Virgin Indian Sex Experience In Hyderabad

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Virgin Indian Sex Experience In Hyderabad

As I was staying in Hyderabad, and my neighbor Saija 18 the women of crazy for sex and she would not let me do anything else. (she wanted to keep her virginity till she got married).

Anyways once my parents had gone out of station for a week and I was all alone in my home. I took a leave for a couple of days so I could be with saija alone. Then something happened to her relatives and they too had to leave Hyderabad overnight for Mumbai leaving her alone at home .she assured her parents that she will be all right and will call her friend to stay with her at night. Next morning she came to my house and we got down to our business. She wanted something and I refused, she persisted, and out of frustration, I told her what you will give me if I did what she wanted. I looked into her eyes and asked anything?? She replied yes anything.

I said I want to make love to you. She said ok. I did the task and on my way home got a packet of condoms as my dreams of making love to her were coming true. But when I reached home I was feeling bad about the whole stuff this emotional blackmail and after kissing fondling and sucking her for half an hour I decided not to enter her. I told her about the decision and she started crying, on questioning, she said that while I was out she had been praying that I do not take her virginity as she was not feeling ready for it. I told her not to worry as I would not enter her now. She suddenly jumped on my lap and hugged me very tightly. Then both of us opened the pack of condoms and started to play with them by blowing into them like balloons and throwing them like beach balls. We had lunch that I had also brought and she sat on my lap naked and had a nice time feeding each other. Since it was summertime we were feeling hot and tired so we moved into my room and switched on the ac.

Lying on the bed beside one another we started kissing and again fondling, I was fondling her breasts and she was fondling my cock which had grown to its full size of 6 inches. Suddenly I started licking her pussy which was wet by now and she started moaning aaah…. Aaah…. Aaah I was eating her pussy and she was fondling my cock and balls. Suddenly she held my cock and started to take it near her pussy. I did not understand what she wanted so I asked her. She said please touch my pussy with your cock just touch it, I reminded her about her promise and she replied I’m your wife so do as you are told to do. I touched her pussy with my cock and started to rub it as well ,she became wild and had a massive orgasm as I could see little squirts of water coming out of her pussy suddenly she buckled up and about an inch of my cock was in her pussy. I did not take it out but pushed it further inside. It went in a little but stopped. I pulled it out and pushed harder but no luck. My 6 inches was only about 3 inches inside and I could not go further. My cock was feeling sensations I had never felt before. I got off the bed and pulled her towards the corner of the bed, her legs spread and entered her standing, still with almost half of me out .I pushed hard and she screamed at me at the top of her voice. I thought my neighbors would have heard her and immediately pulled out a little bit, I told her to relax and she said that although she was liking the pain she couldn’t control her screaming. I started kissing her lips and fondling her breasts and slowly pushed halfway in and out a couple of times after that and then in a final jerk pushed my cock fully inside her. She buckled up like an animal and bit my lower lips so hard that they pained a lot. I came out a little bit and re-entered her and continued doing the same for 5 minutes till I was about to cum.


As I was about to cum I pulled back but in he meanwhile she had crossed her legs around my back and pulled me deep inside her. I came inside her in around 5-6 jerks and both of us had an orgasm together. Wow it was heavenly. I pulled out my cock and lay down besides her holding her shoulder and pulling her closer to me she turned towards me and started to feel my hair and chest hair. I suddenly realized that I had not used a condom and told her about it, she replied that she is in her safe period and asked me not to worry. I got up after a couple of minutes and she asked me for a bed sheet to cover herself, I gave her one and she covered herself and lied down. Just then I noticed a red spot on my bed, I understood that this was from her hymen. I asked her if she was feeling any pain etc. And she replied yes that her pussy was paining a bit and bent down to check it. It was covered with blood and semen and all her pubic hair was moist as well. She put her finger inside her pussy and pulled it out, it was red .this scared her now as she did not know what to do to stop the bleeding.

I told her to go wash up and then we will think of something. She washed and came back to me and hugged me and started sobbing saying that it’s still bleeding and she did not know how to stop the bleeding. I too for all my experiences never had this problem before me. We thought of consulting a doctor but she refused to say she was scared. I called up a friend who is a doctor and whom I could trust and told him about the problem. He asked me to give her sanitary napkin and if the bleeding persists then he may have to come and examine it. I got her the napkin from the market and she said that it’s not paining much now. Thank god for that. She called up her parents and told them that she is staying in her friend’s house and is fine she also called her friend and told her that if her parents call her, to say that she is in the bathroom and to call her immediately on her cell.

Well needless to say that for the next 6 days we stayed together in my house as husband and wife. We would have been nude almost and tried every position and fucked in every corner of my place. If anyone interested to meet me in Hyderabad