Valentine’s Day at the Cabin

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tagIncest/TabooValentine's Day at the Cabin

"Oh daddy, please… just like that… Oh my God, Daddy… Daddy!!! DADDY!!! Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck!" my stepdaughter Liv pants and flails as I work my cock frantically in and out of my baby girl's soaking wet, tight little slit while upping the intensity on the Satisfyer Pro 2 clit stimulator causing her second earth quaking orgasm in a row.
"I'm not sure how much longer I can last, baby" I say… or maybe think to myself as I have become overwhelmed and awed at the site of this angelic beauty Cumming on me.
"I'm gonna cum, Liv!" I exclaim as my thrusting increases in speed and strength. Hearing that, she knocks the vibrator away and grabs my arm pulling me down to her so that I am overtop looking into her beautiful blue eyes.
"Cum for me Daddy," Liv begs as she pulls me in for an incredibly passionate kiss as if we are making out with one another's very souls. As my thrusts intensify, I grab Liv's thigh with my left hand and pull her closer to me with my right arm behind her shoulders. My orgasm begins to boil over. As the first shot of cum explodes from my cock, Liv releases our kiss and arches her back passionately hissing. I bury my head in her chest as virtually every drop of liquid in my body pumps from my exploding cock, into my stepdaughter. Wave upon wave of pulsating, hot cum fires into her tight cunt as I collapse, breathless on top of this 21-year-old beauty.
I guess I should explain how exactly I got here…
My wife of nearly 20 years, Karen, picked up a Valentine's weekend shift at her hospital. We planned to go to the family cabin in the mountains for a weekend getaway consisting of cross-country skiing, hot chocolate, dinner, drinks, hot tub, gifts, and romance. A weekend of romance and alone time was long overdue, as we were becoming strangers to one another since the lockdown began.
Karen jumped into her work, as she loved the attention she and her profession received being depicted as heroes of the pandemic. My hours were cut. I found myself working from home with a reduced workload and lighter paycheck.
When Karen was offered the chance to work the weekend at 100% overtime pay, she felt the money was too good to turn down and suggested that we simply postpone our trip a weekend or two as we could then dine out rather than finding ourselves restricted to eating at the cabin because "Governor Dipshit" as I call him has shut down all indoor dining and recreational activities in the state until after Valentine's Day.
Overhearing our conversation, Liv expressed disappointment. It turns out she was counting on the parental types to hit the road for the weekend. Liv had planned to have the house to herself so that she and her douchy boyfriend Tyler could have alone time of their own at our house.
Tyler was in a fraternity. As it was not uncommon for one of Tyler's fraternity brothers to be in quarantine due to COVID, Liv will not visit him at the frat house. From my point of view, Tyler will not come visit Liv unless sex is or can be involved. Considering I work from home remotely, they do not have the privacy at the house. Likewise, with the Governor shutting everything down, it is not like they can go out to the bar or anywhere, so they have not seen one another since before the Super Bowl when lockdown 4.0 first began.
Liv vocalizes her displeasure as she texts away frantically, assumingly to Tyler. It doesn't take too long for Liv to go from displeased to frustration, as Tyler tells her that he is busy this weekend anyway, so no worries.
Sensing the disappointment of both Liv and I, Karen suggested that Liv and I go to the cabin for the weekend since she is going to do nothing but work and sleep.
Later that night in bed, I try to make conversation with Karen to no avail. She lays beside me, facing away intermittently grabbing her phone. In between returning messages from co-workers I try a variety of tactics to connect with her from ranging from talking to rubbing, to kissing at her, and even trying to peel off her night clothes — all to no avail.
The past years' worth of varied restrictions made it difficult for any of us to make it to the gym. She has put on a little weight during this time but haven't we all. I know I certainly have. However, at 5'4" & 140 lbs. my 42-year-old wife still has 'it'. I think she has put weight on in all the right places, as her breasts, hips, and thighs have all filled in nicely. She is conscious of her "butt and belly".
I think she looks amazing and I tell her that all the time, as I am finding myself attracted to her more so now than I have been in years. With her relentless work schedule, she is often "too tired" and thwarts my advances. For the sake of my sanity and our marriage, I am very much in need of a nice, resetting, relaxing getaway so that we can rekindle the fire and connect sexually.
Fast forwarding a day later, Liv and I decided we would rather spend the weekend in the mountains over spending the weekend home.
The Drive to the Cabin
After seeing Karen off to work, Liv and I begin our four-hour drive to the mountains. Thankfully, the roads are not bad even though it is supposed to snow rather heavily tomorrow (Valentine's Day). I put the radio on as we hit the highway. The ride has been silent with Liv looking to be asleep. She startles me by overriding the stereo with her phone. I fake a protest to play the dad role, even though I really do not mind her taste in music.
"Well, since you have the music, I suspect you're going to stay awake and keep me company on the drive, Liv?"
"I was planning to sleep," Liv replies as she puts her seat back.
"You're not having it both ways where you get the music and the zzz's," I retort in hopes of making the time in the car go by faster.
"Fine, I'm going to do my nails though so go easy on the bumps," Liv quips as she pulls her seat upright and reaches into the back to grab her bag. After fumbling and fidgeting, Liv throws her bare left foot onto the dashboard, carefully painting her toes red. I playfully swerve the car timing it as not to mess her paint up but to get a rise out of her.
Recognizing I was being an ass, Liv slaps my shoulder. In doing so, she spills a bit of nail polish on her tight grey sweatpants. "Dammit!" Liv exclaims as she caps the bottle of nail polish.
"You know that I didn't do that, Liv. That was all you!" I laughingly tell her as she is scrambling to get the polish out of her sweats before it dries.
"I know, I know," Liv exclaims.
"But now I need to get this out before it stains," she says as she begins wiggling out of her sweatpants.
The car swerves as I try not to stare at my stepdaughter while she removes her pants. Liv is a REALLY good looking girl. I would say she was incredibly hot if she were not my wife's daughter. At 5'2" with eyes of blue, long straight brunette hair flowing to the bottom of her shoulder blades with blonde highlights and delicious, tight curves, I can't help but sneak a quick peak at her fit and tan 21-year-old thighs. Liv is a life-long soccer player and an avid swimmer. Just as I have, Liv has put on a little COVID weight but still has a "light's out" body with her 35-24-35 frame hitting in all the right spots.
The car begins reeking of nail polish remover as Liv dabs away with the cotton ball on her sweats. Once satisfied she got the stain out, Liv caps her bottle of nail polish remover and lays her sweats out in the back seat.
"Gonna put some pants on," I ask?
"Nah, I'm good" she quickly responds. "Plus, I can give the truckers something to think about," she uncharacteristically says as she chuckles.
Unable to believe what she said, I look over at Liv smirking away. Instinctually, my eyes go down toward her baby blue panties. With a floral lace pattern, a pretty, little bow tied onto the top of the double-string, low-rise waist band leave little to the imagination. I catch myself looking and quickly avert my eyes, but not before I feel my cock begin to stir in my black running pants. The car jerks again as I snap out of it.
"Careful, Daddy. You're going to get us killed if you keep driving like that," Liv jokes. I laugh uncomfortably trying to regroup and keep my eyes locked on the road while noting that she ONLY calls me Daddy when she is angling at something.
"So, you were really looking forward to going here with Mom, weren't you Shayne," Liv asks, seemingly making small talk while she returns to painting the toes red on her left foot.
"I was," I reply. "We'll get to go in a few weeks, so it's not the end of the world.
"What about you? Were you going to throw a huge party while we were gone," I ask?
"Nah. Tyler and I were going to hang out. He blew me off when I told him your trip was off."
"Shocking," I sarcastically reply. "Not a fan."
"Yea, I know. It's not really working out with us anyway, so I think it is time for a change," Liv says as she shifts from left foot to right foot on the dash.
I look over at her to express how glad I am to hear she is considering losing that tool of a boyfriend. This time as I look, I inadvertently get a second look at her thin, lacy baby blue panties. My eyes do a double take as I may have caught a glimpse of her slit.
At risk of making eye contact, I turn my head, but my eyes take in her legs and pretty feet as my focus goes back on the road. I can feel my heart beating out of my chest as my mind processes what my eyes are not willing to unsee. I try to prevent envisioning untying the bow with my teeth and gaining access to the nectar of the gods.
"So, it sounds like we both had our romantic weekend ruined. Why don't we make the best of it?"
"What do you mean, Liv?"
"Well, I'm guessing what… You were going to build a fire, cook for mom, feed her wine, and all that other stuff. You can cook for me!"
"Duh," I joke back. "If I do not cook, we're clearly not going to eat. It's not like you cook, princess!"
"Deal! I like white wine and I want vodka and tequila and beers," she quickly chimes proud of herself.
"You're the best, Daddy!" she says as she leans over, kissing me on the cheek.
"Wait, what? Where is this coming from? I, I, I didn't agree to."
"Like I was saying, we're going to make the best of it. You were going to cook and build a fire and wine and dine. You get to do that. I didn't get to celebrate my 21st birthday, so I am going to do that. So, we are going to make the best of this… And you said yes! Get it?"
"I'm not sure I could win this argument if I tried," I say.
"Oh no, you win Daddy. Trust me, you win," she says as she wiggles her toes causing me to notice her beautiful, dainty feet with perfect, deep arches. Seeing that I am somewhat staring at her foot, Liv swings her leg over towards my mouth playfully asking me to blow on her toes to dry the paint as she giggles.
Instinctively, I grab her foot and move it away but not before I feel the blood flowing back into my cock. I shift myself and adjust hoping that my semi-hard cock is not going to betray me while unable to let go of her foot.
"You're going to give me a foot massage too, Daddy," she says as she flexes her foot in my hand.
"I'm driving," I quickly exclaim. My mind is now racing, as Liv is seemingly getting more and more flirtatiously playful if I did not know any better.
"Not now, silly. I mean at the cabin!" she exclaims.
The ride continued like this for the better part of the next two hours with my focus on keeping my dick from tenting through my pants and Liv playfully teasing at me.
"Finally, the bombardment is going to let up," I think to myself as Liv declares she is going to take a nap to "rest up for the weekend."
As she closes her eyes and snuggles into the passenger side door, albeit still without sweats, my eyes find themselves wandering a bit more freely. I glance over, memorizing her firm, shapely round ass that is accented by the lacy pattern of her see-through panties. My eyes follow down to her full, delicious looking tan thigh and matching tight calf, I think about how she is a spitting image of her mother when Karen was her age. While I am not her biological father, I have been in the picture since day 1.
Olivia and I have always been close although since my job and her university studies both went 100% remote and we have been couped up in the house together during the bulk of this ordeal, we surely have grown closer. While recently closer, it would be silly to think she was coming onto me. But why the Daddy and not Shayne, I wonder?
As I ponder this and continue eyeballing this beautiful young woman, I conclude I am definitely going to need some "alone time" in the shower to jerk these thoughts and images out of my system, I think to myself, especially since it has been a minute since Karen and I have had sex.
As my eyes switch back and forth between keeping us safely on the road and fantasizing about having my way with the beauty next to me, Liv speaks in a tranquil, optimistic tone.
"We are going to have a nice weekend together."
"Of course we are," I reply, startled that she was not asleep and wondering if she somehow knew I was staring.
With Karen working the long hours and Liv and I both studying and working from home respectively, we have grown closer and more comfortable with one another.
"I'm probably breaking up with Tyler," she shares, remaining motionless.
"Good," I respond before doubling back to explain.
"I mean, if that's what you want to do, it's good. I'm not a fan and I think you deserve so much better than what he is peddling!"
"Someone like you," Liv asks as she turns her head over her shoulder as if she is looking for a reaction?
"I don't know about that, Liv," I say, stumbling on my words as I focus on staring at the road, firmly gripping the steering wheel.
"I mean… I just wish you'd be with someone that took an interest in being WITH you rather than IN you and probably everyone else, so to speak."
"Funny you say that. I feel like he cheats on me," Liv says in an increasingly serious tone.
"I've probably always thought that, but I figured if I gave him whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, he wouldn't cheat."
"That never works out well, Liv," I say, turning my head to lock eyes so that my words resonate with her.
"I know and I've been doing a lot of thinking about it lately. This weekend it was going to come to a head – one way or the other," Liv begins to explain as we reach our exit. I ease my way off the exit ramp and pull into the parking lot to get supplies for the weekend.
Liv decides to stay in the car and I gently cover her up with my jacket before quickly running in to grab food and drink for the weekend.
I return to the car, supplies in hand to find Liv seemingly sleeping.
For the final hour of the trip, Liv sleeps curled under my jacket. I begin thinking about my own relationship with her mother.
Karen and I are on our 20th year of marriage. Biologically speaking, we do not have any children together, as I am unable to father children. When we were each in college, Karen and I met at a bar we both were at in support of a band that was playing there.
it turns out we each had a mutual friend in the band, who provided us a brief introduction in between sets. We talked, we danced, we laughed. We had a great time. At the end of the night, we exchanged contact info, as I hoped to take her out.
I was head over heels straight away. We dated for about a year and six months and Karen told me she thought she was pregnant. We already discussed my inability to have children, so I was uncertain if she was telling me as if naming me the father, or if she was confiding in me as a friend, a lover, or to let me down easy.
Floored, I asked the logical, natural question of how. Karen admitted to me she had been having a fling with our mutual friend (the lead singer of the band, how cliche) and that it had always been a thing with them since high school.
Stewing inside, I asked if he knew. She shared with me that he knew, denying it was his and then told her to figure it out.
I cut our evening short, semi-breaking up with her in words but finding myself taking her calls, calling her, and even checking up on her from time to time. We met up a few times while "on the break" but my feelings were so conflicted and hurt. Our meetups would typically start out light and then we would eventually move to the elephant in the room, which would result sometimes in apologizing, explaining, tears, frustrations, over the clothes petting even. I found myself more confused and frustrated when we got together so I knew I needed to do some figuring of my own for the sake of my sanity.
After a few weeks of soul searching, I decided on what kind of man I wanted to be. I proposed to Karen that the pregnancy was not a dealbreaker for me and suggested we put the cheating behind us. I believed Karen loved me. I believed I loved her. If we worked at it, we could put it behind us and move forward, I explained – especially since I could not father children for her.
Upon sorting that out, we made love all night long in such a way that was both emotionally draining and emotionally refreshing at the same time, sharing tears, passion, primal urges, laughs, and joy.
Shortly after my graduation from college, we married in a modest ceremony with close family only. Karen wanted a proper wedding, but we were not financially prepared for it since I just got done with school and she had another year to go and a child on the way. She also wanted to wed before she began showing.
We decided that we were going to make sure Olivia knew the truth about everything. We also decided that if WE were okay with this and if LIV understood and was okay with her story, it did not matter what anyone else, family, friend, or otherwise thought about us.
Arrival at the Cabin
The last leg of the drive passed quickly as I reflected on my own relationship, as I turn the corner proceeding down the home stretch as we approach our cabin on the left.
"Liv, we're here," I exclaim in an effort to wake her up.
I pull into the recently plowed driveway as Liv begins to stir. With my mind transitioning from reflection to present day, I admire how much Liv resembles a more youthful version of her mother.
"Oh good, I better get dressed then," Liv replies as she slowly opens her eyes, stretches, and then reaches into the back to grab her sweatpants that are unstained and dried.
I bring the vehicle to a stop as Liv stretches out and places her right foot on my lower thigh just above my knee while she puts her leg through her sweats. Her foot is cold in contrast to my thigh as I feel the sensual chill from the arch of her foot come through my pants. In a trance-like state, my eyes follow her hand, and she wiggles her sweats up. She does the same with her left foot, though this time she is higher up on my thigh. She wiggles her toes on my thigh, which causes me to jump out of my seat. In doing so, my cock brushed against her big toe instantaneously stiffening at the slight touch. I hope to god she did not notice; I think to myself.
Liv leaves her feet on my thigh as she wiggles her perfectly rounded hips to pull her sweats up and rolls them. Liv chuckles "all set!".
I laugh uncomfortably as I exit the vehicle and suggest we bring everything inside.
After we bring in the first load of our belongings, Liv offers to bring everything else in while I get the heat sorted. I agree and begin getting the stove fired up and the hot water flowing while trying to keep my erect cock from her view.
Our cabin is by no means large. It has an efficient build to it. The main room sits just beyond the cabin's entrance. In the main room sits a fold out sofa in front of an oval shape braided wool rug. Liv generally sleeps on the fold out sofa when she comes to camp with us. Just beyond the rug is the entertainment stand with our television. A heating stove and a card table sit on the opposite side of the entryway. There is a small coat closet that Liv has turned into her storage area, as she disliked the idea of keeping her things with ours.

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