed, slowing and watched me slow to match.
He continued on that slow pace until abruptly going fast, slapping in and out of my mom making her moan. He shoved her head down into the bed making her back arch as her ass slapped against him. She reached back and spread her cheeks to accommodate him as he moved. I shuddered and came again on my hand and he grinned watching me stifle my moan. I scurried back to my room. What was I doing? What the hell? Is this a dream? I fished around for a towel and got dried off before pulling some pajamas on. I was about to get in bed when the door opened.
"Who said you could get dressed?" My dad asked. I spun around to see him in just boxers.
"We should-"
"I'll tell you what we should do." He pushed me backwards onto the bed. "We should finish what we start." He pulled his boxers down to reveal his hard penis.
"I figured mom would…finish you." I said softly as I openly stared at it.
"She did. Now it's your turn." He pointed at it. "Get your mouth over here."
"We shouldn't." I said.
"You didn't say that when it was you getting off." He frowned. "The next noise I hear out of that mouth better be sucking." The tone was really working for me and I moved to put it in my mouth. I licked the head but, as I'd seen with my mother, he was not the patient type and shoved it in. It hit the back of my throat and I looked up at him with this whole hog in my mouth begging to be released.
"It's a good look for you." His voice was low, it was a soft praise like I was a good girl. Finally he let go and I fell back, wiping spit off my face and coughing. Again, impatient, he shoved me down ass up on the bed and yanked my shorts off.
"Who made you such a little slut?" He asked shoving two fingers in my pussy without warning. "You're still so wet." I considered this a moment before looking over my shoulder at him.
"You daddy." I said. His eyes went wide and for a moment I took pride in catching him off guard but that was short lived. He yanked his fingers out of me and shoved his penis all the way in, keeping my legs together beneath him. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up off the bed.
"Say it again." He growled.
"Yes daddy! Please fuck me daddy!" I moaned as he hammered in and out of me.
"And what are you?" He asked, shoving my head down into the bed.
"Daddy's little slut." I got out though muffled. He pulled me up to flip me over. He dropped me on my back, grabbing my legs to pull me to the edge of the bed before shoving them apart. "Hold your legs open." He ordered as he spit on my pussy and shoved in, resuming hammering into me.
"Yes daddy!" I did as ordered, allowing him to grab my tits and roughly play with them. He grabbed my nipple, pulling hard while smacking the other.
"Do you like my cock in your tight little pussy?" He growled.
"Yes daddy. I love your big strong cock in me. Please fuck me daddy I need your cock in my slutty little pussy. I'm your little slut daddy." I moaned. He grabbed my hips thrusting deeper, it felt like he was splitting me in half as torrent after torrent of cum sprayed in my pussy. He pulled out and dropped his cock on my stomach, spilling the rest there. With a satisfied grunt he stepped back and looked at me with an appraising smile.
"I didn't mean to go so rough but when you called me daddy-" I slid off the bed and onto my knees.
"Let me clean you up daddy." I purred, licking his cock clean, eyes never leaving his.
"Didn't you cum enough?" He sounded exasperated and I liked that.
"We still have the whole vacation." I stood and kissed him on the cheek. "And I still have another hole for you to try daddy."
"Voracious." He smirked, he scooped his boxers off the floor and turned to leave. "You should shower.
"Showering is what got this all started though." My words gave him pause and he smirked over his shoulder at me.
"I'll meet you there."

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