Vegas Girl Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooVegas Girl Pt. 02

Jessica woke late the next day to find herself alone. The sun shone through the window, hurting her eyes. God, she was sore between her legs. But sore in a good way, not painful. Not really. Maybe she should take a break from sex today, at least of the penetrative kind. Would Daddy allow that? What did he have planned for tonight?
She got up, stretching, and posed in front of the mirror, admiring herself. Soft, dark hair, halfway down to her waist, tangled right now from the amorous activities of the previous night. Sun-tanned skin, pert breasts with light brown nipples, flat stomach, a sweet round ass, and a smooth, plump pussy. She looked good enough to eat, and she knew it. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair, then opened her valise to pick her outfit of the day. Tight blue shorts and a white tank top, she decided. Classic and simple.
The shorts barely covered her ass, and the tank top stretched tightly over her breasts, accentuating her nipples. She knew she'd chosen right when she headed for the breakfast buffet and all male eyes turned to watch her as she sashayed past them.
"Slut," came a venomous whisper, and she turned to find a disapproving, middle-aged woman glaring at her. Beside her, a man — presumably her husband — tried to shush her.
Jessica gave him her sweetest smile and was pleased to see the flush that started on his neck and spread to his face. She should sit on his lap and wriggle her ass until she gave him an erection, right in front of his bitchy wife.
She ate a huge, satisfying breakfast starting with orange juice, fruit, cheese, and muesli, going on to sausages, scrambled eggs and buttered toast, and ending with a muffin and a steaming cup of coffee. Her appetite astonished her. It must be all the calories she'd burned last night, fucking Bill. Sex made you hungry. The breakfast buffet was included in the room tab, and she might as well stuff her face.
Later, she wandered through the Forum Shops, a visually stunning shopping mall connected to the hotel. She wasn't addicted to buying stuff, although she loved it when Daddy took her shopping. Would he have time to take her shopping here? They had two more nights, but his conference would occupy him well into the evenings on both days.
Her feet took her outside to the pool, a gorgeous strip of blue surrounded by Roman pillars, crawling with bikini and speedo-clad sunbathers and swimmers.
Damn. She should have gotten her swimsuit. She was staring at the scene disconsolately when a male voice said, "Aren't you going to swim? It's a lovely day for it."
She turned to see a handsome, suntanned young man, lounging on a lifeguard's chair, staring at her with open interest. He had blond hair, blue eyes, a nice smile, and a noticeable bulge in his red swim shorts.
She smiled back at him. "I forgot my swimsuit."
"Whaaaat?" He shook his head. "You can't be in Vegas in this hotel and not swim."
She bit her lip. "Maybe I can get Daddy to buy me a swimsuit before we leave. But we're only here for two nights. He might think it's not worth it."
"Hey, you can go skinny dipping if you like. I'd sure as hell love to see that." His gaze traveled over her body, making her blush.
"Don't be silly," she said. "They'd probably put me in prison or something."
"Yeah." He grinned. "They'd take one look at you and start putting on the handcuffs."
She blushed, remembering the handcuffs of the night before.
"Tell you what," he said. "My shift ends in a few minutes. I can take you to an indoor pool that's usually closed at this time. You can skinny-dip there, and no one the wiser. Except me." He winked.
"Suppose I get caught?" she said doubtfully. She wanted badly to have a swim, and the thought of swimming naked was deeply erotic. And she liked this good-looking young man. With a start, she realized that she'd only ever had sex with older men. Well, two older men, anyway. She'd never had a good experience with younger males. The lifeguard wasn't more than twenty at most.
"You won't get caught," he said. "I promise." He stuck a hand out to her. "I'm David."
"Nice to meet you." She extended her hand to his, and he squeezed it, his touch warm and intimate.
She spent the remainder of his shift strolling along the edges of the pool, enjoying the eyes on her, basking in the warm sun. A few minutes later, David came up to her, followed by another man around the same age, brown-haired and merry-eyed. "This is Stan," said David, introducing his companion. "Can he come with us? He's kind of necessary because he's got access to the indoor pool."
Stan was taller than David, and just as handsome. "Sure," she said. "I can't wait to feel the water on my skin."
The two men exchanged a meaningful glance. "Yeah, we can't wait either," said David. "Come on."
She followed them back into one of the hotel buildings, across a gleaming marble lobby, and up a transparent escalator, marveling at the ostentation of it all. She was really lucky to be here. She'd better stay in Daddy's good books so she could continue making trips like this with him every few months. How her friends would envy her these two attractive young men, hanging on to her every word, gazing at her like she was a luscious fruit they couldn't wait to sink their teeth into.
On the fifth floor, Stan led them down a corridor, into a courtyard, and finally keyed open a large white door. "Behold, our private Roman bath," he announced, ushering Jessica in.
She gazed at it in delight. A small and compact pool glittered in the sunshine that poured in through an overhead glass ceiling. "It's lovely." She kicked off her sandals. "Can I really swim naked here? No one else will see me?"
"Let's make sure of that," said Stan, and he shut the door behind him, locking it.
Jessica wet her lips. She was alone with two men, locked into a closed-off pool area. No one knew she was here. No one was looking for her. She faced them, rubbing one bare foot against her calf, aware of the electricity crackling in the air. Stan and David undressed her with their eyes, their erections tenting their shorts.
She gave a small smile, suddenly feeling sure of herself. She grasped her tank top and pulled it off over her head. As her breasts spilled out, both men gasped.
"Holy fuck," muttered Stan. "You're so beautiful."
"Aren't you going to skinny-dip with me?" she asked, looking pointedly at their shorts. "I'll feel weird if I'm the only one who's naked."
They didn't need any more prompting. Both men lowered their shorts and kicked them off with the easy confidence of the youthful and the well-endowed. Their cocks sprang free, young and thick and sweet, just as she had pictured them. She resisted her impulse to take them in her mouth right away, and gave a coy smile. She turned around, presenting her ass to them, and slowly dragged her shorts down. One of them — David, she thought — moaned aloud.
Now she was left with just her black lace panties. She turned back to them, biting her lip, pretending to be shy. "Maybe I should keep this on," she said. "What do you think?"
Stan had his cock in his hand and was stroking it slowly, his eyes devouring her. David's cock twitched as he stared at the tiny black triangle that hid her pussy from their sight.
"Not fair," he said huskily. "We're both naked. You should be too."
She made a show of considering it. "Okay," she said at last. "But I feel shy. You both need to look away so I can remove it."
Reluctantly, they both turned away.
"No peeking," she scolded, her thumbs hooked into her panties, as David shot her a quick glance. He hastily looked away, and she grinned, stepping out of her panties. Then she jumped into the pool, gasping at the coldness of the water. "Come on," she shouted.
They leaped in after her, laughing, their cocks bobbing in anticipation. She shrieked and swam away from them, pretending to be frightened.
They played in the water, chasing her across the pool, sometimes one catching her, sometimes the other. Each time, they would grab her ass under the water, or fondle her breasts, or kiss her cheek. All three were getting more and more aroused, but they hadn't made any obvious move on her.
After several minutes of play, Jessica decided to take matters in her own hands. She stood in the shallows, revealing her perfect breasts and dripping skin, and said, "Okay, thanks for the good time, but I really should go back."
They exchanged a look of dismay. "Hey, no," said Stan. "We only just got here. And we haven't…" He stopped.
"We haven't what?" she asked innocently, her eyes wide.
"We haven't fucked you," said David bluntly. "Isn't that why you're really here?"
Finally. Her pussy tingled in anticipation. "My safe word is kumquat," she told them. "Okay?"
"Kumquat? Seriously?" David grinned. "Okay. If you don't say your safe word, we don't stop, right?"
"Right." She stretched, allowing them to see her breasts in all their glory. "All right, it was nice meeting you. Goodbye."
She began to wade toward the edge of the pool. For a moment, she thought they hadn't understood, and wouldn't follow her.
Then in one powerful stroke, David was beside her. He rose before her, hair dripping, eyes intent. He grabbed her shoulders, kneading them. "Where are you going, baby?"
"Back to my room," she said, making her voice small and frightened.
"Not so fast." Stan swam up and stood behind her. "You've got to pay for teasing us and leading us on."
Now she was hemmed in, one man in front of her, one behind, so close she could feel their cocks pressing against her skin.
"Please let me go," she said. "I'm a good girl."
Stan laughed. David licked his lips. "Why don't you let me be the judge of that?"
"Have you ever had sex in a swimming pool," Stan whispered into her ear. "It's fantastic."
"Let me go!" She made to move away from them, and they both grabbed her, David by the shoulders, Stan by her ass. Warmth flooded her at their touch. Water lapped against her pussy. It was soaking wet, inside and out, eager to be fucked.
David lifted her in his arms and kissed her mouth, his tongue pushing inside. She continued to struggle, knowing her pretended resistance was exciting them even further. Behind her, Stan's finger probed her crack, making her shiver.
"Push her legs apart," gasped David, breaking the kiss.
"No, no," she sobbed, pushing against his chest. "Don't rape me."
"It's not rape if you come," said David. "Ain't that right, Stan?"
"Hell, yeah." Stan pulled her legs wide apart and lifted her hips at the same time that David pushed his cock into her wet cunt. She screamed and bucked. David gripped her hips, holding her tight, pushing into her deeper, while Stan clamped her mouth with one hand, supporting her back with his other hand.
"Fuck you, you fucking bitch, this is what you want, isn't it," muttered David, his face red.
"No," she screamed into Stan's hot palm. Yes, she thought. Her pussy was a mass of pleasure. God, it felt so good to have that young cock thrusting inside her.
To her disappointment, David lasted barely a minute of hard thrusting before he came, shuddering and gasping. He was barely out of her before Stan said in a rough voice, "My turn."
David lifted her under her arms and held her damp face to his shoulder while Stan grabbed her ass and positioned his cock at her waiting cunt. He entered her from behind, groaning as he thrust into her.
She was much tighter in this position, and she moaned into David's shoulder, "No, no, please don't, you're so big," which seemed to excite Stan even more. He thrust into her harder, but he came as quickly as David had.
The difference between boys and men, she thought, nearly weeping with disappointment. She hadn't had even one orgasm.
When Stan had finished twitching, he withdrew his cock from her. "Damn, that was good," he sighed.
She pushed away from the two of them and swam to the edge. She hauled herself out of the pool and stood. "I'm going," she snapped.
She grabbed her shorts and top, walked to the door, and tried the handle. "Open it," she demanded, turning to the two men who had followed her out.
Then she stopped short in surprise. Both of them were sporting massive erections, as if they hadn't just come inside her two minutes ago.
The difference between boys and men, she thought, perking up.
"Aren't you going to let me go now?" she pleaded, making her voice pitiful. "Haven't you already taken what you wanted, you brutes?"
"Not yet, honey," said Stan.
David swung her into his arms, and she squawked in surprise. "Put me down," she cried beating his chest with her fists, though not very hard.
David ignored her cries and carried her to a corner office, kicking the door in.
Stand followed, closing the door behind them, sweeping all the ledgers off the desk. It was dimmer here than in the pool area, and they didn't switch on any lights.
"Have you ever been fucked on a desk?" asked Stan. "No? Think of this as an education."
David laid her on the desk, laughing at her feeble attempts to push him away.
"She has such a sweet pussy," said Stan, gazing at it and licking his lips. "Man, I wanna eat her."
She moaned and tried to close her legs. David pried them apart and Stan sat down on the chair, making himself comfortable. He propped her feet on the chair arms, one on each side of him, then dipped his face between her legs. She opened her mouth to scream and found David's cock in her face.
"Suck," he ordered, gripping her wet hair with his hands.
"Will you let me go afterward?" she whispered, gazing at the strong young cock and holding herself back with effort. Stan was licking her slit up and down, making appreciative noises in his throat, and it was all she could do not to thrust her hips too obviously in his face.
"If you do a good job, maybe," said David with a grin.
Tremulously, she opened her mouth and licked the tip of his cock. David groaned and impatiently pushed his cock into her mouth. Fine, so he couldn't wait. To tell the truth, she couldn't either. The combination of Stan's tongue circling her clit and David's cock sliding warmly into her mouth was too much. She felt the build-up of her long-awaited orgasm, and bucked her hips helplessly against Stan's face. As Stan's tongue thrust into her pussy, she came hard, her feet drumming against the back of the chair.
Did they notice? They were too intent on their own pleasure to give much thought to hers. Stan withdrew his mouth from her pussy, stood, and placed his cock between her legs. As David thrust deeper into her mouth, making her gag, Stan pushed his cock into her wet, welcoming cunt. She was being fucked in both her mouth and her pussy at the same time. The thought was exhilarating and she found herself vibrating with a deep satisfaction that she had never felt before.
David came hard, shooting his hot cum down her throat. She swallowed repeatedly as more and more of it pumped out of his cock. Stan came at nearly the same time. She felt another twinge of disappointment. She was halfway to a second orgasm. To stop now felt cruel, but Stan was withdrawing from her, his face satiated. Were they done already?
"Are you done raping me now?" she asked plaintively, drawing her legs together and curling up in a ball on the desk.
Stan slapped her ass hard, making her squeak. "You've been a good girl, but we think you can be even better."
"Come on out." David pulled her to her feet and led her back to the pool area. She blinked in the bright, sunlit pool, wondering what he intended, but determined to enjoy it.
He seemed to be leading her to a corner of the pool area that was covered with yoga mats. Halfway there, she broke away from him toward the door, shouting, "Help, someone help me!" She made sure her voice was not high enough to actually attract attention from anyone outside.
David ran after her and grabbed her, swinging her up in his arms again. "Naughty girl," he growled. "You're going to get fucked again as a lesson."
"No, please, no," she pretended to sob.
"Oh yes." He put her down in the middle of the heap of yoga mats. "We haven't even tasted those succulent breasts of yours."
She covered her breasts with her hands. "Don't hurt me," she begged.
Stan prised her hands away, his face avid. "You're hurting us every moment we don't fuck you, you know that?"
They latched on to her, one mouth on each breast, dragging a moan from her throat. This was another thing she'd never experienced before — to have two men suckling her breasts at the same time. It felt so good she nearly cried. When they flipped her over, forcing her on her hands and knees, she was more than ready for the next round. David entered her from behind while Stan knelt before her, fucking her mouth. The three of them came together this time, a beautiful harmony that she wouldn't have believed possible after the first, unsatisfying round.
Later, they lay entwined, finally satiated. For the time being, at least. She lay with her head on David's shoulders, Stan's head on her stomach.
David stroked her hair. "You always like it rough, Kumquat?"
She smiled, petting Stan's head. He was nuzzling her stomach like he might want a fourth round soon. "No. I just felt like it today. And you both looked perfect for the role."
"When did you lose your virginity?" asked David. "You fuck like a pro."
She calculated. "Around four days ago."
"Holy hell!" Stan sat up. "You're a natural cocksucker."
She laughed and sat up too. "Yeah, right. Okay boys, I'd really better go. Daddy might be looking for me."
Stan winked. "Yeah, we don't want you in trouble with your Daddy."
You have no idea, she thought. She stood, stretched lazily, then grabbed her shorts and tank top. "Hey, where are my panties?" she demanded.
David gave a wicked grin, revealing the lacy scrap in his hand. "I'm going to smell these and jerk off tonight."
She was about to lunge for it, then changed her mind. "Go for it, lover boy," she told him. "Plenty more where those came from."
She tugged on her top and shorts, her pussy sore against the denim crotch. She needed a shower before she let Daddy see her. She smelled of David and Stan's cum and her own juices as well. She probably looked like she'd been thoroughly fucked, from her flushed face down to her wobbly legs.
The men donned their shorts, talking and laughing, and then Stan opened the door just as someone was about to open it.
"Stan, what the hell are you doing here?" demanded an angry-looking and well-dressed man who was obviously Stan's boss. "This pool is supposed to be closed!"
"What I would like to know is, what was my daughter doing with them?" came an icy voice from behind him.
Jessica froze. Oh no.
Behind the hotel manager was Daddy, his eyes cold, his lips hard, as he took in her damp, disheveled, just-fucked appearance.
Jessica had never seen Daddy so angry in her life, not even when he caught Mom cheating on him with one of his friends and filed for divorce.
With a painful start, she realized that she'd cheated on Daddy too. First with Bill, and now with those two young men. What was wrong with her? Why couldn't she be the obedient little girl Daddy needed her to be?
It was Daddy she loved, only Daddy. The lifeguard and his friend had been fun, and Bill was sweet, but she could do without them all. She couldn't do without her Daddy.
He strode ahead of her, not bothering to see if she followed. She ran to keep up with him, tears sliding down her face, uncaring of the looks she was drawing from the people around them.
At last, they reached their room. Steve unlocked the door. But when Jessica tried to follow him in, he held up a hand.

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