Village Life – I

This is the story of Sex extravaganza of my family in the early 60s when I was only 14 years old. Our family resided in a village of uttarpradesh near Rampur. We were big land lords and my grandpa was a sort of leader of the locality. We were Brahmins but that did not deter our family of wild sex escapades at every opportunity. We were not supposed to drink alcohol in public although in private a drink or two was a must for our grandpa and many others in our joint family. Even at the age of 14, I had seen variety of sexual acts in our family and nobody was shy oc what they were doing and that included ladies also. Actually sex had become the routine culture of our family. As a rule, whenever somebody were in heat which they used to be very often, it was anybody for everybody and place was not a serious constraint for the act of mounting all though it was seen that everything was generally done inside our house at least in the privacy of our farm. The joy of sex was so much visible that I doubt if such pleasure was available in heaven also.
The free for all sex was such that I had seen at that tender age my grandpa getting between the thighs of mom in the grain storage room, and she used to willingly spread herself and welcome his ageing but tough manhood. I have seen my dad aged around 35 years and his younger brother pinning down my grandma in the cow shed and spill the seed inside her and she used to lock her legs around the buttocks of her true loving sons as if there was not going to be tomorrow! My elder sister who was 17 then used to be touched at every place and she never used to protest. When ever my uncle used to visit our house with his wife, he used to bring many bottles of country liquor and a virtual feast of sex used to take place at night when we were supposed to be sleeping. It was so mind boggling that none could remember in the morning how many holes he had drilled his penis into…!
Our ladies used to be professionals in spreading and daring also. They were so forth coming that they used to spread their legs in front of our barber,babu who used to shave off their cunt hair once in a while. The stories that I can reel off would be as lengthy as Mahabharata.. One such story is the following…..One evening me, mom and grandpa were returning from the fields after work. Mom had obviously gone there to take food for him. On our way back, barber, babu and the local village accountant Abbas came there. Abbas had to discuss something related to the land documents of ours. While grandpa was engrossed in the discussion, babu was already holding my mom and had actually pressing her bosoms and she dint protest also. His one hand had already gone inside her saree and was caressing her mound. When grandpa saw this he admonished babu about this. Babu showed a meek smile and told,” sir, nothing. Just checking if she is ready for her next shave”. 
Grandpa told him that this is not the right place for that. Babu was pretty expert in his acts and he immediately pulled out a small bottle of rum and handed it to grandpa which silenced him. Now babu proceeded with his lust game and was smoching my mom all over. He was actually pressing his hardened groin on mom’s and was doingn some thrusts over the saree. Now rum in hand grandpa told enough is enough. But babu went near him,” sir, pl permit me to service her dripping tunnel and I may require the help of Abbas as well” Saying this he signalled something to Abbas who now produced a full bottle of rum and gave it to grandpa which was to silence him. Now he ordered me to play around the mango trees for a while and I reluctantly agreed. Grandpa sat near the tree and started his rum pooja…
Free as birds with a licence to drill, babu and Abbas were all over mom. They virtually lifted her off the ground and carried her to the nearby house pump. Alert as ever, i raced to the window to watch the game of kaam.. Hitherto timid looking mom behaved like a tigress inside the shed. She forced Abbas to the grainbags nearby and was virtually chewing off his lips. Babu came from behind. And lifted her saree and pulled out her loin cloth which was a piece from the old lungi of my dad. Mom spread her legs and jutted her buttocks so that babu can lick his anal hole. Now Abbas who had chubby beard like any other muslim pulled away and threw his clothes off in a flash. His penis was not very fat but was very long like a barrel of a gun. His pubic hair had started greying and now others two followed suit. Mom was naked like baby except that her groin thatch was like a black mat and her bosoms were jumping like melons. She stood near the sitting Abbas and forced him to lick her cunt. Babu had a fat baby maker and he covered her buttock with his shaft.
Now they laid mom on the floor and she spread her legs and I could see her sex juice dripping to floor. Abbas came between her thighs, lifted them, and in a flash his baby maker disappeared in the cunt hole like a snake.. Babu stuffed mom’s mouth with his cunt basher and it also went deep into her inviting mouth. Once Abbas shot his load inside the thatch, he cried ,”hai,… Allah..” and withdrew. babu took his turn and copulated with this pious and god fearing brahmin lady. Once they finished, their bodies separated and all dressed up. Amma did not care to tie her loin cloth instead pushed inside the bag of Abbas and they went without telling grandpa who was already in high. When Amma came out she went near grandpa and told the booze filled thanks. She told him that she will repay his generosity. She now positioned herself on a 69 position, lifted her saree and crushed her cunt on grandpa’s face all the while sucked him also. Then turning around she copulated her reverend father in law and when he sprayed his sacred sperm, both got up and with me went home happily. On the way mom thanked me for my patience and promised me to show heaven shortly.