Vi and Krystal’s Gang Assault

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By Ap0wers When an Aunt and her teen niece are mugged but don’t have anything of value the gang of men turn to only other thing they have of value to them

*Important Note*
The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance, non-consensual sex/sexual assault or underage sex of any kind is wrong and should never be accepted..

Vi walked her 13 year old niece Krystal home, it was a warm night and she’d just taken her for ice cream. A treat for her volleyball team winning that day. Vi really liked Krystal, she was watching her grow up and they’d even had chats that night about her period which she’d only just started getting a couple of months ago. Vi had noted that she was developing into quite the beautiful young woman, she’d caught a few boys (and even some dads) leering at her.

They walked down a quiet street still on their high from the desert when suddenly two tall men in their 20s stood in front of them while another three men in their late teens surrounded them from behind. One of the men up the front in a nasty voice spoke up as the leader.

“Good evening ladies, no screaming or we’ll be forced to cut you! Do what we say and you’ll live.”

Vi instinctively hugged Krystal close to her while Krystal was already shaking in fear and tears coming out.

“Turn out your pockets, give us everything you have!” They did as they were told, Vi handed over her purse while Krystal handed the only thing of value over, her phone that was 6 years old. Vi only had $10 and her phone had been cracked a couple of days ago. It was basically worthless. The men were pissed at the crappy haul.

“What the fuck is this?! None of this is valuable!!! You fucking cunts are wasting our time!!!”

Vi trembled as she held Krystal, “it’s all we’ve got! Please let us go!”

The leaders eyes landed on Krystal, “well that’s not all you have of value is it! You two are both very valuable pieces of fuckmeat!!”

Vi knew exactly what he was getting at and immediately started protesting, “no please! She’s just a girl she shouldn’t have to do this! Not at her age!”

” I don’t know, she looks pretty ready to me!”

“ Please don’t, I’ll do anything you want. You can do anything you want to me, please just don’t hurt my niece!”

“No promises, but if you service all of us well enough, it can’t hurt your chances of protecting your niece.”

He grabbed Vi by the hair and dragged her away from Krystal, while two of the men held crystal back.

”No, please auntie don’t let them hurt me!”

” I won’t sweetie, just stay calm this will be over soon.”

She said that with a calmness that was not genuine, the truth was, she didn’t know if they were going to be okay. The men had dragged them both into an alleyway off the street, they had already started unzipping pants, leaving no illusions as to what they wanted.

”You look like a good little cock sucker. All Asian bitches know how to suck! Let’s see if your skills are good enough to protect your niece!”

Before shoving her down onto her knees, he ripped, opened her flowers, revealing her gorgeous tits, then pulled the bra up, so her tits flopped out in the open! Then, getting her on her knees. He sucked his dick on her face, and pulling her hair back, he snarled at her, “get sucking bitch!”

She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, trying her best to make him happy, she was desperate to do anything to protect Krystal. The Nan, granted, and groaned as he forced his cock deep in her mouth, making her gag. The man was loving this, and loving seeing Krystal’s reactions, in that moment he decided there was nothing that was going to stop them.

“Bring the little cunt over here! Auntie and niece, you two are both going to suck me off!”

Vi spoke up in protest, “you said if I did what you wanted you’d leave her alone!”

The man slapped Vi, “you telling what I said bitch?! I said it won’t hurt your chances, problem is you never had a chance of protecting her!”

Krystal was starting to fight and struggle as was Vi, the leader turned to one of the teens, “hey you got those zip ties?”

”Yeah man!”

Not needing to be told what to do he pulled them out and zip tied first Vi’s wrists behind her back and then Krystal’s wrists. They were both now helpless as the men were getting their pants unzipped.

The leader looked at Krystal with his scary knife and said, “since I’m assuming this is your first time let me make one thing perfectly clear, you bite down on any of us and you die!”

Krystal sobbed in understanding and the men shoved their cocks in the girls mouths, they each passed their mouths from cock to cock, each man getting time on both of them. The men were loving it, this had turned into a really fun night! While Vi and Krystal were in absolute hell, just wanting to survive.

The leader spoke again, “alright that’s enough of that! I get first rounds on niece, who wants the old bitch!?”

One of the men stepped up, ”Fuck it, I’ll take a hole of hers while I wait to blow my load in the little one!” The leader smiled as he shoved Krystal down onto the ground so she was on her back on the dirty alleyway. Using his knife he cut her clothes to ribbons so there was barely any clothing left on her, while his friend do the same to Vi except instead of pushing her on her back he kept her on her knees. Both Vi and Krystal were naked in seconds.
The leader rubbed his finger up and down Krystal’s pussy, he could tell straight away she was untouched by even her own fingers. She trembled and sobbed.

“No please mister don’t!”

”Like I give a fuck what you think you little bitch, tonight you’re getting gang raped like the whore you are!!!”

And as he said that he thrusted his cock into her tight snatch feeling and seeing her virginity getting torn by his rapist cock. Krystal cried and sobbed like a baby and as much of a turn on as it was, the leader knew it was better she be muffled. He nodded to o e of his men who promptly stuffed his cock in her mouth.

“You bastard, you fucking evil pricks!!! She’s just a child, you’re all fucking sick-“

As she said all this she was cut off by a knife getting placed on her throat, “it’s time to shut the fuck up now bitch!! Suck my cock, that’s what your mouth is good for!!”

After one of them shoved his cock in her mouth the by who volunteered for her started fucking her pussy. She was a pretty good fuck for an older lady!

They each rotated and took turns on their pussies and mouths, rotating around making it go on for seemingly every and every for Vi and Krystal. Suddenly one of them who was without a hole spoke up.

“Wait a minute guys, this isn’t right. I mean there’s 5 on us and two of them, it’s not really fair is it?”

Vi couldn’t believe what she was hearing, finally of these men was coming to their senses.

“I mean they’ve got asses, why the fuck aren’t we using them?!”

The men all laughed cruelly, “Flip the older bitch over while your fucking her, let’s see if she’s an anal virgin!”

With one of the men fucking her pussy lying down and another using her mouth, this man came up behind her and spitting on his cock and her hole forced himself into her tight ass. Vi squealed and screamed as the man raped her ass with these men triple penetrating her. She had never had it up her ass before, it felt like she was getting split apart.

No to be outdone, the man fucking Krystal’s pussy decided she needed it up her tight little ass. Using her wet pussy juices and his spit as lube he compressed the young body to have her ass pointing up in the air and pushed hard into her. The tween screamed in terror as the man forced his cock into her, her screams muffled by one of the men’s brutal cocks.

For the next 10min they swapped places, each person getting good amounts of time on whichever hole they wanted. Their asses became very popular for the men to rape, and even more popular to then shove into their mouths immediately.

Eventually it had to come to an end, they all decided Krystal was gonna get their loads. 3 of them pumped their cum into the 13 year olds fertile pussy, while the other two finished deep in her ass leaving both holes a dribbling mess.

They used zip ties to bind their ankles while stuffing their panties into their mouths and taping them shut. Not being totally cruel they left some scissors on the ground and ordered them to count to 100 before reaching for them to cut themselves free. It wasn’t easy to manoeuvre but Vi eventually managed to get the scissors and cut Krystal free first before finally getting herself free. The men stole their torn clothes and took everything they had, they had no choice to walk around trying to find someone to help them. Eventually they came across an older couple that were shocked by the state they were in. Both were catatonic.

The men were eventually caught and sent to prison for 20 years, for all of them they agreed it was worth it.

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By Ap0wers #Abuse #Group #Rape #Teen