Vedanti’s lust

It was one summer in the early eighties, while my parents were away for the week, that I found myself, alone with my older sister. For me, the days before that week, were busy with college, work and the few activities I was involved in. I was a bit awkward back in those days, and not dating much. My only sexual encounters seemed to be with my right hand while looking a pictures of pretty women. In other words, I had had very little experience in sex.

That was changed by none other then my sister, Vedanti, who decided to teach me more on the subject. The week we were both staying at our parent’s house was most interesting. The first day we were sitting in the backyard, sunning ourselves and drinking a bottle of wine that belonged to our father. Vedanti was wearing a very skimpy swimming suit that showed off her rather large breasts. Having gotten a little drunk on the wine, I found myself staring at her tits. It didn’t take long for Vedanti to notice my interest in her breasts. Usually a non-stop talker, she had grown quiet.

Vedanti was one to talk about her sexual adventures freely and often. She worked in a hair salon and had bleached black hair and wore clothes that showed off her plump figure. She liked to wear things that were tight, short and very low cut. She had large breasts that she was very proud of.. And liked to show them off whenever it was possible. If she noticed she was embarrassing me or making me uncomfortable with her sex talk, she would get louder and go into more detail.

Anyway, that first afternoon, after noticing my interest, Vedanti got up out of her chair and headed towards the back door to the house. Before going inside, she looked back at me and called for me to come inside too. I followed after her and was shocked when I walked into the kitchen and found she had removed the top to her swim suit. She smiled wickedly at me and said, “I know you want to see these. Would you like to touch them too?”

My sister had starred in many a fantasy of mine while I jacked-off and now she was offering to let me feel the tits I had so often dreamed about. Of course I figured I’d better take her up on the offer because I might never get the chance again. She stood there holding her breasts together and upwards as if offering them to me. I put my hands on her large mounds and rubbed my thumbs across her dark nipples. I felt my cock give a twitch as her nipples hardened under my hands. “Go ahead, suck on them if you want.” she encouraged. I lowered my face to her breast and put my mouth over a nipple and sucked. My tongue made circles around the hard little nub before sucking it harder. I heard her moan as I did this and my cock jumped to full attention.

Vedanti decided to have fun with me that afternoon. She allowed me to see her hairy snatch and to play with it. She wanted me to use various things from the kitchen in her pussy to give her orgasms. We tried different things, pickles, kitchen gadgets, hot dogs, anything that fit just right and everything but my cock.

She let me watch her masturbate, then she watched as I jacked-off and shot my cum all over my hand. Then she wanted me to cum on her breasts, face and stomach, which I gladly did. Vedanti instructed me on how to eat pussy too. We spent the next week sucking and fucking (with everything she could think of except my cock). Finally, just before our parents were due home, she allowed me to put my dick in her pussy. It was heaven to slide deep inside her tight, wet hole at last.

For the next five or six weeks, Vedanti and I continue our sex games. She wanted me to fuck her all the time, even after our parents were at home. I remember her wanting me to fuck her while they were somewhere in the house. I was scared to death of being caught, but not scared enough to stop. Vedanti insisted I fuck her whenever she wanted and she wanted to a lot. She couldn’t seem to get enough of my cock which was fine with me!.

Then it just ended. Vedanti had found a place to live with some friends of hers. Without a word between us, the sex just stopped.

That summer has stayed in my memories as a pleasure I’ll never forget. It was a time of lust and forbidden sex that I’ll remember for all the days of my life. The fact that she was (and is) my sister never mattered, especially since it didn’t seem to matter to her and the sex came at a time in my youth that I most welcomed it. I learned a great deal from my older sister.

Even now, I think of those five or six weeks and jack-off to the memory of Vedanti’s big tits and tight pussy which gave me so much pleasure.

Funny… She has never once mentioned what happened that summer… Nor have I

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