Velma and Me

tagIncest/TabooVelma and Me

This story is fictional but could have really happened. It takes place back in the early 1950's.
As I walked in the front door and stepped into the dining room, my stepmother came out of the kitchen wearing only a black eight strap garter belt and sheer dark brown full fashioned stockings with slingback two inch heels.
I'm not who was more surprised. She or me.
"I'm sorry." she said. "I should have put a gown on but I didn't expect you home so early today. Let me get my robe."
"Please don't." I replied. "I'm enjoying seeing you in so little attire. I finally get to see your hairy belly and pussy as well as your lovely teats."
"I need to pee." she said. "I was just on my way to use the chamber pot. Will you watch me?"
"Yes I will watch you. If you want to play with my prick all you need do is pull my shorts and boxers down and it is all yours. I'm getting a hard on just seeing you in your lingerie." I told her.
She went into the entryway and sat on the potty that was sitting on the stairs. I stood in front of her as she began dribbling into the potty. She quickly pulled my shorts and boxers down and took hold of my prick which was becoming erect.
"Oh my God. You've got a fucking anteater cock. Your fucking foreskin must be at least two inches longer than your prick." she said." Your father told me you had an interesting prick, but he didn't say why. I'm going to have fun playing with your fucking prick and nibbling on your foreskin. I want to hold it when you piss. Oh God. It's beautiful."
"Did you wash your cock good this morning when you got up honey? If I'm playing with that, I want it nice and clean so I don't encounter any surprises while I'm sucking it." she told me.
"Yes. I washed it good and even pulled my foreskin back and washed the head of it too. Just for you." I told her.
With that, she took my prick and put her mouth over my foreskin and began sucking on it. By this time, she was peeing up a storm and I knew her cunt hair would be soaking wet.
"Do you want me to suck your cock until I make you climax?" she asked.
"No. I'd rather go in your bedroom and play with your wet cunt, then fuck you good and shoot my pollen in your cunt." I told her.
She finished pissing and let go of my prick, took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and said "Eat my wet pussy dear. I'm horny and with daddy out of town tonight we can just have a good time fucking and sucking."
"I love this garter belt you are wearing. I also love your nylons. You wear the sexiest nylons and I know daddy gives them to you. Were you having a martini when I came home?" I asked.
"Yes. I needed a drink and I had just finished my shower and hadn't even put a bra on yet." she said.
"You don't need a bra. Your teats look just fine the way they are. If you're going to wear a bra, then wear a cut out or shelf bra so your nipples are visible." I told her. "Now lay back and spread your legs so I can suck your wet pussy, then I'll fuck you."
She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. She was all hair around her cunt and down her thighs. I spread her cunt lips apart and put my face in her cunt and began licking and sucking it. I found her pee hole and put my mouth over it and began sucking on it too.
"Oh you cunt eater. That feels so good you're going to make me have a fucking climax right now. Get up on the bed and get that prick of yours in my cunt and fill me with your seed." she said.
The head of my cock was now peeking out the tip of my foreskin and when I mounted her and gave her all of my prick my foreskin moved back over my cock.. She ooooohd and aaaaahd when I put it in her and continued humping up and down as I fucked her.
About fifteen thrusts later I sent a massive dose of sperm filled semen in her cunt and continued thrusting my prick in and out of her cunt until she climaxed two or three times.
"You are a great cunt fucker dear. I love it when your daddy is out of town and I can fuck your prick. You are so fat when you shoot your baby batter in my cunt. Now, I'm all filled up and will have to wash my pussy again or I'll leak the rest of the day." she said.
"Why don't you simply slip a pair of Directoire Knickers on and let my pollen run into the gusset of them? I asked. "I know you've got several pairs of them."
"Oh you naughty boy. You've been peeking in my lingerie drawer have you?" she asked.
"No. I've seen them when daddy has brought them home and left them lying on the bed. Does he buy all your lingerie for you?" I asked. "I also love the way you wear your stockings. Pulled up nice and tight on your thighs and seams so straight. Never any bagginess and sogginess to them"
"He buys most of it. Once in awhile I buy a new girdle or panties, but not very often." she replied. "This lady in Princeton runs a specialty lingerie shop and if she can't get an item, she'll make it for him. He loves me wearing DK's that come down and cover my stocking tops, but he doesn't want them all baggy around the thighs, so she makes the ones he buys for me. She has one or two hosiery companies that carry the line that I love with dark brown or black heels and seams. This brand is also a little more durable than others too. Have you felt my legs today? These are so sheer."
"Do you want me to get you a pair of DK's to slip on?" I asked.
"Get the black ones and I'll put them on darling." she replied. "Then I want you to nurse on my teats for awhile.." she added.
I went to her lingerie drawer and found a pair of sheer black Directoire Knickers. I took them to the bed and helped slip them over her feet and pulled them up to her knees. She lifted her ass off the bed and finished pulling them up until the gusset was tight across her pussy. They were so sheer I could still see her cunt hair when she had them on.
"I like to be nursed. Your father is a teat man among other things. He also loves to eat my pussy until I climax a few times."
"Your pussy smelled like fragrant roses. Does the soap you use have that aroma to it?" I asked.
"Yes. Now get up here and suckle me for a few minutes. Then we'll have a drink and cigarette and perhaps I can get a rise out of your prick again. I just love how your foreskin has slipped down and more than covers your cock head.
Do you ever pee without pulling your foreskin back over the head of your prick?"
"I do most of the time. That's why I wash my prick two or three times a day." I said. Then I went back to sucking her teats.
"Oh that feels so good and you are so gentle when you are nursing me. It's making me horny again." she said.
"You know I dream about you and how much cunt hair you have. Now I see you apparently don't bother to shave at all anymore. Did father tell you to stop shaving your legs and pits?" I asked.
"He more or less told me he likes his women hairy and there was no need to shave anymore. He's told several women to stop shaving such as Jewel, Beulah, and Mary Alyce, He told me that Jewel, Margie, Barbara, and Donna have all stopped shaving and have nice growths of pit hair and leg fur. Barbara and Donna each have red belly hair. You know Jewel has bright red pussy hair and Margie's is coal black and lots of it. You can't even see her cunt lips because of all her hair." Velma told me. "Now stop nursing me and pull my knickers off so you can fuck me again. I need your long fat prick inside my cunt again."
She turned on her back and I pulled her knickers down and off of her legs. She spread her legs wide apart and I got between them as she pulled her wet cunt lips open. My prick slipped in her cunt nicely and I rammed it up as far as I could. She was soaking wet and was telling me to fuck her good and hard and to blast my pollen inside her cunt again.
I thrust my prick in and out of her cunt about fifteen times then shot another heavy load in her cunt. She wiggled and squirmed around a few times, then pulled my face down and kissed me, thrusting her tongue in my mouth as she did so.
"You big mother fucker. I love your fucking prick. Now slip my knickers back on and wipe your prick on the tops of my stockings. Then we'll have our drink."
I slipped my prick out of her cunt and wiped part of our juices on the welt of each stocking, leaving white traces across each one."Father will see these and have a fucking fit wanting to know how that semen got on your stockings." I said.
"I'll wash them in a few minutes and he'll never know." she replied. "Now get my knickers on me then I'll put a clean pair of stockings on. You can fix the martinis. When you need to piss, just let me know because I want to hold your prick when you do."
I went to the kitchen to fix drinks while Velma slipped on another pair of stockings. She came to the kitchen looking very feminine wearing her sheer black Directoire Knickers letting me see her cunt hair and her dripping pussy.
"Is your gusset wet already?" I asked.
"It's not wet but I'm dribbling semen and it is damp. Give it another five minutes and it will be all wet." she said.
I lit her cigarette, then mine. I poured our drinks and we toasted each other and she told me she really enjoyed me fucking her. She told me my prick was fatter than daddy's and filled her cunt up quite well. She really felt me when my cock exploded inside her cunt.
"Are you going to need to piss soon?" she asked. "Let me know when you need to go because I want to hold your prick when you piss and aim it all over the place. I think it is fun to do that with men. I do it all the time with your father and he thinks it is neat."
"Do you need another drink?" I asked. "I can use a refill, so if you want one, let me know."
"Sure. why not? We're not going to be doing much tonight except playing with each other. I don't know why I'm so fucking horny today." Velma said.
"But your father told me how you managed to keep your foreskin on your dick. I guess it was a battle between his mother and Agnes. His mother thought your prick needed to be cut and Agnes told her to mind her own fucking business and leave your cock alone. So you ended up with the long foreskin covering your prick. Now get my drink because I'm thirsty and not just for a martini." Velma said.
I refilled her glass and took it to her. She reached up and grabbed my head and brought it down to her mouth. She began kissing me and thrust her tongue into my mouth and reached down with her other hand and grabbed my dick. She broke the kiss and said "Do you want me to jack your cock off or suck it for a couple of minutes, then fuck me again with it?"
"Why don't you dip the foreskin in your martini and get it wet, then suck it? Then pull my foreskin back over the helmet and suck me good. If you want me to fuck you again, just let it go and climb up onto the table and I'll mount you and give you some more pollen." I told her.
Velma took a big gulp of her martini, then dipped my cock into her glass and got it all wet and finally popped it into her mouth. She sucked it for about fifteen seconds, let go, pushed her Directoire Knickers down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Then she climbed up onto the table, spread her legs wide open, then pulled her wet cunt lips open and said "Now give me that fat fucking cock of yours again and spray the inside of my cunt with your hot semen."
I didn't even pull my foreskin back. I simply shoved my erect cock into her cunt and drove it as far as I could. She squealed with delight and said "You are a big fat motherfucker. Your prick is fatter than your daddy's and you certainly know how to use it darling. Now fill my pussy nice and full so I'm leaking all night long."
I gave her about twenty thrusts and emptied my nuts in her cunt. I knew that would be all for awhile because it was getting a bit tiring. Besides, I needed to piss.
"Now slip my DK's back on and then let me clean your prick off. Do you want me to lick it honey?" she asked. I helped her get them on again so my pollen was dribbling into the gusset, which was already quite damp.
"You can lick it if you want to, but I'm going to need to piss in a minute or two, so you'll want to hold it and move it around while I go won't you?"
"Yes, but I'll just suck it a minute, then we can go out on the porch and you can piss all over the place." she replied.
Velma stepped into her DK's and I could see the gusset was quite wet. Obviously my last load of baby batter was on the thin side and was leaking out of her cunt quickly. We went out of the kitchen onto the side porch and she got behind me and held my cock. I began dribbling pee out the end of my foreskin and then it erupted into a strong stream. Velma just played with my cock and sprayed my piss around on the porch and out onto the yard.
"Oh that was so much fun. I loved seeing your pee come out the end of your foreskin. Your daddy's just comes out the slit of his peter. Now do I skin it back and suck it some more?" she asked.
"You can if you want to." I told her. "Or we can go back inside and really play around. I believe we need to think about having some dinner along with another drink or two, then we can decide what we want to do this evening. Right now I'm pretty content just looking at you the way you are with your teats showing and your sheer black DK's covering your torso but letting me see your pussy hair."
"Let's order some dinner out and we can watch TV until it arrives. Then another drink, eat, and play with each other for awhile before hitting the sack and getting some sleep tonight." Velma said.
"That sounds like a very good idea. You choose and I'll pay for it." I said.
"I suppose I should slip a robe on so the delivery person won't be shocked when they bring the order." she said. "I wouldn't want them to see my little teats and drop the order and run." she told me. "Now let me order dinner. Then I'll play with your prick until it arrives." She picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory.
"Do you ever buy any of your own lingerie?" I asked.
"Some, but not much." she replied. "He likes to buy it for me and pretty well knows what I will wear and not wear. He buys all my stockings though. As you can see, he gets either long or X Long for me so they come way up on my thighs. Sometimes I have to tell him I don't need any new panties or bras because i still have plenty."
"What if I bought you some stockings? Would be know or find out about it?" I asked.
"He might, but I wouldn't tell him. I think that would be nice of you, then I could wear yours when we fuck around when he's gone on business." Velma replied. "Do you like seeing my teats without a bra? I really don't need to wear one, but do anyway as a modesty shield so other of my friends don't get jealous because they have to wear one."
The doorbell rang and Velma slipped on her gown to answer it. She came back into the kitchen with a large box and said "Dinner is here but I need to pee before we eat. Do you want to watch me sweetie?"
"Of course I do. I may even suck your cunt dry when you finish then have dinner." I replied. "Let me take my DK's off first though."
She opened the door to the porch and stepped out. I followed and as she stopped, she spread her legs, then reached down between her legs and spread her cunt lips open. The pee flowed like a river for about thirty seconds then stopped.
"You can lick my pussy now honey." she said.
"Let's go inside so you can sit in a chair and I'll eat you good." I said.
We went back inside the kitchen, Velma sat down, spread her legs and cunt open and I knelt down in front of her. I slipped my tongue in her cunt and lick and sucked the remnants of her pee, then tried to slip my tongue into her pee hole. I was suddenly given a little taste of warm pee from her.
"You fucking little whore. I wasn't ready for that. I may have to be naughty with you later tonight and spank your ass." I said.
"Well you're exciting me and I couldn't help it. Now suck my fucking clit for me so I can climax again, then we'll eat dinner." she said.
I sucked her hard clit until she shook with her climax and backed away. Her cunt was still all wet from my tongue licking her.
We ate dinner, which was small prime rib and other goodies, then had a brandy and cigarettes. I then told her that I thought we should go to Princeton in the morning and see if Joanne had any 'off the wall' stockings that Velma could wear without getting any suspicious looks from father and maybe find a garter belt or garter girdle for her to wear too.
"Oh I'd love that dear. You buying me a garter girdle to wear and some nylons too. I'm sure Joanne has something I will like and if not, she can order them for me." Velma replied. "I think I want to suck your peter again before we go to sleep tonight and maybe even fuck you once more time too."
We finished our drinks and Velma told me she wanted to play with my cock then get some sleep. We went into her bedroom and she slid down on the bed and told me to straddle her chest. She took my cock and stretched my foreskin back and forth over the head of it until I got an erection, then she popped it into her mouth and blew me till I gave her a load of pollen. She swallowed it, licked my cock clean, told me she loved me, and turned over and went to sleep.
We got up about eight o'clock in the morning and I had some breakfast while she had her glass of prune juice.
"I'll need to shit in about thirty minutes, I'll wipe my ass, then if you could wash it for me and dry dry it, I would suck your cock again." she said.
About thirty minutes later she said "Let's go. I need to shit." She sat on the toilet, shit very quickly, flushed the toilet, wiped her ass, then told me to wash it.
I ran nice warm water, she got on her elbows and knees and I soaped her asshole good. I rinsed it off and washed it again, also playing with her cunt as I did so. I decided to wash her hairy pussy too while I was at it. I soaped the cloth again and began washing her cunt. She took my hand and forced it up between her cunt lips and moved it back and forth like she was 'jilling' herself. I rinsed the wash cloth, then wiped her pussy with a towel so she was nice and dry. She turned around and had her mouth on my flaccid cock before I knew it. She put it in her mouth and began sucking me again.
I loved her doing that, but I wanted to wait and fuck her good so I could inundate her cunt with warm semen, so I told her we needed to get headed for Princeton. I helped her off the floor and she told me she would need to slip out of her garter belt and put roll garters on to hold up her nylons.
I asked her why and she said it was a rule of Joanne's that she would see you only if you were wearing a house dress and rolled nylons. So Velma doffed her garter belt, slipped some roll garters on each leg and anchored her stockings with them. No bra, no panties, no DK's.
We got to Princeton in about forty minutes, rang the bell on Joanne's shop, and she opened the door for us.
"How nice to see you again Velma" she said. "Who is this fine looking man you're with?"
"This is my stepson John. His father is out of town for a day or two and he is fucking me while his father is gone. He offered to buy some new stockings and a garter belt or garter girdle for me, so here we are." Velma replied. "By the way, I really need to piss. Can I use the restroom?"
"No. I think I'll have you two go out in the courtyard and you can lift your dress and piss." Joanne replied.
We followed Joanne to the courtyard and Velma stopped and raised her dress. Joanne told her that her hairy belly and pussy looked very nice and she could begin pissing. Velma simply spread her legs apart about two feet and let the piss flow onto the ground.
"That's wonderful." Joanne said. "I really enjoy watching you piss. Do you think John needs to piss too?"

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