Video Chatting? Remember These…

Video chatting is one of the most preferred ways to be in touch with your partner. When you are in love, you always wish to be with your lover. But, what when he or she is physically far away from you? You have to keep it wild even when he or she is far from you. Wondering how to keep it romantic over the phone? You can opt for video chatting. It is a medium used by many young teens to know each other before dating. You can also use this medium of the web to avoid bringing unwanted distance in your love life.
However, you have to be careful while video chatting. It is fun but, there are many problems that can creep in from anywhere. Hackers, betrayal etc are few reasons to justify my last sentence. If you are planning to make long distance sex rocking through a video chat, be careful. Keep these points in mind.
Sexting is a must: While you are trying to do something intimate with your partner, it is a must to use the language of sex. In sexting, you are actually trying to sexually excite your partner. Use the powder of words to bring the mood in! Talk dirty! Men especially love it. They get easily turned on by talking dirty. It is also a great initiative to start the session.
Self suiting is the key: As you are video chatting, keep this point in mind. Masturbating can spice up sex. Regardless of the physical barriers, you can keep it wild when you two are far away from each other. Suit yourself and make your partner feel more excited. This is actually a way to heat the session up! Your partner might regret his absence at that moment but, this will be a huge turn on for both of you.
Be dominating: So what if you are far! Women and men, both love to get dominated while making love. You have to keep it sexy even if you two are far. Order your partner to do you what want. This will be romantic for a woman and a fantasy coming true for the man!
Do not be shy: When you two are video chatting, always keep this point in mind. Women feel shy and self-conscious when they are on the camera. Do not worry much about your looks when you are having sex over the web!
Points to remember-
Never go naked: Be careful if your partner is new. If your love is fresh and your relationship is not even 2 years old, you have to be cautious. There are many cheaters who might use the videos and share on web or mobile phones. So, go at your own risk!
Do not show your face: When you are trying to be sexually appealing to your partner on the other side of the screen, do not show your face. While you are talking normally, you can show your face, but while doing some hanky panky, avoid showing your face.
These are few things that you should remember if you are going for a video chatting session to have pleasure!