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Valentine Presents – Dawn¥
[This story spans many groups: Erotic Couplings, Exhibitionists, Anal, Group, FIRST TIME, Incest. ]
"Umm, Dawn baby, can you come here now? . . . yes, right now. No, it's not late at all. Well, it's a surprise that I know you'll love. . . . Yes, it's a special Valentine's Day gift you can never again get. Hurry."
Dawn's sex education ======
"But Davy, it's after one a.m. I came home early to spend all Valentine's Day with you. I'm in your warm blue PJs, in bed and waiting for you to keep me warm. Is it really so important? What about your parents? I don't want to disturb them on Valentine's day especially if they are, you know, celebrating in bed."
"Yeah, well honey, it's mom's idea for you to come over right away. Come as you are — just throw a coat over your PJs. No one will mind you in your all-button flannel PJs and slippers. Just hurry." I knew the oversized PJs she meant. The over-long arms hiding her hands makes her look like an adorable child in adult PJs. I paced nervously, my thick dick swinging freely as six adults watched it and planned the night.
The remixed couples took turns cleaning up in the bathroom while the rest of us listened to their amplified moans as they 'cleaned' each other for the next phase of Valentine's Day. Their lewd offers of help and education for Dawn and me made my dick stiffen just enough to feel heavy. Mom and Mark were just leaving the toilet — after minutes of fun cleansing — when we heard the soft knock at the door. Won't she be surprised to see us like this?
When I opened the door, Dawn slid in quietly and whispered, "What was so urgent that . . . oh shit! Y-y-you're naked! Why are you . . . ALL naked?" She gasped and threw herself against the door, arms spread, hands clutching for a grip. Her face paled as the other six naked people approached, grinning broadly and seeking a hug. Her sex education began immediately.
Mom full body hugged her first then removed her coat. Dad approached and her eyes bulged as he hugged her and pressed his semi stiff, naked cock against her. He kissed her cheek and slid his hands down her sides until he grasped her bottoms and slid them to the floor. She gasped and looked around shyly. With everyone else stark naked, she reluctantly accepted her minor exposure in panties and stepped out of the bottoms after a few seconds with dad's nose still at her crotch. I love those well-toned thighs.
Betty and Barry stepped up next. "You don't know us yet, but you will know us intimately — shortly." Dawn gasped at the thought as Barry pressed his warm, stiff cock against her bare leg. She looked at me confused and stared at my rising cock. Betty pushed her compliant arms up and slid her top over her head. Braless, her small D-cups stood proudly firm; Barry, a stranger, leaned into them too. She whimpered and blushed wide-eyed, her arms still over her head. Barry stood back so we could all admire her sultry curves clad only in slippers and pale blue, mini bikinis. She had only been this naked with one other boyfriend and never in front of so many. We could see her struggle to choose fight or flight still pressed against a closed door.
I blushed and stared at her panties. My cock began to rise as I pointed at them, "Um, honey, did you mean to wear those panties here?" When she saw the logo "For a good time, rub here," she was mortified and covered her panties and her face at once.
Despite her folded, cringing legs, Mark crushed her big, firm tits in a hug as his stiff cock slid between her legs and began to rub her happy spot. His wife, Melanie, went behind her and offered, "Let's get rid of that embarrassing offer on your hips." Dawn closed her eyes as she felt her panties roll off her hips and down her legs. Mark's stiff cock rubbed her bared pubes. Mel kissed her bare ass and removed her slippers as Dawn stepped out of her panties.
In less than two minutes, there she was, stripped naked in all her gorgeous glory, my radiant future wife. My turn! I hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately with my stiff cock blanketed in the small gap between her legs. Her fluttering, searching eyes barely distracted me. My eyes popped open when I felt arms from behind her wrap around her and me.
My dad was making a Dawn sandwich and I didn't want to know where his cock was nestled. Mom held a wine glass full of vodka in one hand and offered it to her, "For your nerves dear. Just sip it so you can appreciate the lessons we are all going to give you." She guzzled it all down in one big gulp and shook her whole body in a grimace. "All righty, then! Come join us."
Betty took the glass away and Dawn watched her sexy, naked ass sway as she headed to the kitchen. Mom and dad each took a hand, deliberately preventing her from hiding her "naughty bits," and gently pulled her to the family room. Her thighs, ass and tits moved with youthful perfection as only those of a classy eighteen-year old can. She kept looking back at me for support and noticed the rest of us admiring her sexy, naked ass swaying. Still confused, she sat on a towel on a coffee table facing the three elder men on the sofa. Their legs spread, Dawn was encouraged to look at the three stiff cocks pointed at her and study the differences.
Dad began by telling her about mom's clever Valentine's Day present and what we had been doing all night, right up to the rotating foursomes. She gasped frequently and stared at me, my cock and the other stiff ones. Her accusatory look burned me as she realized I was no longer a virgin — several times over. "Davy explained your lack of experience and we worked out some lessons for you. We can't cover everything even in one full day, so we'll leave some gaps for another day. We'll start with a brief exam and some questions then proceed."
Dad knelt before her then pushed her knees apart. We all stared at her gaping, gleaming pussy as her eyes bulged. All the non threatening, smiling faces, especially mine, eased her fears and she relaxed her legs. As dad held her lips apart and bent to look inside and take in her aroma, his stiff cock lurched and he said, "Davy says you are on the pill already, so you won't get pregnant and we all have current blood work that shows none of us has any STD." She stared at her open, swelling pussy as if it belonged to someone else.
He pushed a single finger gently into her pussy and explored her. Her gasp made her firm tits rise and hold. "That said, I'm just looking for any abnormalities we should be aware of. I see you trim your pubes but don't sculpt them. While pubic hair does have two purposes, there's no real benefit to health or sex either way, so this growth is simply your preference. Your labia are symmetric and nicely swollen. You are lubricating perfectly and I can feel your hymen. Does this hurt a little or a lot when I press it?" His hard, throbbing cock betrayed his underlying feelings.
"J-j-just a little, but what are you planning to do to me? Will you all be watching? I've been to an OB before, but this exam is um, different. Davy, are you alright with all these strangers and your parents looking where only you have gone before?" I nodded my head slowly and stroked my cock in response.
Dad got up and let his cock bob close to her face. He put her hand on it and said, "Squeeze my cock and slide the foreskin back. Like this. Y-yes, now lick that clear drop off me and kiss my bishop with your tongue." She gasped in shock. As she watched, he blatantly licked and sucked her fresh juices off his finger; her mouth dropped.
"It's OK, Dawn. Lick my dad's cock. Let them teach you as they taught me. Feel totally free to suck him and the others as you like." By her bulging eyes, we knew she couldn't believe she had my approval and encouragement. Her pulse raced, her eyes latched onto her distant clothes and the door — just in case.
"Your pussy tastes delicious and healthy. This is a simple introduction to your lessons. We want you to do this to every cock here, especially my son's. We will all fuck you today and teach you how to appreciate all your holes. If we feel you are ready, we will fuck all your holes at once while you stroke the remaining free cock. All the women here have done that already tonight so feel free to ask them any questions about it. Notice how sweet that clear drop is from my cock. Have you tasted my son's Cowper's?"
"I ignored the taste." As she half-mindedly stroked my dad and stared at his clear drops, she leaned in and cautiously lapped a drop of his pre-cum. Her brows arched, her eyes widened in pleased surprise. She went back for more, much more. As she swirled his bishop she said, "I tried blowing on him until I learned I was supposed to suck. The thought of his peeing in my mouth was too gross to handle so I turned off my taste while I sucked him. He did spurt in my mouth once and I nearly puked so I won't do that again. Why am I telling you all this private stuff?" Her nipples hardened and in just seconds she was licking and sucking dad as she had never sucked me.
"That's just one of many lessons you will learn today and you will remember this Valentine's Day all your life and, I trust, you will be grateful for it. I'm happy you are savoring my cock so much. We expect you to suck all four cocks today and swallow all our cum. No one will pee in your mouth or on you. That's one of several fetishes we may or may not ever get to. You will learn to distinguish our tastes and enjoy our cum. We also expect you to suck every woman here to orgasm and enjoy their cum as well as your own. We will introduce you to a few positions and teach you rimming and anal sex — maybe just with fingers today. We'll see. Have no fear." She was full of fear, but greatly trusted me. "Davy will take your cherry, maybe both of them, but we will all enter you slightly and fuck you fully after he does."
Mom added, "Never spit it out. You can control a man's cumming by squeezing hard at the base of his cock. If you think he's still going to blow, distract him with a little pain — a pinch or lightly squeezing his balls often does that." She demonstrated the squeeze on me and Dawn smiled for the first time that night at the sight of a mom shamelessly squeezing her son's hard cock.
I loved watching her tits and tall nipples cycle up and down with each breath. How long can I wait before capturing and sucking them? A great sign was that she didn't want to release dad's cock when he tried to move away. When Barry stood and proffered his stiffness near her face, she grabbed it and licked it too then licked her lips as she studied the differences. My cock began dripping pre-cum as I watched. Mom leaned over and noisily slurped my drippings so Dawn had to notice. Bug eyed, she watched mom lick and suck me then she slowly leaned into Barry's big bishop and, eyes still watching my cock as it filled mom's throat, swallowed half of it.
Dad had to speak up to get her attention. "Dawn, dear! Now that you've tasted Barry, try to notice the texture of his cock. Can you feel differences in his bishop vs. mine? His is probably drier and his crown is much bigger and thicker than mine." She slightly gurgled. "He has no foreskin so it's constantly exposed and rubbing against his clothes." Barry gently cupped her tit and pinched that nipple. She moaned as it hardened.
Though blushing, eyes on Barry's, she slipped a hand between her legs and began rubbing her labia and clit in the familiar way she enjoyed and which I loved to watch. Now four adults, two of them no longer strangers, also watched her intimate self love. Maybe this time she will finally make herself cum? Dad suckled the other tasty nipple for several seconds and her moans grew deeper. When he stood, she snatched his stiff cock and jerked it a few times before tasting it again, then Barry's, then back to dad's.
"Hey! My turn," gasped Mark as he stroked and offered his cock by thrusting his hips forward. "You can see I'm cut too, but my crown is sloped more gently, like Al's. Have a taste." When he shook it at my fiancé, she grabbed it with both hands, no longer shy yet still flushed. She gagged when it hit the back of her throat. "My wife can teach you how to suppress that choking. Suck harder." She did, but when he began to clench, she yanked him out of her mouth, confused about what to do with sperm she still didn't want to taste.
Deflecting, she said, "Mm, this one is even sweeter than the others." Dawn's surprising assessment was somehow comforting. She kept squeezing Mark hard, as she had learned from mom, and suppressed his squirting. Her eyes bulged when she saw my balls rise and Mom's throat bulge as I filled her belly with my young sperm. Amazed by mom's blissful expression, her mouth dropped and she barely noticed Mark enter her relaxed mouth again. Dawn licked his cock a few times as she kept watching my spasms in mom's throat.
When I paused on mom's tongue before leaving her open mouth, Dawn gaped. Horrified and amazed, she took in mom's distant expression as she savored her son's cum on her tongue. Once mom noticed Dawn's stare, she offered her my sopping cock and showed her my pooled cum. Breathing hard, Dawn lurched for my cock and was not perturbed by the copious spit and cum on it. For her first time, she truly tasted and savored my cum as she lapped it clean. That thought alone was enough to resurrect my softened dick back into a cock.
Using the lessons she just learned, she lapped around my crown and under my foreskin before it stretched smooth. As I began to cum again, she lurched, yet bravely maintained a soft suck and focused on my taste as I filled her mouth. She kept licking me as I slid out of her mouth. Her proud smile said it all. After smacking her lips a moment, she added, "That wasn't so bad. I might begin to like that taste one day — soon. I don't know what I was so afraid of. Watching your mom really tasting you was so inspiring I had to mmmmpph. . . ."
"Sorry Dawn. I didn't get to finish before. Now that Davy has first filled your face, I want to be next." Mark began energetically face fucking my fiancé as she cupped his ass with enthusiasm. She gagged when he went deeper, but he held her head firmly. Once he slipped his slim cock into her troat, she stopped gagging. She moaned deeply at the new experience; he groaned loudly at the warmth and strength of her moaning, virgin throat.
In just a minute, he began lurching and filling her belly with his cum. Holding her head firmly against his pubes, he spasmed several more times as she looked up at him. Able to breathe around his thin cock, she learned to gulp and 'swallow' to increase pressure on him and enjoyed her power over him. When he pulled out, she held him on her tongue to suck and clean him thoroughly. Another milestone.
When mom asked how she felt about sucking cock and eating cum now, Dawn's considered response was interesting. "At first it felt like a power play where I was forced to be submissive. But then it turned around. And now I feel the mix of powerless and yet powerful at the same time. It's kinda trippy," she smiled with pride.
With her knees still, voluntarily, wide apart, it was obvious she began to enjoy showing off her beautiful, young, swollen pussy. That's when she finally noticed Barry was taking pictures with his phone-cam. She latched onto his throbbing cock then cupped his balls while asking what he was doing. "I-I-I'm documenting your first time doing all these things for your special wedding album. You never get to deep throat or eat cum for the first time again. I envy you for these." Well, she will each time she tastes a new man's cum. Now I'm not sure I like that idea.
"And we have several more firsts in mind for you," dad added. "I know Davy is anxious to take your cherry and fuck you, but I think we need to give even him a few minutes to recoup. Lie back and let's add two more firsts for you." Why did it feel so natural for so many to take control over my naked fiancé? She obeyed as if learning yoga. "Though I'd love to fill your belly with my sperm next, I want you to hold your legs behind your knees and pull them up hard. Yes. What a pretty sight!" -click- Everyone slowly circled for a close look at her pale asshole and splayed open, swollen, and damp pussy. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Not so shy Betty leaned closer to Dawn's ass. "Hmm, Davy, she may not be as shy as you think. I know a bleached ass hole when I see one. Someone, or two, has been back here rubbing her anus at the very least." Remembering how greyed Betty's rear hole was, compared to the other brown holes, made me wonder.
Dad added, "Gail, come straddle her face and hold her legs up for her. Davy and I will take turns as I teach him how to arouse you by your puckered hole." Mom pulled Dawn's knees up and out as she began to drop onto Dawn's face. "Sweetie, focus on Gail's beautiful pussy. Relax your abs and your anus as you open and explore my wife's wetness. Study her vulva, her clit, her wonderful aroma. Feel her and deeply explore her even deeper than you can explore yourself for now. Push two fingers inside her, scoop up her nectar and suck those fingers clean -click- as we do the same to you." Dawn seemed to enjoy eating her first pussy.
"Davy, we can and will cover details about safe anal sex next time. For now, let's just get to the basics. I see your nails and cuticles are trimmed nicely. Keep them that way if you want to explore her softest tissues. Look at how short her perineum is. That's a normal size for women. Mark, come lie down and pull back your knees. Betty can hold them up for you and sit on your face as your reward." He did as told. -click- "Davy, push his cock out of the way and hold up his balls — gently, as you would your own. Don't make faces. If our women can hold them and suck them, you can too. Like this." Suck them?
"Just look at his perineum and compare it to Dawn's." Gingerly, I lifted Mark's balls with two fingers and studied his taint. Mark and I were both shocked when dad casually lifted Mark's cock and balls higher. "You don't need to jerk him — like this." Shocked again as he stroked Mark's slippery cock and smiled. Mark's head shot up, but Betty's pussy blocked him. He licked and ate it and quickly forgot who was jerking his cock. Dad stopped as Betty moaned and shuddered and Mark dropped back down.
"OK Davy, slip your finger inside her pussy with mine and feel her wetness, her swollen lips and her hymen. -click- You will break it tonight for the first and only time." Probing my fiancé's pussy with my dad was odd — for a minute. Then it became clinical, a simple lesson, until it wasn't. Though resisting, Dawn began gasping as we explored just her vestibule. "We can't see it, even with her beautiful tulip wide open like this, but her hymen seems a normal half moon. Add another finger with mine." She moaned softly and her pelvic muscles tightened before relaxing.
Dawn mumbled something, but it was muffled by mom's fattened lips. Mel quickly replaced mom on Dawn's face and her tongue replaced Mel's stroking fingers. In seconds, Dawn snacked on her second wet pussy and loved it.
"Now, son, notice the texture of her walls, her embedded clit in the walls and — gently — the rippled roof surrounding her G-spot. Avoid it for now. Remember, no ATM or ATV without thorough cleanup first. Her rectum is much cleaner than her colon and is nearly germ free. These longer hairs around her anus are normal too."
Betty replaced Mel on Dawn's face and dripped her nectar onto it. Hers and Dawn's moans told us they were deeply involved. Watching my fiancé eat my mom first then two strange pussies made my heart race with joy and lust.

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