Vacation with My Aunt Pt. 07

tagIncest/TabooVacation with My Aunt Pt. 07

I woke up the next morning between my two hot, naked cousins. As much as I wanted to stay in bed with them, I had to get ready for the trip the family was taking to see the wildlife sanctuary about an hour and a half away. Besides, I figured Aunt Holly probably had plans for me.
When I got back to our room Holly was already dressed, in black yoga pants that showed off her magnificent ass and a tight white t-shirt that left little to the imagination, no bra of course. "About time you got here," she grinned, "did you have a good time with your cousins?"
"A great time," I smiled back, "I was hoping you and I could have some fun before the trip." I walked over to her and slapped her ass.
"Maybe if you had gotten here sooner," she laughed, swatting my hand away, "but we don't have time; hop in the shower, get dressed and let's get going, it's going to be long car ride.
The family gathered in the parking lot as we decided the seating arrangement. Jen and Taylor were driving together, along with Jen's husband, so that left Aunt Holly, her two 18-year-old kids Hannah and Cameron, Jen and Taylor's mom Tori, her husband Dave, and myself to take Aunt Tori's minivan, which had three rows of seats. Tori was older than Holly at 45 and had Jen when she was very young, but she still looked great. Long black hair, slightly darker skin, tits only slightly smaller than Holly's, and a nice ass. My family sure has some great genes!
Tori was going to sit upfront with her husband who was driving, Hannah and Cameron took the middle row, which left Holly and I in the back. Normally this would allow all of us plenty of space, but their car was packed full of luggage. Hannah and Cameron only barely had enough space for the two of them in the middle row, and there was only one available seat in the third row, so Holly had to sit on my lap. I saw Holly and her daughter share a devious smile when this was decided; they were the only two who knew about what had been going on, and I wasn't even sure if Hannah knew I had fucked her mom.
I got in my seat and watched as my sexy aunt lowered her big ass down onto my lap. I was overjoyed that I had chosen to wear just a pair of cloth shorts; it was amazing feeling her ass press into me. Once everyone was in and the doors were closed, the minivan started with a jolt. I instinctively grabbed my Aunt's waist and held her to me. "Ha!" she laughed, before whispering "getting a little handsy already? There are other people in the car you know," as she moved my hands down to her thighs.
"Does that mean we can't have any fun?" I asked.
"We're definitely going to have some fun, I'm not going to waste sitting on my hot nephew's lap," she said quietly as she moved her ass back and forth a little, "but we can't do anything too crazy."
"Well there's so much shit in this car I don't think anyone can see us," I said as I slid my hands to her hips and started to move her back and forth on me a little harder, my cock growing.
"Mmm that is true baby. I feel something down there. Are you getting turned on by your aunt, in a car full of our family?" she asked, trying to sound innocent.
"I'm getting so hard for you, Aunt Holly. I'm really happy you didn't want to wear a bra today too," I said, cupping her DD tits and pressing her into me.
"Of course not," she said, turning to kiss me, "why would I ever wear a bra around my nephew?" She was speaking in between kisses now. "I want to make sure that that giant cock of his is hard all the time."
"So you want to fuck me again? Even though it's wrong?"
"Baby, I'm gonna fuck you every chance I get. Anywhere, anytime. Your cock felt so fucking good." Thankfully the radio was drowning out our dirty talk, although we did have to keep our voices quiet.
"Anywhere?" I asked with a smirk. "Even in this car?"
"Mmm you're so naughty," she sighed as she ground her ass into me. I was rock solid at this point. "You want to have sex with your aunt while her kids are in the car?"
"It'd be so hot," I whispered into her ear, groping her perfect tits through her shirt. "And it's not like Hannah would care. Let's take this off at least," I said as I began lifting her shirt up. She made no complaint and lifted her arms to help. My aunt was now sitting topless on my lap, her huge, round tits free, except for my hands which soon covered them.
I began teasing her nipples as I kissed her neck and ear. The more I kissed the harder she pressed her ass into me. I then slip my hand down into her pants and started playing with her clit. "Damn Aunt Holly, you're soaking wet, my cock could slide right into you."
"Then why isn't it already?" she moaned.
Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I grabbed the top of her yoga pants and slid them down to her knees, whereupon she took them and brought them down to her ankles. My aunt was now completely naked, sitting on my lap again.
She sat up so that I could lower my shorts and boxers, and she grabbed my rock-hard cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy as she lowered herself back down. She sat down slowly, clearly savoring her slow descent onto my waiting lap. In a moment she bottomed out, my 8-inch cock fully inside her "Oh God baby that's nice. It feels so big inside of me."
I felt every inch of her pussy grip my cock; it was burning hot and I needed to be there. I grabbed her hips and moved her back and forth again. "Oh fuck!" she yelped.
"You okay mom?" Cameron asked from the seat ahead of us.
"I'm fine honey," she whimpered out, "I just had a little cramp, but I'm feeling good now…" she said as she moved faster on my cock.
"Uh, okay…" her son replied.
"This is so hot James," she whispered to me, "I like being bad with you."
"You like getting fucked with your family in the car?" I asked, loving this as much as her. I started rubbing her clit as I pushed moved her back and forth as hard as I could. I was really fucking her now.
"I love it baby, I love sitting on your big cock right behind my own son! It's so fucking hot!"
"Oh yeah? What would you do if he looked over the seat and saw us?"
"I'd keep fucking you baby. I'd look him in the eyes and keep fucking you." With this lewd remark I moved my self forward, forcing her to spread her legs and jam her feet into the seats in front of us to brace herself.
"Ow! Mom, did you just kick me?"
"Sorry hun, mommy… (oh fuck) mommy just had to get comfortable (oh fuck oh fuck)." This new position allowed me to fuck my aunt even harder, and I wanted to see how far this would go.
"Okay, whatever, can you just try not to kick me?" her son asked.
"Sure hun whatever…(holy fuck holy fuck) mommy's close honey, mommy's close to getting comfortable!"
"Uh… okay…" Cameron replied, clearly confused at the situation. I, on the other hand, was not confused. I knew that my aunt was about to cum on my cock while she talked to her son less than three feet away.
"Oh baby mommy's right there, mommy's right there! Just like that!!" She said to her son, trying to keep her voice level as she came on my cock right there.
"Why are you acting so weird?" Cameron asked as I continued to fuck his mom.
"Sorry honey, mommy just felt sooo comfortable." As she said this she removed herself from me and crawled around on my lap so that she was straddling me. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her as she slide back onto me, crushing her tits to my chest and kissing me hard, her arms clutching me. She worked her pussy up and down on my cock, slowly and deeply; I was in heaven. "You're so bad," I told her.
"I'm so bad baby, I'm so bad for you. It's because you have such a big fucking cock baby."
"Do you love my cock Aunt Holly?"
"I love your cock baby," she said as she cupped my face and looked into my eyes," I love your cock so much more than I've ever loved you."
That was fucked up but it turned me on, and she could tell by the way I gripped her harder. "I love it so much more than I love you baby, so much more. You're only my favorite nephew because you're hot and have a big dick," she said, kissing me, "and because you fuck your aunt so good."
"That's the only reason?" I asked, unspeakably turned on.
"That's the only reason baby, the only reason," she answered, bouncing her ass faster and staring directly into my eyes.
This was more than I could take. "I'm gonna cum Aunt Holly!"
"I want you to. Cum in me baby, be a good boy and cum in your aunt, I want to feel you fill me up."
"Oh fuck," I said, trying to be quiet, as I started to cum, bucking uncontrollably.
"Mmm baby, I feel it throbbing in me. Does it turn you on knowing your aunt only likes you for your cock?" she asked, goading me on even more. All I could do was focus on not making a sound as I completely unloaded myself inside my slutty aunt.
Once I finished finishing, we remained in that position for several minutes, completely naked, breathing heavily. Finally Holly whispered "that was fun baby, but we do have to get dressed," and removed herself from my deflating cock and spun around on my lap. Getting our clothes on was no easy task in such a confined space, and being covered in sweat didn't help. By the time we were decent again the car was pulling into the parking lot of the wildlife sanctuary.
When we got out the family split into different groups as we explored the grounds. Holly went with Cameron to see the big cats, and Taylor, Jen, Tori and their husbands all stuck together, which left me with my smoking hot cousin Hannah. She was wearing a tiny pair of tight white shorts and a thin tight pink t-shirt. Like her mom she wasn't wearing a bra. Once we got out of ear-shot she punched my arm and said "Did you really fuck my my mom in the back seat?!" with a huge grin on her face.
"Yeah, it was fucking hot too. I thought your brother was going to notice."
"He had no idea what was going on," Hannah laughed, "but I did, and I was a little jealous." She was staring at me with a look of faux-innocence on her face.
"Oh yeah? Well that utility shed by reptile area looks pretty empty," I hinted, grabbing her ass, "why don't you an I check it out…"
"Okay cuz," she smiled as she leaned into me, "After all, I haven't got to spend any time with you since Truth or Dare."
I noticed there was no one around, so I said, "speaking of which, I have a dare for you Hannah."
"What?" she asked with a grin.
"I dare you to take your tits out."
"What? Were in public!"
"But there's no one around, and wouldn't it be exciting?"
"I guess…" she said, still grinning as she pulled her shirt down, trying to get her perfect teenage tits out through the hole. Naturally I lent a hand or two, and soon her bare tits were bouncing as she walked. "You're so bad!"
"And you love it," I said, feeling my cock straining against my shorts. "And look what you're doing to me!"
"Jesus," she exhaled eyeing the outline protruding through the fabric, "I can't believe you had that thing all the way inside my mom…"
As she said this I moved her hand to to it and said "You've never had one this big before?"
"No, I've only had sex with one guy before…" She was actively rubbing me through my shorts now.
"Do you want to see it?" Hannah just nodded as she continued staring. I lowered my shorts, exposing my rock-hard 8" cock to my teenage cousin, who instantly put her hand back on it and began stroking me. We were almost to the shed at this point.
"It feels so big…"
"Imagine how big it would feel inside you."
"I don't know, what if someone saw us?
"There's no one here. Besides, I fucked your mom in the middle of a beach, are you really going to let your mom be more crazy than you?" We were no behind the shed, obscured from the path.
Hannah looked at me with a look that said "I can't believe I'm doing this," bit her lip, and pulled her shirt over her head. I did the same and soon my hot teenage cousin and I were both completely naked. I wasted no time pressing her against the wall of the shed and kissing her. Our hands were everywhere, we were trying to feel every inch of each other. I could feel how wet she was, so I dropped to my knees and started sucking on her clit while I fingered her. She clearly wasn't used to this kind of attention, and soon she was gripping my hair and moaning my name. I started going harder, loving the taste of her young pussy. Soon my cousin was convulsing and quivering in my mouth, saying "Oh god oh god that feels sooo good baby! You're gonna make me cum!" I started sucking her clit and rubbing her G-spot even harder until I could feel her whole body shake. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING IN MY COUSIN'S MOUTH! OH MY GOD BABY OH MY GOD!"
I continued eating her until her orgasm subsided, then I moved up to kiss her and feel her huge, soft tits. Feeling her perfect teenage pussy cum in my mouth had sent me over the edge; I wasted no time before I slid my cock all the way into her as I sucked her neck. "Holy shit James! It feels so big!"
I thrusted into her a few times, but this angle wasn't working for me, so I lifted her leg up onto my shoulder, which caused he to have to hold on to me. This position gave me much more freedom to really fuck my cousin with long, deep strokes. "Oh holy shit baby that feels so good!" We were both in ecstasy already; her hot, tight pussy felt like it was made for my cock. Every stroke brought my cock to the deepest parts of her pussy, I could feel the back of it. We kissed deeply, unaware of our surroundings, completely lost to our sensations.
I don't know how long we remained locked together like this, eyes closed, her moaning into my mouth, but eventually I felt my orgasm coming on, and I could tell by her convulsions she was close too. I broke our incestuous kiss and said "I want you to look me in the eyes as I cum inside you." I knew this would be enough to set her over the edge.
"I'm cumming so deep inside you Hannah!"
I couldn't stop fucking her if I tried, my body was running completely on instinct as I blew the last of my cum deep inside her. Even then we kept fucking each other until we practically collapsed on the ground from exhaustion. We laid together for a few minutes in silence before Hannah spoke up, saying "Holy shit James, that was amazing."
"I can't wait to do it again," I said, kissing her. "But for now let's get dressed and head back before they come looking for us."
Hannah and I got back to the car at about the same time as everyone else. Everyone was chatting about what they did, what animals they saw, etc, but it put a grin on my face to see Hannah and Holly walk a few feet away and talk in private. I could tell my their laughs and their quick glances at me what they were talking about.
As we were getting back into the minivan, I went up to Holly and whispered "So are we going to have a repeat of last time?"
"Actually there's a change of plans."
"What's that?," I asked, confused.
"Well, I told your Aunt Tori and her husband that Cameron needs more experience driving, so I asked if they would mind if he drove while his uncle sat next to him and looked on."
"So, Hannah is going to sit in the back seat, and you, Tori and I will take the two middle seats. Except this time, Tori is going to sit on your lap." Holly said with an evil smirk.
I got excited at this prospect too. "She knows about what's been going on?"
"No, but she's gonna find out."
All of us gathered into the vehicle in our new seating arrangements. Aunt Tori was the last one in, and I watched with pleasure as she lowered her yoga pants-clad ass down onto my lap.
"I feel a little weird about sitting on my nephew's lap," Tori said to Holly, who was sitting next to us.
"It's completely fine, I didn't mind on the drive over here, I just wanted a seat to myself this time. I was very comfortable though, and I'm sure you will be too," Holly responded with a hint of a smile.
"Okay, I guess it's not really a big deal. Are you comfortable James?"
"Yeah, very," I said as I innocently placed my hands on her thighs. The car was moving now, and thankfully the radio was on again. I could feel myself beginning to get hard with my aunt's ass pressing into me.
"Oh my, I think you might be a little to comfortable James!"
"What do you mean," I asked as I lightly grabbed her thighs.
"Well… I… Uhh… You know, your thing…" Tori stammered.
"Are you talking about your nephew's great big cock?" Holly interjected. "I noticed it too, and to tell you the truth, I can't say that I minded."
"You didn't mind feeling his erection pressed into your ass?!"
"No, I didn't. I actually kind of liked it. It's really fucking big."
"I see that," Tori said distractedly, "but it doesn't seem right."
"It seems fine to me," I whispered in her ear as I pulled her into me and began lightly grinding.
"Hey, this is too far!" Tori protested.
"Sshh sis, just relax, James and I went further than this, and we both had a great time."
"What did you two do?" Tori asked incredulously.
"Well I began by getting a good feel of these," I answered as I cupped my aunt's big tits and started to grope them.
"Okay this is getting weird…"
"Just relax," Holly replied, "he won't hurt you, unless you want him to…"
I was fully massaging her tits through her shirt now, and I could tell she was starting to enjoy it. I removed one hand and slid it up her back and undid her bra. No more protests so far, even with my now rock-hard cock pressing into her. I now slid both hand under her shirt and grabbed her tits underneath her bra. They felt heavenly. "Mmmm," she sighed softly as she pushed into me slightly, "This isn't right."
"But it feels good, doesn't it?" Holly asked.
"But my husband is right there!"
"You can't tell me that doesn't make it even hotter," Holly replied. Tori didn't say anything to this, nor did she say anything when I, with Holly's help, removed her shirt and bra. She sat back into me and let me kiss her neck and ear.
Tori finally spoke up, "So how far did you two go?"
"He's cum inside me more than once now."
"Holy shit that's hot!" Tori exclaimed loudly.
"What's hot?" her husband Dave asked from directly in front of her.
"Oh nothing," she lied, "I just touched the metal part of the seat belt, it's still really hot."
While she was talking I slid my hand into her pants and began playing with her clit with my thumb while I hand pointer and middle finger inside her. She jumped but managed to contain her gasp. "Jesus Christ, this is wrong!" she whispered.
"But it feels good, doesn't it?" I asked, egging her on.
"It does…"
"And I bet that big dick pressing into you feels pretty good too," Holly chimed in. Tori was grinding into me now.
"It does feel pretty big…"
Sensing opportunity, I lifted Tori up, and with Holly's help, got both of our pants down to our ankles. Unfortunately, Tori insisted that we both keep our underwear on. Still, my nearly naked aunt felt incredible sitting on my barely contained cock, especially since she was really getting into grinding on it now. "Holy shit this thing is big."
"Do you want to see it?" Holly asked. Tori didn't reply, and we both took that as an encouraging sign. I scooched her up a little, and Holly pulled down my boxers, completely releasing my rock-solid cock.
"Holy shit…" Aunt Tori said again. I gently guided her hand to it, and she didn't hesitate to wrap her fingers around it. Soon she was slowly but firmly jerking me off as I fingered her soaking wet pussy again.

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