Virginity Lost To Sexy Maths Teacher

Hi friends myself Sanjay I am sharing my first story with you.This is the story when I lost my virginity to my hot teacher.
I was in 10 standard which was board class. I was an average student. I was nice looking average built guy. Girls were my good friends But still I doesn’t have any girlfriend or you can say that they were not so close. Mrs. Aakriti was our Maths teacher. She was married for one year and new in our school. she has damn sexy figure. Any guy can flatter on her at one look. our session begun and I saw a new girl has taken admission in our class. She was a very beautiful and cute girl. She used to sit behind my seat. For 1st one week we never talked. She was a little shy at that time. But one day I asked her about a problem related to studies. And then I introduced myself “hi, I am Sanjay and thnx for helping me” she replied “its okk, and my name is Ridhima”. Then we became very good friends. We use to help each other in studies.
It was board class, so I felt need of tuition to get good marks. I did searched for tuitions but not get a single one on nearby place. One day Mrs. Aakriti took our test but i performed very poorly.she asked me the reason but I said nothing. She scolded me and told that ,”this is board class and you will not be passed if you study like this”. Then she called my parents and complained about me. My parents convinced Mrs. Aakriti to give me tuitions at her house. she was married to a rich businessman who has to go away from town for meetings or deals.I used to go for tuitions in the evening for two hours. Whenever we don’t have mood for studies we used to talk about our personal lives. One day she asked me “sanju, do u have any girlfriend”.I just shaked my head and sadly replied “no”. I don’t know how she realize that I like somebody.
Then she said, “you love someone and fears to tell her”. then I told,”no, mam I just like a girl in our class, Ridhima”. She asked,”so, u only like her or u have something more in your heart about her”. I said “I don’t know mam, I just like her company and the time spent with her is the best time ever”. Listening to my words made her little sad. I don’t know what was in her heart at that time. She asked me,” what Ridhima feels about you”. I don’t know, we r good friends but I don’t what is in her heart” I replied.Then I asked her about personal life. She was not happy with her marriage because her husband didn’t give her quality time. But then she promised me to help me in making Ridhima my girlfriend.One day she called Ridhima to her house to give some notes. While talking she asked Ridhima how she feels about me. Ridhima was shocked to hear that from our maths teacher and got back to home without saying anything.
Next day, when I met her in school she was furious. I said “sorry pls forgive me , I don’t meant to hurt you, I just told Mrs. Aakriti that we are good friends and I like you, but its ok if u not felt same way…….”.she just slapped me and started crying saying,”you liked me and told about this to Mrs. Aakriti, you have more trust on her than me,”.Then only I came to know she loves me even more”.At that time we don’t have mobiles, so we used to exchange love letters.It was now the end of the session. Our final exam were just coming. So I was preparing hard for exams, sometimes I used to come home very late at night from tution.Actually I was not much attentive in school due to my relation with Ridhima.
One day it was raining very much when we were about to come home from school.Ridhima got wet in rain and Oh my god she was looking so hot there., we (me and Ridhima) decided to get back to school and wait. There were only me and Ridhima in the classroom. She was shivering and looking so sexy in the wet shirt. We both saw each others eyes and suddenly she came to me and hugged me. It was feeling so good that I also grabbed her tightly. But then I realized that we r in school and anyone can see us. I told about the incident to Mrs. Aakriti, she felt bad about knowing me and Ridhima so close, I realized so.It was evening before my maths exam, and I was not fully prepared for the exam. So, Mrs. Aakriti asked me to stay at her house and study whole night. I got the permission from my parents.
We took the dinner at 10 and Mrs. Aakriti went to her bed room saying “if u need any help just give me a call”.After sometime she came to my room and asked about my problems. Suddenly she told me ” how it would happen if I help you in having sex with Ridhima.I was stunned to hear that. She left the room for a moment and wear her sexiest red lingerie. She was looking so hot and sexy. My heart was beating like a running train.She told “my boy this is your last class, so, I need to teach you final lesson of your syllabus”. I could not understand about which lesson she was talking. “lesson which will make you and Ridhima one. Boy, if u want Ridhima forever, then u have to study all these lessons.”
I said,”mam I have never done this and this is so wrong and I am a virgin.” she told me “Dont call me mam, call me bitch or you keep quite and listen to my commands otherwise I will punish you.” but I didn’t shut my mouth and kept saying “this is wrong .” suddenly she came closer and kissed me to shut my mouth. The kiss lasted for a minute and I was breathing hard because it happened so quickly. She said “now you will be punished for not listening to me. Now remove your clothes, this is your punishment.”I never saw such an angry face of Mrs. Aakriti . I don’t want her to be more furious so I did what she said and removed everything except my underwear.
My cock was hard inside my underwear seeing such a sexy body of Mrs. Aakriti. She noticed that and started to caressing my cock. Her soft hands felt so good on my cock. After examining she said ,”you got a big toy to play for Ridhima.” “no mam” I said. Suddenly she became polite ,her dominative behaviour changed to submissive.She brought a stick, oiled it and said,”sorry, I behaved u like this, punish me with this stick, or I will not forgive myself ” . I refused to do but then she begged me to do this.she bent like a dog facing her ass towards me and shouted punish your teacher my student , “her ass was so arousing, I hit stick on her ass and she cried with pain aaahhh…”then she stood up. “let me prepare you for your first lesson” she said and removed my underwear. Seeing my cock she shouted “oh god so big, I have never seen such big cock.” I was actually 6″ long. She grabbed it with her hand and started to move her hand up and down slowly. Then she stop and said”let me take this in my mouth to make it lubricated.At that time I was on the seventh heaven. She stopped and kissed me with my precum on her tounge. Now I was unstoppable. I kissed her lips, neck, back and navel and licked all her body.
I removed her bra with my mouth and started licking and sucking her left boob while pressing her right boob and nipple.She was moaning with pain and pleasure.She was so much aroused by my touching and licking that she grabbed my head and put it between her legs. I was breathless but still managed to lick her legs. I tore her panty with my teeth and give a little bite on her outer pussy lips. I was licking her outer pussy lips, suddenly my tounge slipped and went straight to her asshole. She gave a little bump “ohh” but I ignored and put my tounge inside her pussy.She was completely wet inside. She was moaning “aah aah don’t stop come-on don’t stop aaahh”. I was turned on by her moans. I inserted my middle finger inside her while sucking her pussy.. She screamed “ooouuch give me more and more.” Then I thought it was enough we should go to the final encounter. She took me to her bed room and positioned herself in a doggy style.
She was looking such a slut at that time that she could take anything in her.I placed my cock on her pussy and started to fuck her slowly, then I increased my speed and she started moaning “ yes yes fuck me hard fuck me, I am your bitch, this pussy in only to serve you, just give it a fuck for a lifetime.”All this was turning me on. Suddenly I felt something inside her pussy and she got her first orgasm of the night.She said “thank you my student but there is still a last lesson to teach you.” I was thinking what is left now for the night. She said “ You know what is Ass fucking” My mind was out of my head but I shook my head with “no”. She said this is the most difficult chapter of your syllabus. And you should prepare for that too for your exams.”She asked me to spit in her asshole. Now insert one finger slowly inside it and move in out.” I was doing as she was guiding. Then she took my cock in her mouth lubricated it well with her saliva.. “now my boy enter the golden door and give me the reward “ she murmured. I inserted my cock inside her asshole. And oh my God this was incredible feeling, so warm and tight there. She moaned with pain and shouted “slowly my boy slowly”.
Then I increased my pace and started fuck her ass hard. She was shouting aah no, no,please stop please stop but I was out of control now.I felt I was coming but I didn’t stop, I kept fucking her ass. When i was about to come , i took out my cock and came completely on her mouth and boobs. At that time she had tears on her eyes.She licked my cum on her face and swallowed it. I thanked her for her all her teaching. Then we slept on each others arm.