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My greatest thanks to Volunteer Editor Sister Jezabel for all her editing skills, suggestions, and constructive criticism.Without her, I'm not sure this story would have ever been published.
I have been reading, and enjoying, the stories on Literotica for years.I finally decided to submit a story myself, so the following is my first.I ask for constructive criticism- if you don't like it, please, tell me why, same as if you do.My mind goes in various directions, sometimes inspired by experience, but sometimes elaborated on to make it more dramatic!The following story involves interracial and cuckold scenarios; just saying!If only the following were true…
The following happened many years ago, somewhere in the late 70's. My wife and I were in Las Vegas, Nevada attending a convention. Actually, I was attending the convention, while she was enjoying a mini-vacation of sorts.
There's something about hotels that make me really horny, probably my perverted mind imagining what all may have happened in the room my wife and I now occupied. All shapes, forms, and fashion of people having sex in various positions, while feeling uninhibited behind closed doors in a strange place. The sexual freedom, if you will, hits me instantly upon entering the room, sometimes even earlier. As an example, I have experienced heightened sexual feelings when just making reservations, anticipating the possibilities waiting for me. I'm not sure if it's the hotel itself, or that plus the fact I'm away from home that's so liberating for me.
Whatever the reason, I was always horny, or I should say hornier, whenever staying in hotels. Even more so on this trip as there were so many hot women strutting their stuff in Vegas. I think they all believed in 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,' so they were a little more willing to act, as well as dress, more provocatively than normal. My wife was no exception.
She had a super-hot body back then. Despite her average height, she had legs that went for miles, a tight ass, a slim waist, long blonde hair she wore straight, but my favorite feature was her 36C tits that just begged to be stared at and played with! Additionally, she had a quick smile, a great personality, and no idea just how attractive she was. I had to be the luckiest guy in the world, as she loved sex, and would do just about anything to please me!
We had arranged to meet at the bar after my meeting for a drink before dinner. I got there first, and greatly enjoyed the sight of her as she entered the room. I couldn't help but notice I wasn't the only one checking her out as she sauntered toward me; several men, and actually a few women openly watched her with admiring eyes.
She was a vision of beauty as her long legs carried her effortlessly towards me. She was wearing a white pantsuit with silver sequins as a border; one of my favorites as it accentuated all her assets very nicely.
Because it's white, and a thin stretchy type material, she didn't wear panties, opting instead for a tiny white thong so she didn't show any lines. Her large grapefruit sized tits swayed slightly with each step, giving the illusion she was braless; making me suspect she was wearing one of her super thin bra's that didn't give much support, but sure looked sexy as hell.
She did look smoking hot! Think Bo Derek coming across the beach in the movie '10'; I half expected 'Bolero' to be playing! Yeah, I know I'm aging myself, but it's a classic. As I watched her, I couldn't help but think she just oozed sexuality and, obviously, my stirring cock noticed as well. Damn, I was a lucky man- that's my wife!
When I stood to give her a welcome kiss, my hand caressing her back gave me a very pleasant surprise- she was NOT wearing a bra! That certainly explained why her tits moved so sexily when she walked!
Sitting next to me on my right side in a secluded booth, enough buttons on her top were undone to provide a great view of cleavage, which I couldn't help but stare at. It was certainly a tit tease show– how much was on display depended on how she moved. At one point her entire right breast, including the nipple, was in plain sight! The waiter lingered much longer than necessary, so I assumed he enjoyed the view too.
Putting herself 'on display' in public like this was so far beyond what I had considered her comfort zone; I was impressed she had made no attempt to cover up when the waiter arrived. Quite the contrary, if anything, she moved in such a way to show him even more of her awesome tits! My stimulus level was rising quickly. Once the waiter left, treading gently as I didn't want to jinx things, I said, "I really like the look; I'm proud of you!"
Her face lit up with a big smile as she replied, "Well, you have wanted me to be more daring." Which was very true, I loved when she was braless, and even more so when she did it in public, which sadly, was very rare.
We had been married for a few years, but, I stared like I had never seen those mesmerizing tits before! I had difficulty looking away, until she caught my attention.
"I had a really interesting experience today, and- I WAS wearing a bra when I left our room."
It was her tone, as much as the words themselves, which made me tear my attention from her chest to her face. I couldn't quite read her expression. It seemed like equal parts of excitement, and at the same time, apprehension as she looked back at me with her big brown eyes shining.
I sensed her desperately wanting to tell me, but, she was concerned about my reaction. My mind raced with possibilities. She wasn't a big gambler, so I dismissed her losing a lot of money. I suspected she did something silly, and was embarrassed, so I smiled and repeated the mantra "What happens in Vegas."
She got a shy smile on her face as she said, "This definitely has to stay in Vegas!"
WHOA! That got my attention! What had my woman done? What chain of events led to her being braless- after leaving the room wearing one? Thinking of that, where was her bra, I wondered?
Just so you know, we have always been extremely open with each other about everything! She is an amazing woman, not just visually; she truly loves me, and is willing to do just about anything to please me. It's a second marriage for both of us, so I think we have both always tried harder.
I'm also one of those husbands that loves to selectively share his wife, but I have always insisted on being there to at least watch, if not join in. I have no problem, actually I love, hearing her tales of sexual activities (real, and/or, fantasy) she had prior to us meeting. I find that highly stimulating as I try to visualize everything as she describes it. Her story telling as we have sex has heightened my climaxes to extremes many times.
I found it mind blowing to be plowing my hard cock into her awesome pussy as I listened, and visualized, as she told me about other men's cocks doing exactly what I was doing. Sometimes, she would weave me into her story either as a watcher, or fluffing the guy. Although, at that time I had no interest in sucking a guy myself, hearing her describing me doing it to get him hard enough to fuck her was very stimulating.
We're not full-fledged card carrying swingers, but, I have had the great pleasure of watching and joining her with my best friend a few times, several MFF (where she showed how much she enjoyed eating pussy), swapping with another couple, and even two nights at a sex club in New York City one weekend.
Unlike some sharing husbands, I felt too insecure to have her fucking others if I wasn't present. I told her, and tried to convince myself, it was because I was a true voyeur that got off on watching her, but truthfully, it was more that I was seriously afraid of losing her to a better lover than myself.
Something about the way she was acting told me my insecurity was about to be tested. I tried to put on my poker face as I told her she had my undivided attention.
Her eyes dropped for a second, as though she was drumming up the courage to tell me. When her eyes met mine again, there was excitement in them.
"I went to play some slots today while you were in your meeting."
I took a moment to imagine her walking around, carrying her cup of coins, looking sexy as hell. Without realizing it, I smiled at that vision, which seemed to put her more at ease.
"I had been there about thirty minutes, and was walking around trying to decide if I should play another machine, when a man approached me, and asked if I was working. At first, I wondered just how dumb he was that he mistook me as a waitress. Then it dawned on me– he thought I was a hooker! I was dumbstruck! My immediate thought was I should be upset, but, instead I felt a little excited. I turned to get a good look at him and was pleased with what I saw. He was about 6', maybe 200 pounds of very solid body, handsome too." She paused for a moment before casually saying, "Oh, did I mention he was black?"
That last statement was said with a straight face, but it was designed to get my biggest reaction! She knew one of my biggest fantasies was to watch her with a black guy! She had fucked a black guy back when she was in college, prior to us meeting. We role played that scenario a lot: I was very close to being obsessed with thoughts of black hands on my wife's bare white tits, black hands freely roaming her naked white body, black cock in her mouth, and black cock in her pussy; the color contrast was amazing!
I tried to keep my composure when she said that, but I felt like I was sitting with my mouth hanging open as she stared at me so innocently. I also felt my cock getting hard! Her hand, resting casually on my thigh, added to the stimulation.
After seeing my reaction, she continued, "I decided to have a little fun with him, so I said: It all depends on who's asking; you hotel security? Police?"
He quickly replied with a resounding, "NO! You are strikingly beautiful, and I was just hoping."
"Hmmm, flattery can go a long way, but, I'm not sure you can afford me! I said it with a soft smile, in an attempt to convey I wasn't trying to insult him. He took a moment as his eyes roamed my entire body from the top of my head down to my toes, but it was done in an admiring manner, so I didn't feel like a total piece of meat. Even though I just knew he was imagining me naked, and like most men, he really checked out my tits." Hearing her use that term told me she was excited as that's the only time she says tits, usually its breasts or boobs. She continued, "After his inspection, he said I suspect you would be worth it; should we discuss an amount? At this point, I was still playing with him with no thought of actually doing anything, so I responded by telling him I was trying to recoup my losses as the machines hadn't been kind to me today."
She explained that he thought for a second before asking how much she was down.
"I nonchalantly threw out $1,000, thinking this would surely back him off. But, he didn't miss a beat! He showed a great smile as he once again took in my body with his eyes, then with a soft, confident voice blew me away with, "As I said, I suspect you will be worth it; shall we go to my room? I was flabbergasted! He was actually willing to pay $1,000 to have sex with me! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I tried to stall as my mind raced to decide how to get out of this gracefully. I don't do kinky came out of my mouth before I could think how ridiculous it sounded."
"His smile never changed as he smoothly told me he wouldn't need kinky with someone as hot as me! I thought, Oh Shit, what have I gotten myself into? I think I was in a daze as he gently took my arm, and almost in a trance, I found myself letting him guide me off the floor towards the elevators. Other people were on the elevator with us which gave me the opportunity to think."
Her eyes looked deep into mine as her hand slowly caressed my thigh. "I wondered what you would want me to do. I know how much you enjoy me having sex with other men, but, if I do this, will you be upset you're not there to watch? Would you be upset if I DON'T? You verbalize this scenario in a lot of your fantasies; would I disappoint you if I pass on what could be a chance of a lifetime?"
We were in sync as, mentally, I was silently asking myself those same questions as the realization of what she was about to share with me dawned on me. It seemed like a lifetime, but it was more like a Nano-second, for me to consider all the circumstances before deciding- I sure hoped she had fucked him!
Her eyes hungrily sought a positive reaction from me, but, it was her hand almost accidentally brushing against my raging erection that gave her the answer. "I was right!" was all she said as she broke into a big grin.
"Once I made the mental decision that you would approve, I became very aware of my surroundings. He thought I was a high priced hooker! I wondered if everyone else on the elevator thought the same thing! It was pretty obvious I was with this man; his hand around my waist, pulling my hip tight to his, left little doubt. Did they know we were heading to his room where he was going to pay me to have sex with him, or did they think I was just another white woman infatuated with a black man? I decided it didn't make any difference what they thought; he was a good-looking man, and everything about him signaled he was a gentleman. I also became aware that I was looking forward to this adventure, and I was really excited to share all the details with you later."
"I stood a little taller, stuck out my chest, and felt dampness between my legs as I realized just how much I was enjoying this. I felt a sense of empowerment; he was 'hiring' me, yet I felt in control! It was a GREAT feeling! I thought I saw looks of envy on the faces of the other men, and even from one of the women, as his hand possessively slid from my waist down to my ass as he guided me out of the elevator. I added a little more swagger to my walk to enhance the vision for them. I even winked at one of the men. I wondered if any of them would be willing to cough up a grand to be in his place. Hmmm, would I accept if one of the women offered, or were they wishing they could change places with me? No way was I going to let that happen!"
"My thought was interrupted as he opened the door to his room, and the reality set in that there was no turning back once I entered that room; I was going to be his $1,000 hooker! The tingling in my hard nipples, and the dampness between my legs, told me I was going to do this. I half expected to be attacked as soon as the door closed, but he was a gentleman and offered me a drink. While he made drinks, I mentally questioned how this should work– was it based on time, or services rendered? I decided I would let him take the lead; he was paying after all, and, I wasn't deluding myself that I was the first woman he paid for sex. It was weird that I thought I could trust this complete stranger to do the right thing."
"That triggered the thought of how does the money exchange– before, or after, sex, and should I ask? It was like he read my mind, as immediately after handing me my drink, he pulled a large bundle of money from his pocket and counted out ten crisp one hundred dollar bills. He then offered a toast to an enjoyable time for us both!"
"We sat next to each other on the couch, sipping our drinks while making small talk; it felt more like a date than a business transaction! He didn't seem to be in a hurry, and I found myself relaxing. He seemed to sense this, and took that opportunity to shift slightly towards me, gently turned my face with his hand, and kissed me. A tender kiss that got more passionate the longer our lips stayed together. Soon, I felt his tongue asking permission to enter my mouth. I gladly parted my lips, willingly inviting him to explore. And explore he did! He was a magnificent kisser, his lips soft yet commanding as his tongue probed, totally in control."
"I tried to tell myself not to get emotional, I was a hooker! But, I knew I was failing miserably. I was getting turned on big time! I could tell my nipples were hard as rocks as his lips and tongue continued to turn me into a willing slut. I think I actually heard myself moan softly as his hand began to rub my arm."
"He was so smooth I didn't even realize he was unbuttoning my blouse, until I felt the cooler air on my bare skin as he parted the material. He continued kissing me as I felt his hand softly rub my bare stomach, agonizingly close to my breasts. He was teasing me, and it was working! As you well know, I'm not inexperienced sexually, but at that moment, I felt like a teenager."
Her face had a slight flush as she looked me straight in the eyes. I suspected she was getting excited again as she recalled the events of her day. I know I sure was as I visualized her sitting on the couch with a total stranger, a black man, kissing passionately, her top wide open exposing her thin, almost transparent bra! My mind raced as in my mind I saw his black hand caressing her white skin. I wanted desperately to see his black hand cupping her bare white tits!
She evidently had the same though as she told me, "I expected him to touch my breasts, but he made me wait. I'm so used to men automatically going there as they kiss me." I had to smile as I realized she was right; I do that and every guy I've watched her with, all did the same thing too. It's like auto-pilot, lips on lips, hand on tits! I also found it stimulating to hear her verbalize how she expects men to play with her tits. God, I love this woman!
She could see I was hanging on her every word, so she continued, "He said something like, I think we'll be more comfortable in the bedroom, which brought me out of my teen mode back to the reality of the moment– I was there as a hooker! He was paying me a lot of money to use my body to provide him pleasure. Something in me changed as that realization hit, I was going to earn every dollar, and he was going to know it was the best sex he had ever experienced!"
Some men will laugh, some will feel sorry for me, and many will just totally not understand but, I felt a huge sense of pride as my wife declared her intent to fuck this black guy's brains out while making a lot of money doing it!
Her hand caressing my thigh, and occasionally my hard cock, coupled with her soft voice describing how she lived my biggest fantasy had me in such a heightened arousal, it took all my willpower not to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there in the bar!
It was surreal, almost an out of body experience, as I mentally placed myself in the bedroom with them. I saw them as he led her to the edge of the bed. 'Undress me' was all he had apparently said. According to my wife, she took her time with that task, enjoying every inch of his dark skin as she exposed it. The mental vision of her white hands caressing his dark muscular body was stimulating to me, but, not as much as the image of his dark hands exploring her white body, especially her tits. Have you picked up on the fact I'm obsessed with her tits?
She has a thing for a man's well developed chest, and she claimed his was very nice. She ran her soft hands over his hard chest for a moment before leaning down to kiss, lick, and then suck on his nipples.
He took that moment to remove her unbuttoned top, and then expertly, with one hand, undid the clasp of the thin bra. If it had been me, I would have stood her up as I removed the bra so I could immediately see those hidden treasures as the bra fell away. I can still remember the total joy, and admiration, on my best friends face as I dramatically displayed my wife's tits to him that very first time. But, this wasn't me, it was a black guy paying her, so I guess he could do what he wanted with my hooker wife.

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